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Monday, March 9, 2015

A Gorgeous Day

Hello All,

What a gorgeous day it is. When I woke up and was checking in I didn't feel so gorgeous. The sun shining outside and the visuals and scents of life blooming and I didn't feel it. But something I was not aware of was happening. By the time I sat down this afternoon to write I had had appreciative clients this morning. I also got some personal paperwork organized earlier today and shared nice conversations with medical insurance personnel. My state of rapport was reflecting good then as it is now. Life is gorgeous

Sometimes things just seem to line up and ease and alignment enfold you in a nice embrace. It happens more often when we express our being from within heart centered space. It is also nice when I am happy inside and my external world reflects it. It is easier that way for sure. When our inside is challenging us and offering discontent as food for thought and feeling we might not remember that we are happy inside. When the snow is deep and all you see is white out we may be challenged to remember we are happy inside. If my body is aching I may forget I am okay.  

The field of the heart is about our emotional terrain and the collective consciousness. If we align ourselves from within grace, in warmth, support and non judgment, then what comes out of both our personal sense of heart, emotion, and the collective is neutral. What we find inside is not threatening or compromising or challenging as it is only information to be played with. Emotions enrich our life experience. They flavor consciousness with drama, comedy, tears and laughter and everything in between. One way to use them is to be blind to them or only use certain ones with awareness. But what would it be like to not be blind to what moves you and enjoy whatever they are as only information? If you don't judge what emotions you hold active and alive and allow them to only be information about how you feel about anything it is easier to be okay. You can experience the emotions with choice and use them constructively

For some, the term okay is setting the bar low, so to speak. Some of us want to be happy and yet that can be setting the bar too high. It all depends on how you, as consciousness, is organizing your experience. Some of us seem to revel in misery and fear and guilt and all kinds of negative emotional terrain. It is easy isn't it? We can pick up, in our state of rapport, all kinds of information to navigate life through. The collective, is just that, collective. It can be clutter, noise, irritant and yet soothing in some way, validating. It can be seductive as it mirrors our own doubts and questions. Morphic fields of belief contain all the elements. They are the collective fear, want, need, confusion and good about any one thing or collection of things in regard to an issue or thought. We are individuals having a collective experience as consciousness. You can resonate to anything in the field. 

The best way to deal with all the feeling energies around us is to go to your sense of heart and the collective found there. So take time today to access your heart centered space. Do in on your next bathroom break or as you stand in line at the counter. Drop out of your head and mind and just feel and see and hear and know what is right for you. Not for others, but what is right for you, in the moment. What is your truth about any subject is there. What state is the person next to you in? You can find out a lot when you allow yourself to notice how you are in your world. You can find peace, calm and the sense of wonder that we each hold within us somewhere. Let it out. It is a gorgeous day, as is any day.