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Monday, August 28, 2017

Consciousness and reports from the Pool of Permission

A couple of weeks ago the Pool of Permission showed up. Since then I am hearing from others that life is easing since they dipped into the Pool. Give it a try for yourself.

Access Heart Centered Awareness by shifting your focus from outside to inside and lower, into the center of your being. Enjoy feeling the beat of your heart, release your hold on your emotional terrain and just register the core essence of All that we are each part of. Notice the quiet, the stillness, the clarity of the Sacred that is right there. It is in each of us, whether we use it or not.

So in this state of Grace, no fault, no blame, no burden, are present. Only warmth, support, non judgement as we access The Infinite Sea of Potential. We slip from allowing into being. We give up control of outcome and we are free to play in the collective of the All.

There is much present in this expansiveness, in this openness. Whatever you have questions about in your day to day life, the information will comes and go here. It may be encoded in clear symbols or in ways you in the moment might not appreciate. But, and this is big, it doesn't matter. What matters is how you will choose to use the information. Empower it to be helpful and it will be. Encode it with doubt and it will be.

Notice the Pool of Permission. Allow it to come into view. It may appear as a puddle and small, a hole in the ice, or may be as big as an ocean shore. Doesn't matter. Just notice it in some way.

We have no blame, no fault or label to define and limit us here. There is only permission to be.

What do you notice, what do you become aware of?

You can feel a difference and it may feel just so wonderful or even uncomfortable as we are very comfortable in our labeled world. They serve as anchors,  those labels as our certains that guide our lives along its predictable course. The outcome of we live, we die, we can count on taxes and death, all kinds of encoded thinking serve as ways to tie us down, to hold us down.

But now, what is possible?  

Notice how you relate to the pool. Willingly, grudgingly, or easily? Step into the Pool of Permission. It may soak in or coat or? Give it a couple of moments and ask. What do I give myself permission to be?

In asking that question information will reveal itself in some way. All you have to do is register it as a feeling and what you become aware of, where your attention takes you. It is our right brain function. Our left brain function is about thinking which is about interpreting and fitting into our biases and none of that is important here.

For one, she unexpectedly found herself giving herself permission to be loved. And in the next few days her life of 50 some years of heartache changed in regards to her mother and father and family. For another, her permission to feel blessed matched up with another's wanting to be a fairy godmother. Our seekers of enjoying life found their resistance lowered.

See what shows up for you. Keep me posted.

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment

Monday, August 21, 2017

Consciousness and The Pool of Permission

What would it be like to have permission to BE? We probably don't know what that truly means though we may be aware that we feel less than optimum.

To BE? To be what?

Last week we were exploring fault, no fault, blame, no blame. Identity started dancing. This week the pool showed up. It was the Pool of Permission.

One of those wonderful spontaneous moments that group is filled with  always, happened. It was some thing for all of us to share in individually. It appeared as a small circle about 2 feet wide in the concrete patio floor in front of one of us. I invited them to step in, with the understanding that they were who they thought they were standing in front of it. And if they stepped in they were in permission of being.  And to register the difference.

All of us took our turn stepping into this new pool of reality. Some of us stepped forward into it, one felt the pool come to them. Some went underwater in it like a hole in the ice, some stood in it as a puddle of liquid energy and felt it wick it up their legs. Many were knocked back into their chairs. It was felt by all in some way personal to them. It came out my fingertips and sent information into the cosmos. Not so much fireworks but something else.

The differences were noted. We were all surprised by what showed up in this spontaneous state. There were eight of us present to enjoy this. One gave herself permission to be loved. One, I think, came himself time with his family. One only knew that things would change. I gave myself permission to go beyond my definitions of my stories of self, to give myself permission to not care about right or wrong. In this moment i am not remembering the others.

Later that night I shared this with those on the free monthly conference call that is part of our radio show Conscious Conversations with Joan and Janet and we felt it again.

I invite you to join us. Make some time to access Heart Centered Awareness, the Field of Unified Consciousness. Feel your physical heart and appreciate and enjoy the beat. Then, notice the emotional terrain and all the emotional charges that are active. and just let them be as you go neutral. Then breathe in the core essence of All, where we are all One. This the Infinite Sea of Potential where All is and isn't.

Notice the Pool of Permission. It is there somewhere and bring it forward, right in front of you. Feel it waiting, extending itself to you. Decide to swim or bath or just take it inward in some way. Notice yourself now.

Now step in.

What would be different if you gave yourself permission?

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment 

Monday, August 14, 2017

Consciousness and A Good Book

Library Card Catalog File 
The following is a reprint with some updating from 2016 after the shooting in Orlando last summer. It has been quite the year.

Consciousness is a library. Inside each of these file drawers are the details of the books in the library. We are the books. 

The repercussions of a single act has the power to change us as an individual and as a collective.  It can be a man standing in front of an oncoming tank, two buildings collapsing, a bomb dropped and leveling everything, a woman attacked and left dead on the street, a shooter firing into a crowd or someone driving into a crowd looking for glory.

Media being what it is these days, can send the knowledge rippling out with the simple touch of a keypad stroke or the click of a camera device. And then the whole community of man is affected consciously.

Last week we all felt unsettled and out of our center and swimming in queasy feelings. Shootings, bombings car crashes and loss of life are happening all the time in different ways globally. Tragedy, on small and large scale, is common. Why does this one event throw us off when perhaps the others don't.

One reason for such a strong response to a singular event as the shooting in the nightclub is that communities of people and many underlying patterns were being affected and hit on so many levels and many of them deep core concerns. Each of us had much to resonate with and feel the ping and twinge. It was hard to know where to start to find center again. What can we do in response? 

We found in group that if we start in Heart Centered Awareness and allow for the patterns to be observed in some manner it can be approachable. We sat and allowed for our noticing to be clear and we had a place to start.

It started to sort apart and our equilibrium started to return by the time we were done. Whether it was the shooter, his issues, those who found themselves victim, families in stress, the weapon and its power and accessibility, those who wanted to blame others, PTSD of all kinds, there was shock plenty all around. Even being present to something one can not change in a moment was issue. All of it and much more was up for exam and resolve. 

We are waking up collectively. We feel it starts within the individual and at the same time it is the whole of Consciousness in shift. As you work through your patterns of connection within the All, the All responds. In group we know this. We can feel it. It is happening.

What is different in you this week? What is sorting itself out and making itself known? 
As you access Heart Centered Awareness for yourself see the whole in some way and then notice a piece of it and start there.  You might be surprised.

Be kind to yourself. Start there. Let go of the labels you are involved with. They have the power to separate and compartmentalize and destroy self respect and love.

Be kind to others. When someone around you is in distress how can you respond in a useful way? Not by saving or fixing but by paying attention and acknowledging with a compassionate heart.

Would that have made any difference anywhere along the path?

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment

Monday, August 7, 2017

Consciousness and Being Enhanced

In group  a couple of us are dealing with cancer actively. I say it that way as we all carry cancer potential in us but not always in disease active mode.

One facet that came up was feeling bad about not being cured, immediately or otherwise. And the resulting awareness of how it might not be about being cured of a disease but about something different.

We cure meat. It is about preserving the meat with chemicals. But the meat is never fresh again. It is preserved in a different state.

The need to be cured of a disease is a heavy burden. It can push us. It can determine our degree of success, of understanding. It can take us beyond the body's limits. People get into medicine with a mindset about caring and curing. It is a powerful morphic field.

There are a lot of things we don't understand or know about life. Disease is seen as commentary on the system of the mechanics of the body. It is about the relation of body, mind, spirit, Self and Consciousness. All working together but not always in harmony. It is about our matrix and the dance of information in, the ability to deal with, process, utilize and release information in a cohesive manner. That is what we like to think of as healthy. What if it is more than that?

What if there is nothing wrong with illness? It is after all only a way to experience and express, then what happens?

Some disease or illness patterns will scare us as it represents loss of function. Some diseases have with them death as part of their component and expression. We monitor how close we are to death. We want to be cured so we can say death is no longer close. And then there are those who live with some sort of cancer or affliction and they live with it for a long time and finally die of something else.

Some people only really begin to live when they deal with illness. It has a way of cutting through our bullshit and false idols. It offers awareness. We meet ourselves in ways we might not otherwise. Our level of fear and other emotions will rise and fall in relation. It can be a way to be cared for. It can become our job. It is always an avenue to appreciation.

But being cured might not be the issue. Especially with disease/illness patterns. Those patterns can serve as ways to experience life that we would not do if not ill. Ill is not a bad thing. It is inconvenient, and takes attention, time and focus and may bring new considerations. It can be life changing. It is an opportunity.

Those on the outside will judge how we inside are doing and it can just offer clutter of thought. Handicaps create an always present reference to how we relate to ourselves and our world.

Lots of times all doctors can do is monitor and manage illness. Sometimes they can or can't cut out, repair or put in something new. They don't cure it. All our medicines and supplements support the body, mind, spirit dynamics sometimes as great cost, literally. Sometimes the "cure" is more painful than the pattern. Sometimes we can only feel like we are cleaning up.

 It goes away on its own if not needed. All disease/illness is a vehicle for agendas. So we don't judge. We love and appreciate our creativity. Only then can it be different, can it be done. 

What if there is no pressure or judgment that there is something wrong with how I am with this illness, or need to feel bad about the cure? What if there is only grace, what happens then? If I am dealing with function, long after the disease is gone, is that bad? It can be uncomfortable, and inconvenient and also hold a particular focus.

Acceptance of a different sort is possible. The trick is in balancing the inconvenience and then going beyond into realizing that as Consciousness it is not inconvenience but an opportunity.

Maybe we need another word to label having recovered from a disease/illness. Perhaps we are enhanced, or enriched. "I am enhanced" seems to allow me to feel better for having had the process.

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment