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Monday, April 30, 2018

Consciousness, Angels and Backup

The last week or so has brought up the energies of angels and being backup for others. If you think about they are probably the same thing.

Do you believe in angels? You don't have to. I like the concept and what they represent, angelic energies. They can provide a layer of comfort, protection or company. They are a powerful metaphor and reference and/or energy form.

I don't believe in angels. I know there are angels. Which is entirely different. I know from personal experience and vision. They can show up in many forms such as those that perhaps purr or drool. Or they can come with very, very large wing spans. I find them on people around me all the time.

At a Ram Dass talk years ago I saw my first angel. Ram Dass was speaking about his relation to Elijah the angel. And there all of a sudden whatever energies were representing Elijah were present to me. Like 19 ft tall, up on stage, as clear to me as Ram Dass who was standing beneath him. Was a WOW moment for me for sure. My husband who senses energy different from me was also aware of something present. As probably was the rest of the room.

You perhaps have your own experience with this dynamic. Energies of all forms show up in group. The Unseen show up a lot. Sort of a given for many.

Some spend a lot of time involved in the reality of angels, helping humans through life. My interaction is more with myself being an angel for others who need a hand. Often someone has called for an angel and I seemed to show up next. Sometimes people don't know that they needed an angel or that they deserved an angel. Probably happens all the time if you are paying attention. And, there are also the times when I have shown up and people are resistant as what they apparently had in mind was different. Which is okay.

I have several fellow consciousness explorers that are friends. If one was to ask for help they would do their best to be supportive in the way that they could. They are single without a partner to share the daily burdens of their life's. All falls on to their own shoulders. And while it may be build independence and self reliance it can also create problems at times.

Things don't get done. Overworked, overwhelmed contemplating how to do what needs to be done and to be skilled at all of it at the same time. When it might not be in one's skill set, inclination, orientation or muscle group. We do ask a lot of ourselves don't we? We can tend to use this to judge ourselves as less than and then live in that state of consequences.

We can all have the mind set that to need help implies that we are not complete in some way. We may think that we should be able to figure it out. Yet we might be the first to offer help when asked and not think less of who is asking. There are times when we don't know who to ask for help or how to ask for help. We also all know of the times we have asked for help in the past and it was not worth the effort in asking.

All these are mindsets and setups in how we are in the world. That means that they are subject to change. And all have to do with having backup. Someone or some state that allows for us to experience having something or someone to run an errand or intercede, watching our back or from a more elevated view watching out for us.

Sometimes our partners don't really provide backup. Or those that we may call friend can't be counted on to serve as backup. To act as backup, to catch when we might fall through the cracks or really keep things from falling apart in some way.

Consciousness is my backup as it is yours. It is not only our backup but it is the state of everything is in relation to. And in truth, though I may think of myself as front and center it is Self that is backup to Consciousness. Self is how I express Consciousness.

In this energy present of new self awareness and identity it is becoming apparent how much we look after one another and what happens when we don't. The truth of our roles is being exposed with new eyes.

There is an ever increasing strengthening awareness on the level of ourselves as Consciousness that all is well, that all is right. That as we are ripping open old wounds and patterns of convenience and beliefs that all is well, all is right. For what is present is new ways of being, of defining, the clearing of confusion and no longer needed perceptions.

We are our own backup. We are angels in form, We are. We are here for one another if we only allow Self to appreciate what is possible, not what we think we find it to be. Potential provides states of solutions if you want them.

Access Heart Centered Awareness and see what you notice about the dynamics of angels and backup for yourself, and notice just how deep the awareness is that All is well, All is all right.

We are at a very unique time in mankind. Use it well and we will all be better off.

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/ Journeys Into Enlightenment

Monday, April 23, 2018

Consciousness Within The Human

There are a lot of rules in being human. We are relation based creatures as we come out of another, mother. Our lives are then spent always in reference to other energies be it a thought, a feeling, a planet, your pet, environments or others to be found sharing the space. These all provide conditions of contrast, of differences. 

Relation also provides directional information. Our physical reality comes with rules like time and space that serve to orient us and provide context. We deal with our survival of being on this planet by feeling our way and making deductions based on our own personal experience and best educated guesses and on other's experiences and best guesses in how the world is and how to handle ourselves.

We are always exploring the state of connection that exists in our relating to the seen and known and the unknown. We establish boundaries as part of connection and explanations like earth, man and heaven, body, mind and spirit.  We generate our  conditional sense of separateness out of inclusion. We come equipped for both verbal and non- verbal communications. Our sense mechanisms operate providing information of different sorts. Our emotions allow for us to color connection which is vital to relating.

