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Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Reeling in Our Emotions with Carol Olivia Adams

We all have emotions. They are essential parts of the human design. What we do with them is expressing not only our humanity but our sense of Spirit, Essence, and Consciousness. Carol Olivia Adams, host of "The Matter of the Heart" podcast joins Janet. They will consider how our emotions affect our physical forms, emotional well-being, and the role they play in creating healthy relations with ourselves, each other and this unique planet and its occupants.

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Monday, December 30, 2019

Happy New Year! Celebrate Being Alive in 2020/JIE Ep 26 Blog/ Our Lovely Emotional Ebbs and Flows

Journeys Into Enlightenment with Janet Podcast releasing Tuesday Dec. 31

For many, emotions are tricky. We have them and they can seem to rule us so we can create distance by developing logic and reason over heart and feeling.

All of us will tend to judge our emotions. We can feel undone by them, swayed and led astray, be it our idea of love and joy or our hurt. They can take us not only into distress but into the warmth and welcome present in a smile. They can challenge us and charm us.

They are what makes being alive as Essence in a human designed mammal more interesting. One thing about being only Essence or Spirit is that you don’t have the pesky and unruly emotions to contend with. They are important for a sense of connection that comes with being in a form. Mammals demonstrate emotions all the times as they are vital to survival of life. We count on others to help us stay alive and emotions generate the coloration of those connections. Oxytocin bonds us with love and caring and liking. Other hormones foster and tender our emotional connections.

They cause us to feel and so often we don’t know what to do with our feelings. We maybe never learned how to have a way to feel something emotionally and experience it and then be done with it. We need to develop comfort with being emotional. Being emotional is not being hysterical. Hysteria can cause a cringe. And, a tear can be as powerful as a full rant.

We can be quite sexist about being emotional. Men seem to have one culture about emotions and women another. It is all projection and assumption and silly. We just demonstrate our emotions in different degrees. But with the right stimuli, anyone’s emotions can flare and burn brightly. Angry looks like one safe emotion for men where grief is not always safe for them to express. A women’s anger is not pretty either and expresses differently and grief can be obvious at times as it is an acceptable emotion for women to express. This whole assumption is all very silly and destructive and life inhibiting.

So how do we appreciate our emotions and neither look to suppress them or overindulge them?

Love and it's discernments are powerful for connection, tolerance and ease in being with another. Compassion, respect, appreciation and gratefulness all are shades and flavors of Love.

Feeling wanted and vital to another is another shade in love. Having value and held in regard by another reinforces that one has meaning in being.

In all this there is no doing. It is about being and in acknowledgement of connection. It is Oneness and Unity and the shared common bonds we have.

I have not mentioned sacrifice or martyr. For those are judgement words of attachment about Self. Putting another before one’s own self and the giving up of being first is love. It is the Essence in Being.  If there is a price to pay that is about attachment and Self again.

How to become more comfortable with being an emotional creature? Not driven and ruled by them but guided from your authentic voice?

Learn to Love yourself. Love celebrates the individual as Self and Essence at the same time.

Make time to sit and access Heart Centered Awareness and being present. Allow the calm to descend or emerge into a warmth of sensation. Feel your breath liberate your physical heart and breathe.

We all have a physical body but also a mental body, emotional body, psychological body, psychic body and a spiritual body. Consider your emotional body and feel what you feel. Notice your comfort or anything else that might cross your awareness. Considerate it in terms of the other shades of yourself in the other 5 bodies you incorporate. 

Compare. Are your emotional energies routing in some way and affecting the others in useful ways? Just play. And if you are being challenged to connect this way it doesn’t matter. Just ask yourself “What would it be like if I could identify easily my emotional body and how it works in me?” and see what happens.

Developing comfort in being emotional is important. Using them wisely and constructively is what we are looking for. Being able to show our love and all its colors and express them is not bad. It is not indulgent or dismissive or any other word that might pop into your head. That is Self-talking and guarding you in your story, not your truth.

Feeling what we judge our negative emotions be them fear, anger, jealousy, abandonment all come out of insecurity. It is fine to be able to acknowledge them as it is vital to health and wholeness. What you do with them is the key. And, so often with acknowledgment, they shift into no thing and the energy is then freed up. 

Emotions are states of feeling and they will come and go. If they are lingering, then there is information, or a habituated state engaged. Change it and see what happens. If the tears come, let them. 

Happy New Year to you and Yours,
We celebrate being alive in 2020!

Janet Barrett
Podcast host
Journeys Into Enlightenment with Janet

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Healing the Separated Self with Dr. Mmatheo Motsisi

Our idea of the Separated Self maintains the illusion of others, including Mother Earth as different, indifferent, threatening or something to be conquered. This illusion is harmful, affecting us each internally and globally. Join Janet and Dr. Mmatheo Motsisi, from Johannesburg Africa as they explore what happens when we use Ubuntu, the African awareness of Oneness, to heal our Separated Self.

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Monday, December 16, 2019

JIE Episode 25 Blog/Being Willing to See in the Mirror

Journeys Into Enlightenment with Janet Podcast
          Releasing Tuesday Dec. 17, 2019 
Episode 25 Blog Being Willing to See in the Mirror

All of us have worth. Some may be in disguise.
When we are in judgment of others we are operating from within a separated sense of Self. Let go of our judgments and be it homeless, presidential, your boss or company, your neighbor or family member we all have worth in some way. The trick is in being free of our judgments and biases to know in what way. Could be as support, learning, trauma, all are serving each of us in being. It may be in helping us to be compassionate, challenged, appreciative, or supportive.

We each contribute to the whole of Being. We are the collective we call Consciousness, the many individuals experiencing and expressing what we call Self. We share in genetic memories and create this reality by our thoughts. This is Morphic Resonance. 

Nothing is outside of Consciousness. Unless, you think it is. In this physical realm of contrast a sense of separation in Self is easy to manifest as it is the contrast of Being. This illusion has permeated our Western culture. We have become doers. We put value not on how we contribute to society but on how much we make our way in society. We are feeling compromised and conditioned in our expression of life and love.

We seem to be living in The Emperor’s Clothes and turning on our children for speaking the truth that we are too afraid to speak ourselves.

This quote came into my awareness this week while crafting this episode of Ubuntu and the Separated Self. So, I will pay attention and share it with you. The separated Self is in disconnection from its source, itself as Essence that has been waiting.

“Love After Love The time will come when, with elation you will greet yourself arriving at your own door, in your own mirror and each will smile at the other's welcome, and say, sit here. Eat. You will love again the stranger who was your self. Give wine. Give bread. Give back your heart to itself, to the stranger who has loved you all your life, whom you ignored for another, who knows you by heart. Take down the love letters from the bookshelf, the photographs, the desperate notes, peel your own image from the mirror. Sit. Feast on your life.”  Derek Walcott

Want to make a difference right now in the world? 

Make the time to sit for a few moments and notice your relation to someone in the homeless population. Doesn't have to be someone you know. It maybe the guy in the tent at the freeway overpass you go by every morning or someone sitting on the street. Sit with them as they are the elephant in the room. 

Just sit. 

Feel your connection to being present in Heart Centered Awareness. 

In sitting with them you give them voice and worth. Breathe and notice what is happening to the elephant. All of us have worth and may be in disguise. Just sit and let what is present engage you. How they look and behave is illusion. Let it drop. And you, drop yours. 

If you are judging, you are in your story of separated Self. Don’t judge. Be with them, be them and see what happens.

What are you reflecting to them as their mirror?

Janet Barrett
Podcast host 
Journeys Into Enlightenment with Janet

Monday, December 9, 2019

Consciousness and Wanting

"There isn’t anything anybody wants that is for any other reason than that they think they would feel better in having it." Esther Hicks (and Abraham and Jerry)

Wanting is powerful. And. where you want from is what is important. Do you want to satisfy your demanding runamuck ego state? Or does your want come from within a sense of harmony that enjoys as a delight in being?

We think we would feel better having it. Thinking and feeling are at play here. Mind and emotions are engaged.

The demanding runamuck ego state is looking for satiation from its outside resources. It is feeling bankrupt inner resources. Something is more at play than just pure enjoyment. It is needing something in hopes of completion and satisfaction. It is looking for fulfillment. It is looking for connection. It is looking to feel love. It is looking to feel worthy. It is looking to not feel alone. It is looking to feel better. It is looking to show those around us that we have worth in our things that are surrounding us. We can be feeling empty. Our control mechanism is stuck.

We are a materialistic society these days. Have and Have Nots are defining us. Life is not always easy when we have invested feeling good and worthy in our possessions and comparisons. We over extend ourselves for the best of reasons, like school loans and our haves are not feeding our self worth. They are destroying and eradicating and upsetting our environments in our need to feel full, worthy, loved.

So what happens when we flip this story of conquest and stuff to fill us up?

What if our value in being was not at the compromise of this planet and our waste and destruction?What if it was in the value of sharing with another, the delight of being alive in some way?

We get it. Love provides a sense of worth, appreciation, value, contentment and safety. It feels good
the delight in being alive and well. We feel complete and secure even when our conditions would challenge us. It gives us our cushion in life's ups and downs. Resilience and tolerance feel good.

It is not in the things we have placed as important, though the sofa will create a space to experience comfort, maybe.

We all have to stop sometime and sooner than later is good. We have to stop and let ourselves value our experiences and the direction and tone they are expressing. Wanting is not the issue. It helps us direct and focus what is important to us. Sometimes it is easier to see this through others and with others as we are each in our creation and can be blinded with a too close perspective.

Yes, when someone is kind to us it is easier to be kind to them. When someone appreciates our work or smiles or helps it is easier to share with them. When someone listens to us we can feel heard and valued. We build our reserves of worth and self confidence and self awareness for the challenges that will come our way. And, they are only the reflection and not the source and reward.

Being present for someone else is free and easy. If you want to be loved, be loving. If you want respect, be respectful. If you are wanting things, what are you grateful for?

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment

Monday, December 2, 2019

JIE Episode 24 Blog/Breathing Through Our Shared Heart

Journeys Into Enlightenment with Janet

Episode 24 Releasing Tuesday Dec.3, 2019
Blog/ Breathing Through Our Shared Heart

First there was All, One. All/One includes everything as Consciousness, One Mind. In the wonder of Life we know as human, we have developed an outward sense of Self as we are individually oriented in our human form. Still, in our internal and external core, we are Consciousness as Oneness, where the distinction of Self is loosened. 

The human heart is the first organ that develops into the body/form. It holds our connection to the All. One of the meanings of heart is core/essence. This is Consciousness that is in all of us. We share Heart through all our hearts as source.

In recognizing this incredible dynamic, how about we update our relation to All/One with a simple approach to being present. What would it be like to recognize, at our deepest levels this Shared Heart? Might we act different in our worlds if we lose our distinctions and sense of separateness that is prevalent these days? Might this be a way to unify again and bring wholeness to our world? Sometimes the simplest actions can have the biggest outcomes.

Try this and see what you notice.

Make some time and relax. Picture a Mobius Strip, that wonderful representation of Infinity and Love and Completeness. In my world, it is a dynamic symbol of Being. It is the one sided flat plane or line that turns on itself into a figure eight. At the crossover point is the heart, the center. For me, it represents Being in form and out of form, the crossover point either as birth or death. We circle around in being in form and out of form still complete just often unaware that we are in a pattern of being.

Now, just notice and let yourself feel how you are taking in oxygen into your body.

It comes in and in the coordination of body/form we align as our breath with the beat of our heart.

Feel your breath go into the heart like the Mobius Strip, through your heart and circle around behind you and then come back through your heart moving forward and outward. 

Let yourself feel the movement as it circles around and comes in again and goes out the back of your heart and circles back around and goes back into your heart and goes forward and outward, circles around and comes back in.

Now bring the awareness that you are softening and dissolving your outside form and becoming only an energy state at the same time.


Feel all as One again. 

Feel through our Shared Heart. 

Feel the shift as you come into a new awareness of your essential Essence as One through Heart Centered Awareness.

Janet Barrett
Podcast Host

Monday, November 25, 2019

Consciousness and Your Day to Day

Do you enjoy your day to day life? What is it filled with? Does it leave you excited for the next day?

What would it be like to look forward to your unique day, and the day after and the day after? 

Sometimes in the humdrum that we might enjoy at times we might lose a sense of excitement about our day and the days that follow. 

Opening ourselves up to the unexpected and variety of all kinds happening in user friendly ways might seem a threat to our finely set sense of control.  

It doesn't have to be. Enjoying expanding rule sets are helpful. 

You know your rule sets. Such as "Oh, I am not the artist, my sister is the artist", " You will never amount to much.The men in our family are always achievers". "Public service will never pay. Greed is good". You can live your day to day life following these rules and fighting with them. All of them come with a hook that rips. None of them are true. 

Rule sets are what we define them to be, the states of awareness that Life is. We are powerful and dynamic in projecting what we think Life is and how it will show up. We base much of our world view and Life on assumptions and acceptance without question. 

Our self identity is filled with stuff that really is not true but we think is. Self image and identity could offer a sense of enrichment or it can be a downward slide, events piling up validating your viewpoints in support. That is how dynamic we are. We manifest our emotions that color our thinking. We create our reality.We share in those realities. 

How to enjoy something different, a different pattern of belief and behavior means one must question the status quo. How to do it is to realize that you are more than what you think and feel you are and our surrounding myths. Start there.

Heart Centered Awareness, the Field of Unified Consciousness is available within. Accessing it, free of your self identity and image loosens the patterns of belief and assumptions that you have made up about being who you are. 

You are a unique self created idea of reality in a body form. Do you realize that? Even conjoined twins are unique to one another. 

But we are One shared state of Heart. We are individually part of the whole. 

Make time and access Heart Centered Awareness. It is right there inside you. Allow yourself to see what your self imposed ideas of Life are. Question what you experience Life as and notice what it would be like if that could be different. Question what seems real and solid and what you never question. 

Let Consciousness interact with your day to day in a more noticeable way. Let your new awareness influence and color your Life. We will all be better for it. 

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment 

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

No Blame Game with Rev. Janice Hope Gorman, Part 2

Our male and female dynamics are acknowledging each other. Great! Now what? Joining Janet is Rev. Janice Hope Gorman, founder and director of the Hope Interfaith Center. Together they will explore how, as Consciousness, the only game to play is the NO Blame Game where there are only winners to be found.

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Monday, November 18, 2019

Journeys Into Enlightenment with Janet

Ep 23 blog   New Rules in the Games People Play

How do you enjoy relating to the men or women in your life?

We would like to feel that we enjoy both men and women. And, for many there may be conditions. 

Are there patterns in the way we deal with the sexes that really are not enriching and keep the negative compounding daily? Are they filled with agendas, grudge match interactions, confusion, missed opportunities, much not said or acknowledged, frustration that you are not being heard? Perhaps fear of safety, lack of respect, impertinence.

You name it you can feel all kinds of things in your sense of connection with the other sex or another individual.

Whatever your dominant state of interaction is with others is, it reflects your inner sense of relation with your male/female directives inside.

We tend to maintain bias in our language. Here, we refer to each as the opposite sex and that might be part of the problem. What if they are not referred to as in distanced from each other but side by side? We need a different word. The abreast sex or the alongside sex doesn’t have the same ring does it? And, maybe we could use the term female/male instead of male/female? It registers energetically different.

Men and women are not the same, but they go together as part of the human design. They are complementary dynamics that can sometime seem contrary. One is not better than the other. Like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that are different and they fit together interlocking. 
They go together. Their differences work together to create and complete connection and unity. 

Our powers are equal and complementary though we think them not, when we think in terms of strong, weak, etc. Yes, one may be physically stronger with testosterone, but can you really say a woman in childbirth is not as strong with her estrogen pumping? There are just differences in demonstration of what is possible. We are talking apples and oranges. Both fruit. One not better than the other.  

We need some new rules in appreciating the differences between men and women that shifts our game of life and play. We need to appreciate strength and wisdom of all kinds that our sexual identities, ruled by our hormones provide us. 

We need to get out of the Blame Game and start playing the NO Blame Game. 

Compassion, Appreciation, Respect. These are the rules we want to align ourselves in.

We need to let go of the past and start, in this moment, to change how we relate. Maybe we need “Men are from Mars and Women love them” or “Women are from Venus and Men love them” as a better alignment of what is possible and the natural order. Unity, Oneness is the natural state of Being. There is only the One in Being for each of us and collectively.

How to get rid of the State of Victim/Abuser, which is the Blame Game?

One dominant rule in the Blame Game is the State of Forgiveness. 

Forgiveness is the quality that someone else has done us wrong, they have hurt us. There is an imbalance that creates a need for justice, fairness. It is a deliberate choice to release feeling of resentment or vengeance towards others regardless of whether they actually deserve your forgiveness. Forgiveness does not mean forgetting, nor does it mean condoning or excusing offenses.

There are many considerations that are mentioned in that definition. All from our sense of Self which is usually invested in right and wrong.

From within Consciousness and Oneness, our position about Forgiveness is different. Any reaction to stimuli is mine. I can feel physical hurt, mental hurt, emotional hurt. I can acknowledge pain and it can move me to the next place, the next moment. We are each responsible for creating the experience. We are each responsible for what comes next.

If we are in a pattern or patterns of being hurt without resolution the hurts pile up and we get into the game of blame /forgiveness. Someone else has done me wrong. Victim thinking manifests. And some will say they forgive but they don’t forget. And that keeps it all in play. Only with forgetting does one cease the need to forgive.
What would it be like to let go of the need and energy of Forgiveness?

Access heart Centered Awareness and let your awareness of how you deal with the men and women in your life reflect how you feel inside about your inner world. Then pick someone who comes to mind and use the Hawaiian Ho’oponopono prayer towards them.

I am sorry.

Please forgive me.

Thank you. (for being in my life to help me to know wholeness).

I love you.

Take it in as you recite the words. Let them sink in. Recite it as many times until you feel different.

Then notice what it would be like if the other says it to you! Allow yourself to feel different. Allow yourself to let go what felt stuck emotionally. And Breathe. Breathe through your heart. Feel the shared heart.

Janet Barrett
Podcast host
Journeys Into Enlightenment with Janet