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Monday, August 1, 2016

Consciousness and Now Two Golden Pelvises

Hello All,

This last week we continued our exploration of Life with the female Golden Pelvis that showed up the week before last. We were all women again gathered in group and we were sharing what had been showing up.

The political temperature in convention, our own body parts holding in awareness of traumas and of our male partners statements from years ago. We agreed that if we shared what we had been told by these men now that they would not remember probably. We presumed they would be apologetic. But we remember. and our pelvises remember.

Men have to be socialized to women as women have to be socialized to men.  What did you learn growing up? There can be such awkwardness between the sexes coming from sexual awareness and from not being comfortable with ourselves. and the roles relationship and commitment
dictate. Old references about marriage, parenting, and those morphic field influences.

Remember first dates and blind dates and all the expectations and unknowing? Yikes and yuck. My viewpoint is that for every man who says things about women that are not kind there was a mother who did not or was unable to provide her son with appreciation of feminine energies. And, a father or male influence who did not echo it either. Relationships can be filled with this dynamic.

As we were continuing to clear stuff that was showing up and letting the golden pelvis with its wonderful sense of well being do its magic, one of our group came in late. John, who is part of our men's group also. He  embodies a wonderful male energy who enjoys the female sacred from within a very sacred male appreciation. I asked him right off the bat where did his appreciation of women come from and he said his mother.

What came out of the subsequent conversations within heart centered awareness was exploring the questions that the sacred female brought to awareness in relations to the sacred male. Where did that show up in the scheme of things? And as it came up next to the sacred feminine there was balance and harmony.

I am fortunate that I know of such things and have people around me who recognize both. Do men recognize their sense of the sacred male or it is lost too, in the clutter of culture and business? Men have a rough time with finding their way through the conflicting information out in the world about what it means to be male. They are aware of the differences in what they feel and how they feel and what society might tell them is okay. How being male expresses. Where is it's sense of well being?

We often have done a poor job of teaching our children about being human and male and female.
If we take away the judgments that are so easy to make and see embodied around in personalities and notice how they are reflecting our own issues to confront we are in a much better place internally. Be thankful for the annoyance you find in front of you. It has information for you at the deepest levels.

What we did find when done was a sense that the world and how lives are unfolding is in order. There is no breaking down of society and patterns. What is happening is an unfolding into a new order. When we allow that to be the framework Peace is present. Break is a harsh word filled with harsh abrupt energy. Use the word "unfold" as you explore your sense of the sacred feminine and male energies. Feel what comes forward to play.

Janet Barrett