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Monday, February 26, 2018

Consciousness & Fuzzy Photons Playground Groups starting Thursday

How are you doing these days? You are on my mind when I write weekly about what we explore in our Portland based Consciousness groups. I think of you as I send out each and every Consciousness message to those who want to feel connected to something not definable and at basis to all that is.  

 For the last 13 years I have facilitated groups for consciousness exploring. Students of different consciousness technologies, meditation practices, metaphysical disciplines all have gathered here in community. We explore what happens when we hold potential as real and active as it truly is within each of us. We access this as a reality state where change is possible and can be engaged and felt in the moment and we are different, the pattern changed, the issue transformed, our story embodies a new direction. We change our future by being present and allowing our pasts to be only that, the past, not our present, not our future. 

I have written about what happens in those groups. It has also been my absolute joy. The writing has been my offering of support to you. It is my way to help others maintain a connection, to keep fresh this expansive experiencial state. To help go beyond our tired boundaries and labels that religion and spiritual trainings have provided. To release our habituated behaviors of thinking and creating. To take this back to its essence, potential. To help you keep the state real when maybe you have felt remote, or isolated by physical distance to us here and/or mindsets around you. 

Whatever your current relationship to your training or participation, maintaining the state of Potential, Heart Centered Awareness, Field of Unified Consciousness, Zero Point Field, Source or the other words you may call Consciousness, it is Real.  Within the group we revel and deeply, deeply appreciate ourselves as Consciousness expressing. The stillness of not doing, of only noticing, is present. We are always going beyond our perceived limitations or beliefs. In our shared experience we recognize that we truly are One, individuals sharing.

Fuzzy Photons are what we each are made up of deep within our base elements of life. We are clouds of photons of light that dance as a cloud of possibilities. They are fuzzy as their motion. When we focus on one it becomes the only and the pattern is formed, reality is set as perception and bias making up our stories of being. All of which are subject to change when you engage this awareness state as active and use deliberate intent.   

Starting this Thursday March 1: 
Fuzzy Photons Playground Groups
Live, 2hour, interactive meetings
Via Zoom Video Conferencing
Thursday mornings 10am-noon Pacific
Thursday evenings 6pm-8pm Pacific
Group size is 6-10 members committed to a weekly meeting
Price: You decide $10.00, $15.00 or $20.00 per meeting, paid beginning of month

Pre requisite: Familiar with experiencing Heart Centered Awareness, or a one hour preparatory session with Janet.  Price: $200.00/ Sliding Scale if needed.

Utilizing Zoom Video Conferencing, our live, 2 hour interactive group meeting responds to your input and challenges each week.  Zoom’s tools allow for video streaming images of each participant – including a name listing, public and private chat rooms, and breakout rooms which allow for one-on-one play. These interactive tools connect us in a way a webinar, phone call or even Skype does not.

We will start with clearing the patterns and language that keeps us from continuously enjoying and embodying potential. We will focus on accessing new reality states with the patterns challenging us. Consistent play develops awareness and self-confidence, so we meet weekly. The group’s dynamics will keep you enjoying Fuzzy Photon reality again.

What is possible for you and each of us in the field of Potential? What would it be like to feel the warmth, support, non-judgement and appreciation that is Grace? I extend this to you with the Fuzzy Photons Playground Groups.

Consciousness is opportunity oriented and opportunities abound right now collectively for quantum leaps in awareness and delight. Come join us as we leap beyond our own illusions of self.

Email me at to sign up, indicating which playground group time is preferred, and to receive your Playgroup questionnaire, release and payment directions. Also, email me if you have any questions or thoughts to share and please pass this if you know someone who would enjoy our play.

Looking forward to our adventure together,

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment

Monday, February 19, 2018

Consciousness and Reaching Our Tipping Point

Have we had enough yet? Are we at our tipping point? The one that says that we are done with what we have allowed our society to say is okay? Can we still tell the difference in reality television, reality video games and reality? Or have they become the same? Our eyes with mind will not register the difference.

We are okay with the killing of children. The killing of innocence. The killing for sport. OR WE WOULD NOT MAKE IT EASY TO DO with inappropriate behaviors and weapons.

For those reading this i would guess that these statements are not true for us. Yet we are complicit to the killing by our non focus, denial, unsureness to act, questioning of authority, or thinking it is 'okay in some way because it has always been that way' sort of thinking. There can be many reasons for why we allow for the taking of life. We may not have challenged ourselves to be better in order to do better. In order for change we have to own up to that.

This is about what we each think is allowable and to be expected, what we excuse and pardon. Maybe not wanted but that we are powerless to prevent it.  Or we would.

 Armaments and sport killing are about egos and profits. There is no level playing field here with a gun against a child or animal or man no matter the size.This is about the want to take without giving back.

Some societies live in the jungle. But many live this way in our cities. Just look at the kind of movies and video games we are immersed in we call entertainment and our real daily headlines.

It all comes down to priorities. If we valued our children we would make it more important with funding and skilled manpower for organizations and systems to protect them when the need arises. Sometimes it is protection even from ourselves. Maybe we would appropriate profits from our munitions businesses to support those needing protection from them.

We like to assign blame and fault others. It is easy to do. Just watch our elected representatives in Congress. Do they really represent you or powerful agendas and party lines?

Misdirection is a powerful tool that is present in our society today. In the US, especially in conversations about gun control for instance. The NRA lobby is a distraction and excuse. They have become powerful because we allow them to be powerful.

They are supported by individuals in Congress and others who think weapons have a place in society, a powerful life deciding place in society. Weapons do what they are designed to do with the power to harm life. Why are they out in general society? Who allows for money, gain and power as valid reasons to excuse outcomes and misdirect the conversation? We do.  

In American society our 2nd amendment in the Bill of Rights guarantees our right to bear arms to support a public militia. We now have governmental bodies with budgets to fund militias and police now to protect us. It said nothing about protecting a right to murder.

It is always a question of who has them and how they are being used. Considering outcomes to date, this seems sensible but then I am not too much into conspiracy theories and fear of being controlled by others. I don't see it as a loss of freedom to track something that can take my freedom to life away. I am part of this then. Ask any dead victim of gunfire.

I have no problem with those who use a gun to feed their families. Don't let this distract.

We can be held in collective states of sensations and stresses. Like shock. Like shame. Like fear, like love, like compassion. Because energies don't die. They inhabit in patterns of constructs as our myths and stories of identity. They express as the forces in the Cosmos. They form and then can transform into something else or into nothing else.

It is never to late to Wake Up! To shake off the curse, the numbness, the disbelief and the beliefs of being small means powerless. Large does not mean strong or powerful. Both are only references to size.

Is it up to our children to show us the way, to protect themselves? Children are free of some of the burden we can hold as adults. Our so called matured beliefs of being and our place in society. Children will challenge us and the status quo and that is one reason we value them. This is in part due to their innocence, that ability to question all the smallest details around them, report and comment freely on what they see around them without the blinders of some set appropriateness. They don't have the limits that we as adults are invested in.

In doing so they make us stop and think fresh thoughts about ourselves. Free to repeat what they have heard their elders saying lets us hear ourselves. Or they stand free of agenda and belief and just say out loud what the rest of us are too intimidated to say out loud.

Our children in Florida and elsewhere are right now gathering themselves together to challenge us, our norms, our pardons and allowables, to wake us up to our failures. They bring fresh energies and approaches. They challenge insincere platitudes from Congress and admonish even a president who is more childish than them. They are a reflection of their parents who love and support them into believing, into knowing that they make more of a difference in being alive than dead.

When we, the individuals, focus as the collective on what we want as a society only then will change happen.

Have you reached your tipping point yet?

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment

Monday, February 12, 2018

Consciousness and Headlines

The other day one of the morning papers' banner headlines was "Battling the Winter Blahs". I felt a ping in awareness. I then took a few moments to skim other column leads that brought a similar feeling. This made me appreciate how we set ourselves up into reaction unknowingly. Most of the time we are not aware of the power in our words on a conscious level but it will register anyway in some way.

This column lead was all about engaging the warrior energy in our health. Warrior is only one of many states of reality we can embody. For many, this unfortunately is as if this is the only state of energy within and their main filter and set bias. 

Daily life has become a battleground of existence. Look at current headlines. We are at war, with other countries, our politicians, our food, our planet, each other. Yikes. With so many people dealing with PTSD these days and other people comfortable with killing people and animals and our planet in our other headlines it might be something to pay attention to. 

Battling is a trigger word and helps stir the body and mind into reaction and stress. Soldiers gear up and go on alert and, and, and. Which is fine but I don't like to be at war with myself, in myself and with my environment as this statement fosters. Do I need to be fighting winter, winter blahs, how I feel about having the blahs? I do not think or feel so. but I bet many do. 

In a state of wholeness, as Consciousness, it is in how we respond to stimuli and nourish, utilize, integrate, eliminate what is not wanted and what is without the judgement of threat to the whole.

For instance my immune system does not battle or fight. It works as designed. to engage and clear from the body physical stuff that will keep it from functioning easily. It doesn't compete. It reflects imbalances. We use the word invaded often with illness. Infection, taken over, defenses, which is about the body's resources being compromised or stressed faster than it can keep up. When one is feeling weak and our inner resources feel subdued and our outer support staff feels more in the know, it is easy find ourselves in this thinking. It becomes a mindset and we experience life as less than healthy.

We humans fight for life. It is our heart's beating. As long as the heart beats we know we are alive, even if we are on life support, supposed brain dead. This way of thinking and being is at our core of the body. Consciousness embraces the soul's experience more than the length of a life.

What if the body was just providing opportunity to stop, re-evaluate and realign physically, mentally, emotionally, psychologically, psychically and spiritually? The thought of fighting does not have to enter into it. Relaxing even when agitated is possible.

Because what choice do warriors have? Compete, which is the battle, and then win, or lose, the result. There can be detente but at what cost? So in many ways warrior is not a helpful mindset and it runs prevalent in our societies today. Soldiers and their families record their theatre engagements mentally and emotionally and scars physically and all of it gains meaning and references and power and dictates life choices.  

They can also be at peace but that setup is including that you have to be prepared for what might come. War and peace go hand in hand. We are into duality here. We are looking at how we hold information and reality in place. 

Nobody wants to be a loser. We can feel loser to others, family, society, our jobs, bosses, limited financial resources, education. There are all kinds of way to feel less than and the most important is how we can feel loser to ourselves, to our thoughts, to our emotions, to our bodies especially when we don't recognize it. We decide that, not others.

At some point loser feeling is going to create mental, emotional and physical health concerns. Which are prevalent in our Western society for sure. The classic lament of drugs, sex, rock and roll with the addition of social media are ways we embrace feeling different if only for as long as the dance, the act, the lingering effects, the text. We think it takes us out of our feeling less than but it doesn't. 

Everyone knows that winning feels better and very different than losing. At our core we know it. At the same time your thoughts and emotions are active and your body feels and does its' best tor ride this juggernaut. This cocktail mix can direct us many ways. We do our best to put it all into some context that feels better. We can experience it as our challenge to our self or as loser to environments and others.

We all enjoy men and women who have a sense of themselves physically like athletes. They often will use adversity to further propel themselves and take those dynamics into other arenas of life. We benefit from those who strive to protect and care for others. The best kind of alpha energy feels good and is demonstrated in many ways.

You don't have to be in a win/lose mindset and see others as something to defeat. You can engage others from within a compassionate, respectful, kind and appreciative state as part of the Alpha state. In wholeness people are not afraid to cry, to rejoice, to express in some way.

To editors of media materials, maybe rethink your headlines if you are not intending to inflame. Look at your minefields of mindfields. How many times have we heared the complaint that reading and seeing the headlines leads to not feeling good so we don't? It is not about being a Pollyanna.  It is about setting a tone and state of reality that stuff happens minus the language of unaware language.

Make time to notice for yourself your mindsets. Access Heart Centered Awareness. Check in and see what your language is as you describe your day and how defensive you might be.

We are all so weary from thinking life is about fighting and that peace is just the space between the battles.

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment

Consciousness, Logics and a Commercial

It has been quite the week. Been a lot of wonky and out of that, good stuff. That is the thing about wonky. It allows for new ways of noticing life and our perceptions of it. And the word is more fun than chaos so the state is more fun.

One area standing out in my mind is about my own clear communications with my body's physical, emotional and mental arenas. I am also right brain dominant and that doesnt always line up well with other operating systems.

I was noticing all this in my quest for simple interactions with using Zoom, a video conferencing software. I am going to start offering Fuzzy Photons Consciousness Playground groups starting in a few weeks. If you are interested, at the bottom of this writing I will explain more.

Anyway, back to Zoom. Sounds simple enough. You get an invite, you download Zoom and you then join in. Or you collect contacts, people sign up, you schedule a meeting, and send out the invite and you wait. Depends on your orientation of participant or moderator, device capabilities, amount of patience and where all this intersects. It intersects through logics and logistics.

Logic is reasoning that fits the strict principles of validity that we have set up. Huh? Our frame of references, those perceptions and biases directing our reality and how we maintain it creates logic. Our left brains makes into reality our right brain thoughts. That is what it is designed to do. This is our mind's operating system.

In clear communications logic will be directing in useful ways. There is congruence.We each think differently utilizing our different capacities with the same electro-magnetics at play. Our stories hold and shape our life. Our logic supports it so it all makes sense. To us and not necessarily to others. For instance, think family dynamics of husband, wife, father, mother, siblings. Your friends probably reflect how you think. Same values and our logic is happy. We reason things in our unique ways sharing much but ultimately our own. We each have our own unique inner logic.

You may not appreciate another's logic. We judge it, checking to see if it is harmful from our standpoint and what maybe we feel is best for them. Lots of that is going on right now out there in the world. A group or individual's logic makes no sense and we react without maybe stopping to question and extend curiosity about their logic. We denigrate, we excuse, we deny, we fear, we fail, we attack, we suffer and settle into separateness. We forget that Life is about spectrum because we are focused on duality viewed as opposition and only that.

We defy logic and gravity. Which seem related to me in our associations. Gravity is logical for many. We watch the sleight of hand of the magician and are amazed for it defies our logic, our frame of reference for how things are. Even if we know that it must make sense on some level. We just don't know how they did it.

If something does not fit our idea of what is possible it is illogical. Like what Spock used to say in response to Kirk's and Bones' human emotions overriding mechanical logic. For instance, exploring can be logical. Why we explore maybe has nothing to do with logic. Consider love. It does not have to be logical though many would like it to be. 

Fuzzy Logic. Probably more what I operate out of. Supports for polarity of 0 TO I not 0 AND 1. There are a lot of degrees, distinctions in between if you allow for it in your reality. In a reality that support 0 and 1 as absolutes and only, it doesn't always value as important .01, .010, .002 and so forth. In this expansive state of logic more variables are present.

Every pattern of energy has a logic to it. It is what holds it together. Using consciousness technologies we deal in potential which is free of the dictates of the logic and this is what allows for change to happen instantaneously. We are changing the logic inherent and the pattern is free to transform, evolve, disappear, whatever is noticed in that moment. Logic dictates our acceptance. Either it makes sense or it doesn't. And often it is making sense to our triggered emotional dictates which in turns reflects how you have organized your level of truths.

Going back to my relation to Zoom. I realized that I have a logic, Zoom has a design logic, my computer has a logic, my husband has his logic  and he uses the computer mostly and it has absorbed this information. Remember our devices come to know us and shape information accordingly. My participants each have a logic. and I am very sure there are more logics influencing my communications and successful results.

So how can all of this work together in a more harmonious state? Is it possible?

Getting out of my own way was a start. I have history with computers and failures in the past of being able to easily and effectively use them and like devices. I have energy that interacts and reorients the logics. Probably that right brain dominant thing. You may too. It was suggested to check and see if I liked technology and did it like me?

I also noticed that for some, using Zoom was no issue. In their logic it was simple. So I decided to access, since they are in my world, their ease. Not their logic but their ease.

All of that was pushing as if the past was more important than NOW. Now is open and is full of potential, no thing yet determined, fuzzy photons in motion. So I stopped, accessed Heart Centered Awareness to check in with flows of energies and found where it was not communicating as well as I would like. I cleared patterns of logic to logic  and to logistical relations in many levels.

When we used Zoom this weekend for a test group it was easier. I was more relaxed. Not all the bugs are worked out for totally smooth relations but it feels better. Participants had better results for those who had been having challenges with Zoom. It made for easier to enjoy the great group dynamics when we can laugh about our connections.

For logics to be able to work together there has to be an opening for them to be different. Adding appreciation, kindness, respect, compassion are excellent tools to loosening up their tight grip.

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment 

Most often what I write about weekly is driven by what I am noticing in group here each week. I hear from other students that they wish they could be here as part of our groups.

Many wonderful people I have met in seminar situations have had no group close or resources to help develop and hold the state of Heart Centered Awareness as a playground for immediate change.

I am extending help to those of you who are physically remote from me and/or isolated perhaps with other practitioners using different Consciousness Technologies. One reason seminars states are so memorable is the group dynamics. Then at home it feels different and maybe we don't feel the level of support, the non judgment, that incredible sense of heart and the field of Unified Consciousness. One power of group dynamics it that in the state of oneness and potential the others help bring out what is lurking hidden or unexplored in ways different from working on our own. One reason we have much change in our lives for those of us who do this regularly is that potential is real. And we know it. It is our reality set.

If you would like to be more a part of the wonderful playgroups I have offered for many years you can now do so. Using Zoom software.

You can get the details if you email me at  Mid February I will be starting with a group Thursday morning 10am  Pacific and Thursday evenings at 6pm Pacific. 2 hours long weekly with a 4 week commitment to start with option of becoming a recurring group. $10.00 a group.

Zoom is able to offer a live interactive format. This is not a webinar where you sit and listen in.  Your input will provide our play. In real time, providing a video gallery of all participants with their names and ability to break off into groups of two or more for one on one play if wanted at some point.  I am intending groups will have be 6-10 participants so lots of dynamics to indulge in.

Want to polish up your skill sets, feel that seminar state or create a place for you to recharge? All you need it a willingness to enjoy coming to know yourself in new ways, your authentic voice, free of the dictates of emotions and story. Familiarity with Consciousness  and consciousness technologies is helpful.

Consciousness is something each of us embody. Whether you are a professional healer or just interested in experiencing Wholeness in a new way, join us. Perhaps as a professional healer you could use support for your own inner work. And enjoy self focus and self care. AND FUN.

 We have chosen to experience life and we can choose now how to refine that state.

Among the other things that we will bring, our first couple of groups will focus on what might be getting in our ways of aligning with ease of using and being in such a group and with ourselves. How many times have your participated and check out or failed to use skills when you got home? Something is in the way. Simple terminology can go a long way to creating discontent.

You will feel the state of Heart Centered Awareness and experience shift in the moment.

I look forward to hearing from you.

In some time and space,