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Monday, February 25, 2019

Episode 4 Journeys Into Enlightenment with Janet

Consciousness and The Connections in our Story Telling

We are natural story tellers. As relation- based creatures our stories define us and give us placement to our surroundings. This is very important to the Self. Whether in our physical or non- physical realms Self needs to know how to relate. Self seeks place.

Writing started around 5000 years ago. When we did not yet write we verbally communicated in sounds and eventually language. Our ancestors drew to express what they were noticing in their environments be it sun, horse, family and the squiggles of water and even signed their works as a hand print.

Everything you know today about yourself and don’t know about yourself is story that has become myth. It is a projection subject to interpretation along the many years that man has been present. Our DNA tell us stories of connection that we most often have not knowledge or proof of.
We are developing our technology to help us explore our pasts and ways for us to know ourselves in terms of that past.

We can also know ourselves in terms of the past, present and future by accessing our essence within each of us. To know ourselves as Soul and Consciousness. Free of the dictates of our assumptions and stories and myths and rumors of Self and our appearances.

Man started out relatively not too long ago in the big scheme of life. We can now have knowledge of the fact that what is walking around today in its suits and ties and colorations of skin tones is a culmination of a Homoapien African woman and her daughters 35,000 years ago mixing with other humanoids. That progression is fascinating to many and how we have become what we see in the mirror each day and over time and the diversity.

What shapes us are our stories in being in form. Most often we each look like we feel, how we think and how we interpret our Spirit as human. Our souls embrace the experience where the Self may question as it is the one feeling all of it. Consciousness and Soul are neutral to what those experiences are. We create what life is as an expansion of being.

We each are adding into what is present today in our stories of culture and personality within this planet’s grace. We are self-creating, self-defining presences of a dynamic in being.  We form actively, knowingly, with intention as Soul, and most of the time unknowingly from our habituated states of awareness as Self.

WE fulfill our destinies as we decide them.

All of this speaks to how we view life and our engagement with it. There is no bias in life as it is an evolving dynamic. Life continues to develop in the human as embryo into fetus only when another chemical process engages and expands the form bringing it into life as human. The same goes for a seed into flora, or roe as the developing fish.  At any time, the form can stop developing and the form dies. Only 20% of all conceived human life births into a hopefully bouncing baby.  Life stops or can continues with new variations present from the norm.

Free of our emotions, we can appreciate life as nothing more than Life fulfilling the range of experience unique to the design inherent in the form. And, souls are dancing.

These days I sense that most of what our lives are about is our relation to what is in our essence already as compassion, love, selflessness and unknowing. Our stories are filled with this relationship to our core.

Unknowing is another name for Potential. Nothing is yet known or identified or solidified into some thing as energy. It is the “dark energy” in the state of Consciousness at play. It is always present in Consciousness. Yet we may not recognize it.

It is the 4th element that showed up in my conversation with Harvey. Many of us don’t like Unknowing. But it is what is beyond our limits and where we dance lightly. It is essential to our evolving stories.

Janet Barrett
Podcast host Journeys Into Enlightenment with Janet
on the CTR Network

Monday, February 18, 2019

Consciousness and Your Invitation to the Unknown

When I use the word "Unknown" what did you feel, what did you think, what did you notice?

Unknown sender, parent unknown, "I don't know." "Why don't you know the answer? Any of that and other things could be present in and through your space.

I don't imagine that many are comfortable with the unknowns so we go with the known. That is what habituated is. Repeated thought, feeling that triggers action that brings same results. Which is really nice at times or we wouldn't do it so easily and then there is where it might not. Control likes the known. It likes to have the answers as it verifies the existing reality.

Unless you are of a questioning nature and inclined to ask questions. Which are the questions that all children hopefully ask as they discover their worlds and you are expected to have an answer that makes sense to them. Could be a new sense, thought, feeling, that they will build their reality on, often without question.

And what about you? What happens to you in having to admit to some thing as an answer, when maybe you have no answer? What happens when you speak an answer and you realize that it is not the answer but something that is your habituated response and not truth of any kind.

What is is like to be able and feel comfortable with not knowing the answer and you can both explore what any one answer might be? That is the nature of science at its zenith: to pose a question and go into the unknown and find out some thing. That some thing may be old, or new or just awareness that has shifted around since the last time you needed it.

This is our nature, to quest, to explore beyond what is known. Whether it is out among the stars or across the oceans or inside one own's body, mind and levels of awareness. We endeavor to cross our boundaries into new territories. It can be as easy or as difficult as you let it be.

That is what life does. Our DNA and RNA work together in expressing life. The DNA is what is known and the RNA the environment that brings out the known.

What if Unknown is Potential? Now what happens to you and the unknown? When we move from within the power of Self and its limits, those boundaries that seem set in concrete? When we engage as Consciousness and it all starts to shift? Those boundaries soften, maybe disappear and new terrain is unfolding. Potential, the building block of Consciousness, activates and shakes the known into transcendence. For what was is, is no longer and there is no going back as same. Only going back as different.

You might not recognize the state of Unknown in useful ways. If you don't have a habit of questioning in your current realities then you accept what you are told. You become a believer, not a be-er. You are a doer often just going about your day without engaging from within your questioning heart that is your truth.

Want to enjoy your day? Want to feel good about what you do in your life? Want to get out your rut and convenience of being uncomfortable and settled into it? Then access Heart Centered Awareness and that part of yourself that accepts not one thing as true but all as possible and see what happens.

Embracing the Unknown is stimulating, anxiety inducing and also exciting and the hair on the back of your neck or this case your heart starts to rise and you start to sing. As you do when you engage on a carnival ride for instance. Many do not like carnival rides or roller coasters. They did once maybe but not now. What happens when the ride stops and we are hanging unexpectedly? And then it continues on? Even though we are now old enough and big enough to see other riders before us getting off the ride at the end of the ride. Usually they get off right in front of us and then the next group loads in. They made it off in some sort of shape or another. Why would we not be better for having just enjoyed all the ups and downs of the ride?

Start with the clarity and support of the Infinite in Knowing that you are okay no matter your shape or state of form. Then invite the Unknown to show up and share with you what you have been missing in life.

God is laughing, god is smiling. There is Grace.

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment

Monday, February 11, 2019

Consciousness and a New Awareness of Who We are

We are busy these days with considering if who we feel we are is reflecting in our doing. 

Maybe you are like me. Opening to a new awareness of who I am in the scheme of things requires some framework in awareness of who I have decided I am. 

I start from the premise that I am part of the collective we call Consciousness.I am an individual Soul expressing as Self in this collective. The use of Soul for me is recognizing the individual in the collective as the driving force propelling Self along its path and journey. You are different from me. In story and form and as interpretive agent. And yet we are one. 

My next layer might be that what appears as a human body or rock is really made of up elements that have gathered and are held together in their collection and establishing the form. We are made up of photons of light, a bit of bio photons, and the resonances and vibrations and energies that are experienced as thoughts and feelings. Humans are individuals collectively sharing in this thing we call Consciousness. We are the part of consciousness that embodies as life. That we exist and all exists is within the Consciousness Core. 

We are anchors of realities that encompass time, space and dimension. We each are involved in many realities all at the same time. And we may not have any idea or sense of this. And, then again you might. You might not understand or enjoy or find benefit. 

Within that core, as Consciousness, there is no fault. There is no blame. There is no judgment obviously as those we don't like exist along with us. Our world provides for ourselves mirrored in others and self awareness. We all have merit. As we all do, no matter what we look like, not matter what we sound like, no matter where we each are from, we have being, in form, in common. 

Rock, bush, mammal, star, black hole, whatever reference or example you cite it is to be found within the core. And the core expands in relation to how we concept it. How we think about it. How we feel about it. It will manifest. We are co creators in being. 

Too often our what we have learned about life at an early age suggests that a powerful figure or figures outside of us sits in judgement often about who we are. Sounds like God and parents to me. And with that we can become victim to the figures, the parents, the gods as we exist in their whims and fancies and whatever else we create and credit to them.  

That perhaps is the original victim story. We are not equal to, we are subservient to another. It is a tale of hierarchy. Maybe they have our best interests and maybe not.

In turn our developing sense of spirituality and our religious practices encode into dogmas that while intended to be helpful perhaps can be found to be limiting our truths. Our essence inside Self becomes hidden. 

Eastern religions embrace this connection as a 6th sense going along with our 5 senses of  sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch. Seeing, our prime orientation in our bodies, is about what we believe to be true. Hearing holds the vibratory awareness of out there, in here. Taste which keeps us safe and entertained and anchored, smell which does the same and also anchors us to the past in emotions and memories. And touch, which connects us. 

So we add our intuitive powers which reach beyond our physical orientations and includes them all uniting them into a cohesive entity and expression. 

From there on I can now notice, using those senses and my awareness of Self's attachment to it's construction of being alive to reorganize and reorient myself. Accessing Heart Centered Awareness as my intuitive skills, gets me free of connection to my physical senses as me and now neutral to the effects of rigid time and space as qualities and which are now malleable qualities and as information now to be engaged differently. 

Seems easy enough right? I am laughing. It has taken me a lifetime to get to this place in me. To understand the intersections of my physical self and non physical self and the Self acting as interpreter of all it witnesses in form and out of form. To appreciate the melding of titles, and labels and training's and leanings and resulting confusions and all the rest plus my own experiences and considerations. Like it is for many of us. Once we "awaken" there is no going back to sleep! 

The one thing that is always present for me is no blame. Judgement is that very essential living quality inherent in all life to the survival of a species. It is choice. It can also be our downfall. 

When we employ wisdom found in our experiences we are tempering and refining Self. Transforming the gift out of the wound. That is realizing the gift of wisdom out of the wound that Self is feeling. It is where wisdom comes from. 

Notice how you have aligned yourself within. You can sit and do this or set it up as a dream or in a catnap or in events you participate in and listen. Listen to what you hear, feel and sense lead you into what you want to be in your truth. 

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment 

Monday, February 4, 2019

JIE Ep 9 Blog Consciousness and Recognizing People as Big Chunks of Cheese

There are many kinds of cheese. Each its own thing, flavor with matching and complimentary tastes.

A chunk of Swiss Cheese is very distinctive in appearance. In its wholeness, those holes are what make it a thing of beauty. It has a tangy flavor.

The challenge can come when one lives life as a chunk of Swiss when one doesn't want to.

After a while of working with clients I tended to view people as chunks of Swiss Cheese at times I must confess. I see people in their totality, their wholeness and how the holes make the chunk distinctive. I like the holes which are not holes to me but dynamics of chemical fermentation. I like Swiss Cheese.

Which is not how people feel as such. They can tell you in great detail about the holes they feel they encompass. From inside the holes you lose sense of the whole and how the holes make the chunk distinctive. And where they will be focusing on what is missing, they are missing the context of being a chunk or wheel of cheese.

A few ways you might sense your holes is as emptiness or unhappiness.

You might want a new relationship. Or, you have always looked on as a observer not as a participant. You might be feeling uncomfortable around people you know professionally or as friends or family. The veneers of putting up with their stuff to keep the peace are thin. You are suddenly tired of fighting, or rationalizing, of ignoring how you hurt physically, emotionally, mentally.

It is time to regroup and put it all into a proper perspective.

We can feel needy, unsatisfied, lonely, depressed. It is easy then to attract another or create a pattern of connection with others who help us maintain this state.

Sometimes this sense of disconnect, discontent, has been there for a lifetime and so we do not recognize it easily or quickly. We will only notice it when we engage in patterns of abandonment, of victim, of nothing satisfies down to our soul. 

We look to fill our holes of disconnect and fill our lack of completion. The ones that drug. sex, rock and roll, emotional highs and lows, depressions, disease, loneliness, pain, anger, rage, video games and social media services, thoughts and relationships do not fill. We look to use them to help us to feel something, if only for a moment, a sense of connection. 

All these devices fall short. Because you can use them, your anger, your sexual behaviors, you beer, your food, your your your whatever and you will still not feel full, whole.

There is always the morning after. 

We can fill ourselves with judgment. We can think we can hide our holes from others. Maybe, maybe not. But, we can never hide them from ourselves. They can be our constant and become our centering device in being.  

What we are and what we think we are worthy of can be two different levels of opinion. Judgement is opinion.  

We can look at any public and private system operating right now and spot inconsistency, inappropriateness, complacency, abuse of powers, conflicting intentions and actions and expectations. We can witness the subversive, the complicit in interactions, in image, marketing and branding. Often they are the norm.

In accessing Heart Centered Awareness, the Field of Unified Consciousness, you are better able to appreciate your creativity and what you would like to do next.

It is time to focus back to our wholeness. And how our creative souls have crafted this life for you. How to not let the holes distract you into complaint and judgment but as entertainment and flavoring. How to bring awareness to the fascination with our holes in realizing they are illusions that create distinction of self and personality.

It is time to enjoy what was once Swiss and now can be revealed once again as a nice Gorgonzola, Brie, Havarti, Bleu or or any number of cheeses that have distinct flavorings or markings, not holes in their Cheese Wheel.

Or, maybe just enjoy the Swiss for it's totality and unique flavor from all the rest and just enjoy!

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment