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Monday, February 23, 2015

Love in being present

Hello All,

In group we were exploring how we are redefining and re-identifying ourselves. It is our ability to access the quiet and stillness of the field of the heart, being present without personal attachment, that allows for our shifts in self awareness. Personal attachment is the ego and the emotional heart part of being. When our sense of ego is acting out and emotional heart is more aware of its wounds, that attachment is not as flexible, fluid or expansive as consciousness is. The split is greater between the two. Being present is not as easy to access. When we are in our bigger sense of the world, as consciousness, it is easier to navigate life.

When you sit in grace, which is warmth, support and non judgment, all is new. Love is present as you are in charity with self and others. You are free to enjoy the differences in the flavors that we each embody. We might not like someone else's behaviors but we can love them in that agape sense of love. Being present means we let the stories go about each other and the rigid dictates of roles. We only sense the humanity and it's expression. Even in those who may mean us harm. We are willing to allow others to show up as they are behaving, not as we want them to be. We then get to decide how to respond and not just react. It is all a matter of perspective, of agenda. How they show up in the first place gives us the opportunity to look at what we are generating as our view of the world and us in it.

I have time to notice myself in my world to some degree. Others might not have created that for themselves. It is so very easy to be living in awareness of the future and not being present. When you are organizing and holding oneself responsible for deadlines you are dealing in the future. And often it is coming at the expense of being present. When our schedules are being set from being present, things and events and experiences start to shift. How much do you currently do from within a state of willingness? A state of giving and receiving, of gratefulness and appreciation? These states derive when one is being present within oneself. Much of our time can seem to come from serving others. We can cloak it in love but it isn't coming from a place of peace within. We feel pressure to do it all, to be everything, etc, in maintaining our limiting definitions of self.

Being present does not require sitting on a pillow and meditating. When we use the word time we are not talking about taking time to get to heart space awareness. We are using the sense of time in regards to play time and exploring. You can be present when on the phone, washing your hair, making lunch. It is checking in to notice your alignment and sense of well being. It is setting your awareness to be accessible, helpful and useful at any time. What if you made the majority of your daily choices from this state? With intention and practice it gets easier.

We may not like our own behaviors. Can we love ourselves? Use you skill sets and access being in heart space and unified consciousness. Take the time, make the time, to notice what you notice about whatever is showing itself to you in awareness and love it. Allow for consciousness to grace itself. Allow the critical voice to rise up and speak out of the state of grace in warmth, support and non judgment. Be present. Listen to what the voice has to offer, free of what you feel it is about. The feel is the emotional component, the hook. Put that aside and just notice. Is it possible you missed the concern, or picked up the fear under the action, internalized what ever and still maintain it as truth when it is not and never was?

Allow for your enjoyment of being you as consciousness in action in being present. Love the one you are with.



Monday, February 16, 2015

Out of the Stillness and Quiet

Hello All,

I have never been one to sit and meditate easily as a formal practice. Too much constant physical input. It was only in the last 12 years or so of using consciousness technologies have I been able to shift my references enough to allow myself a way to experience the quiet as more than a concept. As I have kept shifting my orientation and anchoring out of pain there is a enriching sense of the inner quiet now. 

The stillness and quiet to be found in heart space was apparent this last week in groups. The stillness and quiet are the inner voice of self. When it is quiet you can hear the sounds of information that come out of the quiet. Information is everywhere. It encompasses thoughts, feelings, pictures, and those sensations that have no physical reference. You can feel the stillness of the non doer. We inhabit the observer quality of being. 

When you use a consciousness technologies like Matrix Energetics all of what a person thinks they feel they are can start to loosen. Labels start to shift and come apart. Most of us accept the labels as real, god given, set in stone sorts of things. They can feel branded into our souls. We don't sense them as the limitations that they often have become as anything other than negative. They color all else that we are. Often we don't even realize that there is a label. We lose our ability to distinguish what led to what we accept as real. The mind lets go of the details and is on to the next thing. We lose the awareness that there are different ways to engage the information present for any of us. 

We each are self defining entities. Those definitions come out of our cumulative past experiences and family identities. They can come from sources we have no present awareness of. We resonate in patterns that we don't recognize as patterns. We can resonate in loops that seemingly can't change. What is great about ME is we explore the patterns from within the field of the heart where potential can intersect and create a new pattern. It will happen in a moment. Otherwise we might never learn about the state of potential as the access to change in the seemingly pre existing perpetual conditions. 

We need to remember. Not to limit or validate who and what we find ourselves to currently be but to open to the awareness that much of what we incorporate as us and the singular me is really a collection of assumptions. When you sit and listen you can hear them. Assumptions are lovely things. We can have them about anything. We can collect them from many places and people. They come disguised as truths. They can sit as acceptance that weighs heavily on the soul and mind. They can clutter. They serve as anchors in consciousness.

This week let's sit in heart space again. Access the deep core of unified consciousness through your intention of being present to the stillness and quiet of mind and self. This is not something to be put off or consider a treat you can't afford or have to ration. Allow for comfort. Grant yourself grace. Experience as real this state of grace as warmth, support, non judgment. Observe what reveals itself out of the quiet.Let what you have been holding as issue or problem or challenge or as pain to just be. Don't try and change it. Don't try and love it. Just let it be information. Let it be without label. Allow it to play and dance and reform in the state of being doing no thing. 

Question everything, assume no thing. Enjoy.