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Monday, March 30, 2020

Our Shared Journey Of Enlightenment

How are you doing? We are on our shared journey of Enlightenment aren't we? We knew we needed change and it is here.

I sense this all as an opportunity to shift, the quantum leap we have been expecting for the last few years. A  shift from Fear and Entitlement to Love and Appreciation. Fear and Entitlement are perhaps our natural human state and Love and Appreciation come out of our evolved state of BEing within our core Essence. .

Why is our Fear so strong in any of us at any time? Fear is inherent in the human animal as Life is precarious. There are no guarantees you have a next moment or the conditions it exists in.  Prey and hunter mentality is about the continuance and ending of Life. We may be at the top of the food chain but that only means we have the power to destroy or enrich Life on this planet more than other species.

Love and Appreciation creates connection and community. They are what give us the ability to balance and harmonize the events in our lives.

Many live their lives from within their Fears and sense of Entitlement. Conspiracy and Blame keep us small and subject to being dominated. They do not serve us except as warnings. Those accepting no responsibility for their actions and those they are in charge of create harm and confusion for the rest of us. They trespass on our laws of integrity and honor and fairness. 

We are being brought down by a cell. one little tiny cell that has the ability to manufacture itself at a rate we can not currently keep up with. It has no agenda except a design to spread and replicate. Our sense of Entitlement and Arrogance can not help us here. You can not reason with it. It is both specific and common now. It is manifested reality, perhaps manifested destiny for many. 

One truth of history is that people and plagues have come and gone. This is Mother Nature who was here long before us and we hope long after us. We navigate living with viruses and bacteria in us and all around us daily. Some are useful and nourishing and others compromising.

If they were smart, civilizations used what they learned at the time, to the limits of the technologies of the times to create new ways of coping with their fears about Life. If not they died out, maybe forgotten, maybe built upon in later generations of the survivors.

I live in a reality of Oneness, as do my colleagues and students. I daily sit in present awareness as best I can and connect as Consciousness to explore my Self and inner relations to the All.  

I am noticing that in our social isolation, many more are finding each other in connection, in Oneness as the outside world of our social behavior routines collapse. We will be different. 

Habituated behaviors are collapsing. Life right now is not the same as it was 3 months ago or will be in another 3 months. Emotions long suppressed are and will be expressing. It will take awhile for people to comes to terms and work out this new terrain of systems and services. Who will be leading the way and who will be obstructing Life for all of us.  

New beginnings and opportunities are in motion. We are becoming free to become creative and resourceful and helpful as we see new needs that we are all sharing in. In states of potential,  companies and people are retooling and finding new meaning in new adventures and possibilities in work.What happens when we receive meaning from our work? When what we do is important in our being who we each are. 

Some will get it and some will not.

Let yourself Love and Appreciate Life and honor those around you who are insecure about living.

Living each day as it might be your last is the truth about Life. We have no guarantee. BEing present now lets us shed our past behaviors and move out of the shock that can surround us quicker. 

What do you now have time to notice about being you? 

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment 

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

This Age of Chivalry with Bill Protzmann

We have been witnessing the qualities that Chivalry encompasses under stress socially. Courage, honor, courtesy, justice and a readiness to help the weak are important social foundations.  Joining Janet is Bill Protzmann of Music Care Inc., who offers transformational healing music awareness to military Veterans and others. Together they will consider the stresses and graces upon those who embrace Chivalry as their cornerstones in BEing alive.

Check out this episode!

Monday, March 23, 2020

JIE Episode 32 Blog/Today's Chivalry

Journeys Into Enlightenment with Janet 
Releasing March 24, 2020

Episode 32 Blog/ Today’s Chivalry

My youthful awareness of Chivalry was of stories of King Arthur’s court and a code of behavior and of a knight in shining armor participating in jousts with the acknowledgment of a favor from an observing lady. And it was important as it was a signal to the others watching of her strength as he represented her. He was her knight, a symbol of her power and strength among the court.

I was reminded of it again this past winter in the people of the military and diplomatic corps speaking their truths without question, demonstrating fearlessness, willing to take the consequences from powerful forces around them. It struck me deeply these heroic men and women of all backgrounds and accomplishments, their heads held high, their gazes direct. Sitting not in defiance but in Grace. It went beyond gender.  

Chivalry is really an umbrella word in meaning. It encompasses many desirable qualities including Courage, Honor, Courtesy, Justice, and a readiness to help the weak. In my conversation with Bill Protzmann of Music Care Inc we found our conversation also was inclusive of Love, Kindness, Compassion, social behaviors and gender concerns.

Courage, honor, courtesy, justice, a readiness to help the weak never go out of fashion. They help define us as a society filled with individuals living together. Our evolution of our awareness of Chivalry comes in recognizing all those before mentioned qualities to include what happens between the sexes and that it is not only men who demonstrate Chivalry. We all are and can be champions for our partners, the elderly, children and community.

We each know when someone has helped us in some small way be it holding the door or the anonymous donor or have our boo-boos kissed and we feel better. It may be the highlight of the recipient’s and giver’s day. We are demonstrating an enriching connection between each of us. Compare it to rudeness and non-engagement. They feel different. 

I don’t think of Chivalry as dead or just happening only in the Middle Ages. My sense is that out of that time in history of civilization it came into being recognized as a powerful social endeavor. Life was as dicey then as it is now but without the technologies we enjoy. Culture was building around those in power and dictating behaviors and forming societies based on that marshaling of title and power and the holding of resources.

Many of the quotes I looked up for the Ageless section of our podcast episode seemed to focus on the current loss of Chivalry. As though it was a long-ago forgotten concept in our age of mechanization and technology.

Since the women’s movement in the late 60’s we gained much in male/female disparities but maybe also a loss in gender courtesy. Women are still being treated as second class citizens in many fields of endeavor and Rape is nothing new in society. But the rules that we look to govern our civility between the sexes are updating in this age of #MeToo.  

Our challenge would seem to be bring it into the modern era of interacting with one another. Gender contains so much bias and its changing awareness in influencing modern societies is slow in manifesting, in recognizing our biases in others and how that is reflecting our own. How the sexes treat each other comes out of internal directives of hormones and behaviors, values, learning and socialization.

How do men treat women and how do women treat men? How do both men and women say one thing in social intercourse and mean another? How do we behave towards each other?

Men and women balance each other. One is not better than the other. We embody the same qualities in our different forms. Men will protect women and children. Women will protect their men and children also. As will children trying to protect their parents and families. What ever we love or have a sense of connection to we will do our best to keep safe.

Bringing the qualities of Chivalry into this moment: Courage, Honor, Courtesy, Justice and extending a helping hand to one another is not that difficult. Not when Love and Kindness and Compassion and the willingness to stand in front, on the front lines of human interactions and life around us is present. 

When BEing in our truth comes from within where there is no self-agenda or fear, there is only the triumph of Spirit. Not the pettiness or righteousness of Self disguised as Spirit but the Grace of BEing.

Janet Barrett
Podcast host of Journeys Into Enlightenment with Janet

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

The Reality of Active Transcendent Reality and You with Janet Barrett

We are actively creating reality along with others on this planet right in this moment. We are all in this together affecting each other to experience BEing. We are in the reality of Oneness as a dynamic experience with Wholeness as our navigation tool. Join Janet as she shares what this podcast offers for each of us in BEing Present Now.

Check out this episode!

Monday, March 9, 2020

Journeys Into Enlightenment with Janet podcast release Tuesday March 11, 2020

Episode 31 Blog/  Heart Centered Awareness, the Field of Unified Consciousness is Alive 

What we call Heart Centered Awareness the Field of Unified Consciousness is actually an active transformational reality if you were to recognize it as such. Your world is not just some thing you observe but are actively creating through our shared genetic memory. Rupert Sheldrake calls it Morphic Resonance. The potential in Being is the unknown available material able to interact with energy.

The realm of Spirit and Consciousness is filled with the senses of malleable time and space where our physical reality seems to hold them as fixed. Time and Space have become standards to anchor our experiences to. We have developed a process where stuff happens over the course of time and plays out. The truth? Whatever we think manifests instantly. Our challenge in this is that we are unclear in our manifesting. We are always creating all kinds of contrasting dynamics. In the Spirit realm this is clear and in this physical world which embodies contrast it is not.

We shift from the set quality that our daily reality may seem to be and become flow oriented not event oriented. It is not enough to see and have a new awareness. How many times have we had an awareness or someone else has one for us and it didn’t change anything? Instead you set up adaptive behavior to try and control not having to experience or feel the same in the future. The patterns involved originally are still engaged without being different. and you may be busy activating an existing or developing a pattern that knowing the truth doesn’t make a difference in changing the wound or world of you.

When we are paying attention in a state of not being attached to the same outcome, we can engage it and feel it in different in some way. We don’t have to validate the existing story pattern. That is the Now. The pattern is in your past. It has no need to continue into your future. Unless you are attached in recreating the pattern every time.

You can register the change or shift as a new choice emerges. And it isn’t about the outcome in the future but in knowing and recognizing that something has changed right now. You feel different in sometimes subtle and sometimes dramatic ways.

This is Being Present Now. Time and Space have shifted a bit and our stories patterns of what we were feeling are now stopped. All the elements that we think we are, personality, patterns of beliefs and behaviors, emotions, thoughts, etc. are not us. We may call them I, Me, Mind or Self but we are bigger. Eckhart Tolle puts it this way “I am not my thoughts, emotions, sense perceptions and experiences, I am not the content of my life. I am Life. I am the space in which all things happen. I am Consciousness. I am the Now. I am.”

In the quiet, the calmness, the sacred of BEing aware, as Consciousness, there is none of the doing of working at some thing that Self is busy perpetrating. You instead, become an active listener/traveler. Life is not about doing. It is about BEing.

Our reality takes on such a seamless dynamic that you lose the discernments that make up your judgments about your realities. Your bias and perceptions and experiences work together creating a sense of any one life theme, the story you have created about being you as human.

Consider Reality as made up as strips of film, individual groupings of pixels as pictures. Each grouping or picture validates individual moments of being in form. String them together and those individual arrangements of pixels become a moving moment of reality where we are captivated.  We will take what we notice in our picture and activate it and let it become a moving engaged state of reality.

Now, it doesn’t matter how you might notice this experience, happening in the moment, though awareness is nice. Most of us can be pretty dumbed down to being alive so awareness can seem to build over a sense of time like many things that we attach Time and Space to. But, it doesn’t have to. 

The more you pay attention that some thing different is possible and could be enjoyed it comes into form, into reality.

Janet Barrett

Monday, March 2, 2020

Taking a Break Today

I am going to take it easy today. I might suggest the same to you. Powering through life has its uses and when it is your daily state of tension that is not good.

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment