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Monday, May 11, 2020

"The Grand Revelation" by Harvey Kraft

This week I am sharing with you a poem from Harvey Kraft. He was a guest on my Episode 4 of Journeys into Enlightenment with Janet podcast. We talk about Consciousness BEing a Sense and what happens when we consider it this as well as a state of awareness.

He is Author of "The Buddha from Babylon"​ Digitalism, Transformational Leader, Spiritual Archeologist

You can catch his frequent postings on LinkedIn and Instagram (@Buddhascope).


“The Grand Revelation”

It happened to me
In an unexpected way
At an unexpected time
When I was neither
Ready nor willing
Caught in limbo
In the midst of a raging battle
The desire for survival and
The pursuit of meaning.

Like a spiritual laser
Entering the unseen eye
Between my eyes
The grand revelation
Drilled deep
Within me
At breakneck speed
Penetrating through
All my limitations
Until it hit
The core of my
Like a ton of bricks,
Instantly expanding
My mind
Enabling me to view
The overarching panorama of
What’s going on
Here now
From a grand perspective
Beyond the limits of
Planetary scope
Individual concerns and
Human endeavors.

Piercing through my
Releasing the
Inherent wisdom
Incubating in the space of
Higher Consciousness,
The grand enlightening
Encompassed both
Mortality and eternity,
Showing me that
Neither one
Nor the other
As both —
Viewed as opposites —
Are actually one,
Releasing me
From either/or and into
The realm of fulfillment,
Causing me
To feel so light
I had no weight at all,
Like wings of a feather
Lifting me up high into an
Indescribable awakening.

By Harvey Kraft

Art by Amy Judd

Janet Barrett