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Monday, February 29, 2016

Consciousness Dancing/ It's All a Matter of Perspective

Hello All,
Please RSVP if you will be joining us in heart centered awareness Tuesday evening 7-9 pm or Thursday afternoon 1-3 pm. Pacific. Make the time to enjoy and value your inner world and the wisdom being held there. It is a rather painless way to love yourself.

Everything we notice about our selves and worlds is about perspective. It is our point of view or attitude. It is about focal points, closeup and wide angle and everything in between. Change your perspective and you can change how you experience yourself in your world. It can be eye opening in so many ways! New perspectives only happen when you change your point of view. 
How do we change our point of view? By doing so. It will require a physical, mental, emotional, psychological, psychical, spiritual shift or perhaps some combination of them to shift the view. It can be as simple as the above video shows. It can be a matter of realizing that we are not getting the whole picture when we focus intently.Details like emotion, logic, time, space can get in our way. It is easy to get distracted.
Consciousness is experiencing itself as you. You is based on your perspectives, your perceptual biases. You have them about everything.
No matter your beliefs, if you understood that right now is about realizing that you can change those biases, and your stories of being, you could change how you are in your world. Your issues can can be different, done, gone. Consciousness technologies take what we become conscious of and transforming it. There is nothing wrong in being you. It is your starting place. Want to experience some different tangent of life or something else? Take your judgments away. They are set by your senses and states of perspective. 
Perceiving is about how you take in information from your senses. Science tells us that our sensing is subject to influence, the biases. Being present is about being free to notice what is right now and not your story built from your past perceptions. You can only do that if you can allow for your story to drop free. Our personal stories are filled with with our own and everyone else’s perspectives and beliefs.they may be dictating our sense of self.  For whatever reasons we may hold them as ours. They may be true or not. They may be true and stupid and not worth keeping. They may need a big dose of “So?” Is it worth keeping and feeling less that wonderful? Only each of us can decide that.
What might be different in your sense of self if you could change perspective about something? What would it be like to become aware of the bias in that perspective? Does the perspective let you feel good?  Looking at something head on is usually different from profile or back. Is there a different way to notice what seems so solid in front of you? Hindsight is great for revealing the other forces at play if we only could have noticed them at the time or were aware of the bigger picture. Maybe by being with fresh eyes to what life is presenting, something would have different.  
 As children. everything has a sense of wonder about it as it is bigger than us. As our bodies mature and we reach new heights we might lose the perspective we used to enjoy. Or maybe we don’t. I like being around pets and children as they have a different sense of the world when you physically get down on their levels. their eyes are often full of wonder. Might it be their perspectives? Ever lie down on the floor and notice the room that way? You see different things if you look.

Our futures are being set up right now by our biases. They can be held to be in stone and not changeable, mutable, or transformational. OR we can access potential and the Field of the Heart with its playful wisdom and allow for something different to show up.  It can be as simple as a change in altitude!  



Journeys Into Enlightenment

Friday, February 26, 2016

Consciousness Play/ Beast of Burden?

Hello All Out There!

This last week has been all about Responsibility and Burden. Whether it was in group, in myself, in mine or others’ clients, this is up in our stories. And they seemed to be glued together. When you consider the meanings of each they are different but you can see how they can get fixed that way.  

Responsibility means the state or fact of having a duty to deal with something or of having control over someone. 2/the state or fact of being accountable or to blame for something. 3/ the opportunity or ability to act independently and make decisions without authorization. Burden means: a load, especially a heavy one.

Often as children we get set up for these two states to be connected. How often were we asked to look after another sibling or more, younger or older, a parent who wasn’t functioning well, or we just assumed responsibility to feel some sort of connection in the dynamics. We are not judging here. We just so often get assigned roles that never shift. Or maybe we were the one who needed looking after. And, we either felt good about it or we didn’t and maybe still don’t. So much misunderstanding can be present in our family dynamics due to different ages and perspectives. When someone is asked to do more than one can reasonably be expected to do, burden and overwhelm come to mind. In time, if the situation doesn’t change patterns are set in place that will last a lifetime. 

What would it be like to be free of any burden? How much burden is okay to handle and still enjoy life? Does a little go a long way? So often we get into job positions where the theme would seem to be less people, more work as a business policy. Who has to deal with the outcome? Who picks up the slack? Is this a healthy way to live, at work or at home. With love or compassion can come responsibility and then burden as outcome.  In this day and age of single parent families there may seem like a parent has no one to share the burdens of doing it all. The same for single people. Perhaps there are options that one has not yet tapped into. If you are set in the state of being burdened you will not. If you are feeling powerless in your burden you may want to sue someone and penalize who you can for their failure to protect you from yourself and setup. There are a myriad of ways this can all play out in real life. 

How is this affecting you today? What did you notice a response to? Use your consciousness technology skill sets to access the Field of the Heart or Unified Consciousness, the Infinite Sea of Potential. From within this state of Grace maybe explore what if would be like to be responsible without burden. Notice what comes to mind when you focus on responsibility. A person, a job, a condition? What would it be like for it to be different? What are you responsible for? Do you want to be? If it could be easier and less stressful what would that be like? Does Responsibility and Burden have to be associated as you have held them. 

We know that from within this state of Grace we just need to let the information flow and new states will show up. Some of us are the kind who pick up the pieces after others have chosen to drop them. What happens when we understand that those who drop without paying attention usually never pay attention. They may not have the developed skill sets you have to change how you react and respond. Maybe the next time it can be different for both of you. Let the lightness of being be you again and active. 

You are not a beast of burden. 


Journeys Into Enlightenment

Monday, February 15, 2016

Consciousness Playground Alert/ Ride Them Waves!

Hello All,

Please RSVP for joining us either Tuesday evening in heart centered awareness or our new group Consciousness Playground on Thursday afternoon. Maybe join us at both! Starting this week, our Thursday afternoon ME play group will now be transitioning. It will now be open to all and no longer focused on ME. There are many ways enjoy enlightenment and  I do not want to limit our time and space. Please come.

No matter your training or beliefs, spending time with your authentic voice, your inner voice, is more important than the way you get to it. We will continue together to utilize Consciousness Technologies as the medium to being in the field of the Heart or Unified Consciousness. The sea of potential that is Consciousness is what we bask in and allow to permeate our beings. Those of us who have been playing in the ME field have had many wonderful times and it is strong. It comes into the field of Unified Consciousness as a specific state of engagement. There are others. Many of us blend them.

It continues to be powerful times. In group we surfed the power in belief systems, whether it be medical or sex or family. What we, as the interface of Consciousness, are seeing play out in the real worlds, in the waves of energies around us. We are feeling the highs and lows in the waves in awareness and the turbulence in expression. You are probably feeling it too. You may know it or not, you may recognize or not, but I can guarantee that you are feeling it. Look how antsy we are. How uncomfortable we are in our skins. We don’t like what we see happening around us. We don’t like hearing what is coming over the airwaves. We feel unsettled. We wonder what is wrong with the world that we are at this point.

What we need to do is create the space to sit and listen to the field. The field is the field of Unified Consciousness where we are all One. We need to allow for our awareness of what is present and how we are relating to the information. To become aware of the difference between what is important to each of us and what seems to be happening in front of us. I didn’t say create the time, only the space. You need to create the space for you to hear and to listen. Can be while you are driving down the road, brushing your teeth, feeding your cat. Being present can happen at any time, anywhere. You need to be present to driving and brushing your teeth and feeding your cat. But, if you allow yourself to hold more than one awareness, as we can, information can flow without compromising your day. Unless it needs to.

Where you can start is by appreciating that you are in a state of Safe. Always. Without question. Trust that you are okay, whether there is threat or not. Many of us don’t operate from this space. Use your skill sets and make sure you are in such a state. Listen to what shows up, play with it and get there. Then you can notice things along the way, holding being present in a new context.

When you tap in, you will notice that, yes there is upheaval. And, much more. The potential is seething with life. We check into how we relate to the Morphic fields that have been built by the Collective.  We get to notice our connections and feeding into the dynamics present. Since we each are part of the whole what would it be like if you related to the Morphic field in new ways? What part have you been relating to? Everything is a spectrum. Undo, disconnect, switch to a new state from your past informational state and what is possible?

This is a great time to be looking inside of each of us. It is easy to do it in a group and if you don’t have a group to physically join in, make one in your mind. We are always here, Tuesday evenings and Thursday afternoons and on our internet radio show Conscious Conversations with Joan and Janet. Listen to us live or as a podcast at your convenience or before you go to bed at night. We access heart space and look at what we are feeling up in the field. Which you are a member of. You, in perhaps your sense of isolation you may forget that. Where ever you are in the world you are not alone. No one is an island alone. We are part of an archipelago.

Surfs Up! Lets go surfing and catch the Waves!!!!!!! Go for the thrill, the derring do, the unexpected and enjoy yourself! You may get wet so dress appropriately.


Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Fuzzy Photons Dancing This Week/ Peace as the Norm

Hello all,

What if you felt peace inside you as the norm? What if you felt compassion as your norm? What if the world was in peace and chaos was a way to incorporate change as the norm? There is a lot of stuff in the world that would say that war and mayhem and discord are everywhere and we are all “going to hell in a hand basket". Whether it is money, war, abuse, religion, politics, spirituality, science, or medicine, all have organized energy in them that can challenge peace and compassion in our centers.

All are certainly part of the spectrum of what we call the Game of Life here on planet earth. What do I choose to focus on then? What makes me feel good, as Consciousness, to embrace? Consciousness allows for all and in that we get close to what we call love, if you want to ascribe human feeling to this. In the infinite sea of potential that Consciousness is, Consciousness doesn’t care what we do or go through to have our experiences. It does not judge. As humans, the interface of how Consciousness interacts with itself, we do. We judge all the time. We have emotions that propel us along certain paths. They are the fuel. Consciousness sets a course through discernments before we embody and then we make these our filters and perceptual bias in how we interact with self and others and our worlds. We are the bits and pieces of medium in that sea.

So back to what we as human know to be true, (really and how attached are you?) the war and mayhem and abuse we do to each other. And have for thousands of years. Check to see what reality mindset you are coming from. History reminds us of the patterns we are holding, individually and collectively in our bits and pieces. It is an important way to gain insight into what is happening presently as most of us all live in the past that we create our future from. We can predict the future based on the past if the present doesn’t change anything. You can only change in the present.

We all know you can’t change the past. Really? You can certainly change the past from happening again. One reason we are so taken with the idea of time traveling is often it contains the energy of change. You want to change now or don’t want to change now. We want to change what happened so our now would be different. Time warping and unraveling holds a strong fascination for most. We question if we make a difference in being. Since we each hold a particular viewpoint as Consciousness that ripples out and interacts with other ripples, yes we do. We co-create all the time, validating our established and usually unknown discernments and biases.

If we get out of the limiting reality mindset that nothing ever changes except for getting worse and get out of judging what seems to be happening in the world good or bad, or destructive or or or, change is possible. We are in the infinite sea of potential again, not in the bits and pieces of matter. Matter means something with form/body/energy and also something important. Take away the form/body/energy and the importance and you have potential in motion again.

If we observe ourselves in action as Consciousness, without attachment what do we notice? What are we free to align ourselves with? I see and feel a lot of discord on some levels yes. I also feel love. I feel strength, I feel compassion, I see them as real and demonstrated many places. I see and feel them in myself, for myself. If each of us took the time to look honestly at ourselves and were open to what that means and what is important, agendas hidden and known, and got clear on what is important in new ways would you feel and see differently? Would your world start to reflect that more than not?

There has never been a better time to be open to feeling yourself being from within. If you want real change in the world out there we each must allow for it from within each of us. Use your emotions and thoughts in helpful ways. Pledge to judge yourself and others less, no matter the circumstances, to only enrich the human experience, to empower Consciousness to know delight in itself. Bring into alignment with life in the moment. It is not the length of life. It is the quality of life. It is wonderful when it is both. It is okay when it is not. Remember Consciousness does not care or judge. It allows for all. The particulars are up to each of us.


Janet  Barrett 
Change Your Story, Change Your Life!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Fuzzy Photons Update/ Living in a Joy and Flow State of Being

Hello Out There Wherever You May Be!
Please RSVP if you will be joining us here in Portland, Oregon in Heart Centered Awareness Tuesday evening 7-9 pm or Heart Centered Awareness with a Matrix Energetics slant to it on Thursday 1-3 pm. Both groups invite us to play with our interior spaces.
January is over today! My word. That was fast. Even though New Years Day seems a long time ago already, to think that 31 days have passed seems odd. And maybe that happens more so when the focus has been on Joy and Flow. When events and experiences and objects are flowing, a sense of time is left behind. When you are in Joy as basis, time does not come up. In both, everything has a place, perhaps an order, that might not be there otherwise. Joy and Flow hold clarity in place. Your authentic interior voice is strong. What was once important may have no meaning now. Our attachment to people, places, things, events, experiences, memories etc. start to shift around a bit. All those little things that have held our attention really are only little things and not the big things that they have been appearing as. They have the meaning we give them. They collect energy and become powerful.
We are. We have beliefs generating constructs about life. A friend and I have been aligning ourselves better with this. Which is all about Consciousness. We each are. We each are..... (fill in the blanks) are a frame of reference already in place by each of us. We believe in stuff, like concepts, ideals, actions, labels, etc. but that comes as a result of being. Not the other way around. We are Consciousness choosing to experience Consciousness in certain ways. No judgment about that. Unless you are holding judgment about that.
So what is it like when you let go of your beliefs about something? And that it can happen in the blink of an eye? That quick is how we in our limited human senses might note it. In Consciousness there are no boundaries. Information and resonances and vibrations transmit instantaneously. It can be spontaneous. What happens when we lose our attachments to what and who we think we are? Did you know that you could? That is the beauty of engaging life from a state as Consciousness and using Consciousness Technologies reality sets. The only thing that takes forever is our belief that nothing can change and what that might look like. We invest heavily in process and sometimes too much. It is about control.  
Take some time to access heart centered awareness of the All. You know how to do that. Allow yourself to view yourself in a cosmic mirror. What do you notice? What belief comes to mind? What if you allowed it to change? What do you notice now? Notice any resistance or comment or how information is revealing itself. Be open to just let that thought go. It is only a thought and maybe a belief. Notice what you are seeing about yourself in the mirror? Keep allowing the layers to keep shifting that are attached to any emotion, visual, thought. Go to the beauty that is there. Go to the Joy, go in the Flow, be Light.
Have a really really good time! Welcome to February!