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Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Working It Out With Others with Selina Maitreya

Selina Maitreya of Practical Spirituality is a spiritual guide, author, and creative consultant. She and Janet consider how family patterns determine our subsequent relations with others and may still be in play. Together, in celebrating BEing alive NOW, as spiritual beings in form, they explore realigning family patterns with Peace.

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Time for the Infinite Being with John Ashford Jr

Time is a sense or quality of Being in Form. It is malleable and susceptible not only to our other physical senses but also our emotional and mental constraints. Joining Janet is John Ashford, Jr., Access Consciousness facilitator. Together they will explore the premise of Time and its orientations of right now, exists always, in the realm of the Infinite Being.

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Monday, February 24, 2020

JIE Episode 30 Enjoying the Other

Journeys Into Enlightenment with Janet Podcast
releasing Feb. 25, 2020

Episode 30 Blog   Enjoying the Other

How we relate in our relationships is a lifelong dance. We are always in relationships as that is our inherent state whether it be with another person, or thing.  What kind and what we do with them and how they will guide us is individual in our stories of BEing in form.

Our family life, of whatever kind, is foundation. We are first a child with two parents or with only one parent present or in and out of exposure or missing. Or, we may have no parents guiding us, only a revolving band of characters imposed by the state.

We may have siblings older and younger in our house to share life with or only on weekends. We may love each other, we may like each other, we may fight, we may not know each other, we may feel something else.

Our feelings will come and go and change and develop and enrich in any sort of emotional range.

We have our” perfect relationship” meter running all the time to be satisfied or not. We can feel loved but not part of the Others. Separateness is powerful. Lack of trust is powerful.
We can feel what we call loved but not understood or validated for our individuality. We sometimes are valued only as part of the Other’s reflection and not for our own. We fall under another’s shadow. We can feel we are not important enough or only as important as they let us feel. 

Our sense of Love is bandied about and held cheap. It is not and we all know it and that any sense of connection is priceless.

We come to find that birth family is only one way to experience family. Found friends and community create family be them street gang or bowling group.

When older, our interactions with others will trigger the old references we have for those beginning relationships. Themes develop in our interactions. Love and our ideals of love play out in ever expanding directions but still nourish the core story we have of engaging and connecting with others. 

Relationships are fixed positions. One way to change your position and role is to start relating to another and not role play. For instance, the relationship of Wife and Husband comes in all shapes and sizes unique to each couple. Hopefully it is an enriching experience for both. This relationship is wrapped up in many outside influences of society that shift. When we relate to each other, respond not react, we have more autonomy. And that helps our relationship and our definitions of what works for us personally.

It is very possible that the Other doesn’t get your change. They are busy in their mindset story of Life. And, it doesn’t matter, unless it does.

Others are not responsible for how we feel about them. We are. Courage is that quality often connected to change of viewpoint. Challenge does not have to be in your face, defiant. It can be a subtle ease of being.  You have it in you. It just might not be the strongest awareness you have in this moment. But being able to be in Heart centered Awareness, and to listen to your inner authentic voice can happen easily when you realize it is already there and now is the time to listen and take inspired action.

Enjoy the Other from within Heart Centered Awareness and see what happens.  Be present now.

Janet Barrett
Podcast host Journeys Into Enlightenment with Janet

Monday, February 17, 2020

Energetic Observances

I am off checking out an energy disturbance today. A group of us will notice what we notice from within our skill sets of how energy can manifest. Sounds interesting. 

I will keep you posted. 

It might be like the weather today. Overcast one minute and the next time blue skies and clouds moving across the sky. Then followed by more overcast. And it all depends on which window we are looking out of. I am looking out facing north and my husband is looking out facing east in another room.We are seeing two different aspects of reality we are sharing in.  

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment 

Monday, February 10, 2020

JIE Episode 29 Blog/ Time is like Silly Putty

Journeys Into Enlightenment with Janet Podcast 
Releasing Tuesday February 11,2020

Episode 29 Blog/ Time is like Silly Putty

Time is one of our most powerful constructions. It tells us where we are at any one moment and in relation to where we were in other moments. It encompasses the spectrum of All that ever was and what might be. It is a clever devise and keeps us in order. It keeps us regular. And like the YTK moment at the beginning of the year of 2000 it can create uproar to think we would lose it.

It is also a quality, a sense. It is a thought and/or feeling that is responsive to stimuli, be it thought or feeling. We must work at keeping it rigid.

It has the quality of right now. It is a sense of having existed always. It creates continuity. It is what we have made it to be and it is not at all what we think it is. It is a projection we are generating.

Just consider how flexible we experience it. Working on a project or test and time can drag and time can expand, and we can lose our sense of time. It slips beyond our control all the time. It can generate pressure working for us or against us. It can be user friendly or an enemy.

We can feel it slipping away as if it was a form to be chased after or like the wind.

It is not rigid. Ever. That is only the form we have given it. For we are up against it, counting on it running out so we can go on to the next thing. It shapes our “to do” lists, our never ending “hot” file on our desk.

There is never enough Time when you want your adventure to continue, the physical bliss to never end. What makes it sweeter at times is that you know it will end and always too soon. 

It is precious when it is marked with a beginning and an end as a day off or a vacation.
It can also be threatening when taking time off is marked by the penalty of the work left, the colleagues covering, the schedule that doesn’t adapt well.  

Time is a measurement about the quality of a life. Newborn, young, adult and aged are markers of what we have done, where we have been, what value we have held. It tracks our development and worthiness.

It is a powerful control mechanism we have organized. Time comes and goes so we check in and check out at the time clock. It never lies but can be manipulated. The past, a marking of Time is always present. The future is an assumption of Time. We have no guarantee of the future, of Time. We only have the present, the Now.

We make Time, we take Time, we massage Time. What could be more malleable?

Maybe it is like Silly Putty, that malleable polymer blob of our childhood. 

Maybe Time is like Silly Putty. You can imprint it, shape and stretch it and even break it into pieces.

Time is like Silly Putty to the Infinite Being.

Janet Barrett

Monday, February 3, 2020

There is No Thing to Do, only BE

In Western societies we are so often organized in competition, accomplishment, growth, success, achievement. We have become doers. We put value not on how we contribute to society but how much we make our way in society. We judge each other and keep score in many ways through jobs, wages and money, title, power, and in the things we have, the things we don't have and in the things we want.

Our self-identity is not coming from our own centered sense of Being then, but from our interactions of outside influences and performances and a separated self identity develops. When we lose any of those parts of this outside constructed sense of self identity, we can feel it as a loss and we can be weakened and at risk for enjoying our lives.

This is what can happen when one loses a job or a loved one. Our construction falters on its borrowed foundation stones. 

Being able to call upon our centered sense of Being makes it easier to live through the challenges that Life will offer us. Realizing that we are part of the whole, as Consciousness, supports and provide connection at our deepest levels and is sustaining.  

Self is part of Essence. It is the human interface of Essence or Soul or connection as Spirit. We each set up the rules and definitions to be explored in being who we each are as part within the collective that Consciousness is, potential and energy in motion.

There is no separateness ever. That is only the human Self's illusion.

In this physical realm of contrast, it is how we hold Self that is important. Self is a creation, a projection. The more it is aware of its connection to its own Essence, its BEingness, Self and its world view perspectives engage differently. Realities of Oneness, that we all share in BEing and Wholeness, the Grace in what happens with all in that sharing, operate. 

We are not who we are because we have. We are who we are because we BE. 

If you look at who you are on a DNA level you tap into this reality. Those chromosomal combinations have the entire human story encoded in them. Mental DNA, emotional DNA, psychological DNA, psychic DNA, spiritual DNA are all incorporated in our Physical DNA. Every state of reality and perception throughout mankind’s history is in your DNA as shared information. Every disbelief, feeling, thought of the past is in your DNA.  But that is too big a reality to deal with, so we don’t. And in cutting ourselves off we often cut ourselves out.

Don't let yourself be bored by Life or in Life. Have the courage to change things up in your habits of quiet resignation, subversive passive aggression and the never ending patterns of unworthiness and not enough. Change your reality your Self has projected into being. It manifests your worst fears so you can notice them and let them dissolve out of existence. 

Celebrate BEing Alive right in this moment. 


Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/ Journeys Into Enlightenment