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Monday, March 30, 2015

Your story, your voice

Hello All
Please RSVP if you will be attending any Fuzzy Photons play groups this week. We have our heart centered play group Tuesday evenings 7-9pm, open to all who would enjoy heart centered play no matter the training. Or if you are a Matrix Energetics student you can join us Thursday afternoon 1-3pm.
This last week the story came up. You know. Your story, the one you have encoded as “my story”. We may refer to it as “my story” but the energy is “my story”. And when we use consciousness technologies like Matrix Energetics you begin to realize that you are much more or maybe much less than “my story”. That taking the energy down to “my story” helps free us up to be involved in new stories of all kinds. The themes in our lives may stay the same but now variety can happen and new chapters can start to be written and maybe a new ending, a never ending. If you allow your story to reveal itself you can sense the infinite qualities. Never ending, just transitioning and transcending. In that way delightful new possibilities, chapters, start to be experienced.
We are storytellers. In oral and written mediums we express our connections to our sense of self and how we relate in the human experience and all that entails. When we are dead and not there to confirm or deny someone’s interpretation of our facts and fictions it can all become myth. Myths are filled with super natural beings and humans as heroes and victims. By the nature of the word our heroes are encoded in tragedy. That is when we need a hero. Tragedy averted, life triumphant. Life, at base, is about survival and death. Some of us may feel very distant from those two references or they can be in our faces daily. Our myths are coming from traditions and earlier stories that get set into place. The details and variety of possibilities start to disappear over the years. Sometimes the individuals get lost, sometimes they serve as the myth and the story gets fed. The myths of who we are and where we come from have a power of their own. Our myths can be cultural, global, personal. Our stories within the myths can be unique and get stronger by rote and repetition. Every time we voice the past with attachment the power builds or holds firm. Our stories can be about anything. We can be filled with many stories at one time. They can be in conflict with each other. That makes them more interesting.  
Our stories and myths that we inhabit don’t always have to be the same, continually playing out with the same outcome. Our use of consciousness technologies give us some power and wiggle room. Most of us go about our daily lives without the knowledge that we can challenge with success the past. Not in changing it but in how we relate to it and a different future. We can become our own heroes out of our tragedies. We don’t have to settle for the past or conform to the tradition or sameness.  There is nothing wrong with your story and it chapters and verse and myth you now encompass. It is bringing you what you want in some way. If you would like something different then maybe take another look at it. What would it be like to experience, in some way, something different about your story and stories?
Drop into heart space and play this week. Notice how you have your story bound up. Written or oral? Opera, tattered journal, Akashic record, encyclopedia, locked diary, engraved in cement. Any will offer you a way to inscribe the future. Is it a bestseller? Private printing, or out of print? Theme song? Whether it is written in invisible ink, blood or with a clear hand, your stories are a blend of illusion, discernment, and consciousness exploring what it means to be alive. Enjoy it all. See if you are able to view yourself as hero or if it is victim in your story, to your story. Are you living an epic generational saga playing out? Does it make a difference when you don’t feel the pressure of the past in your issues?  Can you see the past and predict the future? Any place along the scan you can find places where it could have been different and maybe now could be different. Just ask. That is what the present serves as, the place of awareness. Choose one and see what happens when you offer potential, love, gratitude, fun, silly, non attachment, whatever you feel is wanted. Allow your awareness, not mind, to come into play and engage. Feel the shift in some way. Make it real.
If there is no one to pass our story on to will we be forgotten? Does it matter? It is important to the living to know they have made a difference in being. Does it matter anywhere else? It that part of your story? There is no right, no wrong answers.

There is only your story, your voice. 



Monday, March 23, 2015

This is your wake up call!

Hello All,
Please RSVP if you will be joining me for any of our Fuzzy Photon Play Groups this week. On Tuesday evening is Heart Centered play time, open to all, no matter your training. 7-9pm. Or, Matrix Energetics students can join us for ME play Thursday afternoon 1-3pm.

I am enclosing a 2 minute video this week to enjoy. It has a tone of tough love to it. Perhaps it will just validate what you already know to be real. 
It can serve as a wake up call or as reminder if you need it to be. The challenge for most of us is that we need diagnosis, or accident or loss of some sort to wake us up. Many go around asleep when they are awake. It is a state where we don’t question or display curiosity or factor in consequences past immediate needs. Many of us live this way. We just participate and following blindly and find ourselves in an experience that we might remember upon waking, or not. In actual sleep, you fall victim to the forces at play within you. It is a place where our emotions run free.  

How do you have your metaphorical wake up call alarm set? Gentle bong that repeats every five minutes or do you
require the full blast of Wake Up Now! Perhaps you are like me with an inner wakeup call that you set before sleeping and you wake up on time. If you need a wakeup call, you are not conscious to what is going on around you. You are in a different reality. We need the reminder to shift focus and pay attention. It can be all too easy to miss what is happening right in front of us in terms of the big picture.  
The earth is a place of consciousness, as are we. It is finite in raw materials that keep evolving. It is consciousness in form; a biosphere where magic and wonder have been happening for a very long time. Much much longer than man has walked its’ surface. If you are reading this, as consciousness you have formed in this present embodiment as a sentient being. Both earth and us and every life form and rock in this environment are precious as consciousness. All have equal value in consciousness. Easy come, easy go. All have the power to blink into existence and blink out. We might like to think that our child is more special than the ground we walk on, but not really. That is our attachment that is talking. What if we knew that our ground was as precious as our child? Would you live differently? Would you recognize who you were if you lived in such a manner?
Indigenous people have very different value systems. People who may look poor to us may just have a different value system. For them: You replace what you use. You give thanks for what is provided. You recognize the give and take in the parameters of nature. We are all part of the whole. Around the world we have leaders, governments, groups of people who judge others as less and act accordingly. We all suffer for it. Some cultures value life and all that includes. And for some cultures we can value life to some degree, but not all of its forms or components. We make big business out of the components, like oils and trees and water, forgetting to be grateful for what is here and replenishing what is used. Our memories are very short in comparison to earth’s memory as nature and its’ ability to continue on evolving, mutating, destroying, eliminating, transcending as part and whole as consciousness.

Humans would seem to serve as accelerants at times. We are creatures taken with form to express our creativity and desire to survive. Nature has been doing that much longer than us.
We need earth but I don’t think earth needs us. If we destroy and blow up the earth perhaps it will reform. Perhaps not. It is all a grand experiment in consciousness.

© Copyright 2015 Janet Barrett

Monday, March 16, 2015

Enjoying seasons of Cherry blossoms snowfall for a very,very long time

Hello All,

Fuzzy Photon Play Groups Alert:
Please RSVP if you will be joining me for play in our heart centered play group Tuesday evening 7-9pm PDT. It is open to all, no training necessary, who want to join in heart centered awareness to explore life. Or RSVP if you will be joining us  for our Matrix Energetics play group Thursday afternoon 1-3pm PDT this week.

 We haven’t had snowfall this season. But, we have had the delight of the cherry blossom snow starting to fall. You can see it all over the ground and everywhere the rain and wind send it. It sticks to everything when it is wet. 
In groups this last week age, ageism, and what that feels like and means came up. We are all getting older but we don’t have to get old. Old is a state of mind. I am into ageless myself. But for some, aging and the issues in the Morphic field about it can be quite strong. In certain societies we are living physically longer. But not always necessarily better. We are not perhaps enjoying maturing as it would seem to mean less function, not necessarily wiser movements. Becoming more efficient in our use of time and space and body doesn’t bring reward, just a sense of loss of what was. You can feel your growth hormones stopping production. If you  are single and alone there is perhaps no one to share the burdens with ease. We can be resistant to the idea of help as we see it as charity and loss of function. Instead of the division of labor. Money certainly comes into play and having the resources to have assistance.
Retirement and how we deal with that was mentioned. For people who have worked hard all their life continuing to be viable can be very important. We are living long enough now to retire. It was brought to our attention about a 67 year old Polish adventurer, with no specific training, who had kayaked, yes kayaked, from Spain to Florida by himself. Purposely taking the longest water route between continents. Was at it for months. Apparently did it because he wanted to. (Note: His wife was quite angry with him. Is that possible that was his motivation? I am just asking) Is it possible to retire gracefully and move on from either the daily grind or the mandatory rule of now you are in, now you are out? Perhaps you need to keep resources coming in. Maybe you enjoy what you do and don't know how to give it up or translate it to other fun. Some attach age to their physical pain they are having now. They haven’t had loss or ache much in the past but now they do. They are older now and the body is not as forgiving as when they were younger or they worked through the pain then. 

You can hear all the biases at play can't you? I look to resonate to life being a continuum. Different energy levels at different times in my life. Using my energies differently. Realizing that my age shows in my taste in music as certain frames of reference are set internally as I was maturing. Maturing can last a long time, a lifetime. The brain can lose it’s ability to notice stuff in conscious ways. Depending our connection to the morphic field of aging we might have to encourage ourselves to have new experiences and fresh thinking. Yet some of us look forward to not having to make more choices. We maybe didn’t like the choices we made in the past. We are tired. We can get stuck and dying is expected.
What we did notice it that at core is our attitude. Like it is for everything. How do you encode growing older? As being less now and having peaked at 30 and it has been downhill from there? Or, do you ascribe to the realization that our bodies can be good for 200 years or so? Science would seem to say that is our truth. But let's be honest. How many of us are navigating new technologies easily or are feeling dated in how we use them or think about them? Becoming older is fine if it doesn’t hurt. But what if you do hurt? The world would seem to becoming a more hostile place. Yes? Maybe not. Maybe we are just more aware of the world as a world and not just your isolated pocket of life. 
Take your time this week to access heart space and unified consciousness using Matrix Energetics or some other approach. Do you have issue with where you find yourself in your life? With where you think you will find yourself in your life? Invite the conversation with any of the above statements that registered to you and see what is there waiting to explore. There can be a lot of emotional energy in your field about all this. If there is fear present it will attract more of the same. Would you like to re-encode your patterns about long life, wanting to live a long, enjoyable life and what that might mean to you? Whatever shows up let the grace of warmth, support, non judgment be the medium and love it. What would it be like to enjoy season after season of cherry blossom snow for a very, very, very, long time? 
P. S. I had mentioned that we had installed a rain chain in our recent redo of our yard drain. It was dry when we put it in and I mentioned enjoying the lyrical trickling of the rain that we would enjoy. LOL. Well, you can see and hear it in action if you use the following link. It wasn’t even heavy rain.



Monday, March 9, 2015

A Gorgeous Day

Hello All,

What a gorgeous day it is. When I woke up and was checking in I didn't feel so gorgeous. The sun shining outside and the visuals and scents of life blooming and I didn't feel it. But something I was not aware of was happening. By the time I sat down this afternoon to write I had had appreciative clients this morning. I also got some personal paperwork organized earlier today and shared nice conversations with medical insurance personnel. My state of rapport was reflecting good then as it is now. Life is gorgeous

Sometimes things just seem to line up and ease and alignment enfold you in a nice embrace. It happens more often when we express our being from within heart centered space. It is also nice when I am happy inside and my external world reflects it. It is easier that way for sure. When our inside is challenging us and offering discontent as food for thought and feeling we might not remember that we are happy inside. When the snow is deep and all you see is white out we may be challenged to remember we are happy inside. If my body is aching I may forget I am okay.  

The field of the heart is about our emotional terrain and the collective consciousness. If we align ourselves from within grace, in warmth, support and non judgment, then what comes out of both our personal sense of heart, emotion, and the collective is neutral. What we find inside is not threatening or compromising or challenging as it is only information to be played with. Emotions enrich our life experience. They flavor consciousness with drama, comedy, tears and laughter and everything in between. One way to use them is to be blind to them or only use certain ones with awareness. But what would it be like to not be blind to what moves you and enjoy whatever they are as only information? If you don't judge what emotions you hold active and alive and allow them to only be information about how you feel about anything it is easier to be okay. You can experience the emotions with choice and use them constructively

For some, the term okay is setting the bar low, so to speak. Some of us want to be happy and yet that can be setting the bar too high. It all depends on how you, as consciousness, is organizing your experience. Some of us seem to revel in misery and fear and guilt and all kinds of negative emotional terrain. It is easy isn't it? We can pick up, in our state of rapport, all kinds of information to navigate life through. The collective, is just that, collective. It can be clutter, noise, irritant and yet soothing in some way, validating. It can be seductive as it mirrors our own doubts and questions. Morphic fields of belief contain all the elements. They are the collective fear, want, need, confusion and good about any one thing or collection of things in regard to an issue or thought. We are individuals having a collective experience as consciousness. You can resonate to anything in the field. 

The best way to deal with all the feeling energies around us is to go to your sense of heart and the collective found there. So take time today to access your heart centered space. Do in on your next bathroom break or as you stand in line at the counter. Drop out of your head and mind and just feel and see and hear and know what is right for you. Not for others, but what is right for you, in the moment. What is your truth about any subject is there. What state is the person next to you in? You can find out a lot when you allow yourself to notice how you are in your world. You can find peace, calm and the sense of wonder that we each hold within us somewhere. Let it out. It is a gorgeous day, as is any day. 


Monday, March 2, 2015

Early Spring and Vacation Eyes

For all of you in cold places I am wishing you the very best. In Portland we have been having a shorter winter than usual. Yellow and purple crocus, yellow daffodils, pink rhododendrons, yellow forsythia, white and pink plum trees and other plants are starting to bloom. It is crisp outside but sunny. Brisk breezes make for some days of panoramas filled with clouds and glaring light, some days clear skies. For those in the snow see all that color in your heart space. Allow it to bloom there as you look upon the glaring whiteness out your windows. Reflect on why you live there. LOL. It too shall pass.

We were on vacation last week. It can be fun to leave home and travel somewhere new or familiar. This time we stayed home and enjoyed ourselves. Our back yard had become a flood plain in recent winters in places due to decreasing drainage for some mysterious reason. After a camera inspection of the yard drains and a expensive bid we figured out what to do. The bid replaced the whole system but we could only find one place that was not working well and the tennis ball caught in the bend of the pipe was good blockage. There was no need to replace the whole 60 year old system.

So, over the last couple of months my hubby had dug trenches and now he put in updated components to the drainage system.  He dug out soil, connected new hoses and reservoir, moved in pebbles, moved out soil to other areas and then re-leveled the area. He rerouted a gutter and replace a drainpipe with a copper rain chain. I mention that as it is delightful to listen and watch the water navigate the chain to the new drain below among the new pebble path. We are looking forward to the coming rains now.  Pleasure ensues on many levels.

I look to use potential in my state of mind and state of heart awareness daily. Outcomes are affected by it. The projected worst case scenarios and great expense never materialized. It was doable. It was a lot of physical work but we used the exercise so we got enough and it all went pretty smoothly. Soaking in the hot tub at night helped for sure but was part of the plan to feeling okay at night. Trips for bags of pebbles, supplies, and more rocks were adventures in enjoying the weather, visiting old friends, walking. There was stopping for lunch or dinner and seeing new things along our same old drive. It is helpful that the weather here allows for the geography to look different season to season. We didn't need to leave our home city or backyard to experience something new. It was about noticing what was around us with fresh eyes. Vacation eyes where you look forward to something new and unexpected.

All of this is a great metaphor for life and consciousness. Sometimes our different flow systems get blocked leading to leaking of all kinds. Our symptoms, like the flood plains, signal us that something is not flowing and energy is stuck or diverted. We go in to heart space and take a peak and find the area in lack and allow for repair or replacement. We allow for potential to install a new reality. Flow then begins again. Our being experiences integrity again and can enjoy what it was designed to do.

Take this time to check our your metaphorical drains. If you are stuck inside due to weather and are getting bored burrow inside yourself to keep warm and feel your flow of life. Check out how you are feeling and what you are thinking. If something is bothering you, love it and play.


Copyright 2015 Janet Barrett