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Monday, December 31, 2018

Consciousness and Dancing Between Happy and Disappointment

Paraphrasing  Esther Hicks and Abraham, all that plays out in the physical realm comes out of the non physical realm as Contrast.

Add in your emotions and those sensations will determine how you relate to the Contrast. We can feel many things emotionally in reaction. Happiness and Disappointment can be the duality we experience to Contrast.  Conflict can follow. The questions become how we navigate through our own creativity of being. That is the journey of a soul.

Then there is Freedom.

Consciousness includes both the non physical and physical realms. The place we connect to our sense of Freedom is in our essence as Consciousness. Our sense of connection, free of our human limits of circumstance and agendas and how we feel about them.That is the essence of no boundaries, no form. The physical allows us to be free to define oneself. Contrast is present everywhere in the physical realm as we look to create freedom while in form. 

It is what all of us want. Everyone I have ever has a client or friend or talked with in general is taken with the idea of freedom. We tend to associate Freedom with physical freedom when it is really state of mind, state of being that is being discussed. We want to be free to think and do as we want. To not work or do things that we don't like to do. To be free of burden and responsibility and obligation. We think this will make us happy. We feel disappointment when we don't get what we think we want in the way we think we want it. .

Happy is freedom to us in form. The freedom to be happy. It is a state of being, not just mind. But it is hard when the body is in distress to remember this. If it is mind then it is subject to our feelings and how we think about our feelings and subject to our stories of being, our issues, our concerns, our dilemmas our bodies.

In this country we tie our sense of Happy to Freedom often. Freedom of choice in what we do and feel is really about that there is nothing, no thing determining our course of action except us. Self reliant, independent. Sounds good but it can be taken too far to a point of exclusion and supports the disillusion of separateness.

America became the promised land for religious freedom and those oppressed in being and continues to represent this today to the world. Or it did till the last election which freed up past held resentments of losses of freedoms long suppressed. And now, people fighting for their freedoms on each side of a border? Some dictating a border of fear so they can feel free and not feel taken for granted and used. How silly we can be in our illusion/disillusion of exclusion.

My sense is that between Happy and Disappointment is Tolerance. This is one key to dealing with the Contrast. Tolerance is the polarity between the duality. Other cultures do Happy easier as they are not so invested in being separate but part of the whole working together. Outside controlling environments offer rich fodder in Contrast. How we feel and think when dealing with constraints are active as creativity of mindful being. Think Nelson Mandala, The Dalai Lama, Senator John McCain.

What we connected with in groups this last week was how Disappointment is an active pervasive energy in our embodiment. Happy and Disappointment are connected at the heart serving as the measure of duality of being in this physical realm of Contrast.

At times we like to hide truths from ourselves when we come off as less than. We can get very creative here. Early trainings in being human frequently are lessons in limits. Yes, the physical form comes with capacities never explored in many. And then some make careers out of developing the human range of physical effort and expression.

Happy and Disappointment can also be a way we use on one another as control.

We can call it love, and protection but it is not. We even learn the lesson so well  we learn to use it as control on ourselves. We all know what disappointment feels like and we don't like how it feels. And, when it is tied into our sense of love it is really tied up. We need training in how one may experience disappointment. It is not a reason to hold back our love or negate feeling happy.

We will do whatever we can, maintain any story in order to not feel disappointment that others may hold us in or to feel our own disappointment. If we call it something else or resist or deny or avoid it goes deep. And, it builds in resonance attracting more to you. Just like anything else we encode this way.

It was deep, very deep in the human spectrum as we explored it and playing out in all kinds of rule sets and realities. I was able to recognize how I have danced with disappointment and how it is sitting with me, to the degree available to me in the moment. It is probably an iceberg in nature. So I have it on slow melt. In recognizing it as real as such allowed me to start to interact with it in new ways of release. Yes, a sense of release as there was no need to contain what I now knew was present.

There is nothing wrong with disappointment. It is as helpful as happy. It makes me appreciate happy. I appreciate the difference. It is okay in feeling disappointment. It is like happy, only part of a state of being that includes both.

They are the human references of physical contrast: Happy, Tolerance, Disappointment. Together they encompass our human experience of Freedom.  At core we are all free to enjoy our soul's dance.

Welcome to Consciousness in human form. Wave a fond farewell to 2018 and look forward to 2019.

Happy New Year!

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment