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Monday, December 31, 2018

Consciousness and Dancing Between Happy and Disappointment

Paraphrasing  Esther Hicks and Abraham, all that plays out in the physical realm comes out of the non physical realm as Contrast.

Add in your emotions and those sensations will determine how you relate to the Contrast. We can feel many things emotionally in reaction. Happiness and Disappointment can be the duality we experience to Contrast.  Conflict can follow. The questions become how we navigate through our own creativity of being. That is the journey of a soul.

Then there is Freedom.

Consciousness includes both the non physical and physical realms. The place we connect to our sense of Freedom is in our essence as Consciousness. Our sense of connection, free of our human limits of circumstance and agendas and how we feel about them.That is the essence of no boundaries, no form. The physical allows us to be free to define oneself. Contrast is present everywhere in the physical realm as we look to create freedom while in form. 

It is what all of us want. Everyone I have ever has a client or friend or talked with in general is taken with the idea of freedom. We tend to associate Freedom with physical freedom when it is really state of mind, state of being that is being discussed. We want to be free to think and do as we want. To not work or do things that we don't like to do. To be free of burden and responsibility and obligation. We think this will make us happy. We feel disappointment when we don't get what we think we want in the way we think we want it. .

Happy is freedom to us in form. The freedom to be happy. It is a state of being, not just mind. But it is hard when the body is in distress to remember this. If it is mind then it is subject to our feelings and how we think about our feelings and subject to our stories of being, our issues, our concerns, our dilemmas our bodies.

In this country we tie our sense of Happy to Freedom often. Freedom of choice in what we do and feel is really about that there is nothing, no thing determining our course of action except us. Self reliant, independent. Sounds good but it can be taken too far to a point of exclusion and supports the disillusion of separateness.

America became the promised land for religious freedom and those oppressed in being and continues to represent this today to the world. Or it did till the last election which freed up past held resentments of losses of freedoms long suppressed. And now, people fighting for their freedoms on each side of a border? Some dictating a border of fear so they can feel free and not feel taken for granted and used. How silly we can be in our illusion/disillusion of exclusion.

My sense is that between Happy and Disappointment is Tolerance. This is one key to dealing with the Contrast. Tolerance is the polarity between the duality. Other cultures do Happy easier as they are not so invested in being separate but part of the whole working together. Outside controlling environments offer rich fodder in Contrast. How we feel and think when dealing with constraints are active as creativity of mindful being. Think Nelson Mandala, The Dalai Lama, Senator John McCain.

What we connected with in groups this last week was how Disappointment is an active pervasive energy in our embodiment. Happy and Disappointment are connected at the heart serving as the measure of duality of being in this physical realm of Contrast.

At times we like to hide truths from ourselves when we come off as less than. We can get very creative here. Early trainings in being human frequently are lessons in limits. Yes, the physical form comes with capacities never explored in many. And then some make careers out of developing the human range of physical effort and expression.

Happy and Disappointment can also be a way we use on one another as control.

We can call it love, and protection but it is not. We even learn the lesson so well  we learn to use it as control on ourselves. We all know what disappointment feels like and we don't like how it feels. And, when it is tied into our sense of love it is really tied up. We need training in how one may experience disappointment. It is not a reason to hold back our love or negate feeling happy.

We will do whatever we can, maintain any story in order to not feel disappointment that others may hold us in or to feel our own disappointment. If we call it something else or resist or deny or avoid it goes deep. And, it builds in resonance attracting more to you. Just like anything else we encode this way.

It was deep, very deep in the human spectrum as we explored it and playing out in all kinds of rule sets and realities. I was able to recognize how I have danced with disappointment and how it is sitting with me, to the degree available to me in the moment. It is probably an iceberg in nature. So I have it on slow melt. In recognizing it as real as such allowed me to start to interact with it in new ways of release. Yes, a sense of release as there was no need to contain what I now knew was present.

There is nothing wrong with disappointment. It is as helpful as happy. It makes me appreciate happy. I appreciate the difference. It is okay in feeling disappointment. It is like happy, only part of a state of being that includes both.

They are the human references of physical contrast: Happy, Tolerance, Disappointment. Together they encompass our human experience of Freedom.  At core we are all free to enjoy our soul's dance.

Welcome to Consciousness in human form. Wave a fond farewell to 2018 and look forward to 2019.

Happy New Year!

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment 

Monday, December 24, 2018

Consciousness and Happy Holidays!

I want to wish everyone Happy Holidays no matter what they may be, no matter where you may be. Maybe you have no reason to have a holiday. Does not matter.

What we all wish for is good tidings, good cheer.

In the winters of our discontents we remember that we can also enjoy winters filled with contentment. We can enjoy the snow and elements we associate with winter. Especially if we are prepared. We can enjoy old or new traditions.

And, if you are not into polar weather, you can enjoy an interior state of the sun is shining and palm trees swaying. You can smell the tropical delights of fruit and fauna, if only in mind.

What I wish for you is courage and solace from a developing self loathing. I listen to others and observe their actions and wonder about how they reconcile taking their positions and resulting conversations and actions.

This is nothing new in societies. But it has a certain flavor in this modern era.  Drugs, sex, rock and roll are ageless coping mechanisms.

My sense is that one's agenda being pushed is inflicting on those who serve all of us the burden of loathing and self loathing. Having to say no when one usually says yes. Having to stand face to face with another and confess one's country's momentary or one's own lack of care take a certain kind of courage. Having to compromise on inner principles that have never been questioned just presumed. When a country's identity is questioned.

Having to admit where one  has convinced themselves in not taking right action in order to survive or succeed. Where one is putting oneself over another as entitlement. None of these are new behaviors. They are ageless patterns of interactions.

Life is an eternal soup of feelings, thoughts, actions, experiences. Some we like, some we question, some we regret, some we enjoy. Some pull us apart and cause one to question being alive. Some take our choice away. They are eternal.

We are human life sharing life with other living creatures and materials on a very small pale blue dot in the cosmos.

We are powerful in our ability to not notice, to deny, to resist the big picture, connections in being. We can deny all we want about a subject and then the child dies. What do we do, what can we say? We can deny that actions have consequences whether you build in a flood zone or strip the land to an industry and there is nothing left. When agendas separate parents and children due to someone else's projected and presumed fears. We can resist the acceptance that we can say anything and not mean it.

