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Monday, February 25, 2019

Episode 4 Journeys Into Enlightenment with Janet

Consciousness and The Connections in our Story Telling

We are natural story tellers. As relation- based creatures our stories define us and give us placement to our surroundings. This is very important to the Self. Whether in our physical or non- physical realms Self needs to know how to relate. Self seeks place.

Writing started around 5000 years ago. When we did not yet write we verbally communicated in sounds and eventually language. Our ancestors drew to express what they were noticing in their environments be it sun, horse, family and the squiggles of water and even signed their works as a hand print.

Everything you know today about yourself and don’t know about yourself is story that has become myth. It is a projection subject to interpretation along the many years that man has been present. Our DNA tell us stories of connection that we most often have not knowledge or proof of.
We are developing our technology to help us explore our pasts and ways for us to know ourselves in terms of that past.

We can also know ourselves in terms of the past, present and future by accessing our essence within each of us. To know ourselves as Soul and Consciousness. Free of the dictates of our assumptions and stories and myths and rumors of Self and our appearances.

Man started out relatively not too long ago in the big scheme of life. We can now have knowledge of the fact that what is walking around today in its suits and ties and colorations of skin tones is a culmination of a Homoapien African woman and her daughters 35,000 years ago mixing with other humanoids. That progression is fascinating to many and how we have become what we see in the mirror each day and over time and the diversity.

What shapes us are our stories in being in form. Most often we each look like we feel, how we think and how we interpret our Spirit as human. Our souls embrace the experience where the Self may question as it is the one feeling all of it. Consciousness and Soul are neutral to what those experiences are. We create what life is as an expansion of being.

We each are adding into what is present today in our stories of culture and personality within this planet’s grace. We are self-creating, self-defining presences of a dynamic in being.  We form actively, knowingly, with intention as Soul, and most of the time unknowingly from our habituated states of awareness as Self.

WE fulfill our destinies as we decide them.

All of this speaks to how we view life and our engagement with it. There is no bias in life as it is an evolving dynamic. Life continues to develop in the human as embryo into fetus only when another chemical process engages and expands the form bringing it into life as human. The same goes for a seed into flora, or roe as the developing fish.  At any time, the form can stop developing and the form dies. Only 20% of all conceived human life births into a hopefully bouncing baby.  Life stops or can continues with new variations present from the norm.

Free of our emotions, we can appreciate life as nothing more than Life fulfilling the range of experience unique to the design inherent in the form. And, souls are dancing.

These days I sense that most of what our lives are about is our relation to what is in our essence already as compassion, love, selflessness and unknowing. Our stories are filled with this relationship to our core.

Unknowing is another name for Potential. Nothing is yet known or identified or solidified into some thing as energy. It is the “dark energy” in the state of Consciousness at play. It is always present in Consciousness. Yet we may not recognize it.

It is the 4th element that showed up in my conversation with Harvey. Many of us don’t like Unknowing. But it is what is beyond our limits and where we dance lightly. It is essential to our evolving stories.

Janet Barrett
Podcast host Journeys Into Enlightenment with Janet
on the CTR Network