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Monday, August 13, 2018

Consciousness and Life as Art

Last week I mentioned my life of transformation. I mentioned that if I had continued on my old path of thinking I would be dead now. So I had strong motivation to do something different, to be different in how I perceived my place in the world, and what I now realize I had been powerful in creating. 

I needed a new framework about life. Religious doctrines, science and metaphysical principles were taking me only so far. At the same time the new field of Consciousness Technologies was developing. Synchronicity at play? This new field helped me to see the limits built in to powerful belief systems. They helped me to learn how to engage my thinking differently and change the dynamics at play into something else. Potential was engaged and shifts started to be noticed. 

Now my take on life and what that means as human as the interface of Consciousness is an active ever unfolding state, a work of art. I have created an opportunity to let go of death as a forgone conclusion of escape from all this and engage life as a treasure. And, to do it with as little judgment as my sense of Self can operate out of.  

My wounds have become the gifts that Consciousness imbues and infuses my humanness. My intuitive skills are stronger and more user friendly and I experience them in a difference sense of appreciation. They power my compassion and understanding that we are both individual and share as the collective that is Consciousness, the spectrum of All.

If I had continued to play the game of life as only suffering I have only so many choices available to me. I lived a life of right and wrong. I now know that there is right, there is wrong, and neither and both all at the same time.  Irreconcilable differences and reconcilable differences have a way of engaging us. Our logic meters spin without settling. I became aware that the irreconcilable became as nothing more than one position to take. Neither and both allowed me to realize that duality, polarity and scalar dynamics exist all the time depending our positions of reality, our mindsets, and all the realities in play at any one time. 

I have met many people in group and clients who are also very gifted in their intuitive senses and they have not necessarily brought them joy. It can bring a connection to life, this world of information, that is painful, overwhelming, alarming, inconvenient, disorienting, confused, threatening, cursed. 

My awareness is that for many those gifts developed out of their own personal journeys into pain and trauma. So when they are activated they are coming out of that framework. It colors what is noticed and shared with a glaze of emotions and hidden judgments that dilutes or can negate and keep us stuck. The wound never transcends into the gifts of wisdom. And every time the sense is engaged the wound can be triggered open. Like what was happening to me in my ability as empath as defined by the old rules.    

In this current wonderful time of upheaval that Consciousness finds itself in we can reframe our position into more neutral framework. What would it be like to enjoy your connection to humanity? 

Too often our popular media and collective thinking has created being intuitive and powerful in mostly negative terms in morphic field dynamics. It can get convoluted and come up against very judgmental biases. To be intuitive or psychic can get your called witch or healer sometimes. It may seem more acceptable if we are following one's own hunches about danger for others and and keeping the public safe. Or expressed in particular fields of endeavor that utilize our skills in positive ways.

Listening to our individual intuitive voices from with Heart Centered Awareness the Field of Unified Consciousness allows us to recognize ourselves as much more, as Consciousness, within the human framework. Not as isolated freaks or weirdos as some might image but as one who is able to connect to the many seen and unseen ways energy can be experienced.  

Access Heart Centered Awareness and embrace the neutral sacred space. It is a sacred state to be prized and preserved. These days it can be felt as ease. Consider it a clean canvas as potential waiting to unfold.  

Maybe take a moment or two to consider how you physically operate with your senses in your world. If you let go of the judgments that may shape your ability to notice the world around you what can happen? Our creative energies always have a way of tapping on our shoulder to get our attention. Working cohesively with our senses and mindsets can change your life experience.  

Your life is your expression of the creator in you. You may not consider yourself an artist. But most everyone can register light and dark with our physical eyes. And you may be able to register light and dark with your other senses as tonal shades in sound or feeling or as numbers.  

Judging the light and dark has no place here. Life is a state with different light values that represent different experiences. A painter will utilize the light and dark as the shades of colors. Relate to the canvas with the eye of a fine artist and you will see into the dark, into the light and their interaction. Whether it be as sound and song, a story or as a mathematical equation of the wonders of the heavens any artist will appreciates the tonal qualities of available light as colors, notes, emotions or numbers. 

Appreciate your connection to Consciousness and being part of the whole that Oneness is. Appreciate your intuitive skills for what they truly are: your connection as Consciousness to life. Feel free to enjoy your life as evolving art.  

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment