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Monday, December 24, 2018

Consciousness and Happy Holidays!

I want to wish everyone Happy Holidays no matter what they may be, no matter where you may be. Maybe you have no reason to have a holiday. Does not matter.

What we all wish for is good tidings, good cheer.

In the winters of our discontents we remember that we can also enjoy winters filled with contentment. We can enjoy the snow and elements we associate with winter. Especially if we are prepared. We can enjoy old or new traditions.

And, if you are not into polar weather, you can enjoy an interior state of the sun is shining and palm trees swaying. You can smell the tropical delights of fruit and fauna, if only in mind.

What I wish for you is courage and solace from a developing self loathing. I listen to others and observe their actions and wonder about how they reconcile taking their positions and resulting conversations and actions.

This is nothing new in societies. But it has a certain flavor in this modern era.  Drugs, sex, rock and roll are ageless coping mechanisms.

My sense is that one's agenda being pushed is inflicting on those who serve all of us the burden of loathing and self loathing. Having to say no when one usually says yes. Having to stand face to face with another and confess one's country's momentary or one's own lack of care take a certain kind of courage. Having to compromise on inner principles that have never been questioned just presumed. When a country's identity is questioned.

Having to admit where one  has convinced themselves in not taking right action in order to survive or succeed. Where one is putting oneself over another as entitlement. None of these are new behaviors. They are ageless patterns of interactions.

Life is an eternal soup of feelings, thoughts, actions, experiences. Some we like, some we question, some we regret, some we enjoy. Some pull us apart and cause one to question being alive. Some take our choice away. They are eternal.

We are human life sharing life with other living creatures and materials on a very small pale blue dot in the cosmos.

We are powerful in our ability to not notice, to deny, to resist the big picture, connections in being. We can deny all we want about a subject and then the child dies. What do we do, what can we say? We can deny that actions have consequences whether you build in a flood zone or strip the land to an industry and there is nothing left. When agendas separate parents and children due to someone else's projected and presumed fears. We can resist the acceptance that we can say anything and not mean it.

What we appreciate is when actions have consequences that one can directly connect associate together. Unfortunately time and space can take time and space in human reality. Ancient people and societies observed over generations the interactions of the heavens and earth to come to conclusions that we only now can verify with technologies and our ability to play with time and space.

There is nothing more precious than our small pale tiny blue dot. Except the smile of a baby in harmony with the sheer zest of being that is within each of us.  No matter your concepts of  Self I lift my glass of cheer to you and me.

Happy Holidays to you and yours as you go about in your life. I raise a cup of fine cheer and wish you good tidings! I wish life's challenges to bring you together with what is important to you and the values of appreciation, compassion, respect, and kindness. To be able to recognize them when they are present and to be aware when they are not. For it is when we share in those that we then have common ground to stand upon as we or a few make life choices for all of us.

Happy Holidays to All!

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/ Journeys Into Enlightenment