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Monday, December 26, 2016

Consciousness and Laughing Out 2016

Great use of Concrete
Many might be happy to see the end of 2016. And, then again many may have concerns about 2017. There is uncertainty presently rippling out. The unknown can be a powerful mechanism for fear. I know many who would rather hurt than change or are in states of shock and doomsday. The rise and fall of different systems of beliefs can be overwhelming.

As Consciousness, our awareness is that whatever comes our way, we are okay. There is no time, no space, no attachment other than exploring. Maybe there are some guidelines I can share to remind that we each are Consciousness at play in our daily lives.

I say guidelines as I have come to appreciate that any time I set something up as a rule I am limiting potential. May not be my intention but it serves that way. Limits can be wonderful things until they are not and they are now obstructions to growth and to feeling good. Like in family dynamics when the first son is always a (fill in the blank.) and the first son doesn't want to be the....... Many can be very attached to their traditions of thinking, of feeling. We can be doing this in family, science, school, any arena that humans are involved in.

We all want to feel good and safe and loved. We don't have to though. Emotions can direct our energies along paths that divert our wants. The world is full of people who feel other than good, safe and loved. We are willing to kill, to move, to give in order to feel good, safe and loved. Survival is compromised. We can be very compromised about feeling good and not be aware of our mindsets at play.

As Consciousness, me as human is laughing a lot lately. In all the horror out there what is going on? How can I be laughing at tragedy? I realized that it was transcendent laughter. I am processing all this stuff we have stirred up and using it as the fuel of evolution leaping to a new state. In group we are certainly allowing ourselves to recognize our personal power and serving the collective in this way. We each are in spheres of influence in our families and friends and aquaintances, some shared, that we are tracking in some way and doing our best to let it be a noticing and transcending it.

I usually associate transcending with a new state specific. Like transcending anger into joy. But now I am not directing or holding it in the relationship. I am removing the state of duality, polarity and allowing for something different like scalar dynamics. Tesla was all about free energy and I think we are generating it. We are making potential available if we do our work well.

We each are important and hold that love of self is powerful, love as part of the bigger collective is powerful and ours to extend. We don't have to do anything. We just have to allow for our love to not be held back. It will ripple out across the cosmos, bounce around and interact with whatever it bounces into and come back with different information to play with.

Concrete is powerful and so solid. With only a few ingredients and some water it can go from a powder to a hard immovable form. Rules and our patterns of thoughts which guide our behaviors can be like concrete. It takes a special tool to break it up and intention when it is no longer serving. How concrete have you become?

Access heart centered awareness and let it become dust. Easy, simple and it feels good.

Let us celebrate the potential not yet formed in 2017. Let us honor those who have passed into Consciousness free of form in 2016 and embody compassion, kindness, respect and fairness into our guidelines of being present.

See you next year!

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/ Journeys Into Enlightenment