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Monday, May 18, 2020

JIE Episode 36 blog/ Recognizing Our BEing In Connection With Life Around Us

Journeys Into Enlightenment with Janet 
Releasing Tuesday May 19th, 2020

Episode 36 blog/ Recognizing Our BEing In Connection With Life Around Us  

Some of us are tuned in to life around us. Not only human life but the other animal forms that we live with on this planet. We are tuned into the flora, be it tree or grass blade. We are sensitive to the environmental input and conditions of sun, wind, rain and the soil and rocks beneath us. Some of us are very aware of life forms around us that no longer have the form. They can be energies of the past, present, future or out of time. Energy takes many different forms.

If we focus on the influences of our other animals and earth life that surround us, we are enriched. We experience the connection that is always present but maybe not held in much awareness. Many of my friends enjoy communion with animal forms of all kinds. Information will flow differently than it does in humans as species have different communication styles. But at heart, as any of us living with animals we consider pets or animals we work with, know that there is connection that comes with recognition of life to life free of our limiting perceptions.

The world of service animals are always demonstrating their ability to connect with humans beyond speech. Social media is full of instances of animal to animal interactions and animal to human interactions that we all respond to. They touch us deeper than logic might presume. They touch as at our emotional heart level and deeper into our Essence core of Oneness. They touch us just by being without agenda. We register at life to life level, Consciousness.

What if you could interpret what they have to offer us about living? Picking up qualities of different animals is old wisdom. Indigenous and shamanic awareness expands us. Our pop culture figures of superheroes celebrate the challenges and strengths of animal energies merging into human references.
You don’t have to believe or credit any animal connection going deeper than head scratching and petting. What you do want to pay attention to is the energy you start to share with our animal of choice. There is an honesty present. There can be affection in the connection both directions. There is a lower vibration that soothes us, there is quiet mind present. There is, no story, no mind of illusion and bias.

Animals are very present creatures. Here one minute as they may be food the next. Our pets don’t make the distinctions we do as they absorb our vibrations. They are excellent are reading our energies as we come in the door. Dogs will care usually. It would seem cats may. 

 Life is simple for an animal. Eat, sleep and play to develop skills to live another day. They are often living in pecking orders. Every one has a role they play within the clan and society.

Other mammal mothers care for their young and mourn their dead and can live lifetimes together in mother/daughter/grandmother/aunts in the groups. They may live in groups working together to feed and protect each other. They demonstrate memories of all kinds and remarkable abilities to adapt and interact with their surrounding environments for safety and courtship. They have heightened senses, beyond the human limits that they are always utilizing.

Get down on your knees sometime. Visually scan the level that animals see at. What are you aware of? Notice how up close and personal everything is and how helpful it is to have heightened senses to feel vibrations in the environment around you registering tactile, sound and air wave disturbances. Consider the vision of an eagle that can see clearly and lock on a rabbit 2 miles away. How far can you see accurately?

How is life different for them and what can they offer us in living on this planet? Why care? Because we are the species creating and manipulating this planet more so than any other. We are the ones leaving massive changes on this planet so quickly. Many of us like to kill for pleasure which is not something animals demonstrate much. Not the elephant or the horse or worm.

And, every thing we have created and manufactured that we have throw away is piling up. Animals use every bit of their kill or leave to others to finish off and enrich the soil when it passes through their systems. Every nest or den left behind is used by another.  

There is no waste in the worlds of animals and of Mother Nature. But there is in ours. What might we gain in stopping our products of entitlements and shift to replenishing as we utilize what our environments can provide us in making life easier.

Take time to sit in your calm center of Heart Centered Awareness and let yourself become free of your mind dictates for just a bit. And consider what animal holds awareness for you? Have a conversation about what is important about life and feel the wisdom that is present. Or go bigger and let whatever life form that has wisdom to come forward and share. Let yourself be surprised by what or who shows up.

Then consider talking to Mother Earth. Sense your way.

All is encoded information. Value your connection.

Janet Barrett
Podcast host of Journeys Into Enlightenment with Janet