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Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Consciousness is the Business Model with Caitlin Hayes, Psychic Attorney

Do we relate our working environment with sanctity, respect and appreciation? Caitlin Hayes, psychic attorney, executive coach and business consultant joins Janet about this perhaps revolutionary awareness. How do we get from here to there? We will share about what we each can do about integrating Awareness into corporate, law and family business cultures.

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Monday, August 26, 2019

Journeys Into Enlightenment with Janet Podcast 
Ep 17 Blog  Being is the Business Model

My intention with this topic was to explore how our interpretation of Consciousness is playing out in our business worlds. We have so much disconnected and discontent in our world today.

Here in the US we were looking for new approaches in government in our last election. Many hoped a businessman would offer something new to the business that government is. Not a bad idea and yet I guess it just depends on the kind of businessman you elect. 

Our actions have created a transcending opportunity of potential in action as it shines a blinding light on our darkness within. 

There are many considerations that come to mind about business as an organization of people working together. Most of human endeavor can be regarded as a business. How we are working together is the issue. Doesn’t matter if it is the mom and pop store, big box department store or our government and it branches and partners in this small world.

All will be conditioned by those involved in the process. The resulting expression as product or service will reflect this. You hear the phrase “working relationship” which will always reference “not working relationship” into the equation. There is a lot of this present in ruling either by dictator or groups of interests.  

All too often we are being shown how many of our business models lately are reflecting our feeling of disconnect with all. We are having to ask companies to be more responsible in their interface with all of us, be they the media, Facebook, Walmart or our bodies of Congress and The White House.

Where do our tenets about Being come into play? I am not talking religious dogma. I am talking about treating all with Oneness as basis, our shared connection. The offering of respect, appreciation and gratitude no matter the face. It is okay to have a different viewpoint or orientation than another. Life is a spectrum after all. But being in judgment of that face is not enriching any of us and is a destructive path to follow.

Standards in practice of “Do no harm, only help, treat others as you would like to be treated yourself” often disappear when up against the drive of business survival, money or power. Our great ideas and ways of being helpful get compromised. Personal or corporate reasons move us to take actions not always embracing others but as adversarial. Could be your competitor or your family. If we are in a state of fighting for our job or jobs, the work environment becomes compromised.

Just because one has a good idea that fills a need well does not make one a business owner or partner in successful relations with others. As business owner of any kind, how you treat others starts with yourself and reflects in your employees. If you are an employee, same goes with your colleagues. How are you using self-care? If your idea of self-care is measured in the number of bottles of beer or wine, you consume at night something is not right.

No time to go on retreat or sabbatical? Then use your time in the bathroom wisely. Instead of daydreaming your stream contemplate and appreciate your moment. Do you make it easy for your crew to share their awareness and needs they have at work and at home? How responsive, not responsible, are we with others?

Being present is not a burden. It is not a call to arms to do something or make something right or solve. That will come out of our resulting inspired action. Being present comes as our response to first valuing our self and valuing others. Listening is what is important and often makes the difference in outcome.

Same as with our children. They need an ear and heart, not always you to solve the problem. Letting them become resourceful may lead you on a merry dance yes and will have its own rewards.

A company is as healthy as the relation of the CEO to the janitor in the business. When both are being treated with respect, we all benefit. Anything else indicates a challenge to play with.

When was the last time you told someone around you, “Hello”.  “Thank you. I appreciate your helping me out”, be it home or office?

Being is the business model.  

Janet Barrett
Podcast host Journeys Into Enlightenment with Janet

Monday, August 19, 2019

Consciousness and a Heart Beating

I had a stent put into an artery in my heart a few days ago. Being open to possibilities and choices brings changes to incorporate. There are chemical assists to engage at just the right levels and types. New patterns in breath and heart beat coordination. 

All has brought information to enhance my state of awareness that Life is in the beats of a heart.

My heart beats in the delight of just beating. 

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment  

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

A Wisdom Weaver’s Guide to Living with Ilarion Merculieff

What do our Indigenous family members know in healing our destructive sense of separation in Self, Other and Mother Earth? How hard can it be? Joining Janet is Ilarion Merculieff, Unangan (Aleut) Elder, founder of the Wisdom Weavers of the World, an Indigenous Elders community. They will join in creating this space to feel the beat of our hearts and those around us in the rhythm of Life.

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Monday, August 12, 2019

JIE Ep 16 Blog/ Hello, My Other Self

Journeys Into Enlightenment with Janet Podcast

Ep 16 Hello, My Other Self

"Hello, My Other Self" is the traditional greeting between the Unangen Peoples. Stop in this moment and notice what happens when you speak it. Oneness is present. There is no state of separation. 

You are a child. Your world is a 360-degree view of perspective. You are on a 12 mile by 5 mile island in the Bering Sea with only 450 other humans with you. You are a child of Spirit and brought up with the awareness of your culture’s journeys from Egypt 10,000 years earlier.  Millions of seal, whale, marine life surround your island. You step out and eat fresh. There is no storage of food. There is no tree line, and probably not a lot of vegetables either.

We are living inside out. Instead of Heart connecting us to everything as one, mind now directs the heart into doing. We have become doers instead of beings. We are taught and told to stuff our concerns and wounds.

Find your courage within. Trust in Life, the Universe, Trust. Embody Trust. Don’t think it. Embody it. When you come from a sense of spirituality, of Consciousness in human form, this is much easier to do. Is there a need to be afraid of what you feel, what you think, what you don’t want to notice? This is separation as Self.

No matter your references you can always just ask “Is this life affirming, is this life sustaining?” Listen and be guided by what your heart shares with you. So often we know the right thing to do or say or what is really going on and we don’t want to lose our illusions. We settle for less self- worth and respect when we might be gaining in income or title.This is separation.

Listen. Ask your heart what to do in response.  We must take responsibility for our actions.  Healing ourselves starts with acknowledging that we are bleeding. Helping ourselves requires us ask for help of ourselves from our Essence and from others.

Isolation is not anyone’s friend. I know of no one who enjoys isolation or separateness that is forced on them or as a reaction. It is a demeaning state. It creates a solitary confinement for anyone, and we use it for those in prison who threaten others’ safety.

What have we created in this time and space of history and daily life? Systems are not working. Evolution is being held back in many ways for different reasons. Often it is fear in change as a loss of position. In order to not break down in anarchy we are having to come to terms with ourselves in ways we have not before so our systems can reflect society better.

We are energy beings. What we put out in the world is our energy.

Self-talk is vital to pay attention to, your internal running commentary. Don’t judge it negative even if you interpret it that way. Allow it to reveal to yourself your directions of thoughts what-ever they might be. Make choices. Change your thinking when it is not life affirming, life sustaining. Saying one thing and feeling another is separateness.

My friend Ilarion mentions that we can learn much about ourselves and those around us by observing and feeling. If you look at others in judgment pro or con, you are doing it from the outside. This is separateness.

Emotions are key in how they are acknowledged and used. They are what gives us as human life impetus of expression. Of all kinds whether you like them or not. We are ruled by them. Logic is often a reactive state, defending one against a potential hurt.  Appreciating and demonstrating our emotions in healthy ways will go a long way in a life. As they are present in every moment of a life. They are what people remember when you have left the room, the feeling of you. Emotions empower our stories and foster separation or dissolve it.

Watch a two-year-old child Ilarion suggested. They are masters of energy. They don’t store it. They express it. They don’t swallow their energies and feelings. Put two together and they can play, fight, cry and make up in the blink of our eyes. They work it all out without our interference. Interfering out of our own needs and emotions is stifling. 

Great parenting is being able to let our children explore their world as love in action and in balance with safety. Don’t stifle their emotions. Don’t dictate behavior and position. Or they will grow up just like you are. Is that what you want for your children? To be like you or to be the best they can be?

According to the Wisdom Weavers, we are the generation to decide the fate of humankind. We are that powerful. They are that concerned with what we have empowered, the state of separation that has become dominant in our dealing with life, in our unknowing.

Hello, My Other Self. It is very nice to meet you.

Janet Barrett

Monday, August 5, 2019

Consciousness and BEING Present again

 I am a very fortunate woman. I will have recorded 6 conversations in 3 weeks for upcoming episodes of my podcast Journeys Into Enlightenment with Janet. As I craft each episode, with all its elements, I listen in to the conversation again and it puts me right into when we recorded it as vital, active, engaging.

Now, as listener, I hear different things in my focus. When recording I am being present, inviting you to join us and bring into focus with my guest, and the vibrations we create as resonance. Our field awareness combines and dances. I notice where those vibrations ripple out in awareness, interacting and what is coming back. In listening, I am present again to all that. My guests are present again. In this work and way of organizing reality, time and space are malleable, expanding and contracting and disappearing all together at times.

Energies comes together. A synergy, gets puts into a limitless, timeless, spaceless place that is accessible to all who engage it. And what is really nice is that any and every time you might listen to the episode, especially more than once, you will be in this field of being present and yet different. You will hear different things, something new catches your focus, it is fresh again. You will feel an enriching awareness of your own. We are all either validating, changing or evolving whether we notice it or not in our moments together.

One thing that catches my attention, in this moment, is the difference in being a believer and Being. Your power connection to your authentic voice is different. My guests pretty much across the board BE. They are in the state of BEING. We embrace connection as Oneness and Wholeness. Oneness as morphic resonance, where we share in genetic memories of the human design and much more to be honest. We share in memories of life forms, energies, this incredible planet and the cosmos. History is everywhere in frequencies present. Some  of us are very cognizant of these dynamics. Morphic entanglement, our ability to tap into what others are feeling and thinking at the same time is present.

We are so powerful we generate and manipulate our shared reality creating it as we breathe, day to day. This is the reflective power in our social media world and how it is affecting all of us. Wholeness is how our life experiences, generated out our bias and perceptions as our stories, encompasses all the ups and downs in form and out of physical form into a narrative of Life, as Self, as form, along with Spirit, and other non physical energies, as part of the Consciousness Core.

You notice I don't use the word God. Or Source or Universe. I appreciate that these words come with limits of our human definition, no matter the body of knowledge or knowing. In using Consciousness as my reference for all, it is free of those dictates that the others have become. It allows for the known, unknown, and everything in-between to have value without judgment or label. Too often our other words encompass definitions which is creating a limit. Many of us are bigger than that. 

My guests represent a myriad of connections in BEING. How they, as unique individuals celebrate with me the collective that is Consciousness is sweet. "All roads lead to Rome" always comes to mind. On our individual Journeys OF Enlightenment, not TO, we access ranges in vibrational BEING. Same vibrations, just different labels within our references at times.

What do we know that is helpful? Self honesty. One thing we share in common is our willingness to hear our truths and not want what we want to be true. And we hold this gently and compassionately for ourselves. We don't always buy into our illusions. We are choosy. Only then can we be open to what is available in Being Spirit in human form. This is BEING.

Come join us in the grace in BEING that you will find in listening in. Let it fill your corners of doubt and clear them out. Support hearing your truths, you authentic voice and living in an alignment that brings you what you are thirsty for, the love in connection as Oneness and Wholeness. 

I would be honored to have you join us.


Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment
Guide/ Journeys Into Enlightenment with Janet