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Monday, December 21, 2020

What's In Your Junk Drawer?

What's in your junk drawer? 

Do you have more than one? 

What does it say about you? 

How are you a junk drawer? 

These were some of our questions this last week in group. One of is getting her house ready to sell and she is clearing out, cleaning and repairing it. She was in awareness of how her junk drawer was filled with things that maybe were important in some realm of her life. And now, maybe were not. 

Consider that this is the end of the year and a great time for clearing out the old. There are things that you have collected that probably had no place but together with other stuff that also didn't have a place. Like to like. 

We were in awareness of how our lives, our homes all represent each of us. What is this drawer that is filled with odds and ends and tools, and maybe papers and what nots that have found their way inside this drawer? Stuff we don't want to lose but has no place may find its way into the junk drawer. 

And, if we expand outward of this pattern might we each be perhaps a junk drawer of patterns of information, a collection of stuff that we call Self? 

Junk is a demeaning value term. It can be used to indicate something of worth that is no longer. Or it still has worth but not in the same way as it did before. It a collective term as in "This is a piece of junk." Men may use this term differently than women. 

How does a spider web come into it? I wondered myself as I saw one show up while we were being present. 

The web is the spider's way to collect prey out of the air. They don't have great eyesight so they use their other senses. They use the vibrations of the prey in the web to locate them, decide if they are worth keeping and then wrap them in silk and they take to their nests to eat later. I can image that sometimes the web can catch other things than what the spider might eat. I wonder if spiders have junk drawers in their nests.  

The web is not solid. It allows for air flow but it defines that space and funnels the air. It shapes it as it passes through the webbing. The dew or rain that can collect along the webbing conditions the air. Every web is unique to  the spider. 

But back to the junk drawer in your house. 

You can sometimes feel helpless or overwhelmed with the odds and ends that every life encompasses. We can sometimes get rigid and eliminate what can seem chaotic quickly. Or we can find ourselves surrounded with stuff that we are not in the right mindset to deal with at the time. We can collect piles and piles, like the mail or the bills or both. 

When one is stressed, or ill or not paying attention, the little stuff can become big stuff in our minds and homes. If you are reference oriented you might be overtaken with information that never gets to the right place and your piles overflow taking up space that conditions the air flow. Yo might be collecting stuff from others. You many not have a place for storage of your information. Dust and dirt can settle in every crevice. Maybe now the junk drawer never really closes ;and/or instead of one you have many. One in every room perhaps.  

Now back to the junk drawer as your body/form and mind and Spirit. 

Nutrition, utilization, elimination is the body's design for optimum health. How well is your body functioning? This also applies for our mindsets and our relation to Spirit. How cluttered are you? What sort of odds and ends have you taken in and are not using effectively or timely but stored away for a better time to deal with? What are your memory banks filled with? 

What is in one mans junk drawer can be another man's treasure. Take this time to consider your willingness to look with new eyes at what you have tucked away in your junk drawer.   

(What can be one wife's junk drawer can become a retired husband's tool drawer).

Janet Barrett

Life in the Beyond/ Journeys Into Enlightenment


You know your junk drawer. The one filled with things and stuff that has no place but you keep. It is filled with odds and ends that are singular but still important. Things still wanted but now separated from the original to be dealt with at another time. It might be filled with tools and serve as a catchall for the things that make up a life that are more worthy as the whole than as the separate pieces. 

One mentioned she has several junk drawers. 

We shared about how we each perhaps are a junk drawer. That in one sense you could view yourself or others could view you as a junk drawer in consciousness. What are you filled with? Everything orgainized and has a place or the place that holds for seemingly unassociated materials and gives them home? 

What about the value you place on your "junk"? What is one mans junk is another mans treasure. What you might consider junk is your assignment of value and worth.

How do we define junk? It is interesting to take the list below and put the word drawer behind each one. 

old or discarded articles that are considered useless or of little value.
"the cellars are full of junk"

useless things
discarded things
odds and ends
bits and pieces
flotsam and jetsam
white elephants
odds and sods

What also came to into awareness was a spider web. How it is designed to catch prey to eat and how it works. Energy goes through the web, shaped by the web, and leaves behind a resonence.