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Monday, May 25, 2015

Fuzzy Photons Alert/ Well Being Amidst the Turbulence

Hello All,
Please RSVP if you will be joining us here for heart centered play Tuesday evening 7-9pm or for ME play Thursday afternoon 1-3pm.
This week I am going to be attending two wonderful Matrix Energetics seminars in the Seattle, WA area.  It has been a year since I was there sitting in a room filled with a group of such size exploring what it is to enjoy the mysteries of mind and awareness. It is always fresh and vital no matter the material, which I may be familiar with or not. It is the liveliness, vitality and variety of individuals exploring being human that is the hook. Meeting old friends and fellow explorers will be the delight. I hope you will join me there. 
What a beautiful week it has been here in Portland, Oregon. This is a very special place. As is the place where you live. It is just different. Here, the visuals of spring with its bright floral display and new green growth of grass and bush are abundant and nourishing on so many levels. There is turmoil elsewhere in the world and I can still find peace within. I can be dealing with dementia in the family, have frustration with a medical system, and face hard choices about loved ones and still hang onto that life is what you make it. My realities and those I interact with are not always the same. Time and space mean different things to different people. Sometimes others’ realities predominate. But still I find myself able to hold to “okay” internally. That sense of well being may recede or I may forget that in any one moment but in a moment it is coming back. I find it supporting me as I go about daily life. 
That wasn’t always the case. One thing that has become true for me is that life is what you make it. Illness and its repercussions have dictated my life. It reverberates long after the diseases have declined. I don’t need the disease patterns as they were anymore. They only served to bring me to this point and shape my being. They have served as anchor in consciousness, time and space. How attached I am keeps shifting. 
Consciousness technologies like the Yuen Method and to a greater degree Matrix Energetics have allowed me a way to relax and feel more in control of my life. There are no victims in this work or in the mind sets. Just individuals experiencing life. Often from an overwhelmed space and limited viewpoints. Individuals who have taken responsibility for others and all or let go of personal responsibility. We are relationship based creatures. We are always co-creating and often we do it from a fixed position. We assign ourselves roles to play. My liking of people served my ability to feel for others and want to be helpful. Or maybe it was the other way around or something in between. I much better relate to these forces in my life today. I am much more in the “gift” part of my awareness than the “wound” part of it. Wisdom is available.  
Amidst the chaos of earthquake and war in far places and even here, life is transcending, ending and beginning. Life is earth shattering and life ending at times. Opportunities are created in every moment, and perhaps either not used or deliberately decided for new choices in patterns of behavior. 

Using ME’s great awareness of the heart centered field of Unified Consciousness and it’s relationship to potential has made all the difference in my world. It is an updated version of old knowledge and knowing. It is something available to all of us, not just the shaman or wizard. But maybe not valued or framed as the shaman or wizard would. That is the nature of awareness. It is everywhere, always. But, and here is the big “but” of all, not always recognized or engaged by each of us. We have it within us if we allow for it. Awareness is available to all of us whether we are conscious of it or not. We are all at different places within the spectrum of awareness. Sometimes it is easier, safer, to act powerless and allow others to dictate and make our choices and set our boundaries. Some of us hold no awareness about much of anything. There is no drive to look deeper, inward. Some times we find ourselves in circumstances beyond our conscious control, making choices when there are no choices. And then again, sometimes and some of us choose to play the game of life differently. Neither right nor wrong it is always consciousness experiencing, consciousness evolving.


Fuzzy Photons 5/25/15 Misunderstandings Abound

Hello All,
Please RSVP if you would like to join in heart centered awareness this week Tuesday 7-9pm. Or at our Matrix Energetics play group Thursday 1-3pm. Both are rich opportunities to play in the field of the heart and experience community with others who look to explore life.
Mercury is in retrograde. It does that four times a year. For those of you who pay attention to astrology that means communication can be in uproar. For those of you who don’t pay attention it doesn’t hurt to notice our communications with self and others. Consciousness is organized on many different levels of awareness and considerations. You don’t have to be conscious of what is going on planetary, global or environmental levels to be aware that your friend is not speaking to you and seems a bit miffed and you don’t know why. You seem to be having issue with a contract for unknown reasons. We are all being affected by mostly unconscious energies.
Someone says something. The listener hears what is said and yet can misunderstand, misinterpret, and react. It happens because each of us is oriented individually to what life is about. Language may be shared but the understanding of our intention is not experienced. The joke intended is not appreciated. The sincerity is missed. Stuff happens. No harm is intended but it can be experienced. Unless something intercedes and sometimes even then harm is felt.
Such is life. It happens all the times. History and fiction are filled with misunderstandings. It is bound to happen. Lifetimes can be changed. Wars can occur on all kinds of levels, families and clans hold grudges, and all because miscommunication happened or values collided.
Language is one of our greatest gifts. The meaning of a single word can cover a lot of ground. It also can lead to misunderstanding easily if we are not paying attention. Out of context comments can create issue. People don’t always speak their personal sense of truth, explain what they mean or are maybe not feeling free to do so. They are polite, or nice or don’t feel comfortable sharing.  A simple comment can set up waves of reaction not intended or meant. They can lead to actions that are not recognized until later years. What is flip to someone is catastrophic to another and we never know. Assumptions can run rampant. Reactions are automatic often. Responses are what we are looking for when dealing with others and ourselves. Responses allow for contemplation in between our thoughts. It gives us time to become aware of our triggers on both sides. We are always co creating. Viewpoints can cross over and cascade into each other and harm is felt.
All we can do is learn how to be honest with ourselves and one another. And that can be the most wanted but seemingly the hardest thing to express due to our feelings and desires. Desires to protect someone, something, ourselves. Our own emotions can cloud, confuse, misdirect, and create mayhem. It is important to know when we hurt each other intentionally or unintentionally. We need to also learn to apologize if we have created an unwanted set up. We don’t want to hurt. So why would we want to hurt others? But it can happen.  
Use your skill sets and drop into heart space. Check out how your heart is physically feeling. Check out the surrounding emotional terrain and then slip into the core, essence of Unified Consciousness and play. Any of the physical sense, or emotional terrain can be played with in your casual noticing. Let yourself relax into being okay. Feel the separation of stuff into the wisp of "out there" and just relax some more. 

Let someone come to mind and notice what is present with them and you. If you keep open your emotional heart sensor what do you notice? Something physical or emotional in reaction? If you continue to just view, allow for awareness to be present and what it has to offer you. Be appreciative to the other, grateful for what they are sharing and then decide how you want to respond. If it is your issue act accordingly. If it is theirs keep your heart open. Share from that space with them, what is true to you. Allow yourself to feel the shift and let it go.

We are each responsible for how we show up and not responsible for how others do. But we can make it easier for us to share life in ways that enrich our experiences and sense of joy. 



Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Losing Memories 5/5/15

Hello All,

Please RSVP if you will be joining us for our Fuzzy Photons play groups of heart space on Tuesday evening 7-9pm or ME play group Thursday afternoon 1-3pm. Any local to the Portland/Vancouver area is welcome. 
In some societies people are living longer. But they are not always at their best as they age. Technologies can keep us alive, but not always present mentally. Daily life is full of considerations and stress. We are building Morphic fields full of declining abilities and loss of powers of reasoning. We are now old enough to forget. Our ability to feel and reason are gifts of being. We can take them for granted. We can be good at putting off till tomorrow and longer preventative measures that could insure against poor tomorrows. And then sometimes you do all the right things and stuff still happens. What we all need to be in is a state of appreciation for the wonder that we each are right now.
I have been in San Diego for several days. My husband and I have been dealing with my dad and brother and levels of cognitive abilities and dementia. Been noticing how information can flow but not connect. The heart can be willing, the head can be willing and yet connection is lost. It can be so between my dad, his body and mind, my brother as caregiver and his issues or the medical system of doctor and staff, staff and more staff, staff between agencies that are all looking to work together. Departments filled with people sympathizing, empathizing but no power ultimately flowing to conclusion. Power that just disappears. Sort of like dementia in certain ways.
Dad has been losing his memory, mostly short term but some long term. It can be about the simplest things. What stands out to me is when I watched and observed my dad at age 91 dealing with a variety of Solitaire, a card game. You might not like the game much or you might enjoy it. What you might not notice though are all the steps in cognitive behavior it requires to play the game. How many piles of cards, how many cards in each pile and when to turn them face over, piles of cards that are about black and red alternating in each pile and in placed in descending order. Then the row of suits in red or black in ascending order. And you have your turnover deck of every three cards at a time you rotate through playing. You have to be able to notice each pile in reference to what is showing. You have to be sure to turn over only the cards facing up and not any others as you move them around from pile to pile. You can only move certain cards at certain times into forming new piles. And much more. Each is an act separate from the other, in a sequence and then perhaps no sequence. Any one or more thought can fail to connect. Then sometimes connecting on and then off in the next minute.
I like Solitaire and used to be quite focused on results and time and wins and loses. I used to win a lot and quite psychic at the game. Playing with my dad the last couple of years it has become more about the process and not about the winning. We don’t win as much now. We share the experience and that is the win to me. it brings me peace to sit with him at his level and let it be okay. I am better now at letting go of the mind that used to be present and to be okay with the one now present.
Awareness, appreciation and patience were experienced. In my world, I guess most things work well. Not so in my brother or father’s realities of life. I observed the intersection of those realities a lot. I noticed where their issues could be mine and were not and where they might be in the future. I get to decide how I want to relate to these patterns. How much energy to feed into thinking certain ways about things. I was able to successfully challenge the norm at different times and other’s expectations and sometimes not. For we co-create always. Such is life. Consciousness is always present and presenting opportunities to challenge itself. Detachment from any kind of expectation is helpful when the expectation is limiting. It is so easy to buy into someone else’s reality. You have to catch yourself if it is not your reality or one you want to hold as the only truth.
People can get better. People can get worse. It is not up to me. But if I notice places that invite me to be aware, perhaps, if wanted, things can change in some way, beyond the expected.
Take time to drop in and notice what in your world catches your eye. Allow it to break it down into all the thoughts that have to happen to have a conclusion. Notice where something might be different or could allow for a different outcome. There are only patterns. Play. Enjoy. Appreciate.


Janet Barrett
  Metaphorically Speaking - Intuitive Energy Release