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Monday, December 26, 2016

Consciousness and Laughing Out 2016

Great use of Concrete
Many might be happy to see the end of 2016. And, then again many may have concerns about 2017. There is uncertainty presently rippling out. The unknown can be a powerful mechanism for fear. I know many who would rather hurt than change or are in states of shock and doomsday. The rise and fall of different systems of beliefs can be overwhelming.

As Consciousness, our awareness is that whatever comes our way, we are okay. There is no time, no space, no attachment other than exploring. Maybe there are some guidelines I can share to remind that we each are Consciousness at play in our daily lives.

I say guidelines as I have come to appreciate that any time I set something up as a rule I am limiting potential. May not be my intention but it serves that way. Limits can be wonderful things until they are not and they are now obstructions to growth and to feeling good. Like in family dynamics when the first son is always a (fill in the blank.) and the first son doesn't want to be the....... Many can be very attached to their traditions of thinking, of feeling. We can be doing this in family, science, school, any arena that humans are involved in.

We all want to feel good and safe and loved. We don't have to though. Emotions can direct our energies along paths that divert our wants. The world is full of people who feel other than good, safe and loved. We are willing to kill, to move, to give in order to feel good, safe and loved. Survival is compromised. We can be very compromised about feeling good and not be aware of our mindsets at play.

As Consciousness, me as human is laughing a lot lately. In all the horror out there what is going on? How can I be laughing at tragedy? I realized that it was transcendent laughter. I am processing all this stuff we have stirred up and using it as the fuel of evolution leaping to a new state. In group we are certainly allowing ourselves to recognize our personal power and serving the collective in this way. We each are in spheres of influence in our families and friends and aquaintances, some shared, that we are tracking in some way and doing our best to let it be a noticing and transcending it.

I usually associate transcending with a new state specific. Like transcending anger into joy. But now I am not directing or holding it in the relationship. I am removing the state of duality, polarity and allowing for something different like scalar dynamics. Tesla was all about free energy and I think we are generating it. We are making potential available if we do our work well.

We each are important and hold that love of self is powerful, love as part of the bigger collective is powerful and ours to extend. We don't have to do anything. We just have to allow for our love to not be held back. It will ripple out across the cosmos, bounce around and interact with whatever it bounces into and come back with different information to play with.

Concrete is powerful and so solid. With only a few ingredients and some water it can go from a powder to a hard immovable form. Rules and our patterns of thoughts which guide our behaviors can be like concrete. It takes a special tool to break it up and intention when it is no longer serving. How concrete have you become?

Access heart centered awareness and let it become dust. Easy, simple and it feels good.

Let us celebrate the potential not yet formed in 2017. Let us honor those who have passed into Consciousness free of form in 2016 and embody compassion, kindness, respect and fairness into our guidelines of being present.

See you next year!

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/ Journeys Into Enlightenment

Monday, December 19, 2016


Our journey from within a reality of Self Love can take some time to acclimate to. When one's habit has been to Doubt, it has settled into our bones. It has become part of our sense of stability in the real world. It might take a bit to bring us back to this new centering sense of being.

And, that is fine. It is okay. We come to realize how incorporated our judgments prevail and flourish.

Let us look at Self Love like a new growth maybe. A seed, then a seedling, a tiny sprout shooting up out of the soil and it will take the harmony of the earth and surrounding conditions of water, sun, rain, and storm to sustain our seedling in its development and growth into something living.


We can just shift it to the NOW reality of SELF LOVE FLOURISHES HERE. There is nothing to process, just accept that things are different and can be that because I SAY IT IS SO. Which is really about our sense of empowerment. Many of us have no comfort or helpful, useful training with standing up for ourselves, and  maybe more importantly, with ourselves. It is habituated to think of our own wishes, desires and Right to Be as Less Than. Someone has more power to choose who and how we now are and long after they may be gone they have left their mark.

Self Love. Who and how we define ourselves. IF there are no rights, no wrongs, no judgments from others that have become our rules, what else is possible? If we shift judgments to guidelines does that free us up more?

I say it this way as I am about respecting myself as Consciousness experiencing life as me. Since Consciousness was setting itself to experience life in my form it set my perceptual biases as basis to explore. This is the best framework for me to express in this current embodiment. If, I, for just a moment can get out of my own *^^##@# way and see the wonder I am in action, is letting go of the blame that I hold at core for showing up this way, possible?

We need to get over blaming Consciousness, ourselves and all those others out there over the years and generations and lifetimes for us showing up as we presently do. Life feels like a grand experiment of experience. Myself, I don't think Consciousness knows. It only is. It allows for all.

We seem to observe that there are some rules in life as we hold suns, planets and solar systems as systems. Rules come with systems awareness. Our challenge is that we don't know when rules apply or not as we are limited by our ways of noticing them. And that noticing that come over what we consider time, like centuries, may change along the way as Consciousness expands into forms. We go through evolutionary changes, awareness in a myriad of ways of embodiment on this earth. No Ice Age currently present though we may be on our way to creating one again sooner than later. That is how powerful we have become as Consciousness being.

So. SELF LOVE FLOURISHES HERE may come with training wheels. There is no need to be hard on ourselves unless you feel that is SELF LOVE. I own that I can be lazy, indifferent at times to my own setup and suffering. Change requires I do something. and I don't want to. Or need to. Etc. etc. etc..

And yet, from within Heart Centered Awareness,


Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment

Friday, December 16, 2016

Consciousness and the Miracles of Self Love

Self Love Energy
We call things or events miracles when something happens unexpected beyond the limits of our human sense of sight and mind sets. In Consciousness there are no limits. In the Infinite Sea of Potential all is not yet. Life can reflect the wonder available and demonstrate regularly miracles when you engage as Consciousness.

Coming to group is an act of Self Love as is any practice of meditation, reflection, or acting compassionately with others. It is chocolate for the Soul! For we are all One. As Consciousness, Heart Centered Awareness, the boundaries disappear.

Tuesday night we gathered here. One, who we had not seen for a couple of months, was dealing with eviction court the next morning so she came to group for some support. Circumstances of health and events had compromised her paying her rent for the last several months. She didn't know what to do or how to move forward. New places were not coming through to move into. When we looked we could see the new place right in front of her, coming from behind her, in her past. She could not see it.

When she does show up for group remarkable things happen for her every time. She knows it. She has trouble with trusting herself to be in a state of Heart on her own. We provide a clear mirror and maybe a needed kick in the butt.

Like many of us.

Another attendee present was looking for help with renting her newly converted studio apartment to the right person. Wanting to help others who need help, she was offering a lowered rent that would not help take care of her own needs but come at cost. This apt was supposed to insure her own future being cared for. Not at this rate. She needed someone who could pay a reasonable rent and be respectful of her and what she was offering.

Together they perfectly represented the sides of renting property. How could we help each other?

What the evening turned out for all of us was about Self Love. Lack of, compromise of, the conditions we associate with Love, or missing completely. What was interesting was when we were within Heart Centered Awareness no one felt the need to move out of our current reality to another reality, a maybe parallel self. Self Love was not to be found in another reality. It was here. What a surprise for some.

Each of us was already in the reality of Self Love! It is all about what we allow ourselves to know of Self Love. They just knew that they didn't feel it. Until they became aware that it was their individual lack awareness of something already present. How simple. They just weren't recognizing that, as Consciousness, we are Self Love among the state of Love.

For one, he was not aware that he was pretty armored with his family who he was hurt by, until we felt the cracking of his heart, like lava opening up the earth and creating new land. It was intense to feel.

Tears were flowing, the stored up energies of the past still active. The thoughts of how she needed to apologize to her landlord for her dishonoring of him and their agreement. Our support for that. The thoughts for all of us of how family and their transgressions against us and the isolations caused. Any kind of pain,whether emotional, physical, mental, psychic or spiritual is isolating.

We can stay feeling the same, or, find the energies encapsulated and transcend them into something much more enriching. So much was present and by group's end a lot was in shift. We were exhausted and yet all right, knowing that change was being activated.

Thursday morning our gal emailed me. In gratitude she wrote. The judge dropped the case, the landlord forgave her the past rents, asked only for this months' and gave her until mid January to move out. And, a friend, from her past showed up out of the blue and offered to help her out. How miraculous is that!

On Saturday I received an email from our gal with the apt to rent. She rewrote her ad, a couple applied and she loved them. She wanted a older woman, no pets. What she got was a couple in love, in their thirties. He will be gone 6 months at a time for school, she wants to enjoy the community garden, and has a cat. She works with battered women. And, they can pay the raised rent. They love the place. Our gal's question was could she trust that it could be that easy?

Self Love. What is your awareness of it? Maybe allow for a miracle or two for yourself by recognizing who you are as human, with all the delights and self defining perspectives that we each can hold and then move to Grace and recognize, as Consciousness, that there is nothing to forgive or forget, only new choices to embrace.

Happy Holidays!

Janet Barrett

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Consciousness and the Gauze of Integrity

The last week has been filled with awareness about Integrity. Integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles or the state of being whole and undivided. My moral principles are to offer compassion, kindness and respect to myself and others. You may have something else that rings you chimes. 

I also use integrity as being able to hold a matrix, form, which allows for stuff to pass through without loss to the matrix. This gets kind of tricky sometimes with being empathic or with states of rapport with others.

But for most of us it is probably meant in the sense of being out of congruency between heart and mind. How often have circumstances forced individuals and groups to take a stand that is at odds with personal beliefs? How often have we compromised over the generations inviting death, destruction and a myriad of feelings that didn't feel good then and still do not years later? A choice made out of ignorance or deliberately to harm another and rationalized it as okay. Like going to war of some sort. What does being in integrity mean as Consciousness in action? How does the Self respond?

It can be about being questioned or not recognized for our integrity. It can be between genders and roles people play to get along with each other. We lie often to protect ourselves and others. We do it all the time and across the boundaries of time and space. And, no matter the reasons, it carries forward to the next generations.

In group and in personal levels we are noticing that these wounds have have opened up. Whether the influences are coming from the distance past or out of our own lives integrity is often missing or out of alignment. We want to judge the outcomes, the decisions, the results of behavior and we can not. We can only appreciate that sometimes choices are made that leave one feeling less than or dead and they were the only choices given to respond to. It can happen generation after generation and become a collective dynamic that we each are in relationship to. Those with a sense of it are swimming in it right now.

In being present we can feel the misalignment as ambivalence, boredom, pain of some sort or confusion, denial and I am sure in other ways. It can be held on physical, mental, emotional, psychic, psychological or spiritual levels or a combo of more than one. It can be felt as bias in regards to others, self, business, culturally.

What can help heal these issues of splitting and separateness? What can strengthen and reinforce and help without armoring or solidness? My solution was a roll of gauze. When I was a child Wonder Woman was my heroine. She, with her bullet deflecting bracelets and her Lasso of Truth were powerful tools to have. In accessing  Heart Centered Awareness, a roll of gauze, the Gauze of Integrity showed up as my tool and I have been using it this week. On whatever was showing up in group and for myself.

The mesh of the gauze is fine enough to strengthen and reinforce but not add bulk or weight or solid as a cast or belt or armor would do. Dipped in Integrity it soaks in and permeates to the layer of wound and resolves and heals. You don't have to know the stories and details of the wound if they are not present.

Just holding awareness is often all you need. and you may need many layers of gauze, as many layers as the wound is present in to help the whole. I used it on my two narrowed arteries in my heart and then wrapped my whole heart and the pericardium and any other place of less than that I felt along the way. Notice I didn't use the word weakness, just places of less than.

This is the right time to resolve and restore and bring into new alignment issues of displacement that are not necessarily ours and our own that are affecting our fields of references. Take time to sit, access HCA for yourself and notice what comes to mind that could use an new alignment within. Wrap it up and see what happens. Enjoy your Gauze of Integrity and see what shows up new and fresh and vital inside as a result. Notice how it dissolves into the matrix.

Janet Barrett

Journeys Into Enlightenment 

Monday, November 28, 2016

The Tree of Life Bears Fruit- Joy

Hello All,

The following is an updated replay from earlier this year.

Last year in December, I constructed a Tree of Life over my mantle to enjoy. We decided to keep it up for a whole year as we enjoy our Consciousness groups under it.  It has been bearing fruit for a year. Joy. Stuff is showing up at home and in group, in old patterns, ready to have the Joy plucked and enjoyed.

Please access heart centered awareness before you read the following. It is not intended to be anything other than an opportunity to examine and explore something we all know. It is something present in most religious beliefs and doctrines in different ways and in different guises. From within your connection to Consciousness allow yourself to relax and just notice information forming and undoing. The answers for this Universe and our earth and the people residing upon it are inside you.  

Many of us know Suffering. Which is really about a energetic pattern that is about suffering. Could be a pattern about anything. But some of us know suffering intimately. There are so many ways to suffer, about anything. Most all of us cause it at some point in dealing with others and ourselves accidentally or intentionally. We have all fallen victim to it in some way. Sometimes we don't recognize it as such anymore except as the constant ache. And maybe you have a lot of aches that don't go away anymore.

What would it be like to be neutral to suffering? Though it may be hard to hear, there is nothing wrong with suffering. A little goes a long way. It is as old as mankind and probably before. It is a powerful tool for change and direction. What would it be like to not to know suffering, to know of suffering, or to experience suffering? It is powerful. It allows for sympathy, empathy and compassion to develop. But past making its' acquaintance do we need to know it as a lifestyle? Where did we discern that it was okay to know and then lose the distinctions of a little, into alot, into always?

We think, we feel, we think and feel at the same time. How we think can determine how we feel. How does it feel to suffer physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, psychically? Why do we do it, maybe need it, or crave it, or enjoy it? Or do we? Is suffering just a habit or an unwanted or unintended outcome? What are the conditions that it is okay or worth it? Do we have to take the good with the bad? It has to be get worse before it gets better? It can hurt so bad and feel so good. Misery loves company. We allow it to be okay to be uncomfortable with these thoughts. We can live with these assumptions in the Morphic field of Suffering at times. Is it any different when it is physical or emotional or mental or psychic? It can be a matter of sensitivity and insensitivity. How many times do we accept pain and suffering as outcome because, why? Somebody told you that you had to or could expect to?

Consciousness is at play always. Suffering is something humans do. How we bring our human interactions and feelings into the realm of Consciousness and elevate and alleviate the suffering is what we strive for. It can be done. We do it daily as our practice of being. We take our human concerns into the Field of the Heart, the collective consciousness into the sacred we hold within. Here the suffering and issues start to break down into the pieces of information swimming in the sea of potential. Here answers asked for will rise up. If you don't have to rationalize, reason, or excuse, our mind states of logic are free to relax. It is deep where our answers lie.

Do you need to suffer? What would it be like to choose something different? From within your center, notice. Does someone come to mind or does a particular issue or memory show up? Just allow yourself to ask and see what value suffering may have in your scheme of things. Only then can it be different, back into the sea of potential and something new to experience.

What would it be like to pluck the ripened fruit of your Tree of Life and enjoy and marvel and joyously taste the juice of Joy?

Journeys Into Enlightenment

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Monday, November 21, 2016

Consciousness and Listening

You create your own reality and you do so because the thoughts that you are thinking cause you to emanate a vibrational frequency that the Law of Attraction is constantly responding to. And so, in all waking moments, you are creating your own point of attraction and everything that you experience is coming to you because of your vibrational emanation and the response of Law of Attraction to that vibration. It is as if you are standing on a sort of spinning vibrational disc and only things of the same vibration can join you on your disc. Your disc changes depending upon the thoughts that you are thinking and the emotions that you are feeling.
Excerpted from: Co-creating at Its Best on November 13, 2013

I notice that states of realities come with all kinds of energies within them. Everything as Consciousness, is a spectrum so when we feel, want or think something it will also include the opposite, duality, and the range, the polarity, as dynamics which are part of the field. Focusing on a certain part of the field will tune to a certain part of the resonance and we look to be neutral to all else is in the field.  It will also include the scalar dynamic of where the point of awareness is not. 

What are you thinking? Listen to your self talk. It is that constant silent conversation that is running whether you are by yourself or with others. Pay attention. This is Self. What is the quality of the voice, what is the feeling to be found? Do you always speak your feelings and or truth or do you keep it silent in order to not be found challenging either others or yourself?

All around us are voices. We mirror them, we reject them, we have a hard time tuning them out. Are they yours, your own thoughts? We each control the knob. Are they reflections of social media, radio, print and television chatter? What are you listening to, this constant bombardment of voices and tones, and words? Words that inflame, words that provoke, words that soothe, words that validate the highest and lowest within each of us. All kinds of words, all kinds of viewpoints.

 Which do you choose to resonate and listen to? Which words stir us to take action? Which words create peace and harmony, which words foster unrest and discontent? 

How do we love someone who voices a viewpoint opposite of ours? Everyone has a right to their viewpoint and will defend it. If we hold them as only right or wrong then we can get stuck. 

This time right now is about listening. And listening and feeling what is underneath the words. What is motivating from beneath the language? Most of us are pretty unaware of our beliefs, programming and emotions that generate our words. We don't really hear ourselves when we talk, when we listen. 

The most important words for all of us that I hear are DO NO HARM. and it is the DO NO HARM that comes from the state of Potential that is Heart Centered Awareness. This is how I choose to express myself as Consciousness as Janet. How do you choose to express? 


These are the words that I can hear from within Heart Centered Awareness. What do you hear? 

The Universe will honor each of our vibrations no matter what they might be.  TREAT ME AS I TREAT YOU is active always and is something we need to listen for and pay attention to. Every religion has its' take on the Golden Rule. 

It is time for the majority of us to shake off our shock and apathy and discontent and realign from within.  Go to Heart Centered Awareness and see what you hear, your authentic voice.  

These are the points of focus that I, as Consciousness, choose to align. That is what I, as Self choose to follow. 

Janet Barrett
Journeys Into Enlightenment

Monday, October 31, 2016

Consciousness and The Welcome

Guest House

This being human is a guest house
Every morning a new arrival.
A joy, a depression, a meanness,
some momentary awareness comes
as an unexpected visitor.
Welcome and entertain them all!
Even if they are a crowd of sorrows,
who violently sweep your house
empty of its furniture,
still treat each guest honorably.
He may be clearing you out for some new delight.
The dark thought, the shame, the malice,
meet them at the door laughing,
and invite them in.
Be grateful for whoever comes,
because each has been sent
as a guide from beyond.


There are many different ways to describe what and how stuff as events and things and people shows up in our lives. Consciousness is always at play. And sometime we, as human, may not like what is going on. 

But as everyone from Esther Hicks and Abraham to Rumi and wise others will tell us, we want to welcome equally the misfortunes, the challenges, the delights that come our way. We want to be good hosts and not play favorites, though we will have our preferences. This is Consciousness. 

These judgements are self created. This is Human. They are just expressions wrapping up and putting a face on in our lives creating our sense of who we are. We are Consciousness in action. We actively, knowingly and unknowingly create. Both creativity and boredom and everything inbetween provide meaning to being alive. 

The Infinite Sea of Potential allows for nuances of duality, polarity and scalar reactions and breaks them back down into the resonances, vibrations and frequencies of the quantum world. There is no personality. Realities shift, our guests transform.

There are no victims in this realm. Only senses and values we place on those experiences. Which only serve as ways to focus and ending points where focus shifts. There is only the ebb and flow that comes from limits and limitless, transitions and transcendance, birth and death on all levels, the mix of human awareness and as Consciousness.

( Take the conversation about choice out of the picture and feel the freedom that comes. When we engage the word "choice" you might find it is embodying more egoic in nature and not truly neutral.)  

Welcome what comes forward into your awareness. Pay attention. Consciousness reflects what we each think is important and allows for all.  In our individuality we are selective about our interface. Wakeup calls, validations of viewpoints, reflected biases are powerful moments in awareness. 

Welcome all that comes to your door. Soon what comes will shift as you do. Realize that it is our attachment to our biases that dictate what and who shows up.

And, don't be afraid to leave the light on. 

Janet Barrett
Journeys Into Enlightenment

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Consciousness and the Fog

Fog has been in the air this last week or so around here. It does wonderful things to the light and perception. In the narrow confines of my mind it brings a different sense of where I am. I am on my journey and it keeps me focused close, not too far outward.

The details will loom large. Color will stand out against the grey tones. The colors of fall delight the eye amidst all the green. The light is absorbed as it touches on surfaces not usually seen without contrast. It can make the world small and immediately take away what is beyond. There is only a few feet of perspective.

It is good to see differently. Looking at our stuff in the same way is habit. Things might be created to shake us out of our expected outcomes and complacency. This allows us to realize different things.

Sometimes it is about self care and our lack of it. There has been a lot of this around me lately. Which offers me the chance to notice for myself: How am I doing with self care? Do I need to create the loss of a foot or a skin cancer where the sun doesn't shine in order to wake up in some way? Visiting others in the hospital makes me appreciate that I will walk right back out after my visit. Sometimes it take a big thing in our lives to make us stop and recalibrate. We have a remarkable ability to compensate, over compensate, cope and tolerate and we keep going and then finally, Bam! Down we go.

Being able to notice what is present for me while still in the experience or close to it is much more useful. Hindsight the same day or a day later is much better than a year from now for me personally. I tend to notice things happening in my outside world as related to me.  

Two approaches. Learning sooner than later and learning later than sooner. Both approaches have merit due to our state of awareness. 

Take some time out of your busy day to access Heart Centered Awareness. It is nice when you can sit a bit but that is not necessary. Don't allow that to become an excuse. Just bring your awareness to your physical heart and be thankful. That it beats and that you are alive. Then notice your emotional terrain. Be grateful that you feel connected to yourself and those around you. Then notice in a bigger sense our connection, where we are One. Free of form, just light photons, bio photons, resonances, frequencies and vibrations. Information abounds and all of it loose in the Infinite Sea of Potential. This is Consciousness at play. All of this can happen in the blink of an eye but usually we like to linger and pay attention. Which is fine. 

Metaphysical trainings, religious trainings, life school trainings, medical training, business trainings. There are lots of different trainings about being. We can set up routines and routes to explore and to know ourselves and to know ourselves as something bigger. To feel our connection to what is important about being One. Meditate, paint your toenails, eat dinner. All have value with the right focus. Be present and Celebrate. Embrace the fog.

Janet Barrett

Journeys Into Enlightenment

Monday, October 17, 2016

Consciousness and the Words

We are noticing that within the unfolding of ourselves these days, we are getting in touch with our base concepts of being. How very exciting when you think about it. In group the words that came up reflected this.

The English language can often provide more than one meaning and often the totality of associations found within one word. There is often duality present.

The following words presented themselves as we looked at the energy before us. A new story was making itself present but being held back from engaging by her old story baggage. Another story of the neighborhood feeling safe when threatened by people not respecting the rules of community and then another story of not remembering that one was okay, always, no matter the surface upset. All sort of related even though they were from three people. All three stories of thinking and feeling had at core the flow of these words:

Innocence  Entitlement  Worldly  Sophisticated  Naive

It was all about how they were in each of us. Who knew? That is the fun of group as we explore life.

Entitlement is about the amount of right to something or the deserving of privileges or special rights. Which is about separateness really. Worldly and sophisticated were more about the concern of material things than spiritual awareness. Naive is about lacking judgment, perspective, natural and unaffected. We could see how the push pull of conflict was present in the words themselves and how we use them. How do they reflect and work within us?

In our work as Consciousness experiencing itself from a more knowing position, do we celebrate innocence and naive or judge them for being so? The story of Adam and Eve and the Apple of Knowledge came up. And how we might be still beating ourselves up 2000 years later. Sin and suffering were part of it all.

We have become a society that celebrates things and having things and that is our measurement of accomplishment as human. Not our heart and connection but our things and selection and inclusion of only a few. We celebrate the doer not the being. We frown upon the innocent and naive when that is what is at heart within each of us. How do we honor self?

How does innocence know itself? How do we be innocent and worldly? Does naive suffer in comparison to worldly and sophisticated? How do we hold our own in the face of the power of the disbelieve and lack of respect surrounding us and ultimately in ourselves?

In our open state of heart centered awareness we could feel our words flowing free, resistance shrinking. We go for a state of wonder and wonderment.

Courtesy of Merriam Webster
  1. 1.
    a feeling of surprise mingled with admiration, caused by something beautiful, unexpected, unfamiliar, or inexplicable.
    "he had stood in front of it, observing the intricacy of the ironwork with the wonder of a child"
  1. 1.
    desire or be curious to know something.
  1. a state of awed admiration or respect.
    "Corbett shook his head in silent wonderment"

What state do you live in? 

Janet Barrett
Journeys Into Enlightenment 

Monday, October 10, 2016

Consciousness and the Day to Day of Stress

A long, clean and shiny red firetruck was in the lane next to me as we waited at the signal light. I got to contemplating about the ability of the firemen who drop everything at a moment's notice and then take their truck out into the neighborhood to do good of all kinds.

I thought about the stress that is incorporated in every action along the way, from keeping the truck in working, pristine, ready condition, the maneuvering of the big vehicle through traffic and tight road spaces and what all they will find engaged at their destination. They may not sense it as stress but it is inherent and what do their bodies, minds and heart do with it? Anything can become a stress. Being of service may take a toll.

Tension is inherent in any living dynamic. Stress is too much tension and Rest is less tension. Healthy is our ability to reset the tension levels. We all have different set points. Our modern societies and how we live now are full of stress we may acknowledge or not as such. Most of what we do day to day is no longer seen as stressful and worthy of paying attention to. Symptoms and illness follow. The level is allowed to keep rising. Ask any single parent and all they must take care of in a day and you know what I am talking about. Even with a partner shared burdens are still burdens.

Most of us don't want to admit to anxiety, panic or overwhelm or being beyond our means when we feel so. We would feel less than and we may think less than of someone else. To do so may compromise our ideas of who we think we are and expect ourselves to be. American culture is filled the notions that we are independent self supporting creatures and it is not true. Look at the power today of ethnic communities holding together by the past shared and current labels? There are many layers of community. How much do we appreciate the community found when the firemen arrive to help out? How much can we use the support of our neighbors or mental/physical health or city level services in times of strain? How many of us don't use them?

What is stress to you? How jaded have you become in your daily life? How often after work does one drink do the trick to relax or do you need more? Much of what we experience as stress and suffering is self created. Firemen and others deal with life defining man made and natural disasters of all sorts as part of their daily routines. Most of us don't.

The bulk of our challenges come from our daily choices and the difference between what we want to have happen and what does. It is the power of our expectations that is causing undo stress and suffering and anxiety and is self created. Or by someone else's unreasonable expectations and our willingness to play along. We control this.

First responders are trained to put aside their own emotional personal connections and respond with logic and a cool state of empathy and compassion. It is hard to do so when running hot emotionally. Any thing can be a trigger to a deeper hot running emotion. If you find yourself reacting without pause there is a trigger at play.

The best way I know to deal with sorting all of this out is accessing Heart Centered Awareness. Sit for a bit and let your awareness about something pushing your buttons come into play. You might surprise yourself.

Janet Barrett

Journeys Into Enlightenment

Monday, October 3, 2016

Consciousness and Being Open

There is no effort in Being. You relax and open up. Information flows. There is no judge, no attachment to outcome. You are free to observe inwardly and outwardly. That is the true gift of Heart Centered Awareness. Being nothing, no thing. Sometimes it is a challenge.

Open up to who you think you are, no matter what that might be, warts and all. Let yourself, as Consciousness embrace the Self as friend and visa versa. The words forgive and forget are about judgment and bottom line, we all are Consciousness expressing through the individual prism of Self. It is so easy to judge. It is important to be able to make distinctions to keep safe. So, let it be from a non attached place when you use those words. Open yourself be more aware of who you are and what is important to you.

Value Potential, not as something your grade school teacher and parents may have beat you about the head and shoulders with but as a neutral reality to play in. If you were open and there were no limits, and you were comfortable inside AND outside of the box, what is possible? The box may be what your parents, family, community put you in. You can still navigate your present collective reality we all share and still be comfortable being your own person.

It never is too late to open up to a new choice. For all the dynamics we each embody, usually from an unaware state, don't let yourself think that is all that you are. You may have been that for a moment or maybe for many moments but those are the past already. What do you choose to be open to in this moment is the question. Open for potential, make a choice, and let the energy reveal itself.
Do no harm, whether bug or neighbor. or stranger. How many of us kill bugs and help the old lady cross the street? Is there any difference? Both are living, just at different levels. If you talk to the ants can they let you know why your paths are crossing and maybe something else is possible? In heart centered awareness you can ask and get an answer.

Open up to appreciate and demonstrate kindness, gentleness, affection, care and love.

Open up to heart centered awareness.  Allow who you are to open and unfold.and unfold and unfold some more.

Janet Barrett

Journeys Into Enlightenment

Monday, September 26, 2016

Consciousness and the Book of Joy

My 62nd birthday was yesterday. On Friday I walked into our favorite bookstore and the first one I registered visually was The Book of Joy by the Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu. I opened it up and read a few lines and tears started running down my cheeks standing there. I read that in honor of his 80th birthday,the Dalai and Rev. Tutu wanted to share with the world how to take the years of suffering both these great men know personally and be joyful. Because they can. It was their birthday gift to us. It certainly was their birthday gift to me.

I had an angiogram a couple of weeks ago and it was a remarkable experience. I appreciate angel energy when it shows up which it often does in these situations for me. I am so glad I was present to notice it. My wellspring of humor was overflowing and I was cracking up the crew and myself. (Don't get me started on Groin Prep and Management). All from Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah 7 minute song playing over the loudspeaker in the surgical room to the sense of my heart being held in an uplifted hand under a spotlight as the pressures were being measured going into my heart.They did find congenital small arteries and a narrowing from plaque in the main artery into my heart. The nursing staff invited me to come back every morning, not as a patient, but to set the tone in the room for them every day. That was a lovely compliment.

Since then I have had moments of emotional releases and I have found myself to be in Joy. Joy that I wasn't able to label as such as I have not known it often in a physical sense. Joan, my radio partner was able to articulate for me that it would seem that I was in the transcendent state that heart attack survivors can comment on. Something is different. And without the heart attack!!!!!

I will look to avoid the 5 drug combo the docs can only suggest and the stent.  They are always an option but nothing i want to invest in. I am told that plaque never goes away. Really? Well, we will see. I will continue to play as Consciousness and see what is possible.

This embodiment of Life for me and many others is all about transcending Suffering into Joy.  How do we take what we have called the Wounded Healer in each of us and allow for it to transcend? Why do we suffer, why do we hurt others, why do we hurt ourselves? Because we can. It is as simple as that. It is not about right or wrong. It is about what we do with the suffering from within a neutral, non attached place. What greatness we each have inside of us that comes from within that awareness?

Get the book. It is a testament to all of us on our path or journey of Enlightenment. The combination of wisdom and grace and humor these men offer enriches all. So do the techniques they offer.

 And the best technique will always be going to Heart Centered Awareness, the field of Unified Consciousness and allowing for the wonder you hold inside to express.

Janet Barrett    

Journeys Into Enlightenment

Monday, September 19, 2016

Consciousness and Another Look at Competition

When you are in the win/lose paradigm, competition is present. And is that a good thing? Between watching the Olympics, all levels of football this week, sports channels, video games, politics, business news and my own self as I drive around town, I wondered. Friendly competition, hostile competition when is any of it good or out of balance? Family life of siblings and parents can be filled with competition as favoritism or to toughen you up that is never ending and sets the direction in our adult lives.

Maybe competition starts with survival of the fittest awareness. Testosterone levels can determine the win. Only the best survive and propagate. Big guy or the smartest guy or the big, smart guy gets the girl. Competition is full of judgments often arbitrary and personal bias. It is at its basis.

Then there is sportsmanship. Sportsmanship is important. It is how we get along with each other. Everyone deserves a turn, a chance to play, no matter how they play. Each deserves respect. What would it be like to give equal time, equal attention that supports enjoyment not accomplishment?

A television commentary followed a college game about a children's game somewhere and the panel was upset with the coach who presented to both children's team a trophy to every member, winners and losers alike. The panel was sort of horrified. What were we teaching our children if they didn't learn how to lose and the cost and how important a sense of failure was to learn early in life? Why strive to do your best if everybody gets credit? We are failing as good shepherds if we don't set them up for what Life will be like etc, etc. Do you feel the mindsets setting up?

How much is our business culture set up about competition and lack of resources and hoarding? How much of our political atmosphere is built around competition and not real issues? Religion is full of competition. Mine is better than yours. Mine is the only way.

Whether we are on a bike in a group or concepting something new we are challenging and often competing with only ourselves. The other is just to stir us on.

Considering how often results between first and second place is in milliseconds, does it matter? We want to be fair. Do we take it too far? When the stakes are high it is good to see athletes acknowledge that today I won. Tomorrow I might not as we are all playing at a similar level.

We want to celebrate the accomplishments and the remarkable.  We can also glorify them which leads to issues. Variety makes life interesting. What is gained by making someone feel bad for not meeting some arbitrary standard? We are individuals and all have merit on the curve. Or it would not be a curve. What if the guy who is forming the curve was valued as much as the guy at the top of the arc.

I was struck with appreciation when the opposing team brought flowers to lay down on the 50 yard line to share in the awareness of the loss of a player from the home team. It was a good game that followed full of history and passion and close to the very end. It felt good to witness on Facebook when a children'soccer team consoled the losing team in compassionate not overlord behavior.

Do we play with or do we pay against? You with me or against me? Good questions to check in about from within Heart Centered Awareness. Allow for play and see what shows up.

Many can be best in the world. Me being the best I can be really has nothing to do with you being the best you can be. What if it was okay to admit that you were lousy at something and you didn't care and did it anyway? Like singing and we all got excited to witness you enjoying yourself?

What if the paradigm was win/win?

Janet Barrett 

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Consciousness and Buried Truth, Buried Treasure

Each of us is a many layered energy creature acting in dynamic fashion, all at once, incorporating, integrating, releasing information through our perceptual biases of stories and experiences. That is what Life is. That is what we are.

Sometimes, most of the time, we don't notice ourselves as such. We keep focus on the stuff going on around us in this culture. Mental health, physical health, emotional health are not always valued for what they represent. People are busy in what ever state of being they find themselves unaware or closed off to the realization that they are what is driving their experience of Life and not other people. Much of our sense of self is coming from triggered reactions unnoticed and long buried. 

If you can notice that you are stressed, not feeling well,or not happy you are aware that you have a sense of Well Being that is feeling compromised. If you are unable to notice in some way that you are stressed, not feeling well, not happy. it may be because you can't tell that you are. From within the state of Well Being you can notice these ripples and still be okay and allow for what is disturbing the "force" to bring you into awareness and new alignment if wanted. And still be okay. Otherwise we can just feel stuff and not feel okay as our norm. 

Let me share what is Heart Centered Awareness and why is it important. It is the gift of awareness that we each can enjoy and transform our lives if we so choose. It is our ability to connect beyond our limited physical senses to information that is available to all of us. It is Potential. It is a field of reference whether it is called Unified Consciousness, Heart, Zero Point etc..  

The word heart has three meanings: physical organ, emotional terrain, and core essence of all. 

This is what we do in Heart Centered Awareness. We make the time and space in this reality to allow for our connection as Consciousness, which has no time or space, to be present. We are all working at deeper levels these days. The hidden and buried is our old sense of how we have organized our self as Self.  Only deeper from the sense that what usually feels hidden or buried is available now. It is present to play with and become dynamic in new ways.  

If there is no reason to avoid or deny our truths that are deeply buried then that information is easily accessible. Observing ourselves alone or in group is not the trial that it might have been in the past. There is not so much a sense of having to do something or fix ourselves as is observing with a neutral bent what is going on within and around and what the reward is. What are we each in agreement and alignment with? Our emotions pull us in directions and form attachments that may not serve as they once did. 

Just being present, sitting in the now, not obligated to fix, or judge but just sit in the quiet and subsequent conversation from within that will be felt or acknowledged is priceless and new. We love the show of navigating through our being. We all like knowledge. Yet there is present the bliss of just being. and seeing all of Life as a vehicle of flow filled with eddies of movement. No attachment to the uproar of the flow but in rhythm. 

Buried truths and buried treasures are easily found. Life is good, Life is rich, Life is. 

Monday, August 22, 2016

Consciousness and Transforming Hate and Pain

Hello All,

I imagine that one of the reasons people cling to their hates so stubbornly is because they sense, once hate is gone, that they will be forced to deal with pain. 
                                                                    James Baldwin in Notes of a Native Son

Our pain can take several forms and all of it can be different. Here is the good news. Dealing with our pain doesn't have to be a pain anymore. It can be quite a relief and ease of mind and body and quickly resolved. Those of us who use Consciousness Technologies know this to be true. No longer does one have to wade through our emotional terrains like minefields and the subsequent explosions ripping one apart, doing years of therapy. Emotional release is quick and easy and not at all what one may think it is or presumed it to be.  

We see a lot of hate and fear being expressed these days. Which means the pain is underneath is ripe for transforming. Most of what we are feeling is about the past as most of us don't observe ourselves in terms of being present, in being in the Now. Release the past, full of trapped emotions and thinking states, and the pain is no longer there or is greatly reduced in the Now. 

Now is available to us to look at and notice where we are sensing stuck and allow it to shift in the Sea of Potential. Consciousness is all about potential. It is where everything that we think we are and our things, are just bits and pieces of light and bio photons, resonances, vibrations, frequencies and information, our stories. All floating in the dark matter of potential. It is the medium of where things come and go out of and into existence. 

Hating doesn't feel good. Yet it may feel powerful.and it may be the only way we can feel powerful when we are not thinking we are. As children we are able to list all the things that we hate like Brussel sprouts, and lima beans and snakes and You! and the list can go on and on. And sometime later we may learn that we like and even love some of those things and our old judgments were just gas or moments. We can have families and clans and countries pushing past agendas and unable to forgive and forget past held senses of injustices. Generations later positions are still held that have no context or meaning anymore. 

Hate and pain are just part of the spectrum of feeling found within us within Consciousness. No different than Love, or Appreciation or Brussel Sprouts. What you will notice is that some states of awareness feel better than others in all the ways we can feel better. If you are choosing to align with a state of Well Being then hate and pain are only references.  