Our spiritual directions are about connections to the Whole and perhaps titles of hierarchy that we find ourselves part of to help explain and give meaning to our existence. It can give a sense of safety.

Consciousness itself is free of all that. It is the All. It is inclusive and does not judge as a human will need to. It is not a being bigger than us, just a state that is everywhere at the same time.  It goes beyond any limit and includes the unformed and formed. It is potential and energy in motion. 

Lending emotions to Consciousness like Love or Grace makes the unknown and that which can't be named only felt, feel better and with the absence of judgment it is Grace. It can be hard at times to warm up to something identified as potential and energy in all space like Zero Point Field. I can appreciate it but it is cold to me. It also sounds rather nebulous and not real when it is deep in us somewhere unrecognized.  A sense of placement to anchor and connect to is vital to the human. It can create an "out there, not in here" sense and be diminishing is some way or at distance. And, if our source is out there in some form or another we might need an interpreter and middle man, someone between here and there more powerful and necessary to communicate through. Some religious dogmas and practices support this.

Do we need the middleman? If I say "Heart Centered Awareness" there is now a state of awareness and description to hold about Consciousness and us as it, together. There is no up or down. There is only everywhere. It is an anchoring and centering awareness within you that goes into and beyond your physical body. Heart means core. It also means a physical organ that pumps blood through a body indicating aliveness and it also is used to describe our emotional terrain.

Some of us are not comfortable using the word "heart" as it's reference is viewed as emotional and then perhaps not logical or neutral. Not being emotional is being emotional and not happy about it.

We use different words to describe this state. Consciousness, God, Universe, Source, All and I am sure there are others. It is all about how potential and energy are malleable out of the time and space reference and how we relate with it. All of which reflects what is at our core essence, a state within and around this lovely framework we call human. It is a state where there is the capacity to pass information as thought and feeling  creating and manifesting our projected malleable realities.

What is possible as Consciousness within us?  What if you truly connected with the thought that all exists in the unity of diversity as One?  In this day and age of robots, social media and cloning and such Consciousness is expressing also. It is up to us to decide what being Consciousness in a human form really means and how it forms our daily lives on this very small planet. 

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment 

Monday, April 16, 2018

Consciousness. Civility and Civics Lessons Provide the Best Business Model

Our political and social arenas are demonstrating our sense of being and belonging as people. They are reflecting the turmoil inside each of us no matter our nationality or place on the globe. 

I am seeing it in terms of civility and civic lessons, the basics of any society. Civility comes into play when one interacts with another. We are relation based creatures and will always be interacting with what we find in and out of our environments. When I use the word "another," that includes my family members, the tree out side my window , my neighbors across the street and everything in between and beyond. Treating it all politely, with respect. You don"t have to be friendly or in agreement. That is a bonus.

How do you want to be treated? It is what the Golden Rule and the like in all cultures and practices reflect.

Civics are about the rights and duties of its citizens, in being in community. Governments are systems set up to guard and protect those rights and duties. Or they can be set up to protect a person or group's agendas. We tend to think of governments as big businesses and often poorly managed and while they may appear as such they are not. At their core they are there to foster what the community or person has decided is important to its citizens or to himself.

Leaders can be democratic or despot or figureheads with congresses behind them running the government. We have created different forms of governments around the world. We can see how deadly it can be with changing or overturning ruling political parties or dictators and the ensuing destruction or what happens under regimes that say they will take care of its citizens but it is only their definition of control that include losses of freedoms of expression as life itself.

The  government of the United States was created at a time when most cultures were dealing with leadership that was more about the bigger muscle, terror and bias campaigns and ruling class created separateness. If you were lucky you had a good ruler who valued his citizens and the community and all expanded into productive enriching cultures. Royalty and dictators are not always about fostering others and more about entitlement and powers over others shared with a select few. Using the government as a their personal for profit business.

Many have wanted to install a businessman into running the US government. Perhaps that approach  would help. Sounded good and yet look what has happened with this particular kind of businessman who's focus is on his own brand. Some businesses run this way. He seems to be appointing other business people who hold his low standards of business ethics in the same way. They have become our ruling class literally. Not always looking after the community but playing power games subject to whim, personal gain and scant regard towards those they serve. Those they serve. A good government serves its people and responds to its needs. These days a different sense of public service is appearing which is subject to interpretation and alternate facts.

Our government is not a business for profit. It is also not a not for profit business. It has to cover its costs so that it can be there when it is needed. That is what taxes are really about.

This particular government of democracy, was created to support our civility. All men are created equal with inalienable rights and have the right to form a new government it says in our Declaration of Independence. That means all men, women, children of any assorted background have equal merit. That is what it means these days and what we aspire for it to do. But that has gotten lost in this leadership and defining and deconstructing forces that have been brought into play. We can all agree that our government is clearly unwieldy at times and is in need of attention for the bloat and updating and constant compromises that so often are what politics can be about. 

What would Ben Franklin, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and all the rest think of us today? They saw democracy as a work in progress and ideals and standards to be put into action. And perhaps not long lasting. Our time in current history is not theirs.  In their time and place and context white men ruled, class structure was strong, indentured slavery was acceptable, armed citizens were needed to feed themselves and form a militia of protection. Women and children were still regarded as chattel and we killed, raped and robbed the native peoples and failed to assimilate and integrate them into the growing new immigrant face of the continent.

We have evolved into today with this baggage. It is seen everywhere around the world in some shape or form. 

We say America used to be great and can be great again. Nice slogan but this country has been no different than any majority of countries in how it has treated its citizens for better and worse as it defines itself. Greatness is not about bigger or powerful. We have had more presence, a bigger stick, the safeguard for democracy etc. in how we choose to interact with the rest of the world at times.We have done it both well and clumsily and deadly at times. We are a world leader in thought and potential and at times backward and without respect for the local peoples and their desires, paying attention to only our country's supposed best interests.

Yet, we are doing well in this democracy of ours. And, as we are. We are great in our government that has the ability to weather and evolve as it goes through all this releasing of complacent and complicit energies in it's citizens and newcomers. People came here to explore resources, make their fortunes and leave spirit crushing governments and often certain death. We look to them to assimilate and integrate into our American society without loss enriching the fiber of our communities and help  taking America towards a new greatness. We are so fortunate to live here. This is the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave. to remind you.

"We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America."Constitution of the United States  

Consciousness, Civility and Civics lessons are the best business models. 

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment 

sense of greatness for any of us.  thing civility

Monday, April 9, 2018

Consciousness and Following the Blossoms of Awareness

I tend to notice synchronicity often. I exist in a reality state that reflects, mirrors, expands my inner world in user friendly terms around me. That is what happens when you create and acknowledge Consciousness as real at core.

Synchronicity and streams of consciousness and information are always around me to interact with. Patterns come out of potential and become energetic realities that have come into form fitting in our human references. States of being come and go.

The last week or so was filled with a word list that started to build. In the more intense vibrational energies that we are all noticing in some way, words appeared that highlight and define us in different ways. Internal conversations happened and awareness blossomed. I can view it as being led from one blossom of discovery to another. Or following the trail of stars forming constellations or down the garden path in some instances.

Often when we do our work and sit in the stillness of Heart Centered Awareness, words will free themselves up and appear.  Words serve as placeholders/markers in the human sense in consciousness, powerful holders of different and sometimes collective moments of memory,events, emotions and state of being positions.

Every day a new word or two would appear. Standing out in order were self identity, complacent, selection, contrast, telepathy, perfect, blemished, pedestal and power.  An interesting list for sure.

It started with self identity being experienced as "Not doing, more being" observable and open to new constructs. I mentioned on our radio show when we were talking about habituated thoughts. And complacent was the word that suddenly appeared clearly. How we can be complacent in our habituated nature. Blind to our own self limiting biases. We can have it set up that it is easier to think the same than to change our thought. For changing or selecting a new thought can make for stress.

Choice, something different, selection. Someone new to one of Fuzzy Photons Playground Groups and consciousness technologies resonated with selection and not choice or something different which is our usual language. We cleared that. But how does selection resonate within you? Is it helpful or a challenge?

Contrast showed up next in this quote of Abraham's. Our bodies explore the physical realm of contrast. It is one way to know what you want. By what you don't want. Strong principle that is at play particularly since this new administration and subsequent upheaval. At some point our complacent thinking will collapse and something new thinking and actions will emerge.

"You intended to come forth into the physical realm of contrast to define what is wanted, to connect with the Energy that creates worlds, and to flow it toward your objects of attention, not because the objects of attention are important — but because the act of flowing is essential to life." Abraham

Next Telepathy. We looked at how we each experience information. I don't read peoples internal conversations of unique thinking patterns so much as the fields of information that they encompass and interact with. I was reading a fiction book that had the couple communicating telepathically as if they were physically verbalizing and. Which sounds like fun and then maybe not.

We sat in the non verbal delight that HCA is and tracked the energies present. We shared an interesting verbal conversation between all of us as we considered how we operate in our worlds. We all feel things at the same time though it may register differently to each of us.

And then there was perfect. And how all is perfect just as it is right now. As you are, as your fight with your family member is, as our political situation is, in my perceived laziness and procrastination. Because if you sit in the stillness of HCA with us this knowing comes from across the infinite. It is centered and anchored in our spirit and out there all at the same time.

You might ask from within an emotional reaction  how can a wound be perfect, or a failed test or a death? Stepping back from victim, victimizer, rescuer positioning allows for a different reality state. We are then not being or doing from our emotional register which is running high right now collectively. You understand and appreciate that all is playing out in some way as our co creation. We assign value.

And yes. what if you, with all your scars, mistakes. slights and compromises was perfect no matter what we looked and felt and thought? Take away all the judgments and biases perceived about another or actions. All that information is about not being blemish free which is not perfect then. In that thinking blemish is not good so I am not good. You might be using the thinking to validate that they are not better than me.

How silly. Why do we let ourselves or someone else or the collective judge us as less than, as blemished? It adds character, interest and depth and challenge.

All individuals carry scars of all kinds mentally, emotionally. psychically, psychologically and physically. It is part of living. They serve to show us our shared humanity, form communities and realize how tenacious, fragile and precious life is all at the same time.

Humans have a tendency to put things up on a pedestal and then revere the object or thought. The current state of Now has this climate of stronger vibrations resonating deeply inside of us. We may be conscious of it or maybe in resistance to it. It is time to embrace the shaking.

It is time to review and question what we have placed up on our individual and collective pedestals. This is important. Whether ideals, constructs or people and behaviors, all are subject to review now. We are becoming aware of how much of what we have placed up on top of our interior pedestals hold a lot of false idol energy. It is time for some new pedestal toppers. Our complacency is disappearing.

And that is power.  Taking down and putting up what we have created to highlight, guide and enjoy.  Let yourself sit in Heart Centered Awareness and notice these words and your own that come up to play with.

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment

Monday, April 2, 2018

Consciousness and Malleable Reality

Consciousness is the All, It is at the essence of anything we recognize as being, as energy. It is a state of Potential.

Humans are the human interface of Consciousness. Not separate but a living organic extension that experiences information as a body state.

I grew up familiar with the words of God and in time Source, Universe to label and define my place in this world. I looked for something not limited to a father figure. Others may have other words they use. Some may reject any word.

When I found myself desperately exploring new ways to engage my health I came across the growing field of consciousness technologies. Quantum scientists use the term Zero Point Field, which is the energy of all space. It is free of emotions and beliefs. It is neutral. A cloud of potential will form as human, rock, air, orange, dog, etc. It doesn't really matter. The choices are made as expressions of Consciousness.  Not so much under the dominion of a whimsical or non attentive or un supportive dictator father figure up on a cloud. But my own creative dictates of thinking about everything.

I appreciate that any name used is a limit of powers by its very nature. I tend to take the position that one finds in the Tao Te Ching: The Tao that can be told is not the eternal Tao; The name that can be named is not the eternal name. The nameless is the beginning of heaven and earth. The named is the mother of ten thousand things.

These days I like the word Consciousness to describe what is every where and no where. It seems to be expanding. It is free of religious and spiritual dogmas. It is free of definition and most importantly morphic field energy. Our human beliefs and non beliefs create morphic field states of reaction and expectation like believer or atheist. Sometimes our other words create a sense of something out there is in charge. Our sense of ourselves as spiritual beings can be compromised by all of this. Our realities of being in a body and in the world around us can be compromised as well. Consciousness is subject to how each of us feel and think about it.

Being human allows for a particular expression as Consciousness. No matter the form it may take potential is still at the core as no thing, undefined. Within the living human matrix our bodies have sensory mechanisms and also an ability to form thought and generate subsequent thinking and in that create realities in thoughts that manifest in what we call as collective reality. And us in relations to the heavens and earth and the big picture of mankind alive.

What if all we think is true and real here on this planet and out in the cosmos is really just our thoughts being projected and is indicative of how far we have come in that projection? Just a thought. Reality is malleable.

To be continued.......

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment