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Monday, November 13, 2017

Consciousness and Separateness Dissolving back into Wholeness

As energies loosen up from within, a realignment comes from reaffirming awareness that there are differences between what I know from within and what I have knowledge of and have been told. Many right now are in this state. We are in a sorting space that is showing up in society about many subjects.

There are frameworks that come with labels, with language, old dynamic ways of observing the world and us in it.

It is important to notice that what might be truthful in mind is often different from what is at our core.

This noticing offers an appreciation of how powerful we are in generating thoughts and beliefs into realities. One aspect is the wisdom of how groups can operate using indoctrination and coercion that  have powers in persuading us into positions not internally comfortable but outwardly tolerable. Family can act this way. We are witnessing where all or nothing is not always allowing for the spectrum.

There is awareness in the differences between understanding and explaining. Remember when someone offered an explanation and you didn't understand? And the times when you understood and there was no explanation for what you understood, what you knew to be true so your own truths were denied?

Explaining does not necessarily follow with understanding. Logic is personal interpretation often. Someone else's logic may make no sense to you. But it is valuable to appreciate it for its differences to better release the sense of Separateness back into Wholeness.

It was helpful in the past to maybe notice distinctions of Body, Mind, Spirit. Unfortunately we have given them the power to become agents of separateness.  Taking them out of absolutes softens their boundaries. When I do this I am free to notice the flows in potential again. The state of Separateness and individuality fosters forgetting Wholeness, devaluing the context and content of it to be found there. And it is our underlying truth. We are One.

These three qualities, body, mind, spirit, really form the triad of being human. One not more important that the other though we may think that. Being alive involves them all. It is good when they work together synergistically and harmoniously.

Make time to access Heart Centered Awareness and consider the following: Do you value Body over Mind, or over Spirit? Or perhaps Mind over Body or over Spirit? Or maybe Spirit over Body, maybe over Mind? Notice them as a triad and where you have them organized in relation to each other or maybe what kind of triangle of relation.

Perhaps notice them in different ways. like colors and what happens when they blend. Or, as food and all the elements into a meal. Notice them in terms of shape or size or however, as range of sounds, of vibrations. Maybe different emotional resonances.

Allow yourself to be creative and strike new balances and relations with all that make you an unique individual in the collective. What happens when you dissolve the separateness of Body, Mind, Spirit into new states of harmony and balance, into the Whole.

Just Be. 

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment