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Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Consciousness and Fixing That Lovin Feelin

Many of us we want to fix things that are not ours to fix. We may want others to be different. Often, in our idea of love we think we know what is right. In the game of right and wrong that can then mean that we are trying to fix the other as they are not doing something right. This is a tricky place for any of us to navigate.

What if we play by different rules?

Love is accepting what oneself and the other is. Otherwise we are looking to create the other in the image we want. For them. How is that working for you? You thinking them in need of repair, that they are wrong is about you, not them. You have been into fixing things from within a conditional love framework and that is not love.

Love is not a condition. So when we are using the phrase 'unconditional love' we are in a false conversation. There is no condition to love. You are either in surprise, wonder or not.

We can be quite centered in our wanting better for our loved ones. Your awareness of injustice and love gone bad makes for great grist. These are great awareness to have and how to let the knowledge allow us to grow and thrive as each Soul’s intention can be the trick.

Do you see people in their wonder? People don't need to be fixed or saved. When being with others what we often can get caught up in their interpretation and sense of their own limitations in our empathetic abilities. Their frustrations and lack of self love feels like our frustrations and we mimic back their voices of doom. To feel one is lovable. to not be worthy, to not be appreciated goes deep in each of us.

We forget we are each self designed on a Soul level as Consciousness, to explore what being alive can be. People are always creating their realities and those are their limits in play. 

When we engage with each other you are offering the limits of your boundaries. If you are not clear about this take the emotion away. Then notice the other. No matter how smart one may be, how wise one may be, you still offer the limits of what your breath of awareness is.

When you interact with each other what do you offer? Judgment, sympathy as poor thing or compassion, appreciations for their creative energies in being?

What happens when you get there first? You know a truth and they have not yet got it? Your fear is that they may never get your truth. Are they wrong, are they less than, are they not as good as you? Or are they on their creative path as much as you are and you are fortunate to support each other? To love where you find your self and them?

What happens when you love and they take actions that are not what you feel are helpful?

We each are responsible for our actions and our realities. Everyone is expressing their Essence working life out. No matter the level and distance of connection I get to see how our co creation is working and what I need to be aware of in being me and how they are helping me to find that me, that
Essence, that love. Just look at our current political arena. Peoples positions help us find our position. New alignments start to show up.

Co-creation is a very dynamic state. And we are not necessarily on the same path. Karma is a nice framework for some but it can be a trap. It can be limiting and offered as an excuse for behavior and something to beat ourselves up with. We co-create all the time swinging between leader and follower, partners, friends, mentor, student etc etc. down to friend and enemy even within a family. All are conditions of relation to Compassion, Love and Selflessness. 

We have to let others develop their own way. We can offer guidance and hope for the best? No, as hope is about this is a problem now and maybe it can get better.

We can offer guidance and the other does what they want to do with it. That is love.  No hook on the end of the equation.

The best demonstration of love is when we don’t care how one shows up and still we love. Our personalities as Self may care and it goes into reaction but Essence does not. Consciousness does not. It allows for all. If we don’t like something that is about Self not Essence.

It is okay to fail, to flounder, to suffer, to create suffering, to weep, to be joyful, to value all the right things. And to not. That is Essence at play that is ones own soul’s direction. There are burdens that will come with some choices. There will be loss. There will be implacable forces, immovable forces, that will mark us and this planet. There will be life redefining itself. 

It is not the length of time one is present on this planet. Personally I would like to think it is the quality of that life. and I appreciate that for every time I did not do something or take right action that I was living and defining and expressing my limitations. We are witnessing mass awareness of this.

If I am without bias everything is perfect as it is what is right now.  Just how far am I from that realization is what life is about for me. That is the space Self works in.

This is about honesty and projection in some sort of dance. Our caring creates our projection and can manifest all kinds of doom scenarios. Honesty is Essence active. What is under the Self caring. We inherently love. Caring gets caught up in results and outcomes. Where Love and Compassion and Selflessness spring forth we appreciate where one is. How I choose to respond is then up to me.

I witness people making choices all the time that I can only appreciate as their creativity and Soul at play. It is much easier on me then. Others don’t need permission for being. They need not apologize for being how they show up. Unless they feel they do.Unless you feel they do. 

And if they do, be very clear in your honesty as Essence as part of the whole.

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment