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Monday, September 24, 2018

Consciousness and Unfolding Into Ourselves

All of us are in different places in awareness of being conscious and humans in potential. Amid the spectrum of man and this planet, portions of our societies are engaged in survival. Some portions are engaged in exploring what life is about. Some are engaged in affecting society in technology. Some are busy as worker bees doing the day to day, some are engaged in putting it all into meaning. Some serve as warnings, some as symbols, some are rallying cries.

These positions and others all add to the whole of mankind and Consciousness, in different placements of contribution. There is no fault to be found for being where one is found in the diversity. Do we blame a child for it's parents and being born into it's circumstances or do we value them right from the start? We are at our best when we are not judging where we find others in their expressions of being and belonging. All add to the whole. 

Our natures develop thorough stages as we grow up and take in more of the world and our place in it and we can get stuck in any stage that will last a lifetime. For example the stages will become the states regarding "I am king of the world and you serve at my dictates" or delayed gratifications. We have names for these active states. The body will mature but ones' nature of placement in the world can get stuck and fixed. 

Those bigger and older help teach and mentor us in forming our choices as we grow and mature in human form. Whatever world view and position they have about life they will pass on. We will absorb and internalize and utilize the information gained.  

Too many times we were perhaps encouraged to maybe not learn too much, to not question for ourselves but to follow the dictates of others. The others that know more, about you and your place in the scheme of things. We trust them to care for us and to love us and have our best interests at heart. They may and do it well, they may and not express it well and they may not at all. 

As a result our nature to question and be curious can go somewhere deep. Other voices become the dominant inner voice overlaying our own into silence. We become smothered and unclear in our curiosity and right to question. Behaviors may start to develop in resistance and defiance, we can be stuck in reaction that has no outlet. or we can become subservient. 

Projected fears and destructive power games are active because someone failed to pay valued attention to what we felt inside each of us in the moment. We can brew, soak, percolate actively or passively in our lifetimes in our mindsets. We can explode with deadly force at times or suffer in silence slipping away into drugs, sex, food, church, rock and roll as coping mechanisms. Depression and a sense of unworthiness can build easily. 

Being shown that we count and our opinions matters is important to learn when we are young. And also when consensus is operating and someone else will make the final decision. And that someone needs to be able to constructively explain the reasons why it might be different than what you are aware of in terms that can be understood. But how often does that happen when we are young? Our needs to protect each other can often get in the way or become too rigid. 

We can all feel the truth when it is being spoken if we are not dumbed down or numb. Maybe this is where we first learn about the sacrifice of the one for the group or family. And if that position is valued or not. What is the trade off that feels right to us, not the one we are told will come. What are we learning about delayed gratification for instance if what is promised is never delivered?

What happens to our sense of truth and questions in all of this?  

We can trained to be followers and anarchists, passive aggressive, sullen or disenfranchised in behavior then, not leaders. We don't feel appreciated or safe when we choose to express our powers to others in power, our leaders. How dare we challenge what we have been taught by our parents, our betters, our elders, our teachers of all kinds? And, what do we do when we find corruption and bias at the core of the leader or teacher or community? What do we do as followers who have been unable to question or lied to all along?

The gift found in accessing ourselves as Consciousness is getting out of our smallness and into the Unlimited and the views one gains in perspective. Using consciousness technologies you can see the patterns in thoughts and feelings that you have experienced and defined you. You can start to relate and effect real change in how you are in your world. And, in turn, your world that we all share in.

We do that from within your clarity and mine. 

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/ Journeys Into Enlightenment 

Monday, September 17, 2018

Consciousness and Pick a Fairy Tale

In growing up we were told all kinds of fairy tales. Mostly damsels, now that I think about it, or children in peril, mothers or parents lost and the heroes needed to save them. The hero could be the strong stranger or prince or beast caught in a trap of his own making. Or maybe a young boy and his friends interacting with worlds full of fantasy and magic. Often our stories have a component of trapped in spells waiting to awaken. All which makes for a great story and epic. 

These days the best myths and stories are when the one who might look like needs saving, saves themselves, whether they be male or female. Then our hero, heroine, rescue job and rescuer are free to just be whatever role or roles they want to be. Sometimes they live happily ever after together and sometimes, they don't. Usually self worth and assurance are hard won and bring a sense of being much more valued or loved. So our old tales of being are evolving around us. Culture is shifting. 

Having to be rescued all the time is as wearing on the soul as much as the weight of being the rescuer can be. Anyone who has experienced burnout at work or at life knows this all too well. I don't think anyone enjoys feeling helpless and yet it is a powerful position to play in. 

In our outside social circumstances of power and abuses that are coming into awareness it is reflecting our own arising interpretations and experiences of such. They are up for review these days. It is intense on many levels. We are individual  and collectively powerful. 

Knowledge is power. We are challenging and being challenged when we might not want to be in ways we don't like. Or, we may feel we are being forced to admit to having answers that we don't have or like. We each embody what we believe we are and that might take more honesty than one is used to. 

We are in strip down mode. Our skills at making things okay when they are not is helpful as a human in the world. And, then it is not when it is a habituated experience of avoidance. Which is what many of us are finding it is inside. 

Is there another way to realign ourselves in our roles as we explore our often hidden pains and slights of power and love? Can self knowledge be the gift and not a wound and painful to deal with? 

Yes. Our inner truths are waiting to be defined and embraced. Not in righteous or blame states but in a state of grace and in warmth, support and non judgment. 

We are self defining creatures equipped with a sense of self as consciousness that is malleable and mutable and always creative. 

This means that there is no fault in how we show up. Our sense of humanity adds attachment as meaning to every thing we are involved in. We are relation based in orientation of identity. We so often find ourselves feeling the need to choose to think in terms of good/bad victim/abuser, light/dark as we are fascinated with contrast found in being in this physical realm.  We choose to judge the relationships as described. Conflict with the contrast stated comes up when we have to reconcile both, not one or the other but both. It is challenging and we may fail. And life goes on. And we stay stuck reveling in our justifications no matter the outcomes. 

As children we always wanted our fairy tales and sagas to have happy endings. As adults we still do and so we can be caught between belief and disbelief and we are left with confusion. In the fairy tales roles are clearly defined, positions of opposition strong. As we got older we learned from life that the fairy tales may have happy endings but life might not. In truth the stories of old about life were merely archetypes of behavior and roles to civilize us.  

If I was to pick a fairy tale that seems appropriate to our times it might be the Emperor's New Clothes. Read it again if you have not in a while. It has like any great tale layers of meanings. We are witnessing a lot of the Emperor's New Clothes these days. And we each have within the fake weavers, Emperor, ministers and the child as we reveal what is inside ourselves in play. Self delusion is a very powerful state to be in no matter the reasons. 

There is no need to feel bad about what you find inside. That is a choice of control and habit that you are making. Feeling bad is just a feeling, and an orientation. We have many feelings, other orientations.  

Take some moments to access Heart Centered Awareness for yourself and let the fairy tale that comes to mind reveal to you what it has to share. Let yourself notice the stuff coming up from your deep and let it play out in helpful useful ways. Be your own child who speaks his truth, be your own hero in your own story.  

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/ Journeys Into Enlightenment 

Monday, September 10, 2018

Consciousness and Our Skills in this State of Scrutiny

One thing that is happening for us all is the State of Scrutiny that has opened up. 

In our shifting layers as Consciousness we are getting back to what is really important in keeping us in balance and secure in being us, the individual and as the collective. It is our ability to question the status quo. 

The need for scrutiny of all our systems in power is active. We are witnessing it in all our social arenas and most importantly within ourselves.  We are witness to where our past emotions and subsequent feelings have led us to and what lurks beneath our sometimes very shallow veneer of civility. How wounded are we as beings? It would seem that many are very wounded, very unhappy and powerful in maintaining and influencing the rest. 

Do we stay wounded? How do we change our directions? How can we help ourselves? Embracing ourselves as much more than just upright animals and as Consciousness in Action is helpful.

Knowing ourselves as individual and collectively as powerful requires more than our sense of the physical realms. It is also about recognizing what else we encompass as humans, our intuitive awareness.

We are not just bodies with brains. We are sensory creatures with minds that utilizes the experience of the body in combination with both seen and unseen information. It is about engaging our inner intuitive antennas. It is about engaging daily life as Consciousness.   

These days we have set up challenges in appreciating our inherent intuitive and unseen skill sets of being. Just look at all the media and entertainment that abounds about those who embody being psychic, or intuitive or have ways of knowing things you don't know because you don't pay attention or embrace your quiet within. 

We treat bloodsucking, guts, doom, gloom and suffering as entertainment as we play out our fears of being alive or for being viewed differently. Rarely do we see light and happy and constructive witches, angels, creatures of the night, vampires and such. All are battle positions and exist to fight and can't exist without one over another. The torments of hell linger. It is not helpful to appreciating our own gifts and skills of awareness. It leads to hiding from others and most often to conflict within. 

In terms of survival we needed to have senses and skills at knowing when danger was present, not just in our physical awareness. By the time you saw something it might be too late. How many times did something look safe and it wasn't? So we take in information in many ways and resolve how to respond. 

We react or respond and this is where the difference in the two comes into play. Both have a place in us. At times we use triggered reactions that engage without thought as body or emotional memories. That is what our autonomic fight or flight or be still response is in the body. It is the body's mandate to live another day. 

We can also operate with reasoned responses, the reaction to stimuli that comes as choice. How do you choose to respond? The same way you have in the past or what if you choose to hold back and pay attention to the dynamics engaged and listen? All of this will happen in the blink of an eye. Just depends on how finely tuned you are. 

It doesn't matter what you call recognizing your gut feelings. That can be silly and petty when it is about living another day when you use them. Or to enjoy the next day. All of us walk around in some state of awareness. Muggings, murder and mayhem, disasters, happen often when the victim is not paying attention to their environment and those around them. Or is in the denial game. How often is one taken by surprise because they never saw it coming? There was a disengagement or conflict in valuing what to notice or our body was in a different reality than our mind was in or what emotions were active.  

It is not for us to go around in mindsets of being attacked and wounded emotionally, physically or mentally. It is about being present using all your senses engaged as needed. Valuing and taking into account when something feels off or not quite right but we can't identify it any more than a nebulous feeling. How much of today's headlines would be different if we were paying attention and scrutinizing what our senses were telling us in the past. 

At least we are more aware of our fascination with the unseen and unknown. We are exploring how we interact with forces at play that embody human and non human life. This time is ripe for new appreciations and values about  our definitions in being a sensory creature who responds to outside and inside stimuli from within the framework of being powerful. 

Engage Heart Centered Awareness and look to see what new information and powers of being are there for you in this time of Scrutiny. See the magic and majestic in the world. Be your own hero and wise person and Light in the World. 

Embrace being you in the All and the All that is you.  

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment

Monday, September 3, 2018

Consciousness Noticing is on Holiday

Today in the United States we celebrate Labor Day.

Labor Day, the first Monday in September, is a creation of the labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. It constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country.
I will be in touch next week.