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Monday, October 16, 2017

Consciousness and the Vibrations and Resonances in Life

Time and space have been filled with lots of challenges for humans lately. In the last month or so we have had hurricanes, shootings and fires within US boundaries. Along with all the other unrest happening politically here and around the world. Lots of turmoil, unrest, tragedy. Followed by help and support from others and lack of care from some.

In any society, where one individual has the power to annihilate those around him I feel we must question how easy we allow it to be for that to happen. Is there a difference between a president with an attitude and bombs and a shooter armed with an automatic weapon and agenda?

I think most individuals do the best they can. They are just coming from an unaware space or from their wounded self and a different mindset. Their sense of biases directs their actions. But those are important to all of us as we may come face to face with them up close or from a distance. Every person has the ability to affect all of us directly or indirectly.

I look to see how I can be helpful. How is being one in the many of One make a difference? I can send money and supplies on one level. I can vote and march and sign petitions. I let myself be counted.

As Consciousness and part of the whole and spectrum that Consciousness is I can help in other ways. By being me in that awareness. And it is the same for you.

Our emotions can anchor us into certain patterns of feelings and people in stress release particular vibrational tones. We have been feeling this. Even the Earth has been reflecting this.

With the hurricanes and Las Vegas shooting, inside and outside of group I have been noticing the strong emotional imprint of energies around us as vibrations and resonances in particular.

What do we do in the face of actions that take lives? There are times when you can say nothing. When we just have to stop and acknowledge loss, the seemingly senselessness of an action.

We have to get from behind our podiums of justification and the sway of agenda. the seductiveness of connection and belonging to any group that says they are the only group worth being, and being in service to some particular god or deity or family.  That is all a matter of interpretation. Every serial killer has a reason of righteousness, Every government may have a reason of righteousness behind acts of terror and war committed. We have to pay attention to the biases active.

Again, how do I help in all of this and not add to the emotions running high in every direction? In group we noticed all those energies showed up as a vibrational medium filled with tones.

You know how you hear certain tones and they are like dirges, deep and so loud? That was Las Vegas. I could see waves of vibrations holding in the space. Our awareness was that panic, pandemonium and shock needed release. I witnessed them as present and having the ability to transform themselves into twinkle dust and to be swept away on the wind.

How to help those hurting? How to help the rage of the shooter anchored in the violence? We found ourselves spontaneously offering counter balancing tones. Like when a group will sing out notes, someone starting and then the rest add their input and soon there is this amazing melodic sound resonating and moving through and taking you places in wonder of syncopation. I have witnessed this phenomena with drumming circles, with singers and with musicians warming up. Tones that may start in discordance that becomes a song filled with lyrical rhythms and a precious harmony playing off one another.

Quickly we could feel the dirge start to shift into only part of the whole and adding to the spectrum in expression and no longer the dominant tone. It was not about trying to change things by force and push as one might want to do but in allowing ourselves to be part of the whole and enriched by our being.

California is burning physically in places right now. Maybe in your area of the world there is a fire of some sort burning that is not useful. Access into Heart Centered Awareness and offer your vibration to what is resonating. Don't force and make something happen. Just offer your vibration. Allow it to get as big as it becomes. Feel the difference and let it be real long past your attention span. Notice what happens and how you feel.

We have to remember that each of us, is powerful and part of the whole and in resonance with Life.

What is your vibration?

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/ Journeys Into Enlightenment

Monday, October 9, 2017

Consciousness and the Unknown Hand

When the helicopter or boat come to help you out of the rising water and someone literally reach out their hand to pull you aboard, bias is not important. When someone shoots into a crowd and a somebody covers you in protection, bias is not too important.

When resources don't get to people in need because someone doesn't value them as much as someone else, bias does matter. When people are denied coverage or being recognized as a community worth merit bias does matter. It can be life threatening. It is dehumanizing. There is nothing warm and friendly about intentional neglect or extermination

Bias: prejudice in favor of or against one thing, person, or group compared with another, usually in a way considered to be unfair.
"there was evidence of bias against foreign applicants"

Bias, prejudice mean a strong inclination of the mind or a preconceived opinion about something or someone. A bias may be favorable or unfavorable: bias in favor of or against an idea.

We all hold biases and we may not recognize them in ourselves. They are perceptual in nature. They are what form us as each individual unique in our stories of Life. Neither right, wrong, good, bad they are a place that we develop out of. We hold judgments about them. They shape our own identity and shape our world and us in it.

They can generate friendly rivalry, they can generate deadly rivalry. They can create isolation. Groups, places of worship, families, clans, sports fans, even friends will hold biases as that is what holds the group together. You may start with one and come to find you don't really fit. Or you fit really well. 

We have a tendency to maybe think that they are foundations and never questioned or to be questioned and not to be touched by evolution. But biases are evolutionary in nature if we allow them to be that way. With a little encouragement we understand that they are often only starting points.

When we use consciousness technologies, like Matrix Energetics, Yuen Method, Access Consciousness or Psych K and others we appreciate how we have set those perceptual frameworks and that they can change. 

Unless you live in a small town where everyone knows everyone,we may live in communities filled with strangers. And strangers are just people who you have not yet met. 

We are also neighbors on this lovely little blue dot as the scientist Carl Sagan would say.  Do you know your neighbor across the street or hallway?

We can all embrace and participate in the community that Houston, Puerto Rico, Las Vegas and disasters of human and nature foster for all of us. Perhaps they are how we relax the personal biases for the moment and just demonstrate care. Putting yourself into someone else's shoes will broaden and humble us.   

Make the time to access Heart Centered Awareness and look into your biases and note if they are truly your guiding principles or just stuff you don't question that you picked up along the way to fit in. Misfortune opens us up to compassion. It has a way of cutting through our biases and reducing us to what is important. It can rid us of our fears of different. 

Total strangers may provide. Someone may look different, dress different, believe different and may be lending you a hand. Don't be like the fella on the roof now at the Pearly Gates because he was waiting for his idea of God showing up to save him and missing opportunity after opportunity of rescue in God's many different forms. 

Grab on and treasure them as they must treasure you.

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment

Monday, October 2, 2017

Consciousness and My Dad

Gil, age 18 high school graduation 1942

My dad's birthday was this past Friday.  He passed away a couple of years ago at age 92 and I have thought much about his world, my world and what might be the same and different.
He was born in 1923, a Jew from Brooklyn, New York. That was how he defined himself, though like all of us he was much more. He was one of 6 brothers and a sister who very much grew up in his ethnic heritage of Russian and Romanian immigrant parents who had come here around 1902. Life was tough for many reasons and family got you through it. 

During WW2, a few months after his high school graduation, he joined the Navy and found himself the only Jew and Yankee on a ship's crew of 257. He fought for his life most every day in real ways on that ship. Only because he was trained as a boxer, scrappy and smart did he survive his own countrymen and what he felt the Navy was on that ship. 

He found most of the others to be young men from the South. In his memories they were all bigots/racists except for a few who helped him stay alive. They all had their biases. Dad had his. He was a radarman isolated in a small room listening all the time to his equipment in front of him and also over his shoulder outside of that room. He literally didn't sleep much. 

He always loved this country and what it stood for but understood that principles are only thoughts, ideals, constructs and not actions. He clearly felt how men define themselves. Didn't endear him to the Navy, officers, and with rare exception, men from the South for the rest of his life. 

He was never free of the spiritual, emotional and mental wounds those three years on the ship fostered. For the rest of his life he was always polite, gracious and if you were from the South or a Navy man you had to prove yourself. Commanding respect for the man was not guaranteed because of any title. 

It always filled me with sadness to think that what was happening overseas at that time he was dealing with some of the same dynamics on ship, bigotry and racism. Much which are still present in this country.

And my sadness for all the young men who participated on all the sides of engagement who were like my dad, no matter their biases and their positions, to be forever changed by their service.  

The ideal of the melting pot assimilation the USA treasures is often only that, an ideal. The thought that it didn't matter what you believed you would be accepted was manna from heaven for so many. Land of the Free, Home of the Brave.  

Yet we are creatures of habit, of judgment, whatever that might encompass for each of us. Family, clan, community is always about bias. The biases formed in our original homelands have been brought here. Those biases color our life experiences. 

Life is a mishmash of dynamics, time, space, experiences melding into this incredible expression of being. We are fortunate to enjoy life. No matter our sides of engagement and position we are all Consciousness in action. 

In the current energies present around us it is the right time to question your self and others in what you assume about life. How important your biases of indentity are to you and for others to have them. Utilizing Heart Centered Awareness we loosen them enough to enjoy a more inclusive sense of being. 

My dad was a man of honor. He was loving in his actions and challenging in his thinking. Hard headed, not inclined to change his opinion once formed. And I didn't often share his viewpoints about what Life had to be. As a child of first generation citizens and the Great Depression, his life experiences were very different from mine and he came to different conclusions about his life. I respected them and him as a man of his times. 

He helped to bring out the best in me through that challenge of differences, and the support of his love. He helped me to appreciate the bigger picture that we are as Consciousness. And to take nothing for granted as we are inclined to do. 

One reason to love him was that my dad would also be the first to lend a helping hand when others were reluctant to, even if he didnt like you. Sometimes I am sure that was confusing to him. It is not to me as I embrace duality as polarity.

Dad, I celebrate and honor you by being the best I can be.  

Happy Birthday!

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/ Journeys Into Enlightenment

Monday, September 25, 2017

Consciousness and Being

Who Am I
I am the essence of Tao,
Expressing itself in form,
I am Pure Consciousness,
I have a body, mind, and emotions,
I am none of those.

Being is my deepest Self, 
It is beyond name and form,
It is felt as ever present,
I am ceaseless just like the vastness of  the sea,
I am that which is beyond name and form,

I am the Rising Dragon from the deep waters,
The Phoenix re-birthing itself from the ashes,
The Heron caretaker of the departed souls,
The roaring Lion in the wilderness, 
The morning Star at the break of dawn,
I am that which is beyond name and form.

 From Odyssey of a Healer 

by Dr. Mmatheo Motsisi

All of us are each a wonderful mix of information in influences, traditions, feelings and stories lying in us below the surface. Sometimes mind will access stories and pictures and feelings that come from a familiar but unknown place in our current sense of time and space. 

How many of us have had a sense of deja vu or something catching our interests out of the blue? All of us, if we pay attention can enjoy the flavors that being human offer each of us. Our guest last week on our radio show, Dr. Mmatheo Motsisi, represents a wonderful and appreciated mix of wisdoms and traditions from a space that i don't share physically. She lives in Johannesburg, South Africa, Earth and i live in Portland Oregon USA Earth. We are different races, in different countries, using different languages and embodying different experiences in being a woman in this time of history. 

None of that matters. We appreciate each other for realizing that no matter our background of differences we are One. This is often the same with our other guests. Individuals being and recognizing the wonder of being bigger than our forms and bodies would indicate. Most all of us share experiences of strife and turmoil, passion and love, to reach the awareness that we are wonder in human form. 

One reason her interview with us stands out for me is because I know how physically far away she is from us. We used Skype with Dr. Motsisi in Johannesburg, and us here in Tacoma and Portland on the west coast of the United States. Yet, it was like we were in the same room sitting next to each other. For between the three of us there was no space or time. Only connection, only One with the wonderful flavor of individuality that we each are. Probably the clearest connection i have ever had over Skype. 

Our human experience is ruled by our physical senses and they are only that, our physical senses. But that ruling comes from the local sense of being. We embody much more. Our language embraces our unseen and metaphysical senses. We use terms like Spirit, Consciousness, Life, God, Universe, Wonder, All, Soul, Divine. The labels may indicate levels of distinctions and subtleties or maybe it is all the same thing ultimately as Potential and Energy at play. Sometimes our distinctions serve us and they can also hinder us. 

We all hold awareness of being Consciousness or God or Sacred. To say otherwise is silly. And, for some it is a deeply buried awareness. We can be trained to be afraid of thoughts of the power these words represent and how that expresses. 

For some it is present in daily life all the time and not limited to just Sundays and now and then during the week. The only veil between being discarnated energies and our incarnated states is in how we organize our thinking, seeing and feeling. Think a difference and you will see a difference and feel a difference. 

We start as Consciousness and our form is our expression of Life, Spirit and Soul merging in an integrated dance we call Self, the human interface of Consciousness. Something our labels of compartmentalization that body, mind, and spirit foster are causing us to forget. We can lose our sense of the whole in our want to explain and understand what we are. They are only a way to notice dynamic forces at play interacting concurrently as Life. The heart stops and incarnated life stops. Birth and death define the length of an incarnated state of Life. 

Create some time and space to access Heart Centered Awareness, the Field of Unified Consciousness.  In that state beyond our physical and emotional senses of Self into the core essence of All, the infinite Sea of Potential. Stripped of the personality, the emotions, the feelings allow yourself to notice your knowing. Your knowing, not your knowledge. Not your judgments, not your stories. 

Your life is a gesture of being. We each swim in a constant bath of potential dynamics that we can avail ourselves of. Extend, expand your gesture. Go beyond what you think you know into what you know. Appreciate the difference and allow yourself to be. 

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment

Monday, September 18, 2017

Consciousness and the Y in the Road

Sometimes it feels like Life presents no middle ground. It can as clear as a hurricane coming and our choice to leave or stay and deal with what comes afterwards, the consequences. Or perhaps in a marriage.

