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Monday, December 28, 2020

JIE Ep 52 blog/ Let's Do It Again


Journeys Into Enlightenment with Janet Podcast 

Release December 29, 2020

Episode 52 blog/ Let’s Do It Again


It has been frustrating to write a blog for this episode. I haven’t had one clear focus. Both you and I have been enjoying all the portals that Crystal has provided us with as this year comes to an end.

And, end of years are about the year in review and mine is also focused on another remarkable year of this podcast. It has been my delight and saving grace at times. I think I will save that for my first episode in January 2021 that is in a couple of weeks.

With Endings come conclusions. Here are some of mine as we call it a wrap on this year.  

The uproar of this last year, in virus, politics and democracy, racial bias and the collapse of so much we take for granted, like the air, shared breath and paychecks. We have all felt under assault and daily routines compromised. Much will never be the same. How do we chose to live together and what it takes for a society to stand in grace and harmony? Maybe it is not important to all. It is to me.

I look to provide a sense of something different for us to experience. Whatever is out there is a reflection of our inner worlds. You know that. How you think forms your sense of reality. The questions we find ourselves shaking our heads about have origins in someone’s thinking and feelings. What version of reality are they living in? Different than mine.

I have seen this year, through the filter of Respect, and unfortunately, too many instances of lack of respect. Rudeness, fear, yelling, the manipulation of truth to convince others who are not in the know,  denial, resistance, rebelling, destruction, killing another so often have, at basis, a lack of respect being directed at another. When you value another as yourself it is different than when you don’t. We are each entitled to our opinions we may say but maybe that is not saying enough. We each are entitled to our opinions with respect for our differences and similarities. I might not agree with them but you have value to society. Even those we don’t agree with have some sort of value, either as lesson or as one to emulate.

We are spectrum-based lifeforms or we would all be the same and we are individuals as humans, human but not the same.

We call it basic decency. Treat others as you would like to be treated. Pretty simple. When we don’t hold ourselves with respect, with worthiness, how can we offer it to others?

We hopefully have come to realize our connectedness with all around us. Oneness is real. Social distancing has made everyone aware of our shared breath and how powerful we each are. We can make sick and even kill each other just be breathing on them. Our emotional maturity seems at play. Many people are unaware of how they affect other.

Respect can be as simple as passing another person on the street and you are not wearing a mask while they are. You are unaware of their internal conversation. They are thinking, “I don’t know you, you don’t know me, but I am feeling disrespected by your actions.”  You may be secure in your world view of reality, but their reality may allow of them to feel ill effects and have a different relationship to the virus. They have worry where you have denial or apathy running.

As Consciousness we are beyond all that. We appreciate the humanity present and realize it’s limits. And, we touch the place within that reaches out beyond our human definitions, those limitations that define us. We embrace that which can not be described, only felt as the essence of Life, the spirit within to be found in BEing.

Thank you for joining me here. Let’s do it again. 

Janet Barrett

Podcast host Journeys Into Enlightenment with Janet