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Monday, July 2, 2018

Consciousness and those Bemusing Streams of Consciousness

For our weekly radio show prep my co host Joan and I will take time to notice what we notice about current energies around us. We sift through them all to find a focus for the upcoming show. What to present for our audience's contemplation?

Always we are aware that life is dominated in many different ways and arenas all at the same time.

During our radio show it can be a challenge at times for me to keep a limited focus with the information that I am aware of in the moment. My focus tends to be big like our peripheral view's are. I allow information to present itself as I scan when opening my awareness.

I will mention the awareness that appears. I  don't judge it as I know it is articulating a part within the whole. When spoken it may seem unrelated or a tangent, maybe leading to dead ends. Joan and I may have to take a moment to re-calibrate and reorient and sometimes left to wonder what that was all about. And never know the answer.

It led me to contemplating this dynamic.

Our worlds in us and around us reflect collections of thoughts, feelings, experiences that can be known but really are not. For our conscious minds can track and remember only so much. We have all kinds of memory banks in our physical, mental, emotional, psychological, psychic and spiritual realms in our bodies of mass.

The body tracks all information with our sensory and extra sensory equipment. We are also taking in information from others all the time. It is surprising to me that we don't blow up as we are so dynamic!

We are always going to be dealing with information and mostly from our unconscious states. Our controls sort and categorize through our mindsets what is important now, what to be dealt with later, what not to be bothered with, what becomes ballast.

Gravity pulls energies of mass to us and time and space push the energies down and around. My sense is that we each are gravitational bodies pulling information from other bodies of mass to us as Consciousness and our humanity acts as control with what to do with it all. 

For me I have always noticed life around me as streams of consciousness. Like the Breaking News feed line you see across your television channel. Streams of information maybe about the same event or maybe about different events you need to about. It can collect and connect information in the field seemingly stuck together like bugs to flypaper. Pieces of information random in origin but now not so random, finite in connection.

Now consider this: Think about all the uncompleted actions and feelings and thoughts you might of had just yesterday. When you were interrupted and presented with a new situation, a new thought, a new feeling, seemingly unrelated from the first action. But not. For every action generates and contains the action or actions, the thoughts, the emotions attached and that exists in a state of reality perhaps separate from the second situation but maybe not. We each embody shared realities and our individual realities at all time.

Any state of reality holds certain biases formed by our thoughts and feelings. This state of reality will have a gravitational pull for matching thoughts and feelings that come into your field awareness and can glom on. They may feel like your thoughts and feelings when they are only matching exactly or sort of exactly but not really your own. We can lose our awareness of distinctions or we can never had the awareness of the differences in our ability to sense and feel.

Now maybe expand this yesterday's awareness into a lifetime of interrupted, uncompleted actions and thoughts. Maybe only then can one appreciate what seems random or tandem or tangent or "makes no sense" quality to a thought or feeling is really part of the whole.  We are full of them.

How do we sort it all out? How do we make sense of it?

Right now is the best time to not be so attached to the plethora of internal fuel and energetics engaged. To just be aware and to be open to what your are feeling. Be present. Be mindful. Be in Heart Centered Awareness where warmth, support, non judgment, Grace and potential are all active in the moment to play with.

Allow what is present to degrade into nothings. Appreciate your inner dynamics for clearing what you did not know needed to be cleared. Feel the shift.

All of this past information is weight and shapes our current realities. It is time to turn neutralize the gravitational fields we each are generating as, at least for just a moment to experience new states of new realities and fresh lives.

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment