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Monday, April 18, 2016

Consciousness Squeezing This Week/ Making lemonade

Hello Out There,

Consciousness is not heavy or work. It is about the interaction of the expansiveness of Being. You feel the sacred, the stillness, the life, the weightlessness of the All. What also is present can be the absolute sublime sense of joy of Being and also the physical release of laughter.  It is as easy as opening your inner eyes and senses and noticing what is around you.

What comes up when we gather to play are many elements. We are these wonderful mixes of complexity. Complexity is a whole lot of simple. Forces, paradoxes, compromises, thoughts, feelings and non conscious motivations, and awareness playing out in patterns of behavior in thought and feeling. We are all this and much more. We are our history, singular and collective. Individual, family, clan, tribe, community, geographical areas.

When we gather in group, in intention, to know ourselves as Consciousness as play, our inner worlds align with each other. We can feel each other in our patterns. We can notice for each other information that we are often blind to as we are in the patterns and not observing from the outside. Both positions work together and are needed.

It is important to be able to own your own experiences in useful ways. Otherwise you are a victim to your world, in your own world. When we can acknowledge who we are because of them we are in the power position. We can convert wound to gift and access the wisdom. Sometimes we can be aware and yet not be able to have a sense that we can make a change. Group can provide that. On one level that is why many will not choose to come. Because their inner control mechanisms about change are not encoded for flow but only for perceived threat. Get over yourself and let us shift that! Your sense of control can be different.

Last week offered so much rich expression of being alive for us here. Each of us is vital to the whole. Synchronicity is present. Once we speak of what has caught our attention we can start to see the patterns from the energies present in our individual stories affecting us collectively.

We started with a Hammertoe. Which led to constriction. Which led to Wrong. The definition of Wrong that we each have held within was weighty and the realization that Wrong had nothing to do with Right. It had a lot to do with our sense of Love. Love combined with pain that comes in being with others we were holding deep. We make assumptions of connection. There is no connection between wrong or right in Consciousness, only in our human assumptions. All of this led to the two year old. The one that wanted nothing to do with rules and so in control. Her rage at being forced to conform and she wasn't and never would. She was betrayed and violated and she was justified. How to hold her in Grace and to find her own path of being out of her own inspiration and not manipulated self.

Our other group was about the laughter, the ecstatic whirling dervish kind of laughter, It was coming out a state long suppressed and out of truth. We are that joyous. In hindsight it might be shocking. It came out of a willingness to know oneself and looking for new ways to let go of what was stuck. It was taking a warrior of life out of that role and becoming the many creatures of flight that were her truth. It was about reconciling what we were holding separate and buried under reason and responsibility.

It was a lovely week to make and drink lemonade.



Journeys Into Enlightenment

Monday, April 4, 2016

Consciousness Cookies for Today

Hello Out There,

Tapping into our connection as Consciousness is easy. Feeling it can rock your boat. Understanding what is happening is optional and not really important at times. And there might not be a lot of words available to articulate as it is our right brain that is engaging and not our left brain verbal processor. We will show you the very simple steps and let our authentic voices make themselves heard. And, then, the shift. That is the key.
What fun!

Food for Thought
At the Portland Body, Mind and Spirit Expo this past weekend I had the chance to meet a very nice group of people that didn't always know what or why they were in front of me. They might have been trawling through as we can tend to do at these sorts of events. But for those that chose to accept a free Consciousness Cookie that I had provided  (and most everyone did) it was a moment to contemplate. Food for Thought without the calories!

Joan, my partner on Conscious Conversations with Joan and Janet, and I offered a 50 minute presentation on Consciousness and about the shift that we are all feeling these days and maybe don't have the language or understanding of what is happening. It is Quantum Leap time, People! Those of us who do this work see it, feel it, hear it, know it, and experience it crosses through our cell membranes. It was interesting to hear what people thought about Consciousness and Consciousness Technologies and most of it was new to the interested general public.

I was busy doing demos for those interested in feeling something different and shift in their conscious realities. Every body felt something and when we moved out and about in regards to some area that was showing up, it was sensed. It will be interesting to hear back from those who participated and I know that some will respond to their sign ups for more information and about the play groups. I also are aware that is also easy for some to just walk away and put it down to the moment. Not realizing that, even though I said it would continue, that it might get lost in the day. And, maybe not. My reality set is that it will make a difference whether they or myself are aware of it or not.

The only way to effectively handle the changes coming up and out of the chaos in our worlds is to connect to our sense of Consciousness as Heart Centered Awareness, Unified Consciousness or Source or Universe. The label only reflects the training and bias and not the state.

We are each redefining ourselves and opening up to the collapse of systems and labels that don't serve any longer. Whether in religion, business, spirituality, politics or contemplating our collective navels, shift is happening globally. Which is very exciting and maybe traumatic for some. Traumatic is okay when we hold it in reference to letting go and/or holding on what no longer serves. Depending on how we have each set up our games about Life and our power as Consciousness, change can be easy, simple, smooth or Hell on Wheels and everything in between. It can bring out the extremes.

What is important is that we each have the power to self lead in new ways. We don't have to follow hollow states, institutions and personalities. Most of the time we live in states of Uncertainty and so we go to others for help.

When that state shifts I have yet to met anyone who doesn't have their own answers. Some have it buried deep but it is there. Some have never thought to question but it is there. Some don't realize how easy it can be. They have just been choosing to have someone else be responsible for giving them permission to know their truth and define them. Which is one way to be.

What would it be like to be able to ask yourself a question and feel okay about what you hear out of the quiet? In being present and open, Wonder is yours.