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Monday, October 26, 2020

Sending You Roses


I am sending you roses. Breathe them in.  Enjoy! 

Janet Barrett

Life in the Beyond/ Journeys Into Enlightenment 

Monday, October 19, 2020

Holding Ourselves Together Energetically with Pamela Aloia

We are spiritual creatures of potential and energy interacting in worlds of potential and energies. What are the elements to enjoying ourselves in BEing in body/form in this dynamic cosmic soup? Pamela Aloia is the author of “The Daily Cloak,” a spiritual guide to energetic clearing and protecting. Feel with us as we construct a solid foundation on which to build and enhance your daily energetic practices and awareness.

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JIE Episode 47 Experiencing Energy


Journeys Into Enlightenment with Janet

 Podcast Releasing Tuesday October 20, 2020 

Episode 47 Blog Experiencing Energy

One of the most delightful experiences of body/form is to experience one’s senses, to feel, hear, see, touch, smell and to “know” things. The fun comes in when you can feel, hear, see, touch, smell, and “know” things that have some sort of an energy signature of awareness and not so much necessarily solid in form, like ghosts or angels or fairies and nature devas.  

Maybe you are like me and have been aware of different energies since an early age. My friends and I can see much with our inner eye, dead people for instance. Or maybe you have a history of feeling energies that were identifiable in some way, but you could not see them. You could feel them either or both physically and emotionally. I have symbols that show up in different ways to my inner eye. You might have a sense of Déjà vu often, or knowing before the phone rings, that sort of thing. It is entertaining in my realm and something one can look forward to. 

All of it at times was thrilling, or maybe alarming depending on who I was at the time and the situation. It was just a thing that was part of me, usually unexpected but I was open to it all. I have had many different experiences over the years, including channeling to running healing energy through my hands. My experiences were most often in a reality of being helpful, user friendly and not about the battle of good/evil that it can be for many. I was not alarmed and judging what I was witnessing as bad. There was no horror or fear, only Grace at times and neutral the rest. But dealing with people’s projections takes stamina and centeredness and neutral terrain within.

Of course, when I was young, I was not always clear or understanding about boundaries and how energy works. I got into metaphysical studies in my early 20’s when I realized it was a part of my life. I wondered how someone could feel” bad” or unsettling in some way to me and I felt “bad”. I have felt attacked and then at times used. And, along the way I was perhaps clumsy with others in their feelings I am sure.

We are all sensory creatures with bandwidths of sensation that extend beyond our human limits into our metaphysical range. BEing energetically sensitive is easier when you learn one’s own nature and develop energy hygiene. When you are wanting to help another, understanding energy and potential dynamics is essential to successful work. There needs to be respect for how you are both organized within. You can realize that energy can take any form and like a blade be two sided, and due to the bias of observation, positive or negative. When in itself it is neither, just a manifestation of projection.

We all experience energy differently and unique to the individual so there are guidelines to consider and frameworks to embody that make life as an energetic being delightful and rewarding. All too often people can feel overwhelmed or done in by the energies around and in them. And most of the time people are not in conscious awareness of the energies around them that are affecting in some way, positive and negative unless it is brought to their attention.  

All information, life, stuff, fits within the core of Consciousness so it can be interacted with. It doesn’t matter if it is in the past, the future, the cosmos, your neighbor. Energetic dynamics abound. It just depends on your internal settings of sensitivity, tolerance, and story line which determine your reality settings and what you consider real and not real, possible, not possible.

Everything is vibrational and informational in nature when it is reduced to its essence. Energy is vibrational and can clean, clear, protect, heal, destroy. It provides us with intuition of the present and organizational in terms of time as past lives and the precognitive of the seer of future events. It connects us with other energetic awareness of forms corporeal and incorporeal such as angels and other life forms. It resonates with all elements of living matter such as crystals and plants and animal life and our space around us as in feng shui and the senses that track surroundings.  Everything living is registering information and is connected.  

Energy is found in the known and unknown, the manifested and unmanifested, our notions of what are real and not real. Energy does not care what you think, it only reacts and responds and forms and develops into patterns of vibrations that we sense and interpret and experience as the habituated thought and behavior. Again, and again, time after time. Unless, some thing happens in our rule set to instigate change, shift, in the moment.

For me, when I work with clients or students it is about appreciating their references and how they are helpful or not to them, not to me. That is what being energetically clear, neutral, to me is about. I have no agenda to push, just clarity for the often-felt confusion that is present which is what our issues most often are, confusion between mind and heart usually.

I am an empath, an energy empath. I feel energy in people, places, things, words, etc. in my body. We all do in some way, to some degree. It defines me. These days I look to benefit from all my trainings, experiences and awareness to “feel things from within my field” and not so much in my body or in attached manner. I realize that long ago I made the choice to embody this time, in this way to explore Life within the body/form and to explore BEing. It has taken me many places.

We all have our answers inside of us and where we have a sense of out there, somewhere, sometimes so buried, so wrapped up in a sense of lost that it is helpful to have another find the link. We share in this, this wonderful sense and experience we call BEing.

It is quite a journey of enlightenment that we are sharing.


Janet Barrett

Podcast host Journeys Into Enlightenment with Janet

Monday, October 12, 2020

A Nudge Good For Any Day of The Week

 Friday’s Nudge:

There are no accidents
If it's appeared on your life’s radar, this is why: to teach you that dreams come true; to reveal that you have the power to fix what's broken and heal what hurts; to catapult you beyond seeing with just your physical senses; and to lift the veils that have kept you from seeing that you're already the person you dreamed you'd become.
And believe me, that was one heck of a dream.
The Universe

My friend Mari Hall posted this on her facebook page the other day. She is the founding director of the International Assoc. of Reiki and always has wonderful daily postings. It must have been last Friday. I saw it yesterday. It is a wonderful directional marker in Consciousness. it is a nudge that is good for any day of the week.

