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Monday, January 21, 2019

Consciousness and the intersections of Consciousness and Self

Last week I released my first episode of Journeys Into Enlightenment with Janet. The focus of my podcast will be about the intersections of Consciousness and Self. Each episode released every two weeks will usually feature a friend who will join me in Heart Centered Awareness, the Field of Unified Consciousness and share about the myriad and different aspects of Being.

Like with my show "Conscious Conversations with Joan and Janet" my intention is to create in this space a container for others to indulge in. What you found in CCwJJ and will find again here with me is Heart Centered Awareness. There is lots of of great work out on the airwaves. What we looked to do different was sit within the reality of Consciousness as a real state as Joan and I explored Being and relating to topical concerns. We are the only radio show to offer that.

Every guest who joined us on the air felt it. It is the reality of being present, where change can happen in a moment that can last a lifetime. By just listening and allowing yourself to be in that reality state with us your connection to yourself as essence can make differences in your every day life.

Consciousness technologies allow us to feel different in the moment for time and space are malleable. When you listened into the show, if you knew what you were feeling, you felt the shift from Self to Consciousness. It is at our core. It is our essence. If you were new to the state you felt it and just didn't maybe know what you were feeling. And, no matter what you called it, God, Source, Universe, Cabbage it was real. In the spectrum of awareness in Being we are all at different places and sensory input so there is always variance in sensations between all of us.

Consciousness is at the core of All. Every rock, wave, finger, bush, gas, you name it. It is the core of human reality here on planet Earth and in the cosmos. We are all one. As humans experiencing life we feel, resonate in certain ranges of vibrations that are perhaps different levels of awareness from other matter, other essences, other energies. But all, fall within the core of Consciousness.

I look to celebrate all of this in my new podcast. Once again each episode will start with accessing HCA and what comes out of this space with my friend of the episode. And this time the focus will be perhaps more on the timeless quality of Being and not so much on the chaotic nature that Self can entertain. We will pull from our different histories, references, trainings, skill sets, and different wisdom of the past and appreciate it all in the present.

Our Journeys Into Enlightenment with Janet podcast page will reflect the topic and conversation. Included will be my friend's bio, picture and their contacts. You will find the featured word highlights along with a special blog written for the topic. As part of the episode there will be a featured meditation from my husband Tom Barrett's extensive Interlude:An Internet Retreat meditation archive. There will be a few Consciousness Cookies, bits of wisdom from the ages and now. With place for any additional works of art as poems or books are mentioned in our conversation.

At one time in the world's civilization all roads led to Rome. It was considered the center of the Roman Empire. In this time there are more than one path to Consciousness. It us individually on our Journey of Enlightenment.

So whether you catch Journeys Into Enlightenment with Janet on my website or at the CTR Network 
or my Youtube channel Journeys Into Enlightenment with Janet Barrett  I know you will enjoy where your journey meets mine. I look forward to meeting you there.

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment