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Monday, April 27, 2020

Consciousness and Reflections

My dear friend MmaTheo, whose energies are of Mother Africa and Mother Earth sent me this from South Africa. A dear friend of hers in in California sent her this message requesting partnership in spirit to assist and energetically contribute in raising the Awareness for measures to be taken to create a balance.   

I am happy to help out. Let us enjoy the diversity in our voices about Oneness and BEing in our time of transcendence for All.  

*Reflection In a crisis,*

An Earthquake, Tsunami, Fire, Flood, a Financial Crisis, War, Personal Conflicts, Sickness and even a deadly Covid 19 Disease are all signs that our world is out of balance. 

As a matter of fact, the UNIVERSE is out of BALANCE. When the UNIVERSE is out of BALANCE, we have chaos, not only within our own hearts and minds, but in our families, community, country and the world. 

In order to function properly the universe within and without must be in in complete BALANCE and HARMONY. 

When they are not and the world is not able or willing to correct itself, the UNIVERSAL LAW will act as a surrogate and makes that correction by itself for its own stability and survival. 

That is the true nature of things. The UNIVERSE, life itself is always PERFECT and in GRAND HARMONY. 
When we take a moment and look at our own situation first from a higher point of view, we will have a better understanding and an opportunity to participate in this balancing act.
 Which means that we must look at everything we have done and said in the past, reflect upon it and courageously correct it. No, not just correct, but reconcile with it. Not because we want to profit from our efforts or expect things to go our way, but because it is best for me, for my family, my community, the world and all living beings in the universe. 

Only when we muster up the courage to reflect and correct ourselves and let go of our erroneous thinking, our attachments to power, greed, blame, fame and material possessions, we can truly make a difference and reestablish balance and harmony in our own life’s as well as in our community and the world.

 I humbly ask that we collectively cultivate positive energy within and let it radiate outwardly for the healing of Self, Others and Our BENEVOLENT MOTHER EARTH. 
A  noble effort and an act of sincere gratitude to LIFE itself, that was freely given to us without obligations or conditions. 

May we All embrace the *LAW OF ONE*. 

We exist in State of ONENESS in our Diversity.

 Let us live together in PEACE and HARMONY in a shared world that gives freely of itself to the benefit of all living being.

With Love and Gratitude,

MmaTheo Motsisi🙏🏻

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment 


Tuesday, April 21, 2020

The Path of Reiki in Consciousness with Mari Hall

Reiki is the path of enlightened action. This is what BEing Present Now in active transformational reality is all about. Join Janet and Mari Hall, Reiki Master, teacher and founding director of the International Association of Reiki. Together, in the awareness of Reiki, they will explore the Japanese Path of BEing for all living creatures and nourish our souls, find inner peace and enjoy our lives.

Check out this episode!

Monday, April 20, 2020

Journeys Into Enlightenment with Janet Podcast 
Releasing Tuesday April 21,2020

Episode 34 Blog Listening Through Our Heart  

Picture your ears in your heart. How clearly do you hear now or how deaf might you be? What resonances and vibrations are you tuned to and what range have you lost?

We can hear but not be listening. Listening is BEing in awareness. Doesn’t have to mean understand what you are hearing. And, that can be good because it will often lead to you asking questions.  It is about BEing open. Open to hearing what you might not expect or what you know is the truth and you are in resistance to. Denial is a very powerful state to hear in.

Listening to our inner quiet can be challenging if you are used to outer stimulation defining you. From our births we are being imprinted with information and being tuned in our education of our bodies and mind. We can come into agreement or we can go subversive and shut down and tune out what will become chatter to the mind. We look to escape and then what we are listening to within is not always evolving in wonder and appreciation only in fight, flight, frozen reactions and pain and fear.

We are designed as predator/prey creatures and to make decisions, choices, about our safety without thinking consciously. To take time to think means you could be dead in those situations. Reactions are instinctive and necessary. But most of daily life is about the value of responding. Where you stop the triggered reaction and merge awareness of the whole situation and have a chance to get deeper than the body’s instincts.

We can listen to the outside world or we can focus on our inner voice. The outside is good to check in with but it doesn’t need to dictate how we are feeling within. And they may be two very different experiences of reality. 

You can listen when you come out from behind your sense of hurt heart into the expansiveness of a whole heart. When your innocence is present as curiosity. 

When you drop your expectations to be found in your biases and perceptions in your story. 

You can listen clearly when you are aware of your agendas running and are willing to relax them.

You can listen when you are not closed off to the other. You can listen when you value the other.

In this reality of life it is easier than you might think to listen. It only takes your willingness.
Being present now is about living in an expanded heart sense. It is about enlightened action in the quiet of the sacred. It is about living life to its fullest for each of us.

It is about alignment with our living planet and inhabitants.

It is about the value of BEing in awareness of the All.

Janet Barrett

Monday, April 13, 2020

Reality Is An Evolutionary Work in Progress

Cherry tree in my backyard
We are living in times of opportunity. We are powerful enough, (who knew?) to stop our daily grinds and come together for the most common of goods, each other on a global scale.

 It may have not been our intention as we go about in our clumsy ways of manifesting reality but it has happened. What better than a disease that can be everywhere spread on vibrational resonances?  A specific virus that will kill less than the common flu does each winter. Or act like a plague with many suffering at the same time. 

We are acknowledging our limits in our support systems and making corrections in our homes, businesses, our communities, in our states and country. And beyond our constructed boundaries.

We are finding Oneness, community, in our separateness in real and tangible ways. What is important to each of us? We are being challenged to think about what we do and who we are. It is good. It also can be painful and disorienting. 

Many are coming into new alignments in awareness about their identities. How dependent on outside stimulation of drugs. sex,  rock and roll and food to distract them from their pain and discomfort in BEing Present. Many prefer resistance to change. Many are figuring out how to save themselves and make a profit over others and what they can get out of this useful distraction called Virus.

Many are noticing Life around them again when it is free of the drudgery of habits.

Meanwhile the Earth is doing what it does. Continuing on now with limited human input and imprints. For the world is still an active process of shift in its chemical and elemental constructs. It is vibrant. Volcanoes are still erupting spewing elements from beneath its surface. Life adapts and evolves, elements not so much. Land mass may grow in places where the earth's shell is thinner. It has been at it for billions of years. It may be at it for a few more.

And then there is my backyard. As always, it fills me with wonder on many levels as I listen to the birds, feel the difference in the sun and shade, enjoy the breeze across my face. Scents tantalize me. All challenge me to recognize that I am part of the whole and not separate. In this state called Oregon that celebrates being active in the abundance of nature around us within and beyond our city borders we are enclosed in our yards. I walk laps in my yard and enjoy.

I watch nature shows that put me in awe of the wonder and diversity of life that surrounds me and you in mostly unobserved ways in many distant places. It makes me feel present and understand that most of who we think we are is based on a small awareness in the scheme of things.

It is the best time to notice our discomfort in BEing and to make peace with our conditions. To let our inner Essence of Wonder flourish. To embrace BEing honest with ourselves and let go of the pettiness to be found within.

I am a mass, a body, of assumptions, presumptions and conclusions based on generations of interpretations that have formed a state of intangible called Mind. Most of it is not useful and as not truthful as a president's daily remarks. 

My world of the unseen is quiet and calm and serene. I am in peace. I am in kindness for those who are in the hurly burly of a virus. I am in compassion for those who's world is compromised where mine is not. I am in awe and respect of those who man the front lines and interact with those who are using the virus to explore life and what is possible for themselves.

We are BEing human in our moments. Essence is providing it's human interface opportunities for realignments in expressing itself.

This is my reality. That life goes on in a form and then it doesn't. That our Journeys in Enlightenment will take all of us many places in BEing. It is our creation separate and together. It is our time to employ Grace instead of clumsy and fear in sharing our vibrations manifesting as reality.

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment 

 All we are is our interpretation and bias about BEing on this planet. It is in flux.

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Bringing Technologies to Consciousness with George Thomas

Blending the appreciations of the quantum sciences into our spiritual and religious practices? It takes us beyond the expected limits found in our thinking. Joining Janet is George Thomas, of, experienced in many different consciousness technologies. They share with you the freedom available in enjoying Life with a little expansion.

Check out this episode!

Monday, April 6, 2020

Journeys Into Enlightenment Episode 33 Blog/ Going Deeper Into BEing

Journeys Into Enlightenment with Janet Podcast 
releasing Tuesday April 7, 2020

 Episode 33 Blog   Going Deeper Into BEing  

Many things are happening in the world as I sit to focus and write this blog for this Episode 33 with George Thomas. It is easy to be distracted by the emotional turmoil present in those who are compromised to pay their rent and my medical friends on the front line dealing with the realities of those in distress. All doing their best to keep themselves mentally and physically healthy and the rest of us safe.

My sense is to go deeper, below the clamor to my sense of my own Essence for the quiet and sacred I hold within. Which is what this episode and every episode in this podcast is about: going beyond the clamor of Self into Consciousness. And the going beyond is not so much an outward experience but an inward sense. Within.

This is what we all can know. That what we are looking for in connection is not out there but in here. In our social distancing more are becoming aware of our true nature as Oneness. How, without the distractions of busy and doing, what things look like, we share in this collective experience we call Consciousness.

We invite what we have not been paying attention to, to express. It is our fears, it is our love and appreciation about life and being present in what we have collectively created in our clumsy ways this reality we find ourselves in.

It is a time of immediacy, not something to think about. There is no time to process except in real time and it feels like time can be running out. It is not. We can expand it instead. Shift to our inner Essence where our time and space senses are malleable. As the days tick off the calendar, as illness gestates for some and passes by others. Create time to catch up with breathing into awareness twinkle lighted particles of wonder. Breathe in wonder and Life, breath out the dissolving stickiness of fear and compromise. Interesting. Compromise is in the air.

We are experiencing what happens when we don’t listen. When we let the fear in Life dictate our thoughts and manifest into reality.

This is a great time to sit in awareness.

Many were so busy during our formally regular days that we lost awareness of our internal messages at the time they were happening. In these non regular days we are now in, what are you thinking about? Just hear your self talk. What did you just think? Then notice how you feel when the thought repeats. Does it upset you? Does it calm you? Does your gut tighten, does your heart twinge, does your neck ache now? All are clues to your inner health and harmony.

You can go deeper. Your breath will take you there without thinking.

IF you knew, in tangible ways that what you sense and feel and think produced results immediately would you pay better attention to those senses, feeling and thoughts? IF you understood that we are all creating our reality together?

You may have your rules about life set to follow others in their awareness and you might check that setting. Life is about immediacy, in the moment. We organize with our senses of time and space to slow things down and create a sense of over time. Shift and change can and do happen in a moment and a week is lots of moments.

In particular this episode is about how it can be easier than you think to Love and Appreciate yourself in new ways. That it can be easier to let loose the fear and sense of entitlement that has blossomed in the air as virus.

If we use our wisdom and pay attention now we will see around us those who think small, think keep out, think that they come before others, that worthiness has a price. We need to remember that future projections are just that, projections and not fact. They are playing the odds. They are set in the reality is that IF NOTHING CHANGES THIS WILL HAPPEN.

So join me and George and others in understanding what it takes to get from here to there. Feel. Without attachment to what we think we know, into your inner realm that IS. Right in this moment your truth.


Janet Barrett
Podcast host of Journeys Into Enlightenment with Janet