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Monday, December 14, 2015

Fuzzy Photons Update/ Do you hear what I hear?

 No matter the group it is always about Consciousness experiencing, Consciousness evolving

Hello Everyone,
Please RSVP if you will be joining us in heart centered awareness this week Tuesday evening 7-9 pm or Thursday afternoon 1-3 pm. for ME centered play. Both groups offer opportunities to help deal with the holidays and all that can mean and does mean to you. Triggers can abound and joining in conscious awareness of your authentic voice is always going to be useful. Saves wear and tear on the soul.
Group is always sacred. It is always fun in the sense of the unexpected. It can also be contemplative, emotional, laughable, painful, mysterious, confusing, glorious fun. It can be a expansive, releasing space for the trapped and unacknowledged that lives deep inside each of us. It is often unexpected. Did I mention the unexpected? So there is always something to notice and to enjoy, whether there are only two of us or ten. You can show up with no agenda consciously held and then something engages and it can feel like all heaven or hell broke loose. In the best sort of way. And, when we don’t feel well is often the best time to come. We can be concerned for others getting our bugs. My sense is that you can be around many disease patterns and you don’t get it as it is not useful to you. Can be in your field but you don’t have to have it. Look at genetic markers. Only possibilities until certain kinds of stresses are released. Otherwise not engaged, it is just material.
We show up for each other in group. We are all into service with a smile! Any of us may be in a harmonious state and not feeling driven to engage for ourselves too much. Yet someone else is ripe for shift and can use the group’s neutrality for support. We can start somewhere and have no idea where we are going and yet, when we are done a couple of hours later we are someplace different. We are different. It is an opportunity to gather with others who support the wild and wacky that is in each of us and let it play out and dazzle. Not from a place of egotism but from a place as Consciousness. For if we take the time to witness the wonder that we each embody and give it value and appreciation we will feel that within ourselves consciously or unconsciously.
This last month we have looked our energies around the holidays. People report they have had less tension and not pushing. Less tension will make a difference in how we are. 
One had to meet with a mediator about her son and ex husband. She has been waiting for 11 months for this meeting. She was very concerned about being triggered in so many ways. She reports it went well for her.  
I had to have oral surgery, including a tooth removed, bridge cut, implant screw put in, all next to each other. Only one pain pill later and no problems.
Reports that issues with family members are disappearing.
Long held hidden beliefs and unconscious stories that are in our fields running agendas are falling away.
The need to resist and create turbulence coming from clients and in ourselves were on display and seen for what they truly were.
Everyone reports feeling better when they probably wouldn’t otherwise.  Stuff happens in our bodies, the house next door, at work, in the world that can impacts us. Events happen that show us where we are within our definitions of self and as the collective. I am not always happy with what I see showing up out there and I use it good, bad, right, wrong to help me take positions of my choosing, not someone else’s.  
Is what we are doing together making any kind of real difference? Yes! In this season of celebrations we celebrate our willingness to show up and listen to ourselves and each other in service. Do you hear what I hear?