Being honest with ourselves is not hard. Just access Heart Centered Awareness. When I use the word  heart I am not referring to your wounded emotional hurts and pain. Go beyond your personal emotional references into the Core, Essence of All, where we are all One, From within here look at the hate and allow yourself to notice how it is serving. Is it helpful any longer? Is it a coverup for some pain? Allow yourself to engage with potential. Changing the state allows you to heal, release, transform, whatever and however it comes to you. And when there are only shifts in awareness there is no need for process time, just observance time. 
Let the All help you witness yourself in wonder. I don't suggest you give up the hate or fear where you find it because it is bad to feel hate or fear. I suggest that a sense of Well Being, free of emotional entanglements, is better serving in so many ways. 

And if it feels like you could use some help contact one of us who is using potential and state based Heart Centered Awareness to help you shift your realities. Practitioners of Matrix Energetics, Yuen Method, EFT, Psych K and others will prove helpful. 

Janet Barrett

Journeys Into Enlightenment

Monday, August 15, 2016

Consciousness and the Fairy, Tiger,Dragon,Elephant,Whizard,Whaledolph


Consciousness is full of flavor and variety and fun. Our ability to access the wonderful flavors we each embody makes for an enriching sense of awareness and wonder. Whole brain states rock!

In group we all sat together in the common ground of Well Being, Heart Centered Awareness and our sense of it is deepening. Our surface energies were full of politics, the Donald, actions and repercussions from within all of us, the news, the Olympics, the bee sting, the quality of bladder flow. the reeducation of the body.

We played with the words that came out of all these issues: fear, helplessness, unsettled, normal, sphincters, unfit. farting, shame. They hold power deep inside, ( LOL), and not something you find being talked about in most circles. But pay attention and you can notice how you react to what you have going on in and around you.

What also showed up were our assumptions and associations. There was the, no longer buried, anger we can hold in how our systems of government, religion, business, education,  etc. are often full of untruths and the biases we don't recognize. We assume that we have been told the truth when we go to school and take for dogma what is written. When in fact it may not be. It may only be what someone else, now or long ago decided was important and belief by others empowered it. A state of belief, a morphic field, starts forming and engaging and we, in our unknowing and wanting to fit in and not question, don't. And those who will follow us may be caught up in the same cycle of false belief. Which we interpret as fact, and value as learning. And it isn't.

Years ago it meant something to go away to school, to be free of provincial thinking. Liberal arts is about liberation from the old. We learned to question and not take for granted. I don't think we hold it the same anymore. Social media and mores are full of untruths that now dance and limit globally.

When we sat a silent invitation was unknowingly issued. Some of us enjoy shamanic awareness as common skills, Our openness signaled deep within for qualities not always explored or appreciated too much in the past. They came forward. Out of the mix of us: the tiger in her, the dragon in another, the elephant in him, the whizard in her, the fairy in her and the combo whaledolph in another invited themselves to play.

It was a different sense of our energies and how we, in this reality. experience it and judge what it is. After listening to the news, one's reaction may have felt like fear but maybe it was the wings of the fairy quickly moving to synthesize the fear the media was projecting, the helplessness inherent.

Our animal and creative natures showed us that we were magic in action, Well Being was staying present. There was no concern, just this very real deep sense that Potential is afoot and out in the world and that some thing wonderful and unexpected will happen. All it took was a shift in awareness. Fear become the flutter of fairy wings helping out. Nice.  Relabeling power.  Take back the assumption and labeling of what we were feeling to just energy and what do you get? Without agenda or emotional labeling, the quiet is excitingly alive. Potential is real.

Access Heart Centered Awareness. See yourself sitting in front of a mirror and invite your various natures to present themselves. Invite them to sit with you in harmony and offer you their wisdoms. Let it all enfold back into the whole of you.

Janet Barrett

Journeys Into Enlightenment

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Consciousness and The Shared Moment

Sharing a moment 
Consciousness is collective and individual in experience and being. When everything is reduced to particles and vibrations there is no me, you, separateness, no other embodied. For there is no thing when one is in the Infinite Sea of Potential.

How do we experience connection? We are relation based life forms in our physicality. Physically we each, so far, have been born put of a mother. We immediately become aware of mother and self in the womb when the embryo turns and faces mother inside when the umbilical cord develops. We know where we are internally and externally by others and things around us. Consciousness is about All and where we may each feel separate and unique it is always in the context of All.

Issues of Family, Friendship, Acquaintance, Comrade are being explored and redefined in our states of shift. Some of us are very aware that the family we were physically born into does not mean we are family emotionally or mentally. We are only sharing a common bond of womb or sperm and subsequent experiences. 50's television was full of archetypal families. We all wanted the Donna Reed family of understanding, strong father, mother who was home to fill in with love and caring. Both who supported siblings exploring what it was like to be kids and family and within the bigger community.

Many people we might call friend are really acquaintances. People who shared a place, a time, a unifying moment that really was more about being there at the same time and not a deeper resonance and appreciation or enjoyment. We assumed roles in relation to each other. But maybe underneath there is nothing to like.

It is nice when you can like your companion.

Comrades are those who unify around a principal or cause. Could be your work environment or something bigger. You may not like or trust them personally but appreciate the support in cause.

We now may make family out of friends and companions. Strangers once, someone who you now share a certain vibe or like and trust. That is the definition of friend. Due to circumstances, those who you connected to in the deepest of ways, recognizing each others value and soul. Maybe meeting only once or if fortunate, able to meet again. They were there in that moment and they are friend.  Roles of student, teacher, mentor, partner, etc. release and have no meaning. We are witness in Consciousness.

We are friends who have become family. Each a bit different and adding to the whole. This is what we have found in group. You are part of that group in awareness if you are reading this commentary, due to the degree you hold awareness. Remember there is no time, no space, no distance in Consciousness. Only warmth, support, non judgment. There is only Grace.

Janet Barrett 

Journeys Into Enlightenment