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Monday, August 22, 2016

Consciousness and Transforming Hate and Pain

Hello All,

I imagine that one of the reasons people cling to their hates so stubbornly is because they sense, once hate is gone, that they will be forced to deal with pain. 
                                                                    James Baldwin in Notes of a Native Son

Our pain can take several forms and all of it can be different. Here is the good news. Dealing with our pain doesn't have to be a pain anymore. It can be quite a relief and ease of mind and body and quickly resolved. Those of us who use Consciousness Technologies know this to be true. No longer does one have to wade through our emotional terrains like minefields and the subsequent explosions ripping one apart, doing years of therapy. Emotional release is quick and easy and not at all what one may think it is or presumed it to be.  

We see a lot of hate and fear being expressed these days. Which means the pain is underneath is ripe for transforming. Most of what we are feeling is about the past as most of us don't observe ourselves in terms of being present, in being in the Now. Release the past, full of trapped emotions and thinking states, and the pain is no longer there or is greatly reduced in the Now. 

Now is available to us to look at and notice where we are sensing stuck and allow it to shift in the Sea of Potential. Consciousness is all about potential. It is where everything that we think we are and our things, are just bits and pieces of light and bio photons, resonances, vibrations, frequencies and information, our stories. All floating in the dark matter of potential. It is the medium of where things come and go out of and into existence. 

Hating doesn't feel good. Yet it may feel powerful.and it may be the only way we can feel powerful when we are not thinking we are. As children we are able to list all the things that we hate like Brussel sprouts, and lima beans and snakes and You! and the list can go on and on. And sometime later we may learn that we like and even love some of those things and our old judgments were just gas or moments. We can have families and clans and countries pushing past agendas and unable to forgive and forget past held senses of injustices. Generations later positions are still held that have no context or meaning anymore. 

Hate and pain are just part of the spectrum of feeling found within us within Consciousness. No different than Love, or Appreciation or Brussel Sprouts. What you will notice is that some states of awareness feel better than others in all the ways we can feel better. If you are choosing to align with a state of Well Being then hate and pain are only references.  

Being honest with ourselves is not hard. Just access Heart Centered Awareness. When I use the word  heart I am not referring to your wounded emotional hurts and pain. Go beyond your personal emotional references into the Core, Essence of All, where we are all One, From within here look at the hate and allow yourself to notice how it is serving. Is it helpful any longer? Is it a coverup for some pain? Allow yourself to engage with potential. Changing the state allows you to heal, release, transform, whatever and however it comes to you. And when there are only shifts in awareness there is no need for process time, just observance time. 
Let the All help you witness yourself in wonder. I don't suggest you give up the hate or fear where you find it because it is bad to feel hate or fear. I suggest that a sense of Well Being, free of emotional entanglements, is better serving in so many ways. 

And if it feels like you could use some help contact one of us who is using potential and state based Heart Centered Awareness to help you shift your realities. Practitioners of Matrix Energetics, Yuen Method, EFT, Psych K and others will prove helpful. 

Janet Barrett

Journeys Into Enlightenment

Monday, August 15, 2016

Consciousness and the Fairy, Tiger,Dragon,Elephant,Whizard,Whaledolph


Consciousness is full of flavor and variety and fun. Our ability to access the wonderful flavors we each embody makes for an enriching sense of awareness and wonder. Whole brain states rock!

In group we all sat together in the common ground of Well Being, Heart Centered Awareness and our sense of it is deepening. Our surface energies were full of politics, the Donald, actions and repercussions from within all of us, the news, the Olympics, the bee sting, the quality of bladder flow. the reeducation of the body.

We played with the words that came out of all these issues: fear, helplessness, unsettled, normal, sphincters, unfit. farting, shame. They hold power deep inside, ( LOL), and not something you find being talked about in most circles. But pay attention and you can notice how you react to what you have going on in and around you.

What also showed up were our assumptions and associations. There was the, no longer buried, anger we can hold in how our systems of government, religion, business, education,  etc. are often full of untruths and the biases we don't recognize. We assume that we have been told the truth when we go to school and take for dogma what is written. When in fact it may not be. It may only be what someone else, now or long ago decided was important and belief by others empowered it. A state of belief, a morphic field, starts forming and engaging and we, in our unknowing and wanting to fit in and not question, don't. And those who will follow us may be caught up in the same cycle of false belief. Which we interpret as fact, and value as learning. And it isn't.

Years ago it meant something to go away to school, to be free of provincial thinking. Liberal arts is about liberation from the old. We learned to question and not take for granted. I don't think we hold it the same anymore. Social media and mores are full of untruths that now dance and limit globally.

When we sat a silent invitation was unknowingly issued. Some of us enjoy shamanic awareness as common skills, Our openness signaled deep within for qualities not always explored or appreciated too much in the past. They came forward. Out of the mix of us: the tiger in her, the dragon in another, the elephant in him, the whizard in her, the fairy in her and the combo whaledolph in another invited themselves to play.

It was a different sense of our energies and how we, in this reality. experience it and judge what it is. After listening to the news, one's reaction may have felt like fear but maybe it was the wings of the fairy quickly moving to synthesize the fear the media was projecting, the helplessness inherent.

