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Monday, January 28, 2019

Consciousness and Changing our Tune

As your world or your government, or individuals within your government, make decisions about what is better for you, and as they try to protect you from every possible potential experience, your lives become rather cumbersome, don’t they? All you ever need is a vibration of Well-being.
Excerpted from El Paso, TX on 2/17/01
Our Love
Esther (Abraham and Jerry)

This daily posting came out on Saturday the day after the signing of the end of the US government shutdown. Whether we have another one in three weeks is up to us and our representatives in play. 

I appreciated the timing. As you can see that it was given to us originally in 2001. Wisdom has come to us throughout the ages. 2001 wasn't so long ago in the pantheon of human existence. But it feels like a long time ago. Which leads us to realize that what this statement is wise about, the interaction of people and their governments is still the same. No matter what the surface of something might register as, there can be underlying agendas hidden directing the show. 

Esther and Abraham remind us that all we need is the vibration of Well-being to hear, feel and incorporate into our being. That it is that field of awareness, that state, that contains this vibration to be active within us. It is our Essence. Our connection to Consciousness.

Our challenge can be that humans can feel many different vibrations and hold them in conscious awareness for just bits in time and space. Physical realm is full of stuff that will impinge on our awareness of safety and survival of the form, the body, so we have a shifting focus that can constantly scan the horizon or the room you are in and the people you are around. We have to rely on our unconscious awareness, which operates all the time to help keep us safe, which can be tricky as it holds all your secrets, even those secret to you and everything else. 

On the other hand our Essence as Consciousness resonates in this state as all is well when there is no story, feeling, thoughts, events to distract it. There is no attachment or bias. There is only light, information and patterns and vibrations and resonances. As soon as you go into your story of being, Self, you lose sight of your underlying Essence which is always at play, that sense of Well-being described. It is a state reference not event based so it can respond or feel like a now and then moment but it is really the underlying state as Essence.  

When you resonate in Well-being you appreciate that the world and others around you shift in relation to you and your story. Even your story and rule sets and minds sets change. 

We have governments for a reason. They come in all shapes and sizes and designs. They have intentions, expectations and agendas. They always, always, reflect the way it's people feel and we have to own that and make our peace with that awareness as most often it will reflect our humanity and our ideals, foibles, emotions and survival stresses. 

We like to feel cared for and to know that someone, something is looking out for us. A well intentioned government design is crafted to support us. It doesn't always reflect this. We can find our bodies and minds and Essence getting manipulated out of shape or goes underground. 

History provides us with those who have walked on this physical realm in some sort of connection to the non physical realms of awareness. Whether well known as Jesus, Buddha, Gandhi, King, Dali Lama, Tutu, and the nameless women lost in bias, they have all known that we are much more. We are Essence at our core of Self and have the ability to hold a sense of Well-Being no matter their bodies physical stresses and situations. 

No one is here to save us. Those before us show us by example ways to live in alignment with Essence and Self. People can interpret the words and change them and give meaning not intended. 

We could get caught up in our emotions and physical sensations and lose their words. Nothing dies but the body and its mind references. The Essence continues on and may come back into form at some time or not. Doesn't really matter but to their own sense of Essence in design. 

Freedom in form maybe what Well-being is in action. You are not subject to the passing waves of emotions and thoughts that would compromise your Self. Being is whole and complete. Which is well. Always. 

We have a history of living beyond our means. We have a history at times of not supporting those who help others. We have a history of not appreciating what we have until we lose it. We can have a history of thinking that we are the only ones who matter and let the rest eat cake. All are part of the collective as Consciousness.

It is up to us to realize that our Well-being is perhaps just out of tune. inside and perhaps dormant. See what happens when you tune up and in to Well-Being. 

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment

Monday, January 21, 2019

Consciousness and the intersections of Consciousness and Self

Last week I released my first episode of Journeys Into Enlightenment with Janet. The focus of my podcast will be about the intersections of Consciousness and Self. Each episode released every two weeks will usually feature a friend who will join me in Heart Centered Awareness, the Field of Unified Consciousness and share about the myriad and different aspects of Being.

Like with my show "Conscious Conversations with Joan and Janet" my intention is to create in this space a container for others to indulge in. What you found in CCwJJ and will find again here with me is Heart Centered Awareness. There is lots of of great work out on the airwaves. What we looked to do different was sit within the reality of Consciousness as a real state as Joan and I explored Being and relating to topical concerns. We are the only radio show to offer that.

Every guest who joined us on the air felt it. It is the reality of being present, where change can happen in a moment that can last a lifetime. By just listening and allowing yourself to be in that reality state with us your connection to yourself as essence can make differences in your every day life.

Consciousness technologies allow us to feel different in the moment for time and space are malleable. When you listened into the show, if you knew what you were feeling, you felt the shift from Self to Consciousness. It is at our core. It is our essence. If you were new to the state you felt it and just didn't maybe know what you were feeling. And, no matter what you called it, God, Source, Universe, Cabbage it was real. In the spectrum of awareness in Being we are all at different places and sensory input so there is always variance in sensations between all of us.

Consciousness is at the core of All. Every rock, wave, finger, bush, gas, you name it. It is the core of human reality here on planet Earth and in the cosmos. We are all one. As humans experiencing life we feel, resonate in certain ranges of vibrations that are perhaps different levels of awareness from other matter, other essences, other energies. But all, fall within the core of Consciousness.

I look to celebrate all of this in my new podcast. Once again each episode will start with accessing HCA and what comes out of this space with my friend of the episode. And this time the focus will be perhaps more on the timeless quality of Being and not so much on the chaotic nature that Self can entertain. We will pull from our different histories, references, trainings, skill sets, and different wisdom of the past and appreciate it all in the present.

Our Journeys Into Enlightenment with Janet podcast page will reflect the topic and conversation. Included will be my friend's bio, picture and their contacts. You will find the featured word highlights along with a special blog written for the topic. As part of the episode there will be a featured meditation from my husband Tom Barrett's extensive Interlude:An Internet Retreat meditation archive. There will be a few Consciousness Cookies, bits of wisdom from the ages and now. With place for any additional works of art as poems or books are mentioned in our conversation.

At one time in the world's civilization all roads led to Rome. It was considered the center of the Roman Empire. In this time there are more than one path to Consciousness. It us individually on our Journey of Enlightenment.

So whether you catch Journeys Into Enlightenment with Janet on my website or at the CTR Network 
or my Youtube channel Journeys Into Enlightenment with Janet Barrett  I know you will enjoy where your journey meets mine. I look forward to meeting you there.

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment     

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Podcast Episode I /Consciousness at Our Core

This blog was written specific to the first episode of Journeys Into Enlightenment with Janet. 

You can hear it as part of the recording at

Consciousness at Our Core

IN the beginning there was God, oops, Consciousness and then there was a bunch of stuff that happened. And in the long run, many, many, many seasons later man showed up. And the truth is that everything is within the core of Consciousness. We tend to think in terms that core is small but in reality, everything is held within.

Now humans can hold awareness of this core. Let’s call it Consciousness. In tuning in to it, it is there active and the stillness of creation.

In our minds’ humans can organize with a sense of hierarchy. This entitles us to often to take positions of authority of another person or people. We decide how we will share living space with other creatures on this small pale blue dot and even the dot itself. In our minds we have sovereignty over all. This is a fallacy.

By the time the human life form showed up on this planet it was really Johnny Come Lately. Life had been going on for billions of years. Ice ages came and went, dinosaurs came and went. Beach front property was a lot less in space than it is now. Earth was Being and just fine thank you. 

Human references with our senses are what we have in order to decide how we organize our sense of life. We decide those definitions.  We create religions at times that reflect when our science wasn’t up to snuff. We often use science to justify, validate our hypothesis about being. We used our building awareness as cultures and civilizations to find our connection in the physical and non-physical realms of environment and thought. And the ability to manipulate our lives in certain ways started to develop either through physical means or in harnessing and using non-physical means.

Like a body full of cells so are we with other humans within the Consciousness core. We are relation-based creatures sharing this on planet Earth. In a healthy body all of it works together as a whole no matter the limitations of the parts. Each is specific to the working of the whole. Our life form must be appreciated, held in awe of how it constantly strives to be in a harmonious state of balance.

We make assumptions, take things for granted, consider ourselves successful and independent these days free of the whole of mankind, planet Earth and the cosmos. Not possible. We question whether we make differences in being alive.  We play at life and see disconnect between actions and outcomes in our lives in our environment around us and putting one before another.

We have put aside what our ancestors learned and passed on to us through our genes. That life is precious. To learn from our past and let it help guide us. To recognize what might look different is only a different aspect of the totality of life. That we are so small and how to find comfort in that and not fear.

We will always use our emotions to guide us. They are the flavoring life has to offer. We will think about what we feel. Often, they would seem to control us. In attitudes, world vision and how we each are in the world.

All of this creates a body of awareness and form. Our stories and DNA give us reasons and justifications for positions in the relation with ourselves and others.

It leads to the awareness that there is something that humans can’t do. We can conceive life, we can birth life, but we can’t manufacture the spark we call life. We can only create it from existing living tissue. It is unique in the cosmos, this human form and our fellow living creatures. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist in different forms, in different times and places.

Now is the time to stop. Breathe. Put a sock on the monkey mind and give it a rest. Breathe. Release the pressure you find inside in being you. Breathe.  Reengage. And, this time you are doing it from within yourself and listening to your truths. Not those projected truths, those surface “to fit in” truths, but from your essence, Consciousness which is aware on a whole different level about the wholeness of being and all its elements. We are each just one of many in this cosmic soup holding this core of Consciousness in form.

Janet Barrett
Host Journeys Into Enlightenment with Janet
on the CTR Network

Monday, January 14, 2019

Consciousness and New Podcast series Journeys Into Enlightenment with Janet

This is your invitation to meet at the intersections of Consciousness and Self! 

My new project Journeys Into Enlightenment with Janet is my dialogue with a different friend each episode exploring Consciousness in its spectrum in connection with Self. It will be all about the delight of this physical realm of contrast and the freedom within the non physical realm we engage in.

Every two weeks one of my friends and I, along with you will access Heart Centered Awareness, the Field of Unified Consciousness. We will indulge in the sacred and stillness of information, fuzzy photons, and resonances of all kinds that are at play within each of us--as the individual and as the collective.

You will feel, in each episode, the loosening of Self into the reality of potential where different alignments are available to experience in our day-to-day lives.

I can promise it will be fun, profound, sacred, emotional, bringing perhaps tantalizing new thoughts and awakening curiosity within. You will feel the connection to us as One. You will feel enlivened and renewed by listening in to our topics in each episode.

My other show Conscious Conversations with Joan and Janet (CCwJJ) is still available on our website  or our YouTube channel Conscious Conversations with Joan and Janet. It is a powerful body of work that you can still enjoy.

What's the difference between my new podcast and the old you might ask? Maybe not much. I do know that for CCwJJ, our focus was on timely events happening around us and how that fit into the whole. My focus here is more on the nature of timeless considerations that Consciousness also is.

When I was researching my new adventure, a fella who produces podcasts told me that I was obligated to present my information to the public. I laughed. I told him I was in no way obligated. It was my absolute joy to do so.

There is so much great information available around us. I hope you will join me and my friends. It truly is a container of warmth, support, non judgment, and Grace that we offer.

What would that be like to enjoy?

Tomorrow our first episode is Consciousness and the Starting Place. You will find all the elements of the podcast included on my website at . This page will be up and running by the end of the day.

Janet Barrett
Podcast Host Journeys Into Enlightenment with Janet
On the CTR Network

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Consciousness and The Fuzzy Photons Playground Groups

How is life treating you this year so far?

Everyone says, and we all know, that we have been and still are moving through massive energetic shifts. You may be aware of and much might get noticed only as part of the stress you feel. Many of us are feeling now what is coming for all of the rest of us.

Along with the past weeks of holiday season, winter and societies reflections we are really working through our stuff.

You may also be quite aware of what is driving your internal dance and feeling alone, overwhelmed or just tired about it.

When is the last time you felt positive group dynamics?

Do you live outside of a local Consciousness Technologies playgroup or study group? Are you used to being alone and doing your internal thing? That can get tiring and limiting. For those of us who work in group dynamics we realize and appreciate others who show up and share in the work. Like it was in seminar but with more awareness now.

It is a great time to create support for being. Community. Especially when we are not in the habit of being in a group of forward thinking like minded individuals that enjoy consciousness technologies and shifting reality in our daily lives.  Maybe you are fortunate to enjoy a family and friends that support your thought processes and enjoy you looking at life from a different perspective.

In case you don't have that around you I have an invitation for you. If you would enjoy support, warmth and non judgment. If you feel removed from a supportive environment about Consciousness and Consciousness Technologies I have a solution. To join in such a group. I offer two of them on most every Thursday at 10 am and 6 pm Pacific.

Do you remember what Fuzzy Photons are? We are each clouds of photons in motion. Our mindset (observation) picks one and there you are, into the reality of it as a pattern. Consciousness technologies are all about going back into the state of the cloud and playing with the reality where other choices are available. Other realities.

To observe this cloud in which all photons are oscillating it looks fuzzy. Hence the Fuzzy Photons Playground groups. We are all clouds of fuzzy photons dancing around.

I offer the groups via Zoom Video Conferencing which is an easy download to your device of choice. Groups are small live interactive weekly sessions with the group members seen with their names. You truly feel the energy present. It is about as close to being here with me in group that we can get.

I have been offering local groups here for students of Matrix Energetics for some 14 years or so. And, now I offer groups to those who are into Consciousness as a playground.

In group we always access Heart Centered Awareness, the Field of Unified Consciousness. If you need support or reminding we are there to help you do so.

You will access the sacred, the profound, laughter, tears, new shifts in reality in the moment. We revel in the potential that is present as our playing field. The group's focus for each session revolves around what is present to play with. All of it member driven personal work and compassionate witnessing.

When I say that you will find warmth, support and non judgment I mean it. We are each creative dynamic beings dealing with our creations. We feel different ways about what that means to each of us. Usually we are stewing in our stew. Having compassionate witnesses brings a much needed re-framing to our challenges.

Groups are small, weekly, and you can move between the groups if you need to due to time or schedule conflicts. Some participate in both. There is a suggested sliding scale so you choose and are payable in monthly payments prior to group via PayPal.

Please write to me at to receive your registration packet. You can start as soon as this Thursday. You can go to my website at to read more about me and the groups. There are testimonials there also.

If it is time to reconnect or polish skills up or just want to join in all the fun this is your invitation to give us a try. Where you were located physically need not make a difference now. We currently have friends in New Zealand, Colorado, California, Kansas, Texas joining in the fun. 

Don't let the New Year be anything other than an effortless grace in being. And if you don't feel that in your life currently, you will.

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment