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Monday, December 26, 2016

Consciousness and Laughing Out 2016

Great use of Concrete
Many might be happy to see the end of 2016. And, then again many may have concerns about 2017. There is uncertainty presently rippling out. The unknown can be a powerful mechanism for fear. I know many who would rather hurt than change or are in states of shock and doomsday. The rise and fall of different systems of beliefs can be overwhelming.

As Consciousness, our awareness is that whatever comes our way, we are okay. There is no time, no space, no attachment other than exploring. Maybe there are some guidelines I can share to remind that we each are Consciousness at play in our daily lives.

I say guidelines as I have come to appreciate that any time I set something up as a rule I am limiting potential. May not be my intention but it serves that way. Limits can be wonderful things until they are not and they are now obstructions to growth and to feeling good. Like in family dynamics when the first son is always a (fill in the blank.) and the first son doesn't want to be the....... Many can be very attached to their traditions of thinking, of feeling. We can be doing this in family, science, school, any arena that humans are involved in.

We all want to feel good and safe and loved. We don't have to though. Emotions can direct our energies along paths that divert our wants. The world is full of people who feel other than good, safe and loved. We are willing to kill, to move, to give in order to feel good, safe and loved. Survival is compromised. We can be very compromised about feeling good and not be aware of our mindsets at play.

As Consciousness, me as human is laughing a lot lately. In all the horror out there what is going on? How can I be laughing at tragedy? I realized that it was transcendent laughter. I am processing all this stuff we have stirred up and using it as the fuel of evolution leaping to a new state. In group we are certainly allowing ourselves to recognize our personal power and serving the collective in this way. We each are in spheres of influence in our families and friends and aquaintances, some shared, that we are tracking in some way and doing our best to let it be a noticing and transcending it.

I usually associate transcending with a new state specific. Like transcending anger into joy. But now I am not directing or holding it in the relationship. I am removing the state of duality, polarity and allowing for something different like scalar dynamics. Tesla was all about free energy and I think we are generating it. We are making potential available if we do our work well.

We each are important and hold that love of self is powerful, love as part of the bigger collective is powerful and ours to extend. We don't have to do anything. We just have to allow for our love to not be held back. It will ripple out across the cosmos, bounce around and interact with whatever it bounces into and come back with different information to play with.

Concrete is powerful and so solid. With only a few ingredients and some water it can go from a powder to a hard immovable form. Rules and our patterns of thoughts which guide our behaviors can be like concrete. It takes a special tool to break it up and intention when it is no longer serving. How concrete have you become?

Access heart centered awareness and let it become dust. Easy, simple and it feels good.

Let us celebrate the potential not yet formed in 2017. Let us honor those who have passed into Consciousness free of form in 2016 and embody compassion, kindness, respect and fairness into our guidelines of being present.

See you next year!

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/ Journeys Into Enlightenment

Monday, December 19, 2016


Our journey from within a reality of Self Love can take some time to acclimate to. When one's habit has been to Doubt, it has settled into our bones. It has become part of our sense of stability in the real world. It might take a bit to bring us back to this new centering sense of being.

And, that is fine. It is okay. We come to realize how incorporated our judgments prevail and flourish.

Let us look at Self Love like a new growth maybe. A seed, then a seedling, a tiny sprout shooting up out of the soil and it will take the harmony of the earth and surrounding conditions of water, sun, rain, and storm to sustain our seedling in its development and growth into something living.


We can just shift it to the NOW reality of SELF LOVE FLOURISHES HERE. There is nothing to process, just accept that things are different and can be that because I SAY IT IS SO. Which is really about our sense of empowerment. Many of us have no comfort or helpful, useful training with standing up for ourselves, and  maybe more importantly, with ourselves. It is habituated to think of our own wishes, desires and Right to Be as Less Than. Someone has more power to choose who and how we now are and long after they may be gone they have left their mark.

Self Love. Who and how we define ourselves. IF there are no rights, no wrongs, no judgments from others that have become our rules, what else is possible? If we shift judgments to guidelines does that free us up more?

I say it this way as I am about respecting myself as Consciousness experiencing life as me. Since Consciousness was setting itself to experience life in my form it set my perceptual biases as basis to explore. This is the best framework for me to express in this current embodiment. If, I, for just a moment can get out of my own *^^##@# way and see the wonder I am in action, is letting go of the blame that I hold at core for showing up this way, possible?

We need to get over blaming Consciousness, ourselves and all those others out there over the years and generations and lifetimes for us showing up as we presently do. Life feels like a grand experiment of experience. Myself, I don't think Consciousness knows. It only is. It allows for all.

We seem to observe that there are some rules in life as we hold suns, planets and solar systems as systems. Rules come with systems awareness. Our challenge is that we don't know when rules apply or not as we are limited by our ways of noticing them. And that noticing that come over what we consider time, like centuries, may change along the way as Consciousness expands into forms. We go through evolutionary changes, awareness in a myriad of ways of embodiment on this earth. No Ice Age currently present though we may be on our way to creating one again sooner than later. That is how powerful we have become as Consciousness being.

So. SELF LOVE FLOURISHES HERE may come with training wheels. There is no need to be hard on ourselves unless you feel that is SELF LOVE. I own that I can be lazy, indifferent at times to my own setup and suffering. Change requires I do something. and I don't want to. Or need to. Etc. etc. etc..

And yet, from within Heart Centered Awareness,


Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment

Friday, December 16, 2016

Consciousness and the Miracles of Self Love

Self Love Energy
We call things or events miracles when something happens unexpected beyond the limits of our human sense of sight and mind sets. In Consciousness there are no limits. In the Infinite Sea of Potential all is not yet. Life can reflect the wonder available and demonstrate regularly miracles when you engage as Consciousness.

Coming to group is an act of Self Love as is any practice of meditation, reflection, or acting compassionately with others. It is chocolate for the Soul! For we are all One. As Consciousness, Heart Centered Awareness, the boundaries disappear.

Tuesday night we gathered here. One, who we had not seen for a couple of months, was dealing with eviction court the next morning so she came to group for some support. Circumstances of health and events had compromised her paying her rent for the last several months. She didn't know what to do or how to move forward. New places were not coming through to move into. When we looked we could see the new place right in front of her, coming from behind her, in her past. She could not see it.

When she does show up for group remarkable things happen for her every time. She knows it. She has trouble with trusting herself to be in a state of Heart on her own. We provide a clear mirror and maybe a needed kick in the butt.

Like many of us.

Another attendee present was looking for help with renting her newly converted studio apartment to the right person. Wanting to help others who need help, she was offering a lowered rent that would not help take care of her own needs but come at cost. This apt was supposed to insure her own future being cared for. Not at this rate. She needed someone who could pay a reasonable rent and be respectful of her and what she was offering.

Together they perfectly represented the sides of renting property. How could we help each other?

What the evening turned out for all of us was about Self Love. Lack of, compromise of, the conditions we associate with Love, or missing completely. What was interesting was when we were within Heart Centered Awareness no one felt the need to move out of our current reality to another reality, a maybe parallel self. Self Love was not to be found in another reality. It was here. What a surprise for some.

Each of us was already in the reality of Self Love! It is all about what we allow ourselves to know of Self Love. They just knew that they didn't feel it. Until they became aware that it was their individual lack awareness of something already present. How simple. They just weren't recognizing that, as Consciousness, we are Self Love among the state of Love.

For one, he was not aware that he was pretty armored with his family who he was hurt by, until we felt the cracking of his heart, like lava opening up the earth and creating new land. It was intense to feel.

Tears were flowing, the stored up energies of the past still active. The thoughts of how she needed to apologize to her landlord for her dishonoring of him and their agreement. Our support for that. The thoughts for all of us of how family and their transgressions against us and the isolations caused. Any kind of pain,whether emotional, physical, mental, psychic or spiritual is isolating.

We can stay feeling the same, or, find the energies encapsulated and transcend them into something much more enriching. So much was present and by group's end a lot was in shift. We were exhausted and yet all right, knowing that change was being activated.

Thursday morning our gal emailed me. In gratitude she wrote. The judge dropped the case, the landlord forgave her the past rents, asked only for this months' and gave her until mid January to move out. And, a friend, from her past showed up out of the blue and offered to help her out. How miraculous is that!

On Saturday I received an email from our gal with the apt to rent. She rewrote her ad, a couple applied and she loved them. She wanted a older woman, no pets. What she got was a couple in love, in their thirties. He will be gone 6 months at a time for school, she wants to enjoy the community garden, and has a cat. She works with battered women. And, they can pay the raised rent. They love the place. Our gal's question was could she trust that it could be that easy?

Self Love. What is your awareness of it? Maybe allow for a miracle or two for yourself by recognizing who you are as human, with all the delights and self defining perspectives that we each can hold and then move to Grace and recognize, as Consciousness, that there is nothing to forgive or forget, only new choices to embrace.

Happy Holidays!

Janet Barrett

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Consciousness and the Gauze of Integrity

The last week has been filled with awareness about Integrity. Integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles or the state of being whole and undivided. My moral principles are to offer compassion, kindness and respect to myself and others. You may have something else that rings you chimes. 

I also use integrity as being able to hold a matrix, form, which allows for stuff to pass through without loss to the matrix. This gets kind of tricky sometimes with being empathic or with states of rapport with others.

But for most of us it is probably meant in the sense of being out of congruency between heart and mind. How often have circumstances forced individuals and groups to take a stand that is at odds with personal beliefs? How often have we compromised over the generations inviting death, destruction and a myriad of feelings that didn't feel good then and still do not years later? A choice made out of ignorance or deliberately to harm another and rationalized it as okay. Like going to war of some sort. What does being in integrity mean as Consciousness in action? How does the Self respond?

It can be about being questioned or not recognized for our integrity. It can be between genders and roles people play to get along with each other. We lie often to protect ourselves and others. We do it all the time and across the boundaries of time and space. And, no matter the reasons, it carries forward to the next generations.

In group and in personal levels we are noticing that these wounds have have opened up. Whether the influences are coming from the distance past or out of our own lives integrity is often missing or out of alignment. We want to judge the outcomes, the decisions, the results of behavior and we can not. We can only appreciate that sometimes choices are made that leave one feeling less than or dead and they were the only choices given to respond to. It can happen generation after generation and become a collective dynamic that we each are in relationship to. Those with a sense of it are swimming in it right now.

In being present we can feel the misalignment as ambivalence, boredom, pain of some sort or confusion, denial and I am sure in other ways. It can be held on physical, mental, emotional, psychic, psychological or spiritual levels or a combo of more than one. It can be felt as bias in regards to others, self, business, culturally.

What can help heal these issues of splitting and separateness? What can strengthen and reinforce and help without armoring or solidness? My solution was a roll of gauze. When I was a child Wonder Woman was my heroine. She, with her bullet deflecting bracelets and her Lasso of Truth were powerful tools to have. In accessing  Heart Centered Awareness, a roll of gauze, the Gauze of Integrity showed up as my tool and I have been using it this week. On whatever was showing up in group and for myself.

The mesh of the gauze is fine enough to strengthen and reinforce but not add bulk or weight or solid as a cast or belt or armor would do. Dipped in Integrity it soaks in and permeates to the layer of wound and resolves and heals. You don't have to know the stories and details of the wound if they are not present.

Just holding awareness is often all you need. and you may need many layers of gauze, as many layers as the wound is present in to help the whole. I used it on my two narrowed arteries in my heart and then wrapped my whole heart and the pericardium and any other place of less than that I felt along the way. Notice I didn't use the word weakness, just places of less than.

This is the right time to resolve and restore and bring into new alignment issues of displacement that are not necessarily ours and our own that are affecting our fields of references. Take time to sit, access HCA for yourself and notice what comes to mind that could use an new alignment within. Wrap it up and see what happens. Enjoy your Gauze of Integrity and see what shows up new and fresh and vital inside as a result. Notice how it dissolves into the matrix.

Janet Barrett

Journeys Into Enlightenment