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Thursday, August 23, 2018

Consciousness and Revealing the BE on our chests!

Doomsday looms on many fronts according to our pop culture and fears. Many may feel it is here now.

Great storytelling includes the strong and right and just against the equally strong wrong and unfairness in the world. Unfortunately these are opposites that can keep us in fixed positions of feeling and thinking. It requires a huge event to change us out of these mindsets. It can feel as abrupt as a slap or gunshot or bolt of lightening.

Our modern interpretations of our old stories of earth magic and shaman/alchemists are cautionary tales about life,destruction, control and power. They are archetypes of being. But sometimes we can forget this. 

We identify with our fellow beat up humans. We all want to feel powerful and in control in our lives. 

We can not do it alone. In this particular state of humanity we are crying out once again for heroes and superheros to save us and keep us safe for all mankind and from mankind. As we did at the advent of World War Two when the modern take of gods and myths of beings became superheroes.  

Look at all the superheros permeating our culture these days. Sometimes it is not enough to be a hero now, you want a superhero. Poor superheros. They dazzle and suffer as they carry the burden of societies. They are a mix of suffering humans who sustain some horrendous trauma or bug bite and out of the world skill sets result. Or they might be non human creatures out of time and space. Well written heroes and villains have ethos, pathos and logos at play and for us to engage with. 

Superheros don't seem to retire. They are moments in time that replay and replay and replay for that is their very nature.  They represent our current archetypes. No matter their appearance they are warriors.
They may use their gifts for good but at what cost? Destruction ensues as the forces of good and evil or maybe not so evil play out. And we are supposed to feel okay about it. Just how many times can New York City be destroyed? And then fresh and vibrant in the next movie to be destroyed all over again. What pattern is at play here? The one that it is okay to destroy a city as it will be fine the next time we destroy the enemy? I think we know this is not how time plays into life. 

Movies and books that offer humane behavior without punishment and humor are that more enjoyable in the combination of relentless intensities.

These days whether it is romance, mystery or sci fi we are often embracing warrior mentality.  Some of us may never have a sense of having left the battlefield and will find one another battle as a way to honor fallen comrades and protect the downtrodden and innocent. Peace is a precarious state in between wars. Warriors might not often handle peace well as they maybe only feel really alive when faced with death.

Being suspicious of one's neighbors and anyone who looks different, sounds different, represent different culture is a sad way to live.

We are not alone. In heart Centered Awareness you will find that you need no weapon, no cape except as entertainment.

If we let our investment in right/ wrong to soften, our desire for a good fight, our need to feel in control that follows a loss of control to all relax a bit, what happens in our lives changes. Events don't play out in the same way as they always reflect your alignments, old and new.

Our humanity is recognizing these days that constructs of systems that those before us have set in place need to soften and shift and reflect kindly on all of us. It is possible. If we understand that change is possible in how our stories of troubles seem set. To be not righteous, not confrontational, not challenging to face death, only enjoying the story. Appreciating that what it consider self is a creative state of expression and makes for a great story. It is only part of being.

Consciousness is the superhero in each of us. With a BE on our chest. It is of a different sort of superhero as we save ourselves. 

"Living to fight another day" may make for a nice rallying cry but "Living another day" is even better. 

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment