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Monday, January 25, 2016

RSVP Fuzzy Photons Meeting This Week/ Hoarding, Peeing, Suffering, Politics

Hello All,
Please RSVP if you will be joining us in heart centered awareness this week Tuesday evening 7-9 pm  or heart centered awareness with ME field awareness Thursday afternoon 1-3 pm. Both offer a way to deal with our daily lives from a more authentic place of heart and beyond the limits our reasoning minds can come up with. 

So what might hoarding, peeing, suffering and politics have to do with each other? 

These were our topics in group! We noticed it was all about flow of energies and direction and if, when, where. Hoarding in our houses and de-cluttering, holding onto our circular thoughts about suffering. The signals of the bladder: lack of or too much. We had the body politic, office politics, the country’s politics, global politics.
An overnight urinary tract infection might just have been stuck energies about family politics. How to deal with a mother who can never get enough and keeps stacking stuff and what to do about it when it is in your house. How to notice that what was once important is now willing to move on to someone else. Let them discover the treasure you know is possible within it. And then, there is the Suffering. We are told sometimes that suffering is good, which is not helpful usually but can be a pervasive mainstay in our daily lives.  
We each individually give meaning to everything in our worlds. We give it to every piece of paper, rock, person etc and often to our self generating thoughts. Someone else may say what is important and you may accept that or not. What may register as valuable to me may not find such favor with you. We look to share common principles of ethics and morals but don’t always. Then when you get into the personal arena you can have real differences. I just walked through a retro furnishing store and was amazed at all the stuff people think is cute and redeemable from the past and then to a new furniture store and how wondered some more.
Circular thinking is addictive. I have spent a great deal of energy and time and concern about items in my life and about items that were given to me by well meaning others or inherited or well intended actions that didn’t play out that way. Items ready to go to others or for sale can turn out to have not much value in the bigger world. Then you can see how much money people spend on stuff that to me would have no value or beauty or worth. and really meant something to some one else and a trap to another. Our emotions get a real work out. Then there is the stuff that cost a lot at one time and has since lost value but it is fixed in our minds as worthy still. And it may be. Well built, well designed items were a value in our past that our current times of technology date stuff as obsolescent or old in a few months. 
So we go to our heart centered unified field. We get out of our emotional and rational mindsets of attachment and logic and access clarity. Out of the quiet comes the sacred. We can hear what we want to hear, what we are afraid to hear, what we know we will hear and we are okay with it. From out of this source there is Love for who we were in the past, and how we be now. It takes courage to listen and act sometimes. It can challenge us to do the right thing. We have to be willing to listen beneath the emotions of fear, love, compromise and empathy. We then can make a choice of action and feeling and  be clear in our intention. Then we can release the sticky burden and be okay about our choices. Sometimes the best choice is to do nothing different. But this will now come out of understanding and compassion for self and not from fear or denial.  

Let go of the judgments when you come up against them. Listen for them. Check the energy still present. It may have cleared. It may be in a flow state again. It came in. It can go out.

Change Your Story, Change Your Life!