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Monday, June 25, 2018

Consciousness and a little Ho'oponopono goes a long way

One end of my yard
It started in our Tuesday evening group. Four women sitting in a beautiful backyard with the wind gently blowing, the fountain waters tinkling, flowers in color and scent and the trees, my most wonderful trees anchoring all of us.

We sat and felt the grass with our bare feet. Our breaths deepened and we felt our incredible connection to ourselves, each other and the grace of nature as we accessed ourselves as Consciousness.

We let what we had been noticing about the world and in our personal experiences of that world connect and release the energies present that wanted a voice to express.

Ho'oponopono, the Hawaiian practice of forgiveness and reconciliation sprang forth. We focused on each other. The three voiced simple words from within that heart centered state of unity and directed it towards the fourth.  We then directed it to each of the four.

In this work we call consciousness technologies we appreciate how we are dynamic creatures and running information in many ways on many levels all at the same time. We appreciate how in using consciousness technologies we can find ourselves to be present free of past stories of our challenges. We are open to how we can store so much stuff in so many ways within our body, mind spirit frameworks. Stuff that has crossed boundaries and limitations of time and space that the human mind loves to categorize and arrange around.

The four of us are all powerfully intuitive women who work with others and share in helping others in experiencing life. We each hold our own personal stories that come of relating to others that are not always nice and pretty but harrowing and complicated. We can embody the hurts and pains that comes with being empathic and service oriented in nature.

I have friends that are well practiced in Huna and Ho'oponopono practices. I am not per say. And that does not matter. For I and the others easily felt the intention and appreciated the space it created. When I later looked up at the end of the week for more information I was gently laughing as I always do when with synchronicity and trusting in what show us as what shows up so go with it state I am. It would seem we we right in alignment with the practices. 

So the words are simple. I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.  We found ourselves speaking them slowly allowing ourselves to feel our response to each statement and connecting to where it was touching in our auras and physical forms.  We spoke each other's first name and then chanted the statements three times to each.

And what also came into play was when I was directed to say "We are sorry. Please forgive us. Thank you. We love you." And how that added, for some, a deepness, an answer to a "didn't know it was there need to hear" cry that was held locked inside out of our conscious minds.

We then spontaneously felt led to offer it to the children in the immigrant detention camps that have sprung up. We felt it received. 

We then offered it to Mr. Trump and felt it bounce off literally so I created a bubble of Ho'oponopono for him to stand in and to stew in. Marinade is a great way to tenderize tough meat! Which were the words I heard. Fully knowing that it felt good to do and that his receiving it and utilizing the energies were two different things. We then offered it to the women around him who serve in his cabinet and staff and noticed how it was sucked in.  The next day, Wednesday, he ordered his misbehavior at least stopped for the moment.

Wednesday the state of Ho'oponopono was present during our radio show and with a client later in the day. It was still present on Thursday for our three groups to experience.

The state of Ho'oponopono and access to it is always present. If you are not familiar with it you can start with

With sincerity and in the moment dynamics of Potential and Grace that Consciousness embodies, change is possible. But don't do this if you are looking to change things outside of you without first being clear within. What will change is how you relate to what is outside of you within yourself. With a "I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you." directed at yourself first. Then our outward expression of thought and action come from within our inspiration and clarity free of attachment.

We felt the peace when we entered my yard Tuesday night. And the clutter of our feelings and thinking. When we were done we only felt peace within. And, it was good. Very, very, very good.

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/ Journeys Into Enlightenment