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Monday, December 7, 2020

It Still Is And Will Always BE About Shared Heart

 I like to go through at times and look at what I was writing about a year ago. How different, how similar, how still appropriate in what caught my attention then for now. 

This seemed timeless and appropriate to share again. 

Happy Holidays and Love to you and yours.  

 Journeys Into Enlightenment with Janet

Episode 24 Released Tuesday Dec.3, 2019

Blog/ Breathing Through Our Shared Heart

First there was All, One. All/One includes everything as Consciousness, One Mind, Infinite BEing. In the wonder of Life we know as human, we have developed an outward sense of Self as we are individually oriented in our human form. Still, in our internal and external core, we are Consciousness as Oneness, where the distinction of Self is loosened. 

The human heart is the first organ that develops into the body/form. It holds our connection to the All. One of the meanings of the word "heart" is core/essence. This is Consciousness that is in all of us. We share Heart through all our hearts as source.

In recognizing this incredible dynamic, how about we update our relation to All/One with a simple approach to being present. What would it be like to recognize, at our deepest levels this Shared Heart? Might we act different in our worlds if we lose our distinctions and sense of separateness that is prevalent these days? Might this be a way to unify again and bring wholeness to our world? Sometimes the simplest actions can have the biggest outcomes.

Try this and see what you notice.

Make some time and relax. Picture a Mobius Strip, that wonderful representation of Infinity and Love and Completeness. In my world, it is a dynamic symbol of Being. It is the one sided flat plane or line that turns on itself into a figure eight. At the crossover point is the heart, the center. For me, it represents Being in form and out of form, the crossover point either as birth or death. We circle around in being in form and out of form still complete just often unaware that we are in a pattern of being.

Now, just notice and let yourself feel how you are taking in oxygen into your body.

It comes in and in the coordination of body/form we align as our breath with the beat of our heart.

Feel your breath go into the heart like the Mobius Strip, through your heart and circle around behind you and then come back through your heart moving forward and outward. 

Let yourself feel the movement as it circles around and comes in again and goes out the back of your heart and circles back around and goes back into your heart and goes forward and outward, circles around and comes back in.

Now bring the awareness that you are softening and dissolving your outside form and becoming only an energy state at the same time.


Feel all as One again. 

Feel through our Shared Heart. 

Feel the shift as you come into a new awareness of your essential Essence as One through Heart Centered Awareness.

Janet Barrett
Podcast Host