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Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Celebration Continues!

Hello All,

Please RSVP if you will be joining other Fuzzy Photons in play here in Portland Oregon, in heart centered awareness Tuesday evening 7-9pm. Please RSVP if you will be joining other ME players in play Thursday afternoon 1-3pm. For those of you not local to my area please consider listening to podcast recordings of Conscious Conversations with Joan and Janet on our YouTube channel. We access heart centered awareness every show and you can feel it!

There are so many things I could write about! Celebrating my 61st birthday on Friday between Wednesday’s equinox and last night’s eclipse really made it a once in a lifetime event. One that is rippling along in celebration. Did I mention the celebration inside? I know many who don’t too excited about their birthday. And they have reasons for that feeling. Me, I can’t say mine were all that great either but one thing that has been building over the last ten years is a welcoming of not aging, but of wisdom and joy and the fact that I am still alive.

Just because the birthdays then may have not been ideal does not mean they have to be that way now. Right? Instead of being victim to my parents’ ideas and limitations I look to create what I want to experience. We had a wonderful time last night. Most of my friends here have come through my association with ME and an interest in Consciousness. They are people who have chosen to reveal themselves and explore their authentic voices. It was a great vibe. There was none of the surface layer of strangers. Unique individuals all. A plethora of desserts, gifts, our home and backyard, and the ageless fire burning bright in the fire pit under the eclipse. People left because they had to leave. They didn’t want to leave and many stayed late by the fire. Conversations questioned and enlightened and sacred heart was dancing. It was a great night to be alive.

I am appreciative of being alive. There is a sublime smile deep in me. In any relationship you are co creating. In mine, with myself as me and as consciousness I have explored in the spectrum of being consciousness as a human, feeling the I in the We, in the All that is. I have been able to change directions in my life and recognize the power that we each hold inside along the way. I have met beings of all kinds, with all kinds of wisdom, over the years. We may look a certain way but inside.... It is invaluable to know that you can change was seems written in stone. The stone is only illusion, mirages, moments in holographic states of awareness made seemingly real. Perceptions and intentions subject to change and identity.  We are explorers, not just limited to the physical Earth and beyond, but in mind and states of realities.

It is all about being in something and not being it. Not being limited to be some thing by anyone’s definition. Not being limited by one’s own fears. Not being closed down to how opportunity looks, whether it be beggar or prophet. And recognizing the prophet in the beggar and the beggar in the prophet. It is all about recognizing what is valuable to each of us. It is all about being curious. It is all about being questioning. It is all about not being attached or recognizing when we are. It is all about understanding that truth is often only for a moment. It is all about appreciating life in all its’ forms.

Access your sense of heart centered awareness and play with the following. Allow for some new approaches, realities, questions. Have fun!

What would it be like to enjoy your birthday in new ways? What if you could have your metaphorical or real cake and eat it too? What if you had a cake, a pie, a cheesecake, a tart, ice cream and another cake and another pie and another dessert to enjoy and choose from? Would you only choose one or maybe a bit of everything or? Or feel bad about it all? You don’t need a lot of dessert when you are enjoying the whole meal.

We often treat our lives like dessert. Restricted, feel bad for enjoying, tormented pulls of desires and denials. Blood sugar levels come to mind. Maybe some of us are sensitive to the sweetness of life and cant handle it much or easily. Yet sugars make the energy in being physical possible so we need a new sense of balance. That is no way to live.

What would it be like to have dessert for breakfast and just enjoy the pleasure of doing so?