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Monday, September 28, 2020

What is Different Today From Yesterday?

My birthday was last Friday. I am now 66 years old. What a difference a day can make. Because having reached this point in my life is a reward to be treasured. My journey with Consciousness Technologies started when I was 50 and dying. These years of rethinking have made all the difference. When I was 65 I was impressed to have enjoyed the reality of 65 and now, a couple days later I am in a new reality, if I let myself move into it. 

Because 65 had plenty of challenges in its reality, it is easy to stay attached to it, even if I don't want to. Any stirred up emotion is powerful and can hold us in its thrall. This last year has opened up new normals in awareness that can benefit all of us.

I want my now to be different but unless I allow myself to reorient, my now will be just a continuance of what was, leading to a predictable uncertain future. Sometimes it might be hard to tell when something is degrading, as in aging and not dissolving as into something wonderful as ageless.

 At this age I know this better than I did when I was younger: Shifting skill sets and priorities and interests do not have to be encoded as losses collecting and getting older and worn out. Our bodyforms have a wonderful ability to use different systems to help when one system might become stressed more than another.   

It can be about wisdom being recognized, present and utilized. 

Our stories of being in a form are powerful. The realities we can sometimes be in relation to, like disease and mayhem and tragedy can run us ragged. So we stop. Choose to stop. Realize what we have aligned ourselves with and what it would be like for them to ease within our hearts. It is okay to fulfill destinies in our stories of bodyform. It is okay to have no answers or justice or fairness as much as it is okay to have answers and justice and fairness. All have roles to play. 

Sometimes we think love hurts. Sometimes those we love do not know what love is or how to love back. What we are holding as love is wound not love. For love does not ever hurt. It may only be for a moment or it may be for a lifetime or many lifetimes as it beyond space and time. It is. 

Sounds simple to state. To do? Maybe not so simple. For Life can offer complexity, which is built upon a whole lot of simple.  So do not do. Just BE. Accept you are worthy without doing. 

Thanks to all of you who have helped me in these last 5 weeks with my health concerns. It was love tenfold plus to be embodied. In all the clamor that our daily lives have been subjected to, you made time to lend not a helping hand but a helping heart. I appreciate it very much and know I am better for it in all the variables my life encompasses.  

Let me share this moment with you as a thank you. Access your sense of the Infinite with me. 

Notice your breathing. Just breathe. Do not make it anything special because every breath is already special. Breathe and now notice your heartbeat. Be aware that you have added it to your breathing now. Allow them to sync up. Feel your awareness of your core essence sheltered in your breath partner with your body's form in your heart's beat. You are alive. You are BEing alive. 

Now let. Let what was yesterday be yesterday. Let all that rises up in you and says that you need to hold on to yesterday just BE. Do not judge, do not react. Just be. Love it like the child's attachment to the moment. Something happens. They may cry to release the energy. And then, they stop and are on to the next thing forgetting what was so important just a moment ago.  Know that what was, was. Know that what is, is. Know that what will be is free to BE, whatever that may BE. 

Just BE Love no matter what you feel. 

Just BE Kind to those different looking. 

Just BE Open to possibilities. 

Just BE Curious about your world and what you find there.

Just BE Respectful as the given. . 

Just BE Appreciative for having reached this moment and what this moment holds for you.  

Just BE Emotionally warm to those who challenge you.  

Just BE Aware that challenges exercise us, form us, bring us into awareness of what our biases are. 

Just BE No matter what you are told, what you hear, what you judge to be your truth. 

This is my reality of 66. May seem like my reality of 65 but since I experience evolution as active transcendent reality something is different. 

Janet Barrett

Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment 

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Our Sacred Inner Oracle with Lynn V. Andrews

Being present, we may access our inner oracle. An oracle can be anything that awakens a vision or a voice of wisdom that helps us find our way to our own truth and harmony in life. Joining Janet is Lynn V. Andrews, internationally bestselling author of the 21 books in the Medicine Woman Series. A shaman, healer and mystic, she shares her wisdom and her new Sacred Vision Oracle Cards that can guide us to inner peace.

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Monday, September 21, 2020

Breathing in Appreciation

 It was like living in a movie and not a happy movie. Sort of like one of those black and white nuclear fallout movies of the 1960's that I grew up watching when young. Even more surreal for this was sepia, brown and white colored fallout.  

I live in Portland Oregon across the river ten minutes from downtown. We have been hit with forest fires up and down this beautiful state of Oregon, ditto Washington and California the last few weeks. 

On Monday early last week or maybe it was the week before, time expands, we sat outside and enjoyed the warm fall breeze, clear skies and the air crispness and sunlight we experience here in the Northwest. It was delicious. Starting a couple of days earlier, the news started warning of conditions of fire that the warm winds could help foster. How could that be? And then I looked to the south and witnessed a brown sky. And looked to the north and saw blue skies and clouds. Reality was shifting and quickly. 

That wonderful warm breeze with the dryness of air created havoc for the next several days in the forests. Between man creating arson and nature and her elements at work that was the last clear day as land became inflamed. It would lead to the worst air quality in a city in the entire world for nearly a week. It was quiet. No people, no birds chattering. No wildlife to be noticed.  And, we would be wearing masks on top of masks when outside. Those Covid protection masks had to have another mask on top to clear out the particles burning and filling the skies. 

It was layers of  surreal. Sealing the house from outside air. Setting the air conditioning to recycle air. No going outside unless essential, leaving the television on all day for the ongoing news updates and reports and listening for the stage of your evacuation alert for your neighborhood. And knowing that the amazing countryside that we all enjoy and gives us reason for living here was being leveled along with homes, livelihoods, families and livestock compromised. The logistics of moving livestock and their haybales etc. to shelter in a city. 

You don't know how much you have until you lose it. Until you have to move it, until you have to choose and be out in 10 minutes of someplace you may have lived a lifetime. Doesn't matter if it is a forest fire or the the house next door with an electrical fire. 

The population had sore throats, compromised breathing and headaches. Not to be confused with Covid symptoms. 

And to drive anywhere? We could see two blocks  and less in distance here in the city. Surrounded by fires in outlying counties every direction it seemed. Brown fog that was not fog made of water droplets. but fog made of soot etc. Every morning we would look out and the brown fog was still there. The sun would come out as there was light but there was no breeze that is usually present. Waiting for the rain and breeze to move things. But the brown fog settled down and in and covered our states to at least 10,000 feet up and 1000 miles out into the ocean. A solid blanket that kept planes from dropping retardant and water from taking off.  

And, we waited. Drove past the man at the bench outside the sports bar that had finally opened. He was vaping, the people sitting there smoking as they ate in the worst of that brown. A different sense of air quality than mine. 

We waited for the first signs that the air currents and rain to do what they do and move and break down it all and push eastward into neighboring states and spread across the Midwest. That was the following Monday and it didn't happen. It would be a couple more days. And then it rained and the air cleared. 

Daily television reports stopped, daily newspaper postings of  37 fires burning disappeared. Fires shrank, people went to find the remains of their lives and deal with the shock. Lives not only interrupted but forever different. There is no going back to what was even if one's property was safe. 

Surreal as people started showing up places and traffic started up again. I sit outside in my yard again. It is so lovely outside. No longer sepia tones but bright greens of new growth from the drenching rain. Colors here, landslides there. People everywhere. 

We lend support where we can. I breathe in appreciation. I share my breath with you and yours. Thanks to all of you who called to ask how we were doing. 

Janet Barrett

Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment 

Monday, September 14, 2020

We're Back

 Hello All,

Zoom Groups are back starting this week. I hope you will join me and others in exploring the wonder that Life can be. Just because it is wild and wooley out there doesn't mean there is not bliss available to experience.  

Please RSVP to join Tuesday evening 7-9 pm, Wednesday 10 am or Thursday evening 6 pm. All times are Pacific. If you are new please email me at for the registration packet. All groups are sliding scale donation per weekly group. Please have registration packet returned by Tuesday 3pm pacific so i have time to send the Zoom invite just before the scheduled group meet time. 

All the best to you and yours,


Janet Barrett

Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment with Janet

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Afterlife: Everything You Always Wanted to Know Part 2 with Hollister Rand

How many of us have experiences with those who have passed from this physical realm? World renown medium Hollister Rand will provide new insights into the awareness of what comes after death in the continuum that Life is. Her new book is Everything You Wanted to Know about the Afterlife*But Were Afraid to Ask. Hollister has been in communion and communication with the spirit realm as a medium for over 25 years. Find peace and solace in the knowledge that our loved ones never truly leave us.

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Monday, September 7, 2020

Life Is Curiosity


Journeys Into Enlightenment with Janet 

Podcast releasing September 8, 2020

Episode 44 Life Is Curiosity 

I wanted to wrap this episode with Hollister Rand about what we found in being open to Life: Curiosity. In these times we need to be open and curious to our own changing inner terrains.

Curiosity is our desire to know or learn something new. It can also be a strange or unusual object or fact.

It is an attitude, a behavior, an urge, an emotion. It allows you to embrace unfamiliar circumstances, giving you a greater opportunity to experience discovery and joy. Indeed, studies show that life is better when you are curious. It is important to relating to others such as family and friends. We like it when they want to know about us not just assume what we like and enjoy. It supports good mental health and in finding meaning in life.

When we let ourselves be present, accessing ourselves as Consciousness, we are in an open system of state and sense of awareness. When we engage our realities that are open to new information, we experience evolution. Open, free of our stories of bias that just become placeholders in our evolving sense of BEing.

Bias creates a closed system of beliefs. When we are in fixed realities of beliefs, we experience stagnancy. The fix says we have learned enough about this or that and let’s go on to the next thing without question or more in-depth exploration. Forgetting that the thing, or fact is really a belief and not necessarily a truth, just an illusion formed and created and solidified so it seems real.

In this reality, everything is organized to support the limited perspective turning it into a habituated resonance. Any new information that challenges the viewpoint is automatically rejected. The belief becomes a false truth that seems real. It will take a strong emotional event to question the status quo. If there is an equally determined frame of reference it will hold steady or allow for change that will collapse back into the old.

This is how powerful, how in alignment mindsets can be. Once a choice of thought is made everything will align to keep it in place. Reality forms, lives follow the dictate.

If we take out the positive AND negative definitions, the judgments, out of the picture of a limited Self, information can be present that can be explored as Curiosity engaged. Flow is experienced and what may have seemed stuck, hard, or rigid becomes malleable and collapses into new patterns of behavior and thought. Self re-defines anew. What once was, is no longer. This is flow, this is harmony, this is Life evolving.

But there are many who don’t engage in evolution as a reality. They harbor dogmas that say to be the same is the best way to live. To question and display curiosity is threatening. We let another have responsibility to think for us. It is one way to live.

Then there are those of us who engage in Consciousness, Oneness and Wholeness as reality and accessing information as easy and everyone birthright and skill set out beyond the human limits to enjoy what may come, accepting that adversity and trauma have as much to offer us as the light and fluffy. Life is a spectrum of sensation, awareness, feelings and thoughts.

We live with a sense of adventure for the unknown, known, manifested, unmanifested, miracles and magic of experiencing information beyond our human held limits of Self. Curiosity will release our imagination and open us up to creative new ways to unify elements held in potential.  

We play with Life here before us, Spirits and sprites, ghosts and old knowledge yet not discovered. We look to connect in new ways and build buildings. We embrace Science and technologies and explore the heavens and earth and her landscapes of natural resources and flora and fauna all because we are curious about Life and the potential to enhance our human experience. We ask questions to better understand ourselves. We look to the knowledge of our past histories to explain our “now” in terms of understanding our Journeys of Enlightenment.

Our curiosity helps us discover the not yet noticed patterns in behavior and events. We are all enhanced by others and our shared state of informational flow. Someone else’s curiosity enriches us.  

Curiosity connects us to realities filled with delights, thrills, exploration, adventure, mysteries, quests, ideas, willingness, openness, challenge, the wisdom of the sages, appreciation and unlimited bliss, creative communications, our imagination and the wonder, absolute wonder that Life is. 

Game on!

Janet Barrett

Podcast host Journeys Into Enlightenment with Janet