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Monday, August 27, 2018

Consciousness and Recognizing the Hero

Last week I was writing about how we have been in a state of creating a Doomsday/Armageddon consciousness in our entertainment and social media fields for the last several years. What do we do about it? 

All of this is about not being safe in the world and in the cosmos. We question survival of the species, of the planet, of our ideals and our cultures. We question survival of our identities. 

This is a great example of how powerful our emotions and thinking are in creating projected collective reality. We are generating and living in a fantasy war mentality of reality and unfortunately war usually includes winning and losing in it's dynamics. Ordinary men are not powerful enough to solve the problems. We need superheroes, leaders who do all the work and carry on the burden of existence and we follow behind safely behind in the distance. 

We have a need for superheroes when we may have a sense that we are not powerful or heroic enough to make change and conquer whatever we deem enemies out there. Emotional states run high and generate muck everywhere. 

This is not true. Man repeatedly demonstrates the innate ability to change his world and himself.  If we created something we can destroy it. We can also destroy what we have not created and take for granted or appropriated out of greed. 

The truth is that we are each powerful enough to be a hero in our daily lives and when called upon to help to change the world, one person at a time or groups of people at a time. 

It is not that hard to recognize those among us who we can admire for their courage, outstanding achievements or noble qualities. Everywhere are people of all ages and sizes, backgrounds, and ethnicity demonstrating what we would consider the best in being human if we only take the time to appreciate each other. Everyone else can be someone not being recognized who demonstrates heroic behavior all the time.  

I see it everyday in my weekly consciousness exploring groups. Those who gather here and on-line with me are all heroes. Life has challenged us in our various conditions and guises. What is obvious to those outside of the drama, who are serving as witness and audience are co-creators of the heroic. Our hero may be oblivious. That is the power of the group, to give feedback of appreciation when the hero may not be aware in his play. 

It is also not necessary for others to recognize us but it is nice. So often only after one is dead is a life or actions recognized as worthy of notice. Bias, agendas, alternate facts, alternate truths are always someone's opinion. They can get in our way to what would be obvious to another with even the same or different perspective. 

It is also important to be able to notice that where one might be called hero in one context can be fallible in other contexts. And, then redeems themselves for admitting it.    

When we choose to access ourselves as Consciousness we realize how we are engaging those around us. Our issues become ways of knowing and defining ourselves. 

Help can be around us. Standing alone and standing with another offers strength in position in our physical world of contrast and balance.

You stand equal in company with those others who also go beyond their fears and feel up to the challenge. And sometimes it requires you to appear as a maverick, someone who is unorthodox or independent in thinking. Which is really a hero's position when you think about it. They go beyond the fear present and the perhaps reasonable limits to anyone else.  We witness and help and watch as they sometimes die in the completion of actions or live to do it all over again in another time and place.   

My definition would also include someone willing to take on the status quo. It takes a strong vision and sense of rightness from within. We can be different from another but all are held in respect. We understand that we are not better than another, we are just different, as part of the spectrum of humans working together willingly or unwillingly in this dance of life.  

A maverick or hero can be someone that others can and will follow in leading for change in a government or in a playground safety concern or being non violent when others are not, for example. It does not matter. All responses have value, all reflect one's values of self and community. and the connection between how we walk in our truth which combines our connection to self and others with our sense of inner directions.  

For many of us who embrace ourselves as Consciousness in action, we appreciate where we are collectively and what we know to be true. That we are each part of the collective as life is evolving as mankind evolves. Doomsday thinking is only a mechanism to explore our fears of being alive. 

It is time to explore what being alive is about, not our fears. 

What if our explorations were about love of life? Does that change the orientation one might have?

 Look at John McCain who just passed. He had plenty of reason to be bitter or angry as a result of his years as a POW. Or Nelson Mandela in prison for 27 years. Both men, and others like them took their experiences of pain and suffering and challenged themselves and us to do the right thing anyway. To go beyond the pain, to value life, appreciate the differences and similarities and extend a hand to a former enemy.  And to be willing to stand alone if needed. 

Conflict makes for great fireside stories of tales of daring and feeling vitally alive with our often tormented heroes and heroines. It is nice to have cautionary tales to tell the young. And that happens only when we have learned our lessons well enough to have someone to pass them on to. 

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment


Thursday, August 23, 2018

Consciousness and Revealing the BE on our chests!

Doomsday looms on many fronts according to our pop culture and fears. Many may feel it is here now.

Great storytelling includes the strong and right and just against the equally strong wrong and unfairness in the world. Unfortunately these are opposites that can keep us in fixed positions of feeling and thinking. It requires a huge event to change us out of these mindsets. It can feel as abrupt as a slap or gunshot or bolt of lightening.

Our modern interpretations of our old stories of earth magic and shaman/alchemists are cautionary tales about life,destruction, control and power. They are archetypes of being. But sometimes we can forget this. 

We identify with our fellow beat up humans. We all want to feel powerful and in control in our lives. 

We can not do it alone. In this particular state of humanity we are crying out once again for heroes and superheros to save us and keep us safe for all mankind and from mankind. As we did at the advent of World War Two when the modern take of gods and myths of beings became superheroes.  

Look at all the superheros permeating our culture these days. Sometimes it is not enough to be a hero now, you want a superhero. Poor superheros. They dazzle and suffer as they carry the burden of societies. They are a mix of suffering humans who sustain some horrendous trauma or bug bite and out of the world skill sets result. Or they might be non human creatures out of time and space. Well written heroes and villains have ethos, pathos and logos at play and for us to engage with. 

Superheros don't seem to retire. They are moments in time that replay and replay and replay for that is their very nature.  They represent our current archetypes. No matter their appearance they are warriors.
They may use their gifts for good but at what cost? Destruction ensues as the forces of good and evil or maybe not so evil play out. And we are supposed to feel okay about it. Just how many times can New York City be destroyed? And then fresh and vibrant in the next movie to be destroyed all over again. What pattern is at play here? The one that it is okay to destroy a city as it will be fine the next time we destroy the enemy? I think we know this is not how time plays into life. 

Movies and books that offer humane behavior without punishment and humor are that more enjoyable in the combination of relentless intensities.

These days whether it is romance, mystery or sci fi we are often embracing warrior mentality.  Some of us may never have a sense of having left the battlefield and will find one another battle as a way to honor fallen comrades and protect the downtrodden and innocent. Peace is a precarious state in between wars. Warriors might not often handle peace well as they maybe only feel really alive when faced with death.

Being suspicious of one's neighbors and anyone who looks different, sounds different, represent different culture is a sad way to live.

We are not alone. In heart Centered Awareness you will find that you need no weapon, no cape except as entertainment.

If we let our investment in right/ wrong to soften, our desire for a good fight, our need to feel in control that follows a loss of control to all relax a bit, what happens in our lives changes. Events don't play out in the same way as they always reflect your alignments, old and new.

Our humanity is recognizing these days that constructs of systems that those before us have set in place need to soften and shift and reflect kindly on all of us. It is possible. If we understand that change is possible in how our stories of troubles seem set. To be not righteous, not confrontational, not challenging to face death, only enjoying the story. Appreciating that what it consider self is a creative state of expression and makes for a great story. It is only part of being.

Consciousness is the superhero in each of us. With a BE on our chest. It is of a different sort of superhero as we save ourselves. 

"Living to fight another day" may make for a nice rallying cry but "Living another day" is even better. 

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment

Monday, August 13, 2018

Consciousness and Life as Art

Last week I mentioned my life of transformation. I mentioned that if I had continued on my old path of thinking I would be dead now. So I had strong motivation to do something different, to be different in how I perceived my place in the world, and what I now realize I had been powerful in creating. 

I needed a new framework about life. Religious doctrines, science and metaphysical principles were taking me only so far. At the same time the new field of Consciousness Technologies was developing. Synchronicity at play? This new field helped me to see the limits built in to powerful belief systems. They helped me to learn how to engage my thinking differently and change the dynamics at play into something else. Potential was engaged and shifts started to be noticed. 

Now my take on life and what that means as human as the interface of Consciousness is an active ever unfolding state, a work of art. I have created an opportunity to let go of death as a forgone conclusion of escape from all this and engage life as a treasure. And, to do it with as little judgment as my sense of Self can operate out of.  

My wounds have become the gifts that Consciousness imbues and infuses my humanness. My intuitive skills are stronger and more user friendly and I experience them in a difference sense of appreciation. They power my compassion and understanding that we are both individual and share as the collective that is Consciousness, the spectrum of All.

If I had continued to play the game of life as only suffering I have only so many choices available to me. I lived a life of right and wrong. I now know that there is right, there is wrong, and neither and both all at the same time.  Irreconcilable differences and reconcilable differences have a way of engaging us. Our logic meters spin without settling. I became aware that the irreconcilable became as nothing more than one position to take. Neither and both allowed me to realize that duality, polarity and scalar dynamics exist all the time depending our positions of reality, our mindsets, and all the realities in play at any one time. 

I have met many people in group and clients who are also very gifted in their intuitive senses and they have not necessarily brought them joy. It can bring a connection to life, this world of information, that is painful, overwhelming, alarming, inconvenient, disorienting, confused, threatening, cursed. 

My awareness is that for many those gifts developed out of their own personal journeys into pain and trauma. So when they are activated they are coming out of that framework. It colors what is noticed and shared with a glaze of emotions and hidden judgments that dilutes or can negate and keep us stuck. The wound never transcends into the gifts of wisdom. And every time the sense is engaged the wound can be triggered open. Like what was happening to me in my ability as empath as defined by the old rules.    

In this current wonderful time of upheaval that Consciousness finds itself in we can reframe our position into more neutral framework. What would it be like to enjoy your connection to humanity? 

Too often our popular media and collective thinking has created being intuitive and powerful in mostly negative terms in morphic field dynamics. It can get convoluted and come up against very judgmental biases. To be intuitive or psychic can get your called witch or healer sometimes. It may seem more acceptable if we are following one's own hunches about danger for others and and keeping the public safe. Or expressed in particular fields of endeavor that utilize our skills in positive ways.

Listening to our individual intuitive voices from with Heart Centered Awareness the Field of Unified Consciousness allows us to recognize ourselves as much more, as Consciousness, within the human framework. Not as isolated freaks or weirdos as some might image but as one who is able to connect to the many seen and unseen ways energy can be experienced.  

Access Heart Centered Awareness and embrace the neutral sacred space. It is a sacred state to be prized and preserved. These days it can be felt as ease. Consider it a clean canvas as potential waiting to unfold.  

Maybe take a moment or two to consider how you physically operate with your senses in your world. If you let go of the judgments that may shape your ability to notice the world around you what can happen? Our creative energies always have a way of tapping on our shoulder to get our attention. Working cohesively with our senses and mindsets can change your life experience.  

Your life is your expression of the creator in you. You may not consider yourself an artist. But most everyone can register light and dark with our physical eyes. And you may be able to register light and dark with your other senses as tonal shades in sound or feeling or as numbers.  

Judging the light and dark has no place here. Life is a state with different light values that represent different experiences. A painter will utilize the light and dark as the shades of colors. Relate to the canvas with the eye of a fine artist and you will see into the dark, into the light and their interaction. Whether it be as sound and song, a story or as a mathematical equation of the wonders of the heavens any artist will appreciates the tonal qualities of available light as colors, notes, emotions or numbers. 

Appreciate your connection to Consciousness and being part of the whole that Oneness is. Appreciate your intuitive skills for what they truly are: your connection as Consciousness to life. Feel free to enjoy your life as evolving art.  

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment

Monday, August 6, 2018

Consciousness and A Life of Transformation

There are elements in my past story of being that you may resonate to. I offer it as perhaps a new awareness or perspective might be helpful as stuff comes up in your own adventure of life.  

I am 63 years old now. Only in the last 17 or so years have I been able to view and experience life differently from the first 36 years.

None of my story was about the ability to enjoy life for myself. Physical pain was often daily starting in my early teens. By my early 20's cascades of unexplained symptoms and conditions were present and piling up. So too in the world around me. People needed help, the world was hostile and futile was the feeling with occasional happy places. I was an unaware suffering survivor. Love and joy and fun and were nothing more than concepts on a physical level. I could access plenty in my mind but that was my mind only. There was always a negative to any positive to keep balance.

Physically I was a unsolved puzzle to Western doctors and belief systems. I was going to the cutting edge of medicine. My conditions and diagnosis's were various. Many were unexplained. Finally I was diagnosed as a Universal Reactor. My body reacted allergically to everything even water swelling 2 inches when consumed. Long life did not seem reachable and by my 20's my internal sense of self was that I was dying was growing stronger.By age 22 when my new husband mentioned us sitting in rocking chairs on the front porch in our 80's helped me realize that I had no sense of this for myself.

I am an empath and channel. Since my teens my metaphysical and intuitive abilities operated with all the clairs of seeing, knowing etc. going strong.

By my adult life my gifts of awareness did not feel like gifts but wounds. They did not enrich my life, they could not save me from what I was feeling and knowing. Being able to channel and have a bigger vision of the world beyond the physical did not make me feel better, but, actually worse.

Being an empath held me ill and in a tenuous relationship to people. I felt everybody's stuff. Clothes shopping was hell when I went into dressing rooms and grocery stores. Sometimes the energy in women's dressing rooms was so off putting and physically so stressful I would have to leave before trying on any clothing. Clothes left hanging in the dressing room reflected unhappy thoughts in the angled mirrors polluting the space.  

I was able to validate my suffering as part of being a healer and that to suffer was okay as long as I could remove others pain. My hands were powerful in moving energy. Being able to track and see others' aches and pains and their wounded healer patterns wasn't fun. Along the way I decided it was okay to be a martyr if I was serving. (Never doubt our ability to rationalize and reason anything.) 

When I was 25 or so I had heard a young Deepak Chopra speak and mention that cells live and die all the time. If you can change the nature of the individual cell when it replaces itself health changes.  It took me into my late 40's to figure out how that could happen and feel it real and become my truth. 

I was at the right leap in time and place in what I would come to know as Consciousness.  Synchronicity was active in my need for answers. Science and Western medicine were  making leaps in knowledge of systems in our physical and quantum worlds. Finally I gained names to my various diseases of conditions. Solutions were unsatisfying with marginal improvements. Death was lurking.

It was only when I got into the emerging field of Consciousness Technologies did my story of pain and death patterns start to change. I came to realize with the help of some leading edge thinkers that I had created this world I was living in and that if I changed how I thought I was in my world, I could change my body and world.

I changed how I held awareness as me. I engaged my intuitive senses to become aware of my energies in the duality in my language dance of light/dark, good/evil, positive/negative that I was engaged in and what a trap in thinking it was creating. Only then did change happened. 

I was able to access myself as Consciousness and view the states of reality that I was participating in from the bigger perspective as Consciousness something I had already been doing but under different labels and beliefs. I was able to appreciate my intuitive skills as more than just predictors and treatment of despair, disease and limits but as states of belief that were limiting my life and others. I was able to reframe my connection to them. Redefining what empath meant to me without the judgment. 

I came to appreciate how knowledge and frameworks in modalities may be well intended but can be crushing in application. I was able to change my mind about how those before me and around me might accept what appears as reality without question. In not accepting the limits I began to think and feel different. I was able to change the reality state that my cells were in, the mindset of beliefs controlling the health of my cells. They exist now in a reality state of Free to Live.

My past story is just that, in my past. My present box in being is no longer a jail or coffin but a place to explore life from.

I just had to be willing to change my mind. To not fear what I found inside of myself but appreciate how the wound really is the gift as Gregg Braden said so many years ago. Wisdom abounds and delights when it is engaged.

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment