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Monday, February 1, 2016

Fuzzy Photons Update/ Living in a Joy and Flow State of Being

Hello Out There Wherever You May Be!
Please RSVP if you will be joining us here in Portland, Oregon in Heart Centered Awareness Tuesday evening 7-9 pm or Heart Centered Awareness with a Matrix Energetics slant to it on Thursday 1-3 pm. Both groups invite us to play with our interior spaces.
January is over today! My word. That was fast. Even though New Years Day seems a long time ago already, to think that 31 days have passed seems odd. And maybe that happens more so when the focus has been on Joy and Flow. When events and experiences and objects are flowing, a sense of time is left behind. When you are in Joy as basis, time does not come up. In both, everything has a place, perhaps an order, that might not be there otherwise. Joy and Flow hold clarity in place. Your authentic interior voice is strong. What was once important may have no meaning now. Our attachment to people, places, things, events, experiences, memories etc. start to shift around a bit. All those little things that have held our attention really are only little things and not the big things that they have been appearing as. They have the meaning we give them. They collect energy and become powerful.
We are. We have beliefs generating constructs about life. A friend and I have been aligning ourselves better with this. Which is all about Consciousness. We each are. We each are..... (fill in the blanks) are a frame of reference already in place by each of us. We believe in stuff, like concepts, ideals, actions, labels, etc. but that comes as a result of being. Not the other way around. We are Consciousness choosing to experience Consciousness in certain ways. No judgment about that. Unless you are holding judgment about that.
So what is it like when you let go of your beliefs about something? And that it can happen in the blink of an eye? That quick is how we in our limited human senses might note it. In Consciousness there are no boundaries. Information and resonances and vibrations transmit instantaneously. It can be spontaneous. What happens when we lose our attachments to what and who we think we are? Did you know that you could? That is the beauty of engaging life from a state as Consciousness and using Consciousness Technologies reality sets. The only thing that takes forever is our belief that nothing can change and what that might look like. We invest heavily in process and sometimes too much. It is about control.  
Take some time to access heart centered awareness of the All. You know how to do that. Allow yourself to view yourself in a cosmic mirror. What do you notice? What belief comes to mind? What if you allowed it to change? What do you notice now? Notice any resistance or comment or how information is revealing itself. Be open to just let that thought go. It is only a thought and maybe a belief. Notice what you are seeing about yourself in the mirror? Keep allowing the layers to keep shifting that are attached to any emotion, visual, thought. Go to the beauty that is there. Go to the Joy, go in the Flow, be Light.
Have a really really good time! Welcome to February!