What we appreciate is when actions have consequences that one can directly connect associate together. Unfortunately time and space can take time and space in human reality. Ancient people and societies observed over generations the interactions of the heavens and earth to come to conclusions that we only now can verify with technologies and our ability to play with time and space.

There is nothing more precious than our small pale tiny blue dot. Except the smile of a baby in harmony with the sheer zest of being that is within each of us.  No matter your concepts of  Self I lift my glass of cheer to you and me.

Happy Holidays to you and yours as you go about in your life. I raise a cup of fine cheer and wish you good tidings! I wish life's challenges to bring you together with what is important to you and the values of appreciation, compassion, respect, and kindness. To be able to recognize them when they are present and to be aware when they are not. For it is when we share in those that we then have common ground to stand upon as we or a few make life choices for all of us.

Happy Holidays to All!

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/ Journeys Into Enlightenment

Monday, December 17, 2018

Consciousness and How You Play the Cards Dealt

A few nights ago I was playing Solitaire on my ipad before going to bed. I will admit I do this most every night in utilizing the screen’s yellow night light to relax my eyes and brain. Or that is my convenient excuse provided by my helpful neuro ophthalmologist. She gets paid a lot to know these things.

I have played Solitaire for years. I tend to win 80 to 90% of the time these days. It used to be more 70-80 % of the time when I cared and was invested in outcomes and winning and competition and such.

I think of my dad when I play. Dad was 92 when he passed three years ago. In the last 5 years of his life I would travel from Portland OR to San Diego, CA to see him two, three or four times a year. He was then losing his short term memory and he and I would play Solitaire. The cards were good for dexterity and memory. 

Consider the brain skills in playing Solitaire you need to use: All those alternating red/black cards in descending numerical order and the suits in their separate color piles in ascending order. My dad never had time or patience to sit and play cards during his life but he would play Solitaire with me as it was a way for us to be together in time.

We both knew that we were filling time with being together and nothing more. Just being together in ways we had not shared during his busy life and mine.

And playing with him, this style of interaction of him figuring out what cards and where to play them was a great lesson for me about letting go and shifting gears about time and space and experiencing my emotions of all kinds. In just being present with my dad. 

I let go of the dynamics of win/lose and playing with and against the odds and against myself. It all became about how you play the game as a way of connection and actions that filled time to fill time in moments of comfort as life winded down. It was not about doing. It was about being.

It filled that time with love, humor and the pain of watching an incredible man lose his grip on his story of reality and what his life had been about. The issues and emotions that had formed his life. It was about when we would stop and hold hands. To watch the intelligent, crafty, funny, Rube Goldberg thinker manifest and then decline. And to be there for the child of the Great Depression of the 1920’s and 30's and subsequent hard life who was still present. Sharp as a tack in conversations and so very funny in wit and awareness up to the very end when all else was failing.

He was aware enough to know what was going on and feel the difference from the past. He would look at me as I gently suggest he look again at the cards and eventually point the correct card position for placement if needed. With the increasing different kinds of short term memory loss he was truly in the moment as he could not remember what he had eaten 15 minutes earlier. And when he was losing his long term memory of timed events of the past he still knew me to the very end.

All of this is present when late at night I am unwinding at the ipad. We were using one at his end to play Solitaire when the card handling became too much.

I still play winning hands regularly. If I find myself losing more than a couple of times in a row I quit playing as I know I am out of sync. 

Something remarkable happened a few nights ago. I was doing my regular thing enjoying Solitaire. I told myself only another few deals as it would be good to go to bed. Since it takes me a minute and half thereabouts to play a deal so another five minutes wouldn’t hurt. Those of you who also play Solitaire at night know from where I speak.

I became aware that I was winning. And I certainly had an element of disbelief while in the moment. In playing I will use the hints when I can feel I am not tracking as well as I might. I pick random deals always. I delight to just play it out and see where me and the machine go. 

I kept winning. Eventually out of 50 games I lost 2 or 3. In the probably altered state that I was in, that is the best I can say. For it was now an hour and half later than late for me to pee and go to bed.

In the big scheme of things what happened was not going to mean anything except to me. My husband would not have appreciated me waking him up for share my experience with. I am not going to Vegas to play the cards or machines, to test myself and the House. I would just enjoy the moment of something different, of wonder, that was present. 

It will fall into the realm of folklore and myth to be shared by appreciative audiences. For that audience will be appreciating the possibilities in life when you are not attached, not concerned with outcome only the state of potential, that Fuzzy Photons Playground that is real within each of us as Consciousness. I have friends who have and continue to demonstrate the same dynamic in their lives.

As Self we will question till the cows come home. Magical moments filled with fantastical actions can happen all the time to each of us when we realize what is possible in being human.

And that moment will linger in my lifetime for me to call upon when I need it. It will cause me to smile in myself at myself as I hear God laughing about what I notice about life. It will only be forgotten when it no longer serves.

I will always remember my dad’s impish smile, his soul in his eyes, crack wit and dried, cracked hands, sharing his favorite singers in the ear buds. The rest only adds window dressing.

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment

Monday, December 10, 2018

Consciousness Evolves into Journeys Into Enlightenment with Janet

My friend Joan Newcomb and I have been presenting Conscious Conversations with Joan and Janet, most recently on the CTR Network for the last few years. We have gone many places with connecting with the energies around us in that time. We centered in our awareness as Consciousness and how it applied in daily life to create a more enriched sense of Self in being. We kept it timely reading and tracking what we were noticing energetically in our inner and outer worlds.

We met many along the way who were also exploring this new way of engaging life, free of dogmas and traditions that limited and defined who we were in certain patterns that were not always a good fit. We had a great run and you can continue to listen to our podcast.

Thank you to all of you who supported us by listening and enriching the field of being present and the morphic field of the show itself. It is free now out among the stars to be enjoyed. 

Starting January 15, 2019 I am releasing my new adventure. I will presenting a podcast Journeys Into Enlightenment with Janet. It will be an every two week episode about the intersections of Consciousness and Self. I will feature a friend who will join me in Heart Centered Awareness and share about the myriad and different aspects of being.

Like with CCJJ my intention is to create in this space a container for others to indulge in. What you found in that container and will find again here with me is Heart Centered Awareness.We were the only radio show to offer that. Lots of great work out on the airwaves and we intentionally set ourselves differently.

If you knew what you were feeling you felt it and the potential for change in the moment. If you were new to the idea you felt it and just didn't know what you were feeling probably. And no matter what you called it, God, Source, Universe, Cabbage it was real. Every guest who joined us on the air felt it.

In the spectrum of awareness in Being we are all at different places and sensory abilities.

Consciousness is at the core of All. Every rock, wave, finger, bush, gas, you name it. It is the core of human reality. As humans experiencing life we feel, resonate in certain ranges of vibrations that are perhaps different levels of awareness from other matter, other essences, other energies. But all, fall within the core of Consciousness.

I look to celebrate all of this in my new podcast. Once again each episode will start with accessing HCA and what comes out of this space with my friend of the episode. And this time the focus will be perhaps more on the timeless quality of Being and not so much on the chaotic nature that Self can entertain. We will pull from our different histories the wisdoms of the past and appreciate them in the present.

You will enjoy something to read along, something to entertain your ears and eyes, some great music and conversation to access in Heart Centered Awareness. All opening us up to new interpretations of thought and emotional resonances. Free of judgment, you will experience rest, the stillness, laughter, the profound, the delight in being in a community of individuals sharing in this collective dynamic we call Consciousness.

I am busy the next few weeks getting this all into place with some wonderful friends to help me.

I will keep you posted. If you know of someone who would enjoy joining me as friend exploring life please send them to my email address are nice and not always important. It is in the appreciation and quality of life being expressed.

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment 

Monday, December 3, 2018

Consciousness and Teaching us to Delight in Simple Things

Teach us to delight in simple things.
Rudyard Kipling

This quote on my calendar this morning caught my eye. It brought to mind the last couple of weeks. There has been so much energy flinging itself around and in our lives literally under our feet.

A friend was caught in the fire zone of the Camp fire in Northern California. Along with her roommate, their two dogs and her laptop they ran for their lives. Everything else, her possessions, her life went up into creating a charred and forever changed reality for her. My sense is that her recovery in being well will take some time.

Another friend had his reality split in an earthquake in Alaska earlier this week. We have not yet heard from him but we know no one is reported dead. His computer is silent and his phone emits a busy signal. My sense is that he is fine and I know he is helping and holding his neighbors as that is the kind of man he is.

When we are stripped down to our essence and remove the emotional anchors, life is full of possibilities. Navigating the emotional state of loss can feel devastating and new anchors in reality have to take place. Attachment to what we have made our lives and our self identity to be about anchors us no matter what that life might be about or enjoyed, envied or resented.

Many of us hold as part of our self identity as the who gives help to others, lends a hand. It can be hard to shift from that to the other side of the equation which is to be the one receiving help. That is a big reality shift at times.

In the hoopla of our days that life holds us in we experience an every growing field of stuff that defines us. We are full of things. We can get lost under the weight and distraction of glitz, glamour and energy of more is good, built in obsolesce is even better. How many televisions, phones, devices have become essential these days?

Just how many rooms to fill with stuff to points of excess are really important? I am not saying you have to spend your money the way I think you do. Yours is not my life. You have the freedom to define what is important to you.

What is it you take with you when you have no time to take anyone thing and much less a bag of things?

Access Heart Centered Awareness as you sit on your working toilet. Give thanks for the cold rim and the paper to wipe your butt and start counting. Count your blessings and start with the simple things like life, love, compassion and others to share in life in easy and challenging ways.Then be grateful for the ease of communicating.  The stuff is the clutter.

And in my world of synchronicity I just received this link from a friend.

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment 

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Consciousness and Getting our of our Holes into Wholeness

Over the years many have shared with me that they feel empty or unhappy or in-complete or disconnected from others, from life and from themselves. 

Then there are those who feel too entangled in other peoples stuff of thinking and emotions and aware of losing their own sense of center and self if they could only recognize it. 

How does one navigate around and through to a happier experience in being? 

Often the powerful states of confusion and lack of clarity are what one finds when looking for answers." I don't know" can be an automatic safety response to a question or it can be that knowing is not helpful for then choices have to be made. The "I don't know" answer then does not lead to curiosity explored where it might otherwise. It derails the solution, the agenda, the dynamics at play and holds one tightly in some sense of safe.  

We can be quite creative when it comes to feeling empty or unhappy and our maintaining the state of empty. Empty is an okay state when one has a sense of wholeness. Then there is room for something new. The challenge is when we feel emptiness and our sense of wholeness is really filled with holes. 

Knowing ourselves as Consciousness at our core of our humanity is helpful in all cases. Knowing that one is choosing to play fault/no fault, judgment/no judgment and to silence the active emotional terrain is helpful. Then one can check in and and notice how you feel about your circumstances and how you relate to your circumstances. And how those circumstances may be able to change in some way. 

So we go into our sense of connection as Consciousness. We call it here Heart Centered Awareness the field of Unified Consciousness. As we settle into the quiet, the sacred free of form we can gain perspective free of the attachments that hold the fog, confusion real. 

Here we can be free to notice patterns and elements of patterns in new ways of orientation free also from the emotions connected.

As Consciousness we are present in the present free of our tightly held senses of time and space, and story elements of identity in our human realities. We enter into this quantum realm of being where time, space and dimension are malleable qualities. We allow ourselves to once again be a playful child in orientation and create new realities out of the old in the moment. These will then show up in our shift back to our limited senses of human being. Issues, concerns, problems change. 

All is about navigating Consciousness as Wholeness, the All. All falls within the parameters of the core of Consciousness. It is within each of us and around us.  

Emptiness, unhappiness, confusion, fogged in mind begin to shift and change and release their grips upon us. 

All is as potential in this realm. In the realm of our human realities we use the word energy. Potential has become some thing, some form, some dynamic, some force, what we call energy and we forget it is totally malleable at its core free of form, time and space considerations. 

It is time to focus back to our wholeness. And, how Consciousness and our individual creative souls have crafted your life for you to play in. You do not have to let the holes created as confusion and fogged emotions distract you.

I don't judge emptiness and a sense of disconnect.They are powerful states to be in and all states are equal. Yet they don't seem to feel as good as other states and often lead to different choices one might when feeling happy and in connection with others. As we have all been witnessing all too often these days.

Maybe come play with me for a change. I will meet you there. 

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/ Journeys Into Enlightenment 

Monday, November 12, 2018

Consciousness and Breathing at the Shore of Infinite Kindness

I am a very fortunate woman. My husband, Tom Barrett, is Humble Kindness. It is at the core of his interactions with all that he meets. It was in his core in his years of being a mental health professional. He embraces wisdom in deep awareness of the foibles in the human experience. Now retired, he will continue to be a first responder when it is needed. 

Tom has offered a website Interlude: An Internet Retreat for many years now. He has lots of commendations and respect for his work. Unity churches have on occasion used his meditations. 

Last year he was one of the poets featured in Poetry of Presence: An Anthology of Mindfulness Poems.  Others poets include Rumi, Rainer Maria Rilke, William Stafford and Pablo Neruda. He is in great company. Be sure to check it out. 

I am including below a meditation in his website archive. Kindness is never out of fashion and yet we need to be reminded now. This is something every student of life needs to be focusing on. Sit and share this with your children. 

I share it with you in it's entirety. Make more than a few moments to join him in his experience of the quiet. 

Breathing at the Shore of Infinite Kindness

"These two are the same in that each, from her own viewpoint, wants happiness and doesn't want misery. From my viewpoint, this one who seems so close now has been reborn as my enemy countless times. This one toward whom I feel hostile has been reborn as my mother countless times and has cared for me with love. Which one should I like? Which one should I hate? I will feel equanimity and be free from attachment and aversion to near and far."
from Asanga's Teaching of Great Compassion

"We are all in the same cart, going to execution; how can I hate anyone or wish anyone harm?"
St. Thomas More, written just before his beheading

Practice the following meditation to help you open your heart and to grow in compassion.

Settle down and take time to clear your mind. 
Let go of your immediate concerns and just sit and breathe naturally. 
Notice your mood. 
Let go of the emotions that come with the mood and just be free. Allow your emotions to empty out with each out breath. Each time you breathe in, bring in peace and calm. 
Think of a time when a kindness was done to you. A time when you felt valued; perhaps loved. Think of the person who granted you this kindness and made you feel whole and worthwhile. Breathe in the remembrance of kindness. Breathe out your thanks. Breathing in, feel the warmth of their compassionate regard for you. Breathing out, send them your gratitude.
Think of the grandmothers and grandfathers who cared for your parents. Think of your parents when they most loved you, whether you were aware of it or not.Think of the one who nursed you, bathed you and wiped your bottom when you were an infant. Imagine who did that for them when they were tiny.
Imagine in front of you all the kind women and men you know or have heard about. 
Think of those who serve others.
Think of those who gave their lives for the cause of goodness.
Think of those who nurse the sick and dying.
Think of those who teach out of love. Take your time and visualize these many persons as well as you can. Then multiply this collection of compassionate beings that you have in mind with the realization that you can imagine only a tiny fraction of the love, compassion, and service that flows in this world. 

Expand your imagining of compassionate souls by further extending it through time. Imagine the long line of mothers caring for children that became our ancestors. Imagine the fathers who spent their lives in hard labor to provide for their families. Imagine the women and men who gave their lives over the centuries to protect the ones they loved. 

See in your mind the healers who through the centuries and millennia worked to remove the pain of the sick. 

As if it were the scent of a beautiful flower, breathe in the love of those uncountable compassionate beings. Be assured that they, being kind, would give you this love freely.
Hold this love in your heart as if it were a wonderful sparkling jewel. Breathing in, enjoy the beauty of the shining jewel. Breathing out, let the light of the love that reflects in this jewel shine out from your heart.
Let the light from this jewel fill you with love and compassion for all beings. As the love of innumerable mothers and fathers, teachers, healers, protectors, servants and saints glows in your heart, feel in your heart what they feel when they give of themselves.
Breathe in this compassion they have lived and expressed.
Make the compassion yours, and breathe it out to the world.
Think of someone who has given you pain. Perhaps this is someone close to you. Perhaps you consider them your enemy. Think of them as tiny babies coming into this world of pain and suffering. See them growing up not getting all they needed. Imagine them in their dark moments of suffering. Shine your compassion upon them.
Wish for them that they had received more love. Allow the free flow of compassion that you hold in your heart to loosen your grip on the aversion you feel for this person. Let go of your hate, dislike, aversion.
Open to a compassionate neutrality regarding this person. You need not like the bad things they may have done or will do, but acknowledge that they must work through the sufferings of life, as we all do, and that they will have the misfortune of carrying the debt of their wrong doings.
As the sage has said:
"If it is natural for the immature
To cause harm to others
It is wrong to get angry with them,
Like resenting fire for burning."
Breathe in tolerance.
Breathe out compassion.
Release your clinging to aversion.
Draw in the freedom of unbounded kindness.

"Bless me to cultivate the spirit of enlightenment,
To save beings from the great ocean of existence,
Through the universal responsibility of love and compassion,
And the magic of mounting give and take upon the breath!"
Tibetan Buddhist verse supporting Tonglen practice

Have a great week! 

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment

Monday, November 5, 2018

Consciousness and Going and Coming Home

We all have different feelings about home and what we consider home to be. It can be a physical house.

Home is an emotional/mental feeling of "I have a place here", a comfort and a deep sense of ease. It is what we feel when we are aligned within our spiritual fields. You can have a sense of home when your are in the mud of life. And it may be what we feel towards a person not a place.

It is what we all expect and want our birth home or childhood home to be. When that house is our home it provides a place of comfort and and enriched self identity that we may leave going out into the bigger world on quest. To find what was beyond our safe boundaries and into the unknown.  We are prepared with good tools of self identity and worth with curiosity at hand. We venture out then with occasional returns from time to time.

And if our houses don't fulfill what we all craved it to be then we may have left it in our rear view mirrors at a young age. Running as far away as we could. Feeling marked and diminished in any number of ways.

This sense of home is not of home but house. There is not much comfort there. It can leave a tangled messes of emotional knots as markers and placeholders in our stories and patterns of being as we go about in the world. Whether staying in the same community but different house or in a far flung community.

For some they will travel far looking. Looking for home in themselves if not in location. Looking to fill the loneliness of the lack of acceptance, love, appreciation, understanding of who they are with no quarter. They may spend lifetimes or huge chunks of a lifetime looking. Digging for the nourishment our beings need to prosper. It may lead to us exploring different philosophies, religions, spirituality and journeys of mind far from where we started but always in reference to.

Some of us will never go home. We go around empty, looking for love in all the wrong places and it is with cravings we can engage life. Drugs, sex, rock and roll, food can provide a momentary sense of connection  and it comes with a price of some sort. Dissatisfaction and feeling less than worthy seem to be part of the equation of judgments.

We may do great things out  in the world and still our deep sense of being is not home.

If you notice you can feel that this is changing in all the current uproar around us.

People are currently running away from places that are only house, hut, slum, taking their spiritual  home with them. Mankind have done this for as long as there have been people. We have all moved out of central Africa in order to exist. We are all immigrants.

Which brings me to my friend Boyd, who is in the midst of going and coming home. He is a great dude. Get past your judgement of a man who lives simply and he is a treasure among us. He has been clearing what he has found in his inner home so that he is in alignment inner and outer. He is choosing to do so now. It is the power in being big enough as Consciousness in a man to appreciate dynamics that one was too small or innocent to be aware of long ago.

Boyd is a cool guy. His being is tuned for expressing music and spirit in both composing and playing. His life has been about supporting others with keeping little for himself. He has been many places in the world and his service to others has always been foremost.

All along he has been refining who he truly is and knows himself to be. And now he is ready to go back to where it all began in this lifetime.

His birth house was a place to leave early. It did not feel like a home to him. His family members went their own ways. Some don't speak except in accusations or about the shame of asking for help and letting others know he needs a sharing hand. Already they have been expressing their ideas of who and where he should be in his life maintaining their wounded senses of self.

Is this ringing any bells in your life in our upcoming holiday season?

He is aware that this trek will require the kindness of those known to him and those not known. And that is a leap of not so much faith but in his truth that he is not alone in being who he is. He has been playing it forward a very long time. He is extending himself once again. Are there others who support him in being? He has narrowed his life down to the basics that his car can hold as he travels from his room in Oceanside, California home to Wellington, Kansas.

You can support him in his journey here.

You can buy a quantum supplement at his business and enjoy his newsletter here.

Boyd provides a rhythm to life through his Mystic Broadcast Network featuring great music and thought provoking connections. "Tune in to the broadcast of oneness emanating from every point in the universe."

He represents all of us who wish we could go to our starting place. He will keep us posted.  He is confronting his families' agendas and compromises and clearing out the fog and "unsettled by others" sense that he has been holding in a long time.

Go to your home with him. Access the state of Heart Centered Awareness and feel your way along with him. He is you, you are him. Feel the shifts as he walks the steps and drives the miles of going home in his physical realm as he does in his internal realm. Utilize what he has explored in life and his different appreciations and modalities and spirit of questioning, curiosity and quest.

In our independence and self reliant states of self identity we can forget that there are others who go along with us on this journey of enlightenment in being. We forget. It is okay to allow others, as comrades in arms, maybe strangers. to comfort and support instead of turning them aside. So many of us are giving oriented and not receiving oriented which says a lot about us and our sense of home.

Many of our homeless neighbors showing up on our streets are looking for their sense of home inside in the scare of losing their physical house. Many other neighbors have a physical house that offers them no comfort or warmth no matter the income.

Home is always there inside each of us. We just need to realize that we are the key to the door at hand. Consciousness is present always.

It is not about where we go outside in the world it is about where we go inside ourselves.

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment 

Monday, October 29, 2018

Consciousness and Powerful Enough to Vote

Consciousness and Powerful Enough to Vote

What do any of us know?
What do you think is true and what do you believe in?
How many of your beliefs are true to you or what you have been told to believe in?
What do you know from within and how is that different that what you have knowledge of?
Do you value life or just some life?
When are we being led by our fears, frustrations and numbness of what life seems to be filled with?

We each are filled with presumed truths, conditional truths, quasi truths, truths we were told were true and maybe are and maybe aren't. We are filled with truths that seemed like truth at one time and now we realize never were truths.Or what was true once is now no longer.

It is the now to recognize them and clear them out.

We are not always set up within to notice the differences in what we feel as truth and reported truths. We have"dumbed" ourselves down.

We have different mechanisms at play within us that always are available to value truth subject to both our biases and our inner knowing, our intuitive bell. There is the biased voice of self and the unbiased intuitive voice we find in accessing ourselves as Consciousness. We can see, hear a supposed truth and not question it. And then we can register how our internal mechanism is hearing/reading/seeing interpreting and the resulting feeling of the statement, word or vision.

Sometimes we will listen to that bell, our internal intuitive voice over the internal judgmental voice of self. It may not make sense but it rings true in some way. That just indicates that your references are not at that setting. So sometimes you don't listen. Depends on the emotional state you are in at the time. And I would offer that when you don't listen to the bell usually you will reflect later on wishing only if you had.

We are not judging the biased voice of self which is unique to each of us. You might not notice them as the triggers are hidden at times. We are noticing when the biased voice is in a reactive state and not listening. 

In the current information state that we call daily life, statements are flying fast and furious. We need to be on our toes and paying attention when we are hearing, seeing and feeling things and where they come together.

In this context I will remind you how important you are to all of us, even if you don't feel important in your world. You being you counts. And we know this as you have power. You have a vote not only in a voting booth but with your assault rifle.

However you vote it matters. Every vote matters. So often we can feel marginalized or don't like our choices and it can feel feel powerful to use resistance or non participation as your answer in the voting booth. And that a powerful choice that affects all of us as does your vote of elimination with your rifle. 

Sometimes life doesn't present choices that are what we would like them to be. It is then up to us to participate in making it work. But not engaging leaves it up to the few who do for nature loves to fill the vacuum that is now present in your non appearance.

Access your interior space as you listen in to what is going on around you. You can be in a mindset that is limiting in harmful ways to you and others. Notice the difference between what is said and how it truly registers to you. Feel how it supports your biases. Self has all kinds of biases at any one moment. Which ones are you supporting? Give your interior intuitive connection to Consciousness its voice and place. It is free of your biased agendas.

If your bias supports feeling emotional, small, reactive, more important over another, at risk, check in. Something, someone may wear a face and speak of exclusion as a powerful way to act and it is. And we are very foolish in seeing enemies our of neighbors as an automatic, knee jerk reaction and resentful for being brought to that point.

Our challenges can seem hard as the physical realms encompass both rigid and pliable dynamics.  In this day and age of Photoshop, CGI  and social media you can not always have a deep sense of trust. So many are pushing agendas and biases that can slip under your radar in the business or the assault we may find what we call daily life these days.

Go inward. I use the term Heart Centered Awareness as it is free of a lot of bias for me. It is the Field of Unified Consciousness. You use your word for the quiet and sacred space in you.

Notice what is up in your face and what it would be like to step back and engage differently.

Don't make this time about a fight or a battle. That is part of the problem now. It does not matter the party or the color or the look of another. It is our humanity and essence awareness of ourselves and each other as Consciousness that is at play. The rest of it is just distraction.

We are noticing what we have failed to pay attention to or took for granted in our past. And now is not then when one is being present.

Notice what is important to you. Notice the emotional energy present and go beneath that to what is truly at play for you.

Then vote your Consciousness.

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment

Monday, October 22, 2018

Consciousness and Appreciating our Evolutionary Powers

Some people might not be comfortable with evolution and what if feels like. Yet it is how we move forward as an individual within a culture, as a species.

It is time to be quit trying to say we are okay when we are not. It is time to stop lying to ourselves. It is time to be kind to ourselves and let go of all the stuff that feels ugly.

It is time for self care, reflection and appreciating who we have allowed ourselves to evolve into. Which may be very different from what we want to continue to express. It is the difference of expressing from within the world of our wounds to expressing from the wisdom gained from those wounds. Recognizing and accessing our evolutionary powers at play that are available in every moment.

It is time to acknowledge inside what aches, pains, dis-beliefs, compromises, slights we have been holding inside for maybe years, maybe for lifetimes. It is time to release the trapped energies into freedom, which is what potential is. It is what we let go of in order to feel fresh, clean, vibrant, whole.   It is time to realize that you can let go.

Our human forms can find working on our stuff has not always been rewarding when so often when it comes to time and space and thinking, feeling emotions and body sensations, the specialties of the human embodiment. Therapy, process and healing often consume time. This can be a vital drain of resources.

There is another mindset, reality, where time, space and process register differently. Accessing oneself as part of the Field of Unified consciousness, Heart Centered Awareness, where time and space are malleable and doesn't hold the same meaning is useful. Those of us who utilize consciousness technologies embrace being able to engage in alternate mindsets to experience shift in what our daily realities in the burdens of being human are involved in. Developing technologies in sciences, and medical fields along with philosophical considerations are exploring the powers of the human organism in fresh terms. Which is really involving our minds to reconnect with our sense of Consciousness and engaging new powerful mind states.

Changing mindsets is accessing new rule sets of where there is no time or space to concern or color our informational states. We are in a different relation with our logical, time oriented left brain of cause and effect. We are in our right brain which is involved with symbols and story oriented, and feelings. New perspectives are available with these two working together as a whole brain informational state.  We are then free to engage body, mind, spirit in a different unity with perhaps different references, perhaps with no labels. Energies are then free to be noticed in new ways.

We can easily and quickly access change in how we feel about the past in our personal and common events. We change how we relate to the ingredients in our stories about life. Patterns of behavior, sensations of the physical form may be felt differently and free us from past dictates and story lines.

You come to appreciate how we each separately and collectively create our human experiences. Turning off the judgment which self and the body form are involved in opens us up to relating energetically in new ways. Situations and experiences of all kinds become evolutionary power, shifting us from the suffering that our human qualities embody so often, so well, to simply old frames of reference in this physical realm of contrast and into new evolved human experiences.

Take time to access your inner consciousness core and reflect anew on your old concerns and issues. In the quiet notice what comes into focus and play. Look at how you have packaged it and take the packaging off in some way. Sense what is really at play and how it might relate to the whole of you. Engage your evolutionary abilities and feel different. You will. Value that. Engage that as real and let it resonate in your field strong. Feel it and be it as you go about daily life.

You will come to appreciate that with new free non agenda perspectives what and who you feel yourself to be is truly only illusion. What you feel in both thinking, body sensation and emotional resonances are only flavors about being projected from within your holographic form. You can change those flavors. That is what evolution is all about.

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment 

Monday, October 15, 2018

Consciousness and Coming to Terms

In this wonderful epoch of time and space we find ourselves uncovering and revealing what we feel ®challenged by that has perhaps been forgotten but lingers both deeply and just beneath our surfaces. We are acknowledging what we have hidden, or maybe not felt up to reconciling in a past moment to another time. 

The moment is now. This moment is all about stopping the hiding. Lingering emotions and patterns of behavior that attract like to like can stop. It is time to acknowledge our pains and reconcile our senses of self into our lives. We can't change the past but we can change how we relate to it. And when we do this we change our present and future self. This is what happens when we are honest with ourselves as Consciousness in action, free of human judgement.

We have chosen to play this out as a society and it presently is not pretty. We can't miss it. We can distracted by how this energy presents itself in so many ways as often blatant misdirection is active and so many rocks have been overturned. We are emotion packed packages in human form. Angered, confused, resentful, depressed, shamed, etc. Name any emotion and it is present. It can be felt as overwhelm, shut down, exhaustion, numbness, whiny. We are tired of feeling.

It has been a long time coming this reconciling and dealing with that which we have not dealt with before. What we do with our opportunity is up to the individual.

You can be blind to what you are seeing when it is mislabeled, misidentified, camouflaged. You can be trapped in your beliefs that keep you innocent of someone else's manipulations and conditions. 

When we are coming from within our humanity we judge. We reason and rationalize our feelings, our thoughts and our behaviors in order to feel okay. We are not always wise when doing this. The biases we have in place will dictate outcomes.

If our interior judge is a hanging judge we are not getting a fair trail. We may find ourselves judged as lacking and judged to be in need of punishment. Many of our current cultures and some religions excel at this approach. It has dominated the societal and emotional landscapes for a very long time.

When we are engaging from within ourselves as Consciousness there is no judge, just information.
Make the time now to access Heart Centered Awareness as in this state time and space are fluid and what comes up can shift. You can feel better, more relaxed, with a different sense of wholeness. You can find yourself free to feel free of what has troubled you for so long. 

In this state what is revealed is coming from a neutral agenda. The information that presents itself is free of judgment.  It is a way to appreciate our experiences in being and view them again without our biases, titles and labels. 

What if we each used this time and space to acknowledge:

The slight,
The compromises,
The times you felt less than.

The time you made a choice that created havoc, not bliss, intentional or otherwise.
The time you made a choice when there was no choice to be made.
The time you gave up another piece of your autonomy, for someone else, to fit in, to be important.
The choice made in the moment that is lasting for a lifetime of regret.
The thing you feel you can not forgive yourself for.

Our lists can seem to be long. After all you have been judging yourself for a very long time.

The time you blamed others for what was lacking inside.
The time you were angry at others for what was lacking inside.
The time you made it about you and what your wants were when it wasn't about you. 
The time you were arrogant in your sense of entitlement at the belittlement of others, knowingly or unknowingly.
The time you went past the stranger on the street looking away.
The time you used others to gain what you wanted.
The time you did not listen to your inner voice.
The time you did not speak up.
The time you played it safe.

The ways I judge myself for keeping myself safe?

What do we do with what we find inside acting like Russian dolls?

In this state of grace, warmth, support and non judgment?

We love it, accept it, and it will begin to register and feel different. We don't fight it, we don't deny it, we don't try and make it better. We don't hold it against ourselves. Even those actions that harmed others. This may seem beyond possible for those not familiar with consciousness technologies. It is not.

As outcome our human can offer sincerity, restitution, acknowledgment of the slight, apologize, ask for forgiveness. We can confess the slight from within the sincere awareness that we each can have and hold. 

We can extend a helping hand, we can let down our arms, we can take life out of a battle plan logistics and engage differently. All involve the energy of the heart. as vital not as vacuum.

In order to experience more of my own light and you yours we have to allow ourselves to shed what we have made our humanity to be and undo the covering of our radiating internal light. And to celebrate the New Order.

We can  appreciate each as the creative dynamic we each are and look inside to how we are connecting to each other. Enemy or friend? Victim or abuser? Equals but different. Each position will bring about different outcomes, wisdom, sharing, truths. In your state of potential pick someone you are challenged to engage neutrally. See what happens when letting go of your fears and expectations and presumptions.

Don't save this work to a better time, better space, better whatever. You are affecting your life, your family, your work, whatever is important to you and to all of us by waiting.

We are able, willing, ready, deserving, as Grand Master Yuen of the YuenMethod® would say. What if you knew that you were?

Love, compassion, forgiveness, pardon, whatever it is that makes the individual feel whole, complete, nourished, connected is present in our spectrum of possibilities. Use this list on yourself first and see what happens.

Just use it.

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment 

Monday, October 1, 2018

Consciousness and the State of I Am

It seems appropriate to write about the sense of self that emerges when one focuses inward. More than ever finding our inner focus and voice is invaluable. We want to be present but not in the same old ways.

Those old ways of dealing with our worlds are not working as well as they used to. We are different. Consciousness is on the move and how we respond is different.   

Some will use meditation, acts of mindfulness, pet their pet, walk in nature, etc. to help reorient fresh. And many of us are finding that using consciousness technologies can be helpful. All approaches are active and alive states of engaging in our worlds. 

We engage with any of the above for a sense of peace and true placement of being. Not as escape or punishment or because we are told it is good for us. How many of us would find that to be the Kiss of Death? 

We may be moved to go inward as a suggested healing action or as a religious act or just from the state of contemplation. The truth is that it does feel good. We may have a sense of  replenished or just being free from the chatter. 

We engage these disciplines and practices in appreciation of our unseen connections that are all around and within us. It feels good to connect and realize how big we are without knowing how big we are. Our intuitive natures and skill sets enjoy the play if they have been muted in the day to day of your life.  

I am not trained in meditation, or mindfulness so I can not speak with any authority about them. I always had problems with the postures of body and breath. These valued and old traditions are about the benefits of that come with disciplines of mind and the body in form. I never get past the pain in my body from disciplined positions and breathing patterns. And yet I am able to reach within in my own way as no way, all ways.  

Even so I utilize parts of the practices of meditation and mindfulness as part of my consciousness. For me the postures of body and breath spring out naturally then and in a state of relaxation I notice. I notice information as thoughts, feelings, questions, curiosity. I let things that mind has made into a some thing or challenge to be faced and solved and appreciate them in different ways. I am free to appreciate the creativity at play as issue and then allow for more creativity to engage. For instance the ache between my shoulders releasing when I shift the state it has been in as there, not there. And it is gone. It might be in my attachment to a thought and then noticing that it was not what I thought it was. 

I find the calm and sacred in the stillness inside. Our approaches can be different and how we utilize the state may vary. But all are going to have a non attachment quality to them. We free ourselves from the dictates of the everyday clatter for the everyday silence within. Then we play in the field of potential that is part of the essence of being. The being present as an active state of interaction where the rules of this physical reality slip into the quantum realities states of noticing there, not there. 

Accessing ourselves as Consciousness, as members in the Field of Unified Consciousness, in Heart Centered Awareness is helpful in the frantic upheaval present in and around us. Choosing to engage life in this way helps me be clear in the difference of being present and believing I am present. And why this awareness is important. I can then recognize that beliefs, the things I choose to believe in and align myself with are my choices. I am aware of the difference in belief and truth. 

I was fortunate that there were those along my path to help me with this. I am present, just as you are, and I have no question about that anymore. I am not present because of anything I believe in. I am. I am and not because of who others say I am. They just play into my stories of my identity and choices. 

This was helpful for me as I began to understand and appreciate myself in my human experience.  Life is about the display of power expressed it seems out of the life force vitality. Much of what is up in the field right now is about how we experience ourselves as dynamic power in action in the human form. How much power we each embody will influence our choices and experiences. 

What is in your state of being present?   What is your state of I Am? 

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment 

Monday, September 24, 2018

Consciousness and Unfolding Into Ourselves

All of us are in different places in awareness of being conscious and humans in potential. Amid the spectrum of man and this planet, portions of our societies are engaged in survival. Some portions are engaged in exploring what life is about. Some are engaged in affecting society in technology. Some are busy as worker bees doing the day to day, some are engaged in putting it all into meaning. Some serve as warnings, some as symbols, some are rallying cries.

These positions and others all add to the whole of mankind and Consciousness, in different placements of contribution. There is no fault to be found for being where one is found in the diversity. Do we blame a child for it's parents and being born into it's circumstances or do we value them right from the start? We are at our best when we are not judging where we find others in their expressions of being and belonging. All add to the whole. 

Our natures develop thorough stages as we grow up and take in more of the world and our place in it and we can get stuck in any stage that will last a lifetime. For example the stages will become the states regarding "I am king of the world and you serve at my dictates" or delayed gratifications. We have names for these active states. The body will mature but ones' nature of placement in the world can get stuck and fixed. 

Those bigger and older help teach and mentor us in forming our choices as we grow and mature in human form. Whatever world view and position they have about life they will pass on. We will absorb and internalize and utilize the information gained.  

Too many times we were perhaps encouraged to maybe not learn too much, to not question for ourselves but to follow the dictates of others. The others that know more, about you and your place in the scheme of things. We trust them to care for us and to love us and have our best interests at heart. They may and do it well, they may and not express it well and they may not at all. 

As a result our nature to question and be curious can go somewhere deep. Other voices become the dominant inner voice overlaying our own into silence. We become smothered and unclear in our curiosity and right to question. Behaviors may start to develop in resistance and defiance, we can be stuck in reaction that has no outlet. or we can become subservient. 

Projected fears and destructive power games are active because someone failed to pay valued attention to what we felt inside each of us in the moment. We can brew, soak, percolate actively or passively in our lifetimes in our mindsets. We can explode with deadly force at times or suffer in silence slipping away into drugs, sex, food, church, rock and roll as coping mechanisms. Depression and a sense of unworthiness can build easily. 

Being shown that we count and our opinions matters is important to learn when we are young. And also when consensus is operating and someone else will make the final decision. And that someone needs to be able to constructively explain the reasons why it might be different than what you are aware of in terms that can be understood. But how often does that happen when we are young? Our needs to protect each other can often get in the way or become too rigid. 

We can all feel the truth when it is being spoken if we are not dumbed down or numb. Maybe this is where we first learn about the sacrifice of the one for the group or family. And if that position is valued or not. What is the trade off that feels right to us, not the one we are told will come. What are we learning about delayed gratification for instance if what is promised is never delivered?

What happens to our sense of truth and questions in all of this?  

We can trained to be followers and anarchists, passive aggressive, sullen or disenfranchised in behavior then, not leaders. We don't feel appreciated or safe when we choose to express our powers to others in power, our leaders. How dare we challenge what we have been taught by our parents, our betters, our elders, our teachers of all kinds? And, what do we do when we find corruption and bias at the core of the leader or teacher or community? What do we do as followers who have been unable to question or lied to all along?

The gift found in accessing ourselves as Consciousness is getting out of our smallness and into the Unlimited and the views one gains in perspective. Using consciousness technologies you can see the patterns in thoughts and feelings that you have experienced and defined you. You can start to relate and effect real change in how you are in your world. And, in turn, your world that we all share in.

We do that from within your clarity and mine. 

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/ Journeys Into Enlightenment 

Monday, September 17, 2018

Consciousness and Pick a Fairy Tale

In growing up we were told all kinds of fairy tales. Mostly damsels, now that I think about it, or children in peril, mothers or parents lost and the heroes needed to save them. The hero could be the strong stranger or prince or beast caught in a trap of his own making. Or maybe a young boy and his friends interacting with worlds full of fantasy and magic. Often our stories have a component of trapped in spells waiting to awaken. All which makes for a great story and epic. 

These days the best myths and stories are when the one who might look like needs saving, saves themselves, whether they be male or female. Then our hero, heroine, rescue job and rescuer are free to just be whatever role or roles they want to be. Sometimes they live happily ever after together and sometimes, they don't. Usually self worth and assurance are hard won and bring a sense of being much more valued or loved. So our old tales of being are evolving around us. Culture is shifting. 

Having to be rescued all the time is as wearing on the soul as much as the weight of being the rescuer can be. Anyone who has experienced burnout at work or at life knows this all too well. I don't think anyone enjoys feeling helpless and yet it is a powerful position to play in. 

In our outside social circumstances of power and abuses that are coming into awareness it is reflecting our own arising interpretations and experiences of such. They are up for review these days. It is intense on many levels. We are individual  and collectively powerful. 

Knowledge is power. We are challenging and being challenged when we might not want to be in ways we don't like. Or, we may feel we are being forced to admit to having answers that we don't have or like. We each embody what we believe we are and that might take more honesty than one is used to. 

We are in strip down mode. Our skills at making things okay when they are not is helpful as a human in the world. And, then it is not when it is a habituated experience of avoidance. Which is what many of us are finding it is inside. 

Is there another way to realign ourselves in our roles as we explore our often hidden pains and slights of power and love? Can self knowledge be the gift and not a wound and painful to deal with? 

Yes. Our inner truths are waiting to be defined and embraced. Not in righteous or blame states but in a state of grace and in warmth, support and non judgment. 

We are self defining creatures equipped with a sense of self as consciousness that is malleable and mutable and always creative. 

This means that there is no fault in how we show up. Our sense of humanity adds attachment as meaning to every thing we are involved in. We are relation based in orientation of identity. We so often find ourselves feeling the need to choose to think in terms of good/bad victim/abuser, light/dark as we are fascinated with contrast found in being in this physical realm.  We choose to judge the relationships as described. Conflict with the contrast stated comes up when we have to reconcile both, not one or the other but both. It is challenging and we may fail. And life goes on. And we stay stuck reveling in our justifications no matter the outcomes. 

As children we always wanted our fairy tales and sagas to have happy endings. As adults we still do and so we can be caught between belief and disbelief and we are left with confusion. In the fairy tales roles are clearly defined, positions of opposition strong. As we got older we learned from life that the fairy tales may have happy endings but life might not. In truth the stories of old about life were merely archetypes of behavior and roles to civilize us.  

If I was to pick a fairy tale that seems appropriate to our times it might be the Emperor's New Clothes. Read it again if you have not in a while. It has like any great tale layers of meanings. We are witnessing a lot of the Emperor's New Clothes these days. And we each have within the fake weavers, Emperor, ministers and the child as we reveal what is inside ourselves in play. Self delusion is a very powerful state to be in no matter the reasons. 

There is no need to feel bad about what you find inside. That is a choice of control and habit that you are making. Feeling bad is just a feeling, and an orientation. We have many feelings, other orientations.  

Take some moments to access Heart Centered Awareness for yourself and let the fairy tale that comes to mind reveal to you what it has to share. Let yourself notice the stuff coming up from your deep and let it play out in helpful useful ways. Be your own child who speaks his truth, be your own hero in your own story.  

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/ Journeys Into Enlightenment