Our animal and creative natures showed us that we were magic in action, Well Being was staying present. There was no concern, just this very real deep sense that Potential is afoot and out in the world and that some thing wonderful and unexpected will happen. All it took was a shift in awareness. Fear become the flutter of fairy wings helping out. Nice.  Relabeling power.  Take back the assumption and labeling of what we were feeling to just energy and what do you get? Without agenda or emotional labeling, the quiet is excitingly alive. Potential is real.

Access Heart Centered Awareness. See yourself sitting in front of a mirror and invite your various natures to present themselves. Invite them to sit with you in harmony and offer you their wisdoms. Let it all enfold back into the whole of you.

Janet Barrett

Journeys Into Enlightenment

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Consciousness and The Shared Moment

Sharing a moment 
Consciousness is collective and individual in experience and being. When everything is reduced to particles and vibrations there is no me, you, separateness, no other embodied. For there is no thing when one is in the Infinite Sea of Potential.

How do we experience connection? We are relation based life forms in our physicality. Physically we each, so far, have been born put of a mother. We immediately become aware of mother and self in the womb when the embryo turns and faces mother inside when the umbilical cord develops. We know where we are internally and externally by others and things around us. Consciousness is about All and where we may each feel separate and unique it is always in the context of All.

Issues of Family, Friendship, Acquaintance, Comrade are being explored and redefined in our states of shift. Some of us are very aware that the family we were physically born into does not mean we are family emotionally or mentally. We are only sharing a common bond of womb or sperm and subsequent experiences. 50's television was full of archetypal families. We all wanted the Donna Reed family of understanding, strong father, mother who was home to fill in with love and caring. Both who supported siblings exploring what it was like to be kids and family and within the bigger community.

Many people we might call friend are really acquaintances. People who shared a place, a time, a unifying moment that really was more about being there at the same time and not a deeper resonance and appreciation or enjoyment. We assumed roles in relation to each other. But maybe underneath there is nothing to like.

It is nice when you can like your companion.

Comrades are those who unify around a principal or cause. Could be your work environment or something bigger. You may not like or trust them personally but appreciate the support in cause.

We now may make family out of friends and companions. Strangers once, someone who you now share a certain vibe or like and trust. That is the definition of friend. Due to circumstances, those who you connected to in the deepest of ways, recognizing each others value and soul. Maybe meeting only once or if fortunate, able to meet again. They were there in that moment and they are friend.  Roles of student, teacher, mentor, partner, etc. release and have no meaning. We are witness in Consciousness.

We are friends who have become family. Each a bit different and adding to the whole. This is what we have found in group. You are part of that group in awareness if you are reading this commentary, due to the degree you hold awareness. Remember there is no time, no space, no distance in Consciousness. Only warmth, support, non judgment. There is only Grace.

Janet Barrett 

Journeys Into Enlightenment

Monday, August 1, 2016

Consciousness and Now Two Golden Pelvises

Hello All,

This last week we continued our exploration of Life with the female Golden Pelvis that showed up the week before last. We were all women again gathered in group and we were sharing what had been showing up.

The political temperature in convention, our own body parts holding in awareness of traumas and of our male partners statements from years ago. We agreed that if we shared what we had been told by these men now that they would not remember probably. We presumed they would be apologetic. But we remember. and our pelvises remember.

Men have to be socialized to women as women have to be socialized to men.  What did you learn growing up? There can be such awkwardness between the sexes coming from sexual awareness and from not being comfortable with ourselves. and the roles relationship and commitment
dictate. Old references about marriage, parenting, and those morphic field influences.

Remember first dates and blind dates and all the expectations and unknowing? Yikes and yuck. My viewpoint is that for every man who says things about women that are not kind there was a mother who did not or was unable to provide her son with appreciation of feminine energies. And, a father or male influence who did not echo it either. Relationships can be filled with this dynamic.

As we were continuing to clear stuff that was showing up and letting the golden pelvis with its wonderful sense of well being do its magic, one of our group came in late. John, who is part of our men's group also. He  embodies a wonderful male energy who enjoys the female sacred from within a very sacred male appreciation. I asked him right off the bat where did his appreciation of women come from and he said his mother.

What came out of the subsequent conversations within heart centered awareness was exploring the questions that the sacred female brought to awareness in relations to the sacred male. Where did that show up in the scheme of things? And as it came up next to the sacred feminine there was balance and harmony.

I am fortunate that I know of such things and have people around me who recognize both. Do men recognize their sense of the sacred male or it is lost too, in the clutter of culture and business? Men have a rough time with finding their way through the conflicting information out in the world about what it means to be male. They are aware of the differences in what they feel and how they feel and what society might tell them is okay. How being male expresses. Where is it's sense of well being?

We often have done a poor job of teaching our children about being human and male and female.
If we take away the judgments that are so easy to make and see embodied around in personalities and notice how they are reflecting our own issues to confront we are in a much better place internally. Be thankful for the annoyance you find in front of you. It has information for you at the deepest levels.

What we did find when done was a sense that the world and how lives are unfolding is in order. There is no breaking down of society and patterns. What is happening is an unfolding into a new order. When we allow that to be the framework Peace is present. Break is a harsh word filled with harsh abrupt energy. Use the word "unfold" as you explore your sense of the sacred feminine and male energies. Feel what comes forward to play.

Janet Barrett