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Monday, December 10, 2018

Consciousness Evolves into Journeys Into Enlightenment with Janet

My friend Joan Newcomb and I have been presenting Conscious Conversations with Joan and Janet, most recently on the CTR Network for the last few years. We have gone many places with connecting with the energies around us in that time. We centered in our awareness as Consciousness and how it applied in daily life to create a more enriched sense of Self in being. We kept it timely reading and tracking what we were noticing energetically in our inner and outer worlds.

We met many along the way who were also exploring this new way of engaging life, free of dogmas and traditions that limited and defined who we were in certain patterns that were not always a good fit. We had a great run and you can continue to listen to our podcast.

Thank you to all of you who supported us by listening and enriching the field of being present and the morphic field of the show itself. It is free now out among the stars to be enjoyed. 

Starting January 15, 2019 I am releasing my new adventure. I will presenting a podcast Journeys Into Enlightenment with Janet. It will be an every two week episode about the intersections of Consciousness and Self. I will feature a friend who will join me in Heart Centered Awareness and share about the myriad and different aspects of being.

Like with CCJJ my intention is to create in this space a container for others to indulge in. What you found in that container and will find again here with me is Heart Centered Awareness.We were the only radio show to offer that. Lots of great work out on the airwaves and we intentionally set ourselves differently.

If you knew what you were feeling you felt it and the potential for change in the moment. If you were new to the idea you felt it and just didn't know what you were feeling probably. And no matter what you called it, God, Source, Universe, Cabbage it was real. Every guest who joined us on the air felt it.

In the spectrum of awareness in Being we are all at different places and sensory abilities.

Consciousness is at the core of All. Every rock, wave, finger, bush, gas, you name it. It is the core of human reality. As humans experiencing life we feel, resonate in certain ranges of vibrations that are perhaps different levels of awareness from other matter, other essences, other energies. But all, fall within the core of Consciousness.

I look to celebrate all of this in my new podcast. Once again each episode will start with accessing HCA and what comes out of this space with my friend of the episode. And this time the focus will be perhaps more on the timeless quality of Being and not so much on the chaotic nature that Self can entertain. We will pull from our different histories the wisdoms of the past and appreciate them in the present.

You will enjoy something to read along, something to entertain your ears and eyes, some great music and conversation to access in Heart Centered Awareness. All opening us up to new interpretations of thought and emotional resonances. Free of judgment, you will experience rest, the stillness, laughter, the profound, the delight in being in a community of individuals sharing in this collective dynamic we call Consciousness.

I am busy the next few weeks getting this all into place with some wonderful friends to help me.

I will keep you posted. If you know of someone who would enjoy joining me as friend exploring life please send them to my email address are nice and not always important. It is in the appreciation and quality of life being expressed.

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment