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Monday, December 28, 2015

Fuzzy Photons Dancing This Week Update/ Feeling Good

Hello all,

As we come to the end of 2015 we can gather Tuesday evening 7-9pm here at my home. We will celebrate being able to access what is really important to each of us, the Field of the Heart and Unified Consciousness. Please consider joining us. If you are new to your awareness of this field that is fine. If you are an old hand at it, great. Skill level is not important. Intent and desire and a willingness to explore in useful ways who you are is what is important. All are welcome.

We will also meet for those who use Matrix Energetics to play in the field. Thursday afternoon 1-3pm New Year's Eve. Great way to ring out the old and ring in the new!!

Please RSVP for either group.

I wanted to end the year on a feel good note. A friend sent the cat clip the other day and it will do the trick. As this year comes to an end you might access heart and see how and where you are in your world. Is it different from last year?

I feel good. How are you feeling? Much for me has happened that might give reason to feel otherwise. Loss of loved ones, big and small, human and animal are in the scheme of things. Loss of strangers influencing the rest of us are in the scheme of things. Sometimes it feels like the world is going to Hell in a hand basket. And, yet I feel good. The shifting of patterns creates a dance through me. One big tango rippling across the cosmos.

Thanks to all of you for being part of my grand adventure in being. I look forward to 2016.



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Monday, December 21, 2015

Fuzzy Photons Play Update/ A Man of Peace

Hello All,
If you are in the Portland Oregon area: Please RSVP if you will be joining us in heart centered awareness this Tuesday evening. 7-9pm.  The best way to enjoy the holidays is to be present. We do that here.  There will be no ME play group on Thursday Xmas Eve.
More Hard Hitting Words From The Dalai Lama About The Mass Brainwashing Of Society

The 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet is always garnering a lot of attention, and for good reasons. Most rece...
One on our friends sent this out this last week. It bears repeating. If we all sit in heart centered awareness and read along, clarity will prevail. Fear and propaganda abound in our media outlets these days. Everything gets tremendously magnified very quickly. We need to pay attention and be responsible in our dealing and sharing with each other.
Everything comes out of a bias of some sort. What is his bias? Love for mankind and this marvelous earth.
Going to inner neutral terrain and letting the authentic voice ring out in each of us makes all the difference. We are better than we think we are. We are better than we demonstrate at times. We are all Consciousness. Not just you or me. All of us. Every human, plant, animal, mineral. Any with or without a religious label.
We are all Consciousness and in different levels of awareness. We are not on a journey to Enlightenment. We are on the journey of Enlightenment now!
We are each Consciousness experiencing, Consciousness evolving out our primordial ooze.
Love and the happiest of holidays to you and yours,

Janet Barrett
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Monday, December 14, 2015

Fuzzy Photons Update/ Do you hear what I hear?

 No matter the group it is always about Consciousness experiencing, Consciousness evolving

Hello Everyone,
Please RSVP if you will be joining us in heart centered awareness this week Tuesday evening 7-9 pm or Thursday afternoon 1-3 pm. for ME centered play. Both groups offer opportunities to help deal with the holidays and all that can mean and does mean to you. Triggers can abound and joining in conscious awareness of your authentic voice is always going to be useful. Saves wear and tear on the soul.
Group is always sacred. It is always fun in the sense of the unexpected. It can also be contemplative, emotional, laughable, painful, mysterious, confusing, glorious fun. It can be a expansive, releasing space for the trapped and unacknowledged that lives deep inside each of us. It is often unexpected. Did I mention the unexpected? So there is always something to notice and to enjoy, whether there are only two of us or ten. You can show up with no agenda consciously held and then something engages and it can feel like all heaven or hell broke loose. In the best sort of way. And, when we don’t feel well is often the best time to come. We can be concerned for others getting our bugs. My sense is that you can be around many disease patterns and you don’t get it as it is not useful to you. Can be in your field but you don’t have to have it. Look at genetic markers. Only possibilities until certain kinds of stresses are released. Otherwise not engaged, it is just material.
We show up for each other in group. We are all into service with a smile! Any of us may be in a harmonious state and not feeling driven to engage for ourselves too much. Yet someone else is ripe for shift and can use the group’s neutrality for support. We can start somewhere and have no idea where we are going and yet, when we are done a couple of hours later we are someplace different. We are different. It is an opportunity to gather with others who support the wild and wacky that is in each of us and let it play out and dazzle. Not from a place of egotism but from a place as Consciousness. For if we take the time to witness the wonder that we each embody and give it value and appreciation we will feel that within ourselves consciously or unconsciously.
This last month we have looked our energies around the holidays. People report they have had less tension and not pushing. Less tension will make a difference in how we are. 
One had to meet with a mediator about her son and ex husband. She has been waiting for 11 months for this meeting. She was very concerned about being triggered in so many ways. She reports it went well for her.  
I had to have oral surgery, including a tooth removed, bridge cut, implant screw put in, all next to each other. Only one pain pill later and no problems.
Reports that issues with family members are disappearing.
Long held hidden beliefs and unconscious stories that are in our fields running agendas are falling away.
The need to resist and create turbulence coming from clients and in ourselves were on display and seen for what they truly were.
Everyone reports feeling better when they probably wouldn’t otherwise.  Stuff happens in our bodies, the house next door, at work, in the world that can impacts us. Events happen that show us where we are within our definitions of self and as the collective. I am not always happy with what I see showing up out there and I use it good, bad, right, wrong to help me take positions of my choosing, not someone else’s.  
Is what we are doing together making any kind of real difference? Yes! In this season of celebrations we celebrate our willingness to show up and listen to ourselves and each other in service. Do you hear what I hear?



Monday, November 30, 2015

Fuzzy Photons Update 11/30/2015 / Holiday Heart Alert

Please RSVP if you will be joining us in heart centered awareness Tuesday evening 7-9 pm or for ME play group fun Thursday afternoon 1-3pm. Both groups access the deep sense of Consciousness that we hold within. What better way to start the month of December? There is none.
Tis the season! That’s right. Holidays are here. The time of year where business and beliefs can seem to butt heads. The commercialization around Sacredness is not always a good match. I don’t know about elsewhere in the world but in the US it is not always pretty.
In group we played with the compromises we can feel during the holidays. I can’t speak for those of you living in other countries with maybe different sacred times of year and celebrations. But since we are human and have businesses wherever we are, we probably share some of the same concerns.  Family get togethers, and all the emotional entanglements that come to surface can pinch. It is what this season has come to represent to many of us. (Pinching and shoving! I’m kidding.)

It is often now also about big business and a lot of our business culture hangs on the buying done in a few months to carry a business for the other 10 months. With that comes pressures to be felt in a company, it’s employees and its consumers. Supply and demand and the second guessing going on is not always a good match for the intent of the occasion. I only mention this because it becomes part of the energy of the season and Morphic field.
There is the traditions of gifts. Gift buying is not always easy or enjoyed. Some of us have uncomfortable memories and associations with gifts. Our emotions about love, being recognized as an individual, etc. can get stirred up. Having to buy a gift is not fun. Obligation is not pretty.  What if gift giving was about wanting to give thanks to another through a gift? That feels better. Sharing the season with another, instead of from a viewpoint of charity feels better. There can be just the sheer joy and fun in sharing. But, some of us don’t know how to receive comfortably or at all. We can feel less than. When we receive something that is more about the person giving than the person receiving it can be a challenge to hold onto that it is the thought and not the thing that counts.
It is getting easier to shop with technology. How nice. We are being encouraged to shop and buy because it is easier. Buy cheaper now for later. Whether you need it or not. Just in case. Whatever. Having the latest and greatest is about having. Having more things is often about more things to fill in the emptiness. Are there other ways to feel good?  
As empathic creatures we can feel the pressure others are feeling and creating and call it our own when it is not. I enjoy the holidays and celebrating life. That can take place in many forms. We can try to do too much or feel we can’t count on others to help etc. It can all start to feel out of control. 

Sacredness is not in the things but in our state of mind, in our being, in our being together. We can use the season as more opportunities to demonstrate our sense of abundance through our compassion, our respect, our kindness and gratefulness and our joy in being alive. And yes, holidays can be fun and full of laughter and tears.
What if we let our heart centered awareness of Consciousness lead us through this season? Take time to access heart and look at the following:

What would it be like to step back and notice and be guided by what feels good to do and act from this inspired place this time?
What would it be like to give yourself permission to follow your authentic voice and not someone else’s wishes or expectations?
What would you do different?
What would you do the same but with new awareness?
What would it be like to look beyond the obligation to the gifts of the moment?
What would it be like to put yourself and family first? Are they the same?
It is never too late to begin anew. A new commitment, a new delight, a new choice.
Happy Holidays whatever they may be to you and yours! 

Love, janet

Monday, November 23, 2015

Fuzzy Photons Dancing / She was just 17

Kookie 1998-2015
Well, she was just 17
You know what I mean
And the way she looked was way beyond compare
So how could I dance with another (Ooh)
When I saw her standing there

The Beatles

My cat Kookie let me know that it was time to put her to rest last week. We had many agreements together and that was one of them. And, for the entire three hour wait we had in the emergency clinic she acted no different that she had the last seventeen years. She paced, she continuously yowled her conversation, she wanted out of the exam room. She sat and laid on the floor and didn't ask for comfort or solace. She was as independent, edgy and sassy and just followed her heart.

She loves me. I love her. 

 My ego would have enjoyed holding her for longer than a moment but she was uncomfortable with the reality when Tom had to do so for a half hour. She never wanted to be held and only in the last couple of years would she tolerate it. Always sitting on my chest, or at my hip wedged between me and the sofa when i would lie down, which was often and two sofas later, or on my feet when i sat but always on her terms.

Through out our years of illness, both mine and my husband's she was always at my side literally. She was God's familiar to me reminding me often, from moment to moment, that i was not alone in my physical pain and story. The physical pain has been gone mostly for the last 10 years but not the story and its repercussions. Kookie made it bearable and served as focus over the years of the wonder of life when i wasn't feeling it physically. 

In serving as that role she too dealt with our physical ailments, taking on cancer and thyroid and kidney concerns. She developed a cancer on the bridge of her nose that was impressing on her brain. We could all feel her hanging in there for me, sharing in our agreement to be. My skill sets were helpful for easing the way but she was on course always in her role. She worsened when I was traveling and recharging when I would come home. It got harder on her the last few years. But she was not ready to go. Perhaps i was not ready.  

The last seventeen years have seen my developing sense of Consciousness Technologies and myself as Consciousness. In the last month or so I have experienced wisdom about my body and being in my body after 61 years and clearing through layers of beliefs, mine and others. It has started to be felt as real change and knowing that I was healthy and could know it physically. Finally my intentions and expectations would seem to be free to align. My beliefs were opening in awareness.

Kookie let me know that her role was done. She no longer had to hang in there for me and us. We buried her body in the back yard this weekend. With her passing our stories will be done and laid to rest. Her spirit and love will continue to look after us.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! For your viewing and listening pleasure i am including something sent to me this morning. Enjoy! Be sure to pass it on. 

Monday, November 16, 2015

Fuzzy Photons Play This Week 11/16/15 Our Social Brain

If you do nothing else this week, please watch an episode of a great television series: “The Brain with David Eagleman.” It is all about the new known about the brain and its mechanics. You will want to watch the whole series. This last week’s episode was all about how our brains are wired to be social and what that means. It is an hour long. Your inner conversations will continue long afterwards.  

Our brains are wired to relate to others. If you know yourself as an empath to some degree, you will know this. If you use the Field of the Heart of Unified Consciousness, you will know this. If you can feel sympathy, empathy, compassion, you will know this. Sometimes poor electrical function in the brain is apparent and we don’t experience connection to others in useful ways. Our emotional capabilities don’t get fully turned on. That too is changing. 

When we have an awareness of pain, imagined, real or observed, our own pain matrix turns on. The brain can not distinguish the difference between self and other. We literally feel each others’ pain as our own. Right there, in our pain, we are one. 

If that is so, then how do we kill other life and each other? What leads us to commit genocide? There is no better time to examine this. Helplessness is not useful. Media and technology bring the far away right into our hands. There is murder and mayhem throughout the world literally at our fingertips. What do you do? What is happening in our societies now with this constant exposure?

What is at play in our brains? Anyone can kill. Video games make violence okay. After all, it is only a game. How is it different than what is reported on CNN? Can the brain tell?

In order to kill your neighbor, you must see them as less than yourself, and how you do that is through propaganda. A party line gets presented that taps into your fear and pain and feeds it to grow. How pushed you get is the key. How fearful that you have something to lose is key. How much you believe you are defending what is yours is key. How much you are led to believe others mean you harm, to you and or your family, or what is yours, or your country is key. Whatever you have attachment to, is under threat is key.

Genocide happens all the time. Terrorist regimes operate now and have flourished everywhere as long as man has been around. They can appear as governments, gangs, or as individuals. And, the truth is, no matter how nice we may think we are or behave, there is a bit of a terrorist in each of us, probably disguised as something else, protecting itself, acting out in a myriad of ways. Our emotional terrains can offen hold us hostage in old patterns.  

When we understand the dynamics at play, we can then effectively make changes in behaviors within ourselves and maybe in those around us. We understand that it is inherent to be able to relate to others, but that their choices may not be your choices. When we know how we are being manipulated by ourselves and others we can use our consciousness technologies skill sets to stop and allow for something different. 

What can we do? I choose to access heart as Consciousness in Action. I allow for information that is found within to open up and realign. You can hear your Authentic Voice over the choir of disbelievers and enchanters surrounding your essence. From within I can recognize and stop the propaganda I receive. Not as an act of avoidance but as an act of awareness. I can choose to resonate to love of Self and others, no matter how they appear. 

In group we tapped into our upset and disappointment with our fellow human beings who don’t act humanely. I would suggest it is really about our disappointment with humans not recognizing themselves as Consciousness that is at play.


Janet Barrett 

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Fuzzy Photons Update/Memories of Rain and Vacations

Please RSVP if you will be attending any of this week’s Fuzzy Photons groups. Tonight, Tuesday evening 7-9pm for heart centered shared awareness. And Thursday afternoon 1-3pm for ME students playing in the field.
Last week was all about the rain, vacation at home and medical processes. It provided a great time of reflection about the year before. Insights and appreciations and validation filled my heart. I was clean as a whistle inside and had a nice time for the few hours in the hospital. It was very different from my trip there this time last year and the five days in the hospital and subsequent months of reorienting inside. Spending time with my husband and working on projects and yard and landscape trimming at a leisurely pace was restful mentally and physically. We got to enjoy the changing weather and the torrential rainfalls from within a clean house and secure location. We reminisced that it was a year ago we were in the Northeast enjoying Boston and driving up the coast up to Maine, enjoying friends and clients along the way. There was rain too, torrential at times, for a couple of days.
What do you notice about your last year? Can you even remember where you were this time last year? Do you remember what you were feeling like and contemplating? Reflection is a gift and our memories are subject to our current emotional terrain.  Some of us don’t like to look back or examine our inner worlds. Which is such a shame. We are our inner worlds. The only way to enjoy life is by coming to terms with who we are. Then comes the fun in realizing that you can refine or redefine that sense of self. Most often who we are is about who we have been. We are made up of all kinds of patterns of information running concurrently.
There is nothing to run away from really though it may feel like that. There can be emotional pulls and memories that make you feel less than. They are keeping you off balance and in compensating states. Being able to look back and be present to making patterns changes only happens when you pay attention, when you appreciate yourself as consciousness from within heart centered awareness.  Otherwise we repeat, often over and over the same limiting, defining patterns. Whether it is a relationship, or something you deem a bad choice again, it is coming as a result of patterns of information that are at play within the field of your being. It is about your rule sets for experiencing life. It is not always easy to look at what we might find within. But running on habitual thinking is not always going to get you what you want if you want something different than what you presently think you are. It is real and easy to shift directions, illusions, considerations if you use Consciousness Techniques. Working hand in hand, Consciousness, your authentic voice and potential can harmonize into new states of being you.
Take the time to stop and access heart. First thing you have to do is to use intention to get out of your head. Let go of logic which defines and limits the outcomes and be open to play. Check your set ups. Allow information to be user friendly. Whatever your questions, appreciate yourself. Give yourself permission to question without penalty and then notice. You can do this if you take a moment to shift to heart awareness and then be in line at the grocery store, filling your gas tank, talking with the neighbor, sharing a cubicle, walking your dog.  Allow yourself to engage all from this place of awareness. Have no agenda. Just allow for information to be present. Allow for potential to dance.  

What if every day or a majority of your days were from a vacation state of mind? You, relaxed, not on any schedule, open to new adventures. Would you loosen up? Would you enjoy life more? Would you hear your heart sing and the cascade of the water flowing down the rain chain?

Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Celebration Continues!

Hello All,

Please RSVP if you will be joining other Fuzzy Photons in play here in Portland Oregon, in heart centered awareness Tuesday evening 7-9pm. Please RSVP if you will be joining other ME players in play Thursday afternoon 1-3pm. For those of you not local to my area please consider listening to podcast recordings of Conscious Conversations with Joan and Janet on our YouTube channel. We access heart centered awareness every show and you can feel it!

There are so many things I could write about! Celebrating my 61st birthday on Friday between Wednesday’s equinox and last night’s eclipse really made it a once in a lifetime event. One that is rippling along in celebration. Did I mention the celebration inside? I know many who don’t too excited about their birthday. And they have reasons for that feeling. Me, I can’t say mine were all that great either but one thing that has been building over the last ten years is a welcoming of not aging, but of wisdom and joy and the fact that I am still alive.

Just because the birthdays then may have not been ideal does not mean they have to be that way now. Right? Instead of being victim to my parents’ ideas and limitations I look to create what I want to experience. We had a wonderful time last night. Most of my friends here have come through my association with ME and an interest in Consciousness. They are people who have chosen to reveal themselves and explore their authentic voices. It was a great vibe. There was none of the surface layer of strangers. Unique individuals all. A plethora of desserts, gifts, our home and backyard, and the ageless fire burning bright in the fire pit under the eclipse. People left because they had to leave. They didn’t want to leave and many stayed late by the fire. Conversations questioned and enlightened and sacred heart was dancing. It was a great night to be alive.

I am appreciative of being alive. There is a sublime smile deep in me. In any relationship you are co creating. In mine, with myself as me and as consciousness I have explored in the spectrum of being consciousness as a human, feeling the I in the We, in the All that is. I have been able to change directions in my life and recognize the power that we each hold inside along the way. I have met beings of all kinds, with all kinds of wisdom, over the years. We may look a certain way but inside.... It is invaluable to know that you can change was seems written in stone. The stone is only illusion, mirages, moments in holographic states of awareness made seemingly real. Perceptions and intentions subject to change and identity.  We are explorers, not just limited to the physical Earth and beyond, but in mind and states of realities.

It is all about being in something and not being it. Not being limited to be some thing by anyone’s definition. Not being limited by one’s own fears. Not being closed down to how opportunity looks, whether it be beggar or prophet. And recognizing the prophet in the beggar and the beggar in the prophet. It is all about recognizing what is valuable to each of us. It is all about being curious. It is all about being questioning. It is all about not being attached or recognizing when we are. It is all about understanding that truth is often only for a moment. It is all about appreciating life in all its’ forms.

Access your sense of heart centered awareness and play with the following. Allow for some new approaches, realities, questions. Have fun!

What would it be like to enjoy your birthday in new ways? What if you could have your metaphorical or real cake and eat it too? What if you had a cake, a pie, a cheesecake, a tart, ice cream and another cake and another pie and another dessert to enjoy and choose from? Would you only choose one or maybe a bit of everything or? Or feel bad about it all? You don’t need a lot of dessert when you are enjoying the whole meal.

We often treat our lives like dessert. Restricted, feel bad for enjoying, tormented pulls of desires and denials. Blood sugar levels come to mind. Maybe some of us are sensitive to the sweetness of life and cant handle it much or easily. Yet sugars make the energy in being physical possible so we need a new sense of balance. That is no way to live.

What would it be like to have dessert for breakfast and just enjoy the pleasure of doing so?

Monday, September 7, 2015

Fuzzy Photons Update 9/8/15/ Ready to Harvest

Hello All,

Please RSVP if you will be joining us in heart centered awareness Tuesday evening 7-9pm or at play with ME Thursday afternoon 1-3pm. Both groups revel in the wonder of being.

Dr. Wayne Dyer passed away last week. I had the good fortune to watch his film The Shift a couple of nights ago. It reminded me of all the great teachings and learnings that are part of Consciousness if you choose to learn and appreciate wisdom that surrounds us. Ageless wisdom. We are not so different internally than those who have come before us. Wisdom from a thousand or four thousand years ago is current wisdom. The languages may differ but what is at core is the same. Dr. Dyer shares and consolidates his lifetime of being in a few hours in a gentle story of lessons learned. I recommend it. It is free to watch for a few more days probably. Available at

And we wish him well on his journey of awareness. We have all benefited for his grace and openness to Source in his humanity.

It is September. You can feel fall in the air here in Portland. The grapes on my arbor are filling the air with sweetness. Not so many grapes this year so the air is filled with a sweet lightness and not a strong scent. Either aroma means harvest time is near.

What are you getting ready to harvest this season? What in you is ripening? In group so much is loosening up and releasing. Long existing patterns that are filled with unhappiness and stuck, rigid barricades of ego. And they are letting go in mostly gentle, easy ways as we are more inclined to do when we have an underlying sense of well being. No matter the @#$%*&^ happening in our lives we are all accessing an easier connection to well being as that is what the field of Unified Consciousness or heart centered awareness is all about. It is the bigger way of dealing with the limits and smallness of ego. We use it to expand and release our limited beliefs and fears.

We are using our powers of “Stop” and “No” in new ways. Both words declare boundaries and haven’t, for many, often been powerful enough to make us feel or kept safe at times. How many times did you say either or both and they were washed away in the circumstances and rendered meaningless? We are not children any longer. We have more autonomy over our thoughts and behaviors. We have choice that has more potential as we align within our authentic voices. Stop and No can be reframed into powerful helpful states. There is nothing wrong in saying either.

Take the time to access your sense of heart centered awareness. And check in to what is coming up out of the deep. Let it offer a flavor of personality or conditioning and see what might be there for something new. Not to change it because it is bad. Wrong mindset. The intention is to allow what feels limiting to show up. What is ready to harvest? In allowing it to show up it can be acknowledged in useful ways.

Let your self be surprised. Let your self love what shows up. Stuck and rigid doesn't always look or feel lovable so it can be a new thought to love it. It is your projection. It is your creation. So love it for what it is offering you. And, let it go. Let what is possible reveal its' wonder and play. We are full of unrealized, unappreciated wisdom inside of each of us. We need to make the time to STOP the old way of looking at life and notice something has changed.It is time to say NO to the past that lurks as our present. We have the power.  

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Fuzzy Photons Update/ Sibling Emotions

Hello All,

This week you can join us at play at our Tuesday evening play group of Conscious Conversations with Janet. We access heart centered awareness and allow for our internal dialogues to verbalize. We throw in potential and allow for wonder to happen. Open to all who are looking for clarity in their lives. 7-9pm. Or you can join us in play if you have Matrix Energetics training on Thursday afternoon 1-3pm. Please RSVP for either if you can, and last minute is always welcomed.

Emotions are still dancing around coming up from the deep. Emotions are the flavors and colorations of life that form our biases and subsequent experiences so they are vital. Emotional turmoil is both exciting and challenging at times. What is especially great is now we have ways of dealing with emotions that are useful to changing the stuckness that often binds us up. Consciousness technologies like EFT and ME and others allow for new relationships to these often pesky things.

In group we played this time with how we relate to our siblings and the stuck emotional resonances that might be active. A lot of sister/sister this time. (the week before it was daughter/mother) You throw in older/younger, competition, mom or dad liked you better, i do this, you do that, etc., etc., and you can get a lot of juicy suppressed energies.

Dynamics and quantum entanglement being what they are it doesn't matter if you didn't have a sister or if you aren't female. You tracked these energies when you were young. Maybe at your current age it is wife and her female contacts. Could have been your aunt and mother, mother and her mother, mother and her mother-in-law. They are flavoring how you hold feminine energies in your field. Women would seem to be different from men in tonal and vibrations levels. We deal with things differently.  But we are full of each influences. Just all part of the spectrum to me.

We were able to clear much. Holding in conscious awareness our rapport with each other and feeling the shifts energetically as these life long patterns talk with us is always so rewarding. There is no reason to be stuck or feel stuck in old limiting relationships when you use awareness well. It is just a matter of playing with the patterns within the patterns at times, in a different reality set. If it is just story, just issue, just some thing then the awareness that it is just information following in resonances and patterns is an easy next step. And, we can then maybe not feel we can change circumstances but we can certainly relate to our experiences differently.

What would it be like to have a different sense of yourself in relation to your sister? Or brother? Or Mother? Or Father? Drop into heart centered awareness, out of your thinking, rationalizing, reasoning, validating mind. Go beyond your emotional heart sense, further into the field of Unified Consciousness and observe your emotional terrain. Allow for the information to be observed from the new perspective and see what is present. The field is full of potential as it is not attached to outcome. You are.

 Reality is illusion based. If you allow for the information to express itself free of your limiting concepts of what is, shift can happen. Patterns can change. And you are freer to enjoy your emotions, whatever they may be. Feeling something is not the issue. We all feel stuff. What you do with the feeling is key.      

Monday, August 24, 2015

Fuzzy Photons Update/ Home Schooled

Hello Out There!

Please RSVP if you will be joining me for Conscious Conversations with Janet Tuesday evening 7-9pm. Our conversations come from within heart centered awareness and we go deep! We have really been enjoying the fun. For those new to playing as Consciousness and in the field of potential stuff is happening. For those of you trained in Matrix Energetics you can come play then or on Thursday afternoon 1-3pm. Both are great opportunities if you are wanting a shift in your awareness about some area in your life. 

 We have all been "home schooled" in our emotional terrains. A friend on this mailing list sent the below to me. Lighthearted it may be i thought it provides an excellent way in re-framing statements and emotions that are lingering from vioices we have heard in the past. I remember hearing them or similar statements. I don't have children to repeat them to but i can imagine at times i might have said such things. And they may not have sounded funny or filled us with emotional warm and fuzzies if spoken menacingly.   

We have been noticing in group and elsewhere how emotional energies have been up and out lately and this really struck me as a fun way to look at the old. We are playing with Consciousness here. Let's see about taking the blame and judgment out of what is ringing in our interior spaces often compartmentalized away. Now that we are adults utilizing new perspectives, let's re-encode the voices that are still perhaps locked away. 

 Access your sense of heart centered awareness, the field of Unified Consciousness and see what you become aware of that will dance to a different tune. Take them one at a time and see what you notice. If you were "home schooled" a bit differently in your youth.....



1. My mother taught me TO APPRECIATE A JOB WELL DONE . 
"If you're going to kill each other, do it outside, I just finished cleaning." 

 2. My mother taught me RELIGION. 
 "You better pray that will come out of the carpet." 

 3. My father taught me about TIME TRAVEL. 
 "If you don't straighten up, I'm going to knock you into the middle of next week!" 

4. My father taught me LOGIC. 
"Because I said so, that's why." 

 5. My mother taught me MORE LOGIC. 
 "If you fall out of that swing and break your neck, you're not going to the store with me." 

6. My mother taught me FORESIGHT. 
 "Make sure you wear clean underwear, in case you're in an accident." 

 7. My father taught me IRONY. 
 "Keep crying, and I'll give you something to cry about." 

 8. My mother taught me about the science of OSMOSIS . 
 "Shut your mouth and eat your supper." 

9. My mother taught me about CONTORTIONISM. 
 "Just you look at that dirt on the back of your neck?" 

 10. My mother taught me about STAMINA. 
"You'll sit there until all that spinach is gone." 

 11. My mother taught me about WEATHER. 
"This room of yours looks as if a tornado went through it." 

 12. My mother taught me about HYPOCRISY. 
 "If I told you once, I've told you a million times, don't exaggerate!" 

 13. My father taught me the CIRCLE OF LIFE. 
 "I brought you into this world, and I can take you out..." 

 14. My mother taught me about BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION .   
"Stop acting like your father!" 

 15. My mother taught me about ENVY. 
 "There are millions of less fortunate children in this world who don't have wonderful parents like you do." 

 16. My mother taught me about ANTICIPATION. 
"Just wait until we get home." 

 17. My mother taught me about RECEIVING. 
 "You are going to get it from your father when he gets home!" 

 18. My mother taught me MEDICAL SCIENCE. 
"If you don't stop crossing your eyes, they are going to get stuck that way."

 19. My mother taught me ESP. 
 "Put your sweater on; don't you think I know when you are cold?" 

20. My father taught me HUMOUR. 
"When that lawn mower cuts off your toes, don't come running to me." 

21. My mother taught me HOW TO BECOME AN ADULT .   
 "If you don't eat your vegetables, you'll never grow up." 

 22. My mother taught me GENETICS. 
 "You're just like your father." 

 23. My mother taught me about my ROOTS. 
 "Shut that door behind you, do you think you were born in a barn?" 

24. My mother taught me WISDOM. 
 "When you get to be my age, you'll understand. “

25. My father taught me about JUSTICE. 
 "One day you'll have kids, and I hope they turn out just like you!" 

Monday, August 10, 2015

Fuzzy Photons Update/A state of Hold?

Hello Out There,

Please RSVP if you will be joining our Tuesday evening 7-9pm Fuzzy Photons in Conscious
Conversations with Janet. This group is all about being in heart centered awareness. It is open to all fascinated by life. Or please RSVP if you will be joining our Matrix Energetics play group Thursday afternoon 1-3pm which is open to only those who have attended a ME seminar.

I am in the state of Oregon. I am sitting here typing while on hold for the last ten minutes.  The elaborateness of the automated phone system is not too reassuring after all. There is no personal contact. I have no way to get ahold of who I need to talk with. I was forwarded to this place by a person in the system who was in the state of Missouri, USA. A nice person who wanted to help and sent me into oblivion. I have no idea where I am. The weak monotone Musak playing is not entertaining or reassuring.

Considering that I am on hold with the long distance service of AT&T I think it is cosmically
funny.This service, under the banner of AT&T is apparently not AT&T and requires a call to disconnect.I decide to hang up and call and enter the system again. Somehow my answers to the automated system connected me in a new way, a new state. Now I manage to talk with a real person who is in the state of Texas,USA where she says she knows lots of stuff and that I am automatically dropped from the long distance service that is no longer AT&T. So I can hang up knowing that all is well.

Differences in the state of Missouri and Texas would not seem much. It is in the people inhabiting them where it gets tricky. Different levels of perception and knowledge of how their system works and all the different components.

This would seem to be a great metaphor about consciousness and our internal processes. We have a body, a mind, a connection to what we call some sense of Source, different levels found in the intelligence of the body, and all the ways we inhabit being. Miscommunication can be anywhere in our thinking and there can be limits of knowledge. Shifting to heart centered awareness and our knowing can bring different results.

Knowing is information that comes to us through the right brain that is free of form. Knowledge
is information coming through the left brain as systems designs. Both are important but knowing
is connected to heart centered awareness.

We get stuck all the time. We get put on hold and forgotten within ourselves. We hold awareness
in different areas of our field. Let's think about flow. Where you make an internal call for information and it shows up in some way. When we get stuck it is often as a result of information not flowing somewhere else.

So maybe take some time to access your sense of the field of Unified Consciousness and see what
lines of communication are working and not working. Where do you feel lack of or leaks in
awareness? Can you feel the limits in awareness in some way?  Look at your issue and put it someplace. Now look around and see what catches your eye, your ear, some sense. Allow it to fascinate you and take your attention. Interact with it and just notice. Let it resolve in some way and let go. Know that all is well.



Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Fuzzy Photon Alert/Judging in Life defines that Life

Fuzzy Photons notice: Please RSVP if you will be joining us to share in heart centered connection to the field of Unified Consciousness. Great place to play. Happening Tuesday evening 7-9pm here. Or for ME play group Thursday new time for this week 2:30-4:30 pm 
Lots of things happened last week. I bet in your life also. Moments of awareness of the need for self care and quiet. Moments of intense emotional reactions and response. Moments of awareness of power, shifting power and how we each influence in our lives. Making choices for others and ourselves is not always easy.
The more you occupy being present, life can take a different spin. It is not the same thing over and over. Because using consciousness technologies means being present in new ways. It is not just enough to be able to observe how you are in your life coming up against the boundaries and judgments that entails. It means being open to the potential that is available for shift in the patterns that your life represents. We are each living embodiments of holographic projections of consciousness. Richard Bartlett of Matrix Energetics  would say that all the time in seminars. It took me awhile to get what he meant. I had fun in some altered states of reality where I felt and thought what he was talking about. It wasn’t just words. When you get down to the nitty gritty of the particles that make up life there is not a whole lot there that is solid in the quantum realm. Consciousness would seem to be just some photons of light that move around in patterns, waves of flow. Though, to our limited senses we seem pretty solid.
What seems to keep us together in one sense are our judgments. Take the judgments away and stuff starts to happen. It is a skill. We did this the other night on our free conscious conference call and it was really remarkable. Sitting with others in the field of unified consciousness one mentioned how her judgments were getting in the way. I suggested we allow for the judgment to separate out of the issue and you could feel it come out. And right now I can’t track what it was all about. We did it with other issues that people were silently contemplating. You could feel the shift into the deepening of sacred space.
Sacred space is full of judgments that have no meaning, no attachment, no connection. And you will find that they are no longer judgments then. Just thoughts that can fall apart. Patterns are changing all the time but we fail to see or notice or register the difference because we are locked into the judgment part of the pattern. That is what holds it to be. Some thing. How many of us hold on to our judgments even in the face of conflicting evidence? How many of us are really attached to maintaining the old as it is safer in some way?

Being willing to let go of our old judgments for new discernments is healthy mental health in action. And we may find we have ease in some areas and not in others. We each have a framework for what our lives are about. Some of us employ the “Once I make up my mind nothing will change it because then I don’t have to rethink this” way of living. It can make it challenging for the rest of us who bump up against this. Mental and emotional health are as precious as physical health. As we let go of the judgments of what life is for each of us even the framework is subject to change. Which is a good thing. Some thing worth hanging on to. Perhaps the only thing worth hanging on to.
Take a moment to use your skill sets and access the field of heart. Allow yourself to play. Let an issue come up for you. If you were to release the judgment what could happen? If you were to explore what information becomes available to you what would that be like? If the whole issue was to just disappear as water on a hot surface what would that be like? If something totally unexpected was to become aware to you would you let it? Would you allow yourself to feel good about what the contained information had to offer and would you be okay to feel okay about it? What would that be like?

Monday, May 25, 2015

Fuzzy Photons Alert/ Well Being Amidst the Turbulence

Hello All,
Please RSVP if you will be joining us here for heart centered play Tuesday evening 7-9pm or for ME play Thursday afternoon 1-3pm.
This week I am going to be attending two wonderful Matrix Energetics seminars in the Seattle, WA area.  It has been a year since I was there sitting in a room filled with a group of such size exploring what it is to enjoy the mysteries of mind and awareness. It is always fresh and vital no matter the material, which I may be familiar with or not. It is the liveliness, vitality and variety of individuals exploring being human that is the hook. Meeting old friends and fellow explorers will be the delight. I hope you will join me there. 
What a beautiful week it has been here in Portland, Oregon. This is a very special place. As is the place where you live. It is just different. Here, the visuals of spring with its bright floral display and new green growth of grass and bush are abundant and nourishing on so many levels. There is turmoil elsewhere in the world and I can still find peace within. I can be dealing with dementia in the family, have frustration with a medical system, and face hard choices about loved ones and still hang onto that life is what you make it. My realities and those I interact with are not always the same. Time and space mean different things to different people. Sometimes others’ realities predominate. But still I find myself able to hold to “okay” internally. That sense of well being may recede or I may forget that in any one moment but in a moment it is coming back. I find it supporting me as I go about daily life. 
That wasn’t always the case. One thing that has become true for me is that life is what you make it. Illness and its repercussions have dictated my life. It reverberates long after the diseases have declined. I don’t need the disease patterns as they were anymore. They only served to bring me to this point and shape my being. They have served as anchor in consciousness, time and space. How attached I am keeps shifting. 
Consciousness technologies like the Yuen Method and to a greater degree Matrix Energetics have allowed me a way to relax and feel more in control of my life. There are no victims in this work or in the mind sets. Just individuals experiencing life. Often from an overwhelmed space and limited viewpoints. Individuals who have taken responsibility for others and all or let go of personal responsibility. We are relationship based creatures. We are always co-creating and often we do it from a fixed position. We assign ourselves roles to play. My liking of people served my ability to feel for others and want to be helpful. Or maybe it was the other way around or something in between. I much better relate to these forces in my life today. I am much more in the “gift” part of my awareness than the “wound” part of it. Wisdom is available.  
Amidst the chaos of earthquake and war in far places and even here, life is transcending, ending and beginning. Life is earth shattering and life ending at times. Opportunities are created in every moment, and perhaps either not used or deliberately decided for new choices in patterns of behavior. 

Using ME’s great awareness of the heart centered field of Unified Consciousness and it’s relationship to potential has made all the difference in my world. It is an updated version of old knowledge and knowing. It is something available to all of us, not just the shaman or wizard. But maybe not valued or framed as the shaman or wizard would. That is the nature of awareness. It is everywhere, always. But, and here is the big “but” of all, not always recognized or engaged by each of us. We have it within us if we allow for it. Awareness is available to all of us whether we are conscious of it or not. We are all at different places within the spectrum of awareness. Sometimes it is easier, safer, to act powerless and allow others to dictate and make our choices and set our boundaries. Some of us hold no awareness about much of anything. There is no drive to look deeper, inward. Some times we find ourselves in circumstances beyond our conscious control, making choices when there are no choices. And then again, sometimes and some of us choose to play the game of life differently. Neither right nor wrong it is always consciousness experiencing, consciousness evolving.


Fuzzy Photons 5/25/15 Misunderstandings Abound

Hello All,
Please RSVP if you would like to join in heart centered awareness this week Tuesday 7-9pm. Or at our Matrix Energetics play group Thursday 1-3pm. Both are rich opportunities to play in the field of the heart and experience community with others who look to explore life.
Mercury is in retrograde. It does that four times a year. For those of you who pay attention to astrology that means communication can be in uproar. For those of you who don’t pay attention it doesn’t hurt to notice our communications with self and others. Consciousness is organized on many different levels of awareness and considerations. You don’t have to be conscious of what is going on planetary, global or environmental levels to be aware that your friend is not speaking to you and seems a bit miffed and you don’t know why. You seem to be having issue with a contract for unknown reasons. We are all being affected by mostly unconscious energies.
Someone says something. The listener hears what is said and yet can misunderstand, misinterpret, and react. It happens because each of us is oriented individually to what life is about. Language may be shared but the understanding of our intention is not experienced. The joke intended is not appreciated. The sincerity is missed. Stuff happens. No harm is intended but it can be experienced. Unless something intercedes and sometimes even then harm is felt.
Such is life. It happens all the times. History and fiction are filled with misunderstandings. It is bound to happen. Lifetimes can be changed. Wars can occur on all kinds of levels, families and clans hold grudges, and all because miscommunication happened or values collided.
Language is one of our greatest gifts. The meaning of a single word can cover a lot of ground. It also can lead to misunderstanding easily if we are not paying attention. Out of context comments can create issue. People don’t always speak their personal sense of truth, explain what they mean or are maybe not feeling free to do so. They are polite, or nice or don’t feel comfortable sharing.  A simple comment can set up waves of reaction not intended or meant. They can lead to actions that are not recognized until later years. What is flip to someone is catastrophic to another and we never know. Assumptions can run rampant. Reactions are automatic often. Responses are what we are looking for when dealing with others and ourselves. Responses allow for contemplation in between our thoughts. It gives us time to become aware of our triggers on both sides. We are always co creating. Viewpoints can cross over and cascade into each other and harm is felt.
All we can do is learn how to be honest with ourselves and one another. And that can be the most wanted but seemingly the hardest thing to express due to our feelings and desires. Desires to protect someone, something, ourselves. Our own emotions can cloud, confuse, misdirect, and create mayhem. It is important to know when we hurt each other intentionally or unintentionally. We need to also learn to apologize if we have created an unwanted set up. We don’t want to hurt. So why would we want to hurt others? But it can happen.  
Use your skill sets and drop into heart space. Check out how your heart is physically feeling. Check out the surrounding emotional terrain and then slip into the core, essence of Unified Consciousness and play. Any of the physical sense, or emotional terrain can be played with in your casual noticing. Let yourself relax into being okay. Feel the separation of stuff into the wisp of "out there" and just relax some more. 

Let someone come to mind and notice what is present with them and you. If you keep open your emotional heart sensor what do you notice? Something physical or emotional in reaction? If you continue to just view, allow for awareness to be present and what it has to offer you. Be appreciative to the other, grateful for what they are sharing and then decide how you want to respond. If it is your issue act accordingly. If it is theirs keep your heart open. Share from that space with them, what is true to you. Allow yourself to feel the shift and let it go.

We are each responsible for how we show up and not responsible for how others do. But we can make it easier for us to share life in ways that enrich our experiences and sense of joy. 



Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Losing Memories 5/5/15

Hello All,

Please RSVP if you will be joining us for our Fuzzy Photons play groups of heart space on Tuesday evening 7-9pm or ME play group Thursday afternoon 1-3pm. Any local to the Portland/Vancouver area is welcome. 
In some societies people are living longer. But they are not always at their best as they age. Technologies can keep us alive, but not always present mentally. Daily life is full of considerations and stress. We are building Morphic fields full of declining abilities and loss of powers of reasoning. We are now old enough to forget. Our ability to feel and reason are gifts of being. We can take them for granted. We can be good at putting off till tomorrow and longer preventative measures that could insure against poor tomorrows. And then sometimes you do all the right things and stuff still happens. What we all need to be in is a state of appreciation for the wonder that we each are right now.
I have been in San Diego for several days. My husband and I have been dealing with my dad and brother and levels of cognitive abilities and dementia. Been noticing how information can flow but not connect. The heart can be willing, the head can be willing and yet connection is lost. It can be so between my dad, his body and mind, my brother as caregiver and his issues or the medical system of doctor and staff, staff and more staff, staff between agencies that are all looking to work together. Departments filled with people sympathizing, empathizing but no power ultimately flowing to conclusion. Power that just disappears. Sort of like dementia in certain ways.
Dad has been losing his memory, mostly short term but some long term. It can be about the simplest things. What stands out to me is when I watched and observed my dad at age 91 dealing with a variety of Solitaire, a card game. You might not like the game much or you might enjoy it. What you might not notice though are all the steps in cognitive behavior it requires to play the game. How many piles of cards, how many cards in each pile and when to turn them face over, piles of cards that are about black and red alternating in each pile and in placed in descending order. Then the row of suits in red or black in ascending order. And you have your turnover deck of every three cards at a time you rotate through playing. You have to be able to notice each pile in reference to what is showing. You have to be sure to turn over only the cards facing up and not any others as you move them around from pile to pile. You can only move certain cards at certain times into forming new piles. And much more. Each is an act separate from the other, in a sequence and then perhaps no sequence. Any one or more thought can fail to connect. Then sometimes connecting on and then off in the next minute.
I like Solitaire and used to be quite focused on results and time and wins and loses. I used to win a lot and quite psychic at the game. Playing with my dad the last couple of years it has become more about the process and not about the winning. We don’t win as much now. We share the experience and that is the win to me. it brings me peace to sit with him at his level and let it be okay. I am better now at letting go of the mind that used to be present and to be okay with the one now present.
Awareness, appreciation and patience were experienced. In my world, I guess most things work well. Not so in my brother or father’s realities of life. I observed the intersection of those realities a lot. I noticed where their issues could be mine and were not and where they might be in the future. I get to decide how I want to relate to these patterns. How much energy to feed into thinking certain ways about things. I was able to successfully challenge the norm at different times and other’s expectations and sometimes not. For we co-create always. Such is life. Consciousness is always present and presenting opportunities to challenge itself. Detachment from any kind of expectation is helpful when the expectation is limiting. It is so easy to buy into someone else’s reality. You have to catch yourself if it is not your reality or one you want to hold as the only truth.
People can get better. People can get worse. It is not up to me. But if I notice places that invite me to be aware, perhaps, if wanted, things can change in some way, beyond the expected.
Take time to drop in and notice what in your world catches your eye. Allow it to break it down into all the thoughts that have to happen to have a conclusion. Notice where something might be different or could allow for a different outcome. There are only patterns. Play. Enjoy. Appreciate.


Janet Barrett
  Metaphorically Speaking - Intuitive Energy Release

Monday, April 20, 2015

No groups until April 30 Thursday 1-3pm Portland Oregon

I am leaving for San Diego in the morning. My blog this week has disappeared into the ethers. So I will just let you know that no groups until Thursday April 30 for our ME play group 1-3pm.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Lily and You

Hello All,
Please RSVP if you will be joining us for either our heart centered play space on Tuesday evening 7-9pm or our Matrix Energetics play group Thursday afternoon 1-3pm. 

This is Lily. Lily is 4 months old now. Each of us has a Lily in us. Inside of each of us is a pretty baby, no matter what we looked like or what we were told..

We are witnessing the  moment before choice is being made from a place of innocence. You can see it here. An imprint of experience has happened and she is going to respond. On her next breath her response can be of either to smile in joy or cry in alarm. Or to squiggle and notice something else. Her choice will come as a result of consciousness deciding how it will express itself in this current embodiment as her, of the personality of her genetic material and the setting of her perceptual biases and sensory mechanisms.

 She will respond quickly without regard to limits. Present is only a willingness to experience life. She is taking in information that her surrounding environment is providing that will develop her senses of who she is in the world.

 Right now she is loved. She is healthy. She is clean. Those are her advantages in how she is starting out in life. They are still present. Some of us don’t start this life with these advantages. And all of it can change in the blink of an eye. How her developing needs are being met is important and dependent on those around her until she is old enough to self direct and make her own choices.  At any point patterns will start or continue to play setting up experiences of one kind or another enriching what life is all about. There are no rights, no wrongs only discernment that sets up distinctions and lead to judgments and choices. 
What level of awareness is she holding and taking in about life around her? How will they define her? How is she tracking physical movement, mental reasoning, emotional capabilities, psychological, psychic and spiritual influences? Ever watch a baby and their delight in the unseen world? Reacting to things you can not see. Developing visual perceptions and acuity take hold and what they hear around them relays information. How does she respond to the mother and father influences? You are Lily. How much of who Lily will be is being projected onto her by someone bigger? If we hold victim energy in our fields as adults how much of that is coming from our Lily’s developing sense of perspective? her future choices will come from what she is experiencing from those around her who are not paying attention to her or in their own biases.
We all respond to babies in some way. From a neutral position we can notice that response. It will reflect our own sense of self as innocent and how precious it is. We never lose our innocence. We only gain experience that values it or degrades it. But what we are all witnessing here is life still held as wonder. It is in each of us. We now get to choose how we value or degrade it. How we relate to it. Some of us will feel her and then the pain of being an adult. Some of us will only see the light and feel separate from it. Some of us will do all we can to treasure and protect her. Some of us will see how precious the wonder is and infuse our wisdom to it. Wisdom is our educated innocence, free of the biases that created it.  
So take a moment or two. Drop into heart space or look at Lily and drop into heart space. Feel what you feel. Feel you as Lily. She holds the secret of the universes in her eyes and being. What is your choice? How do we help her to know grace? How do we teach her about the possibilities in her world and the world?

Maybe we just hold her and let her feel our beating heart. Let her know that she is never alone or unwanted. Let her know that every moment is all we have and is to be appreciated.

What would your inner Lily want you to know? 


And thank you to Lily's grandmother for sending me her photograph. 

Monday, April 6, 2015

Moving in grace

Hello All,
Please RSVP if you will be joining us for heart centered play Tuesday evening 7-9pm. This group dynamic is about joining others in sacred space, free of definitions of how you get there. There are many ways to get there, into the field of the heart. Use the one you know or learn a new way and drop in. It is all about creating the space within ourselves to know ourselves free of our thinking. Nothing is what it seems to be. No matter what you are facing and dealing with your life you can embrace it in new ways. How you feel is what motivates you. If you don’t know how you feel, have no clarity, or feel confused come join us. If you find yourself questioning all that you do and think come join us. If you are doing well in your world come and help others through your sense of all right, I am okay. It will make a difference.
Please RSVP if you will be joining us for Matrix Energetics play Thursday afternoon 1-3pm. Using your ME skill sets or beginner’s mind join us as we focus on sacred space from within the ME mindset.
Grace has a couple of meanings. One is about how one elegantly moves physically and it is also a sense of the Divine. For me it is consciousness giving pardon to itself as human. Not about the nature of forgiveness but about not judging or being judge in the first place. As humans concerned with life and survival we need to think in order to judge what is good for us. Making distinctions is important. But we need to be skillful at it. Use it wisely.
This last week was all about moving in grace. It showed and revealed itself in different ways. Groups were full of heart expanding moments. Some of us have serious life threatening issues we are tangled up with or are dealing with bi polar experiences of being in the family. We enjoyed vibrant life appreciation and being okay with what one found inside in the profound shared energies. It was humbling. Illness was radiating good health as sometimes life gets directed into what we don’t consciously want. We noticed the circumstances and motivators that were revealing themselves. Where the duality, polarity and scalar nature of energies about anything were focused. We added the potential found in sacred space and blessed it all.
Keeping out of judgment and neutral to what is within us is key. In group we found where fear can lie. Where fear is serving as protection from ourselves, for ourselves and acting as self sabotage. Embracing the fear allows for us to recognize the parts of ourselves that make us whole. Like anything it can be protective, neutralizing, empowering, debilitating. Just depends on how it is being experienced. Used well it gives us pause and time to reflect and act in new ways. Used poorly it can become its own thing empowered as an egotist. We are then no longer reacting to the fear of what but to the fear itself. It revealed itself in the grace. 
I also spent a lot of time with a friend helping her with a moving in sale all weekend. Here was a different sense of grace. Think Energizer Bunny. My friend is able to express energy physically without compromise. She radiates a glow of good health, a warm smile, with a vibrant appreciation of life. If you weren't paying attention you might think that she was a doer. She does get a lot of things done for sure. But what she is really able to do is access a flow of energy easily and effortlessly being externally demonstrated. By being she does. In that expression she gets things moved.
We all move in grace be it about physical or lack of judgment. We express it physically, mentally, emotionally, psychologically, psychically, spiritually and metaphorically. Grace is found in the smallest of moments and in the big ones. Some of us are aware of it, some of us take it for granted and some of us never know it. We can see it in others but not ourselves. Some of us value it, some of us have had it and hold it lost. We can limp along or be clumsy or vibrate at different levels. Consciousness experiences and chooses to evolve or stay the same. 
Take some time and access heart space. In warmth, support and willingness to allow for all that grace is, relax. Check in. Is you sense of life vibrant and full of possibilities? Or, is what is bothering you full of life and vibrant? Notice where you would like your energies to go and see what that would be like or feel like to move them around. How you hold yourself in awareness is important. How do you flow? Are you a Fred Astaire/Ginger Rodgers or Keystone Cop?