Where one is, is here. Sometimes you don't know how you got here but you find yourself here. And, sometimes, you know quite well how you got here. And, you don't always feel good about it.

But here is where you are. Acceptance is helpful. Trust is implicit.

You are in an individual body you call Self, Me and I within a mindset observing that body called Self, Me and I. How mind is formed shapes how you view your body, here, in this moment.

It is a moment. To be used however you want. Acceptance is helpful. Trust is implicit.

Are you conflicted? Are you in denial? Are you , are you, are you....? Are you okay? Are you aware of the wonder to be found in being alive, in BEing in formed sensory awareness that registers not only wonder but the lack of, as pain? It can be uphill or downhill from here.

Whatever, however you view this moment to BE it is that and not, as it is only illusion from your mind story. Acceptance is helpful. Trust is implicit.

No body wants pain or suffering but we do it so well, so easily when we allow it to be in our formed reality. We can learn how to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. It can hold meaning of many different nuances. It is not the final version but only part of the version, the illusion we are running, in and often from.

If you are in judgement of this moment, it is only that, a discernment of the moment. If is is part of a judgement you are holding about life in general and yours in particular it is set in stone, carved deeply. Acceptance is helpful. Trust is implicit.

All of this is about your Core Essence choosing to interact as you in your body/form. What your Core Essence is choosing this go-around to enjoy about Enlightenment. Maybe this is why we seem to enjoy our misery. Because from the perspective of Consciousness all is to be enjoyed for the sheer sense of feeling as part of the spectrum. Consciousness is. It reflects us and is much more. For it holds both the manifested and unmanifested, the known and Unknown, the real and not real. So, at any one moment both are available to us to engage as and with. We are exploring and utilizing contrast in the spectrum of Life, of BEing in being alive.

All our moments have the meaning we give them. If there is no need to validate our moments in our stories what is possible? Is our moment one of many like a faceted jewel, catching the light as we turn it and different at every perspective, always beautiful no matter the refraction?

Nudge, nudge, wink, wink.

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment

Monday, October 5, 2020

Return to Wholeness Using Your Wheel of Truth with Lynn Andrews

Every life is like a wheel, encompassing spokes that go in all directions in relation to the center hub. Too often you can feel uncomfortable as your wheel turns, aware of only a few spokes and perhaps missing some so our wheel is not stable and strong. Joining Janet is Lynn V, Andrews, bestselling author of the 21 books of the Medicine Woman series. We are the hub, the center of our wheel, our universe. She will be sharing about the ageless tools we can use to feel honestly and bring our wheels into balance, harmony, and wholeness.

Check out this episode!

Sunday, October 4, 2020

JIE Episode 46/The Power in a Deck of Cards


Journeys Into Enlightenment with Janet 
Podcast releasing Tuesday Oct 6, 2020

Ep 46 Blog The Power in a Deck of Cards

There are many ways to engage wisdom in the world. One way can be as simple as a deck of cards. I am not talking about those you will find at the blackjack table and such. That is about a different kind of wisdom.

I am talking about the kind that serve as empowered objects to assist us on our journeys of enlightenment.

What decks you may be drawn to is because something in you resonates to it, just like the other things in your life. What appeals will be unique to you and that is good. The deck may call up old memories, in this time or another or it can serve to awaken and develop new sensory ranges in you.

There are more different decks of cards to play with and enjoy than ever before. Remember it is always about enjoyment. Encode awareness with enjoyment and those things that we each deal with over the course of our lives get easier.

I tend to enjoy decks that reflect different bodies of knowledge and thoughts. What they have in common is they all reflect a lightness of being about them for me. Could be Angel cards, Messages from the Universe, Creative Actions, Thought of the Day, different Abraham decks, BEing Present, What to be grateful for, The Power Deck and the Sacred Inner Oracle cards. All kinds of decks. I even have a children’s deck of Disney heroines that represent for me, different shades of feminine models. I think I have 16 decks out on my console to be enjoyed. I use them together, separately, in conjunction depending on the occasion. Sometimes I draw one card, sometimes combinations, just depends. I use different spreads at times. When working with another I might tend to draw from a certain deck, what ever is showing up in that moment.

For me they are all powerful as I hold them to be powerful tools of awareness. I have made up cards out of books of knowledge at times for they represent different ways of embracing energy functions and dynamics. I see them as extensions of wisdom in easy clear patterns of information sometimes just out of reach that can gain and guide my attention. I can spend a fleeting moment on my way out the door or I can sit with them and play in awareness. They can be a focus of meditation and my day’s orientation. They serve me at my whim and discretion, just waiting.

I have empowered them to serve me. I respect them. I like the feel of them in my hands. They connect and open me up to avenues of modalities and teachings beyond my personal knowledge and experience. They represent the expanded interactions of human senses, out beyond. They connect with our core awareness, our intuitive range and capacity. They can bring into focus what is present, what was past, what to be aware of, what the future is open to and where I am right in this moment. They help bring into the immediate what is not always right in one’s face in that moment.

If I am drawing cards for another not present, I sit and let them be present in my minds eye. If I hand you the cards, we are in a state of respect for will come to pass. I am not flippant with them though the recipient might initially hold that viewpoint. I always respect what comes up as I know it is truth in that moment even if it is out of the individual’s awareness and liking.

I allow my wisdom to speak in my approach and I honor that. Not my attachment, my wisdom. Cards are fun for me and embody truths in our actions and thoughts and illusions, mostly of our illusions.  For if one is not liking what is showing up, we are in our illusions that are blinding us.

They bring one back to center.

Janet Barrett

Podcast host Journeys Into Enlightenment with Janet