We can feel it coming, that Y in the road. We can flash on how we have set it up. We can regret and feel pain for what will come and follow. We can observe ourselves in our actions from within like deer caught in the headlights against the rising tide.

We can also know and feel that it is the right action.

We have all been in the place of hitting the Y in the road. We have seen it off in the distance and we can want to hide from it but still it comes. Only two choices. Because we know that everything will change. and we have feelings about that.

Being true to ourselves or what seems truthful in the moment may upset the applecart. That applecart is our idea of who we think we are in our life and where we are going in that life.

Life is filled with the adventure of being alive. That includes messiness, unwillingness, whining, and also order, and a willingness to ride it out and enjoy, love and care for one another. We are shortsighted when we think whatever is going on now is forever. There is no forever, only expansiveness.

In the current accelerating energetic rhythms we find ourselves in right now change will happen and is happening. We wake up one morning and things are different from when we went to bed. It rains and it doesn't stop, the land floods. And sometimes, it can be fast and furious in that 24 hours. Things never contemplated, imagined, feared or wanted have happened. Maybe also something remarkable, wanted, not expected can happen.

We are always co creating in our relationships to our environment and people. With people we assign roles and those roles will come with rules of how we will be. Most of us don't hold the awareness that our role may shift in time and so must the rules defining that role. Until we come to the Y.

We may be in awareness of one another's sense of truth or not. We may be in a state of unknowing or unclarity for ourselves that becomes clear in time. We only know we were in a state of connection and now we may find ourselves in a different state of connection.

Pain is often felt as regret. Pain can be felt taking responsibility for someone else's feelings. Pain is choosing loss of self in order to protect others. Eventually something will have to give when we are feeling compromised.

Our decision made before, seemed or felt like the right thing to do. Depended on how emotional one was feeling, what illusion was running. Or maybe how one was feeling directed from our inside voice or those pesky outside voices. Sometimes our awareness of a disposable world means that something may catch our interest and then we can let it go easily or with little investment. We lack appreciation in the pursuit and stimulation of something new. Doesn't matter whether it is a car on lease or a relationship of love.

We each were who we were. Yet it is hard to be truthful with another when we don't know our own truth and only our fears. Also our truths can change. What was is no longer. This is tricky when one notices shift and the other is still in the old mindset of roles and rules.

Consciousness holds for all. As humans we take that all and narrow it down to fit who we show up as. And sometimes that does not mean for easy or pretty or pain free in going forth and living.

But it is always in how we each have set our rules up about our lives and being.

One constant in life is that nothing ever stays the same though it may seem things never change. At some point what is will become what was.

The Y creates a seemingly different direction as part of the journey. But perhaps just two different ways around the mountain that will meet together again on the other side.

As Consciousness, life is an enriching, deepening state of continuance that may include at some point, a coming apart to form into something new.

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment

Monday, September 11, 2017

Consciousness and Forces in Action

Right now many energies are focused on the United States. Earth energies, cosmic energies, climate energies, personality energies. In our physical environments we have had eclipses, floods, fires, earthquakes, hurricanes playing around and in our borders.

What is going on?

The US has been in the midst of monumental emotional storms. You can find yourself triggered into depression and other sensations. Perhaps a category 5 in intensity at times or tornado dynamics or foundation shaking forces abound. They might move through us slowing, consuming all in its path without regard to what it hits or quickly whipping across our inner landscapes in a focused nature. We find ourselves flooded and inundated.

What is going on?

We need to take a mental step out of our emotions and observe as Consciousness.

Everything is vibrational energy, frequencies, resonations. Our human organisms register vibrations at different levels than other species of life, animal and plant. Minerals are the building blocks of all life but they are not alive but operate as vibrational energy conductors. They are seemingly inert material in dynamic relations. The earth is a molten planet of minerals under its surface. In its molten center fire and heat generate and activate chemicals and actions. It registers energies differently and responds to the influences around it as it experiences cycles in its rhythms. Humans, made up of such materials do too.

Gaia, Earth had no agenda. It only is. It is not alive inside yet active which provides an environment for life to exist upon it. It is Consciousness in a different form that is responding dynamically to itself and to the cosmos. That layer of life upon it's surface as Nature, reaches into the earth in its roots, and mediates between human and dirt and light from the sun. Nature creates an sustaining interaction and the dynamic inert interior interacts and it all creates a multi dimensional playground called Life on Earth.

Nature on the earth changes and adapts to the earth and its rippling of vibrations. The earth's surface reflects its interactions with its interior self and the cosmos all the time. Many dynamics from many sources interacting playing out on this surface and much deeper levels.

Humans feel emotions and form attachments. We give meaning to things and have agendas. All of this generates energetic influences and force fields of vibrations. Remember Einstein's e=mc2? In emotional terms you build up enough emotional energy reactions and they will start to influences themselves and us.

Human are just a blink of an eye in the timeline of earth.We are only on its surface. yet we are powerful in our being as a collective and the earth registers those influences and become part of the whole. Perhaps we are not valuing how powerful we truly are to influence our surroundings, through our clumsiness and size.  Some of us, as societies or business, can leave big footprints and mess everywhere. Others hold a different balance and harmony with earth. They hold Gaia as a living earth environment that is hospitable.

We can react in two ways, notice or not notice and then interpret and however you interpret the information is subject to your bias. Like climate warming. Noticing changes globally and connecting it to how we use our resources right here at home seems to be at question. We are failing to see big enough the polarity in action, the ripples of cause and effect.

We embody a lot of myth about man being king of his domain. The earth is not here to serve us but to share with us. And if you look at power dynamics it is more in its favor as the earth does not care the way we do. The earth doesn't need us. We need it.

When you lose everything what is important? Life. In ourselves and others. The connection to found in another, in family, friend, neighbor, stranger, helper and government. For any of these connections have the potential to fill us and provide haven and sustenance and our needed soul nourishment. We can accept or we can decline and that will have its repercussions.

Disasters anywhere in the world remind us of our humanity. And about levels of power. It may be one way, as an expression as Consciousness that we allow ourselves to feel unity and community beyond our man made borders.

We are witnessing an outpouring of care towards others. It serves to remind us that we only look different which fuels our melting pot American identity. You may have this issue in your country. We value assimilation and that comes with knowing where one is from. Many countries are feeling the flow of populations on the move as intrusive.

This is an excellent time to look upon your inner landscape. Access Heart Centered Awareness, the field of Unified Consciousness and check in. How open you are, how willing are you to extend? How are you registering all this stirred up stuff? What would it be like to help it to shift? You are that powerful.

What weather patterns are you influencing?

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment

Monday, August 28, 2017

Consciousness and reports from the Pool of Permission

A couple of weeks ago the Pool of Permission showed up. Since then I am hearing from others that life is easing since they dipped into the Pool. Give it a try for yourself.

Access Heart Centered Awareness by shifting your focus from outside to inside and lower, into the center of your being. Enjoy feeling the beat of your heart, release your hold on your emotional terrain and just register the core essence of All that we are each part of. Notice the quiet, the stillness, the clarity of the Sacred that is right there. It is in each of us, whether we use it or not.

So in this state of Grace, no fault, no blame, no burden, are present. Only warmth, support, non judgement as we access The Infinite Sea of Potential. We slip from allowing into being. We give up control of outcome and we are free to play in the collective of the All.

There is much present in this expansiveness, in this openness. Whatever you have questions about in your day to day life, the information will comes and go here. It may be encoded in clear symbols or in ways you in the moment might not appreciate. But, and this is big, it doesn't matter. What matters is how you will choose to use the information. Empower it to be helpful and it will be. Encode it with doubt and it will be.

Notice the Pool of Permission. Allow it to come into view. It may appear as a puddle and small, a hole in the ice, or may be as big as an ocean shore. Doesn't matter. Just notice it in some way.

We have no blame, no fault or label to define and limit us here. There is only permission to be.

What do you notice, what do you become aware of?

You can feel a difference and it may feel just so wonderful or even uncomfortable as we are very comfortable in our labeled world. They serve as anchors,  those labels as our certains that guide our lives along its predictable course. The outcome of we live, we die, we can count on taxes and death, all kinds of encoded thinking serve as ways to tie us down, to hold us down.

But now, what is possible?  

Notice how you relate to the pool. Willingly, grudgingly, or easily? Step into the Pool of Permission. It may soak in or coat or? Give it a couple of moments and ask. What do I give myself permission to be?

In asking that question information will reveal itself in some way. All you have to do is register it as a feeling and what you become aware of, where your attention takes you. It is our right brain function. Our left brain function is about thinking which is about interpreting and fitting into our biases and none of that is important here.

For one, she unexpectedly found herself giving herself permission to be loved. And in the next few days her life of 50 some years of heartache changed in regards to her mother and father and family. For another, her permission to feel blessed matched up with another's wanting to be a fairy godmother. Our seekers of enjoying life found their resistance lowered.

See what shows up for you. Keep me posted.

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment