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Friday, February 24, 2017

Consciousness and the Rising Dignity

Dignity is the state or quality of being worthy of honor or respect, a sense of pride in oneself; self-respect. Indignity is an injury to a person's dignity; slighting or contemptuous treatment; humiliating affront, insult, or injury.

Something really showing up in group is indignity. Out all the muck we are feeling and hearing about it is present in a myriad of different ways . We see it in gender bias, like Sen. McConnell's reference to Sen. Elizabeth Warren. This is something men have been doing for a very long time. Her reaction and women elsewhere demonstrating is what is different perhaps. We see and feel it in the immigration conversations and the rising of hate groups. 

We may not have recognized it in ourselves. We can all be sincere in our blindness. How we allow the critical voice to put down and keep small our sense of Self trapped in old patterns of youth. We can be our own worst enemies in how we think we think. 

This bias, that we are less in some way, is prevalent in many layers. Bias can appear in cultural, clan, family, business, science and medical fields, gender.  And, all that is inside of each of us. In the unfolding of our Consciousness raising times it is something very powerful to observe in shift. 

Too often in the past we have found ourselves holding in our generational indignities. For those in those times, there was no way to express it without harm or death following probably but think about how in your life all the times someone "dished" you and you felt it and didn't act. Now people are being moved to action instead of stuffing it.Our senses of compassion, kindness, respect are being tested. 

The first thing a torturer does is take away a prisoner's sense of personal dignity. The overriding belief many hold about others is that you have no worth other that the one who is in the power position gives you. Men and women we admire are those whose circumstances have compromised their personal dignity and they still retain their self respect. But if you were a child in such a household you may have matured into an adult who feels less than. 

Now is the right time to have this conversation with yourself. Access Heart Centered Awareness and the field of Unified Consciousness. Feel the expansiveness and the sacred. See what happens. Allow yourself to notice what might be buried from issues and feelings you are currently holding. Call it indignity and see how it feels. In HCA remember that there is no judgment so it is easier to not be attached to what is present. If you feel a need to forgive someone or yourself then allow yourself to do so. Allow for Grace to be present, as it is. 

You clearing up your stuff helps others to clear their stuff. Consciousness has created such an expansive state for us to look at what is within. Transformation is about changing and transcendence is about change that raises us up to a new level of being. As our levels of indignity unfold and are revealed, we recognize these patterns that have held us hostage for maybe lifetimes. Our new sense of self will follow behind raising us up. We shift in Consciousness. 

It is an exciting time to be alive and find one's true self as Consciousness. 

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment