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Monday, May 23, 2016

Consciousness Out of TimeSpace/ Anchors Aweigh


For those of us who gather in group here, we have been busy the last month or so. We have welcomed new explorers and their willingness to join in brings much up for all of us. Many of us have been giving up degrees of self definition and the limits of collective thinking for many years now.

Those joining us serve to remind us of how far we have come. We too, were like them once. We had a sense of the world and self that was unsatisfying. We now relate to our stories as reference material.

We tend to think in terms of placement and measurement, distance, time and space when we contemplate where we are in life. Where we are is important to each of us. We tend to think of how far from our first sense of home we have come. How far in terms of latitude and longitude and in accomplishment. How much we are different from the family, or similar. The family is familiar, as is the neighborhood. Sometimes we never live far away, still in the same community. We gain comfort in the familiar even if it might pain us emotionally or physically.

We will always have that first sense of home within to orient us. It is going to serve as a point of reference as we go through life. It can remain, acting as anchor and keeping us in one place of origin and we can also allow it to not serve as an anchor. We can now center within. We can hear our own truths, separated out from the maddening crowd of voice that have homogenized into a whining sound.

It doesn't take any courage to listen to ourselves, just a willingness. If you make it about courage then you make your reality filled with the stuff that goes with it: Fight, lost causes, no way to win, warrior etc., etc., etc..the good die young. This morphic field is full of stuff you will have to tangle with.

There is nothing wrong with doing life this way. As there is no wrong. It does work the justification button well. Which is about keeping track and the total outcome. Forgiveness and forgetting come into play. Much will happen as a result that brings both a sense of good and also the duality of it, the bad and all that go with that.

If you make your Life reality set about Consciousness at Play, always, then Being just got a whole lot easier. Warmth, support, non judgment, acceptance, and appreciation just stepped in. Life may end and you can still be at peace. If you separate out the drone in your head that comes with keeping you small and maybe safe you might show up different. You might have a sense of fearlessness that transforms itself into just being expressive without boundary.

What would it be like for YOU to realign and to step in and play? In what terms would you measure your experience?

We have put so much emphasis on Be Happy, not BEING HAPPY in our culture which is really about how unhappy we are inside, individually and then collectively. You can feel the difference. Nobody wants to be told to be anything.

Making the time to indulge in accessing Heart Centered Awareness, filled with Potential, and listening to the quiet sacred within share, is not an act of indulgence. It is an act of Life vitality looking to explore to it's fullest. There is so much to explore and share within.


Journeys Into Enlightenment

Monday, May 16, 2016

Consciousness Adventuring/ Using the Light the Path is Clear

Hello All, 

Sometimes the path is clearly lit. We might know we have to step with awareness for there are rocks along the path. And, what we see ahead isn't always the warmest looking destination. It can look like more storm ahead. And yet there we go, through the opening that is in front of us. Because we know where we have been and the light on our path and through the opening leads us onward.

Often our work is like this. Living is like this. "Been there, done that. Don'want to do that again." we might be inclined to say. So with awareness and knowing that we are on an adventure we continue on our way. 

We are adventurers. To be human is to explore. Some of us choose to explore in the minutia of life and some take big steps outward. Consciousness is without boundaries, allowing for all. Humans set up the limits and definitions. In Consciousness there is no right, no wrong, no anything. No judgments. And you can perhaps feel how some part of yourself may challenge that or feel uncomfortable. Which is exciting. 

It is exciting because you have just become aware. Because before you react, which can be a hair trigger moment, there was this moment of "OH", that feels good or that does not feel so good. Which is the human gaining awareness. And, in the right state of being, of Heart Centered Awareness you can pause and let yourself notice what is happening. What is getting triggered and what do you choose to do about it. The automatic response is on notice now. Control now has a chance to shift just a bit into more of a flow moment and allow for something new if wanted. It can be subtle or send the rocks in motion. When they settle you can notice that the path is now clear. 

Let go of the judgments today and see what happens. If that seems challenging let go of them for the next hour. Operate with no assumptions. Access Heart Centered Awareness and allow for your awareness of the light there to light your way and operate out of it for the next hour as you interact in your world. Notice the "Oh" moments and then your thoughts and actions. This is the Sea of Potential we are accessing here. Where every thing is not a thing yet, just bits and pieces, flotsam and jetsam, waiting to become some thing else. A new pattern, a new behavior. Where what was can be no longer and can become some thing else. 

The path is clear no matter what might seem to be in the way. 

Love, janet 

Journeys Into Enlightenment

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Consciousness Playground/ See, Hear, Speak

Hello All,

See, Hear, Speak

My heart is open.
See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil
How hard is it?

I hear voices from out there and echos in here,
See No Good, Hear No Good, Speak No Good
See No Joy, Hear No Joy, Speak No Joy.
See No Love, Hear No Love, Speak No Love.
See No Soul,  Hear No Soul, Speak No Soul.
My heart constricts.

Consciousness waits.
My heart unfolds and expands and expands and expands.
See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil.
Think No Evil, Feel No Evil. Want No Evil.

There is only quiet and the breath of All.
There are only choices that lead to actions.
That lead to experiences and outcomes.

Consciousness allows for all. And waits.


Consciousness Holding/ What kind of wall are you?

Hello All,

Some rock is smooth and slick. Some is not.This lava rock wall is an important boundary for the hill behind it. It defines and holds both the energy in front and behind. It is useful. The wall is man made. The rock is not.

The mosses, fungi and plants that have sprouted and multiplied add a quality and softening and texture and ultimately, an interest that would not be there without them. I like them. The porous nature of the stone allows for life to flourish on something that would not attract my eye otherwise. The rock provides a home and together with the vegetation, an appreciated living wall.

Sometimes the vegetation can take over the mortar between the rocks and eat away at it and weaken the wall. Mortar is not as strong as the rock. It has a different nature. So we apply more. The wall continues, life flourishes.

We are like this. We have our foundation of being and the life influences we pick up along the way make us interesting. We all have rough edges and soft spots. We have a solid presence. Together both invite us, the viewer, to stop and explore. If we make the time. If we allow ourselves to get up close and really look.

Some of us are going to look from afar and not accept the invitation to get closer. What will they miss? The vegetation serves as an enticing invite to come closer. I don't know if the wall has a sense of itself. I wonder if the vegetation has a sense of itself, the wall and the combination. Is the airborne nature awareness of the life itself when it is in the air or when it is not? I like all the different colors and how they merge and share the space and work together overall to create the observed beauty. What is the consciousness present? It is there.

Perhaps some walls are in an environment that protects it and keeps it sterile of visible growth. Maybe it gets cleaned off now and then and the whole process of only stone, life landing on it, rooting and growing and being washed away. A process that happens again and again. Maybe they are made of stone that don't invite life to partner with them.

What kind of wall are you? Consciousness is asking.



Journeys Into Enlightenment

Monday, May 9, 2016

Consciousness Around the Bend This Week

Hello Out There!

I love this picture. It is so helpful to demonstrate the following: Sometimes we can't tell if we are coming or going or making any progress on our path. With the above perspective you can see that we are often exploring the same terrain and yet it is different. The road covers the same area but is different. Coming from the opposite direction and you are continuing on the path. We tend to think that what shows up is the same old thing but as we do this work we have to appreciate new ways to look at our stuff. Hindsight is invaluable to wisdom being realized and acted upon.It is even better when the hindsight is available immediately.

Much has been rippling out in the cosmic levels of energy, earth energies, world human energies, and within ourselves. None of it is separate from one another. Only our level of awareness. What is your level of awareness? Can you see the connection between what you see outside of you to what is in you? How would it be useful? What if it started with you and was playing outward? Just how big is your ripple effect? What are you rippling out about?

Much is up for play in group as energies open up and accelerate. We have been exploring, sharing and supporting, with our collective unique ways of noticing information, one another. Each of us is a valuable individual in how we express Consciousness in Being. Collectively we are changing lives. Singularly we are transforming ourselves. You never have to doubt that we each make a difference in the world when you sit with others in Heart. Sometimes it is easier in group to hold this truth. Alone or with others it is a profound realization.

Most of the time we can not hear ourselves in a way that honors, enriches and supports the Divine in each of us. No matter our personal history we are the Infinite in action. Your story of events is just how you choose to express it and is subject to change.You are not done yet are you, playing out the same old, same old?  We are Consciousness enjoying being, evolving.

How do we hold our life precious when it might not be feeling that way? Know that you are on the path from someplace to someplace else. It is called Enlightenment. We leave our bodies usually different that when we entered them. Know that you can choose to visit the same part of the road going back and forth in some sort of loop or you can decide that much more is possible. Make the road dimensional and you can leap from level to level.

Go within, easily and effortlessly and quickly. When you have to make a choice in the moment you might not have time to meditate and wait for clarity. But you can get still, access Heart Centered Awareness with a shift in awareness and hear what you need to hear, an answer. You can tap into the Sea of Potential the answer is coming from. It is there. Always.

For one here last week, new to the dynamics, she enjoyed what she felt here, at home for a week. Then she had an experience that shifted her state and she was concerned that she wasn't feeling the same. It took only her understanding that she could go right back to it with a little help and she was there again. It is that way for all of us. That is the way of the path. It is all about the journey.



Monday, May 2, 2016

Consciousness Steps Lively

Hello Out There!

Let"s agree to meet this Tuesday evening 7-9 pm and/or Thursday afternoon 1-3 pm for Heart Centered Awareness at play. Please RSVP to come play.

Stuff is happening and to be able to keep up with it we need every advantage. Being able to access clarity and the right choice for you each time is the best way to go. Sometimes we can be inundated with information and a sense of a lack of time. Going to where the sacred silence is waiting and the rising up of your truth is possible always enriches us. Enables us. Embraces us in the wisdom of our challenges.

Come join us in the fun and the letting go of what ails you. You will not be alone. It is possible and real.

Resistance is easy. Some times it feels like it might take courage to examine ourselves. Denial flourishes. But done within the framework of warmth, support and non judgment, what keeps us stuck can start to melt away. Come give it a try a couple of times. It will happen quickly and that can be surprising and startling.

What do you